Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am free for the Summer; no more of my Chemistry Summer class

I am free for the summer now, but I will not waste my time blogging more. I am waiting to help a friend, writing an essay, so I thought to relax and write an entry to my blog.
This week so far has been good. I don't feel as solid for the final of my chemistry class than the other tests, but that is okay.
I have seen more freedom and connection in the use of my blog. Writing my sci fi story, I felt restricted because it may be a hassle to give people the link or try to share it with them through Google docs. I can just refer them to my blog.
I am kind of tired of hackers. The world seems to be freaking out about hacking; although, it has always been a problem. I see the thing that made the topic popular for news organizations to actually care to report on this stuff is the hacking of the online Playstation community. This past week I exclaimed on my twitter that I am tired of hearing about Murdoch. I received like more than a hundred tweets in the morning of Tuesday, and I do not follow these news organizations to hear every little detail about what happens in legal trials like Casey Anthony. Everyone seems to be getting hacked. Even today I received a scare that I was being hacked. I don't think so though, but I feel that my friend was hacked.
A friend from Jamaica, where I served a mission for a couple years, greeted me, and referred me to a video. It suppose to be defaming me. It had comments from all my friends from Facebook, talking about it. The video had a link to update an Adobe. Trying to see the video, downloading this update, I saw that the link had a virus. I can put the link on here, but the update problem has a virus on it, and I have no idea what the video is.

I talked to a friend that I suppose saw the video, for she commented on the video; however, she did not see the video or comment on it. After some conversation, I was lead to actually chat to my friend, telling him that he may be hacked. He went off line for a while, and I saw him come on again. I said "hello," insisting a response.
"it look so i am going to change it" was what he responded with.
I sent an email to my friend that seems to be hacked, and a team that I found online from Facebook to report hackers to is They seem to be on it.
I was thinking of writing a brief summary of the hacking scene that I have seen, but I had to write about it after my experience today.

Following up on the NASA reporting as last time this past week Atlantis return for its mission. Before it returned I was surprised to hear that the next direction of space exploration, saying that it is up to capitalism now. There is now a race to the moon. I asked my parents if they would be interested in going to the moon on vacation, and my mother said that she would rather walk down to the beach, but I would like to go.

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