Saturday, July 30, 2011

Starting new things

This past week was awesome. I started some great things, and I have a few things that I would like to report on of current events. 

My job at Fun Fine Art is a success. I am working the production of the local artist's work. CC Joelle even let me start a twitter for the website. I hope to develop a dynamic community therein. The first tweet features a piece by Alphonse Mucha entitled Daydream. I don't particularly like his art because it is especially suggestive, but the fine art print featured from our collection is good at!/FunFineArt. I did some research and put a link on another tweet, giving a quote about the man's legacy. That link shows the suggestive artwork of his that I found to not like.

 The NASA news for the week is the they are seeking to land of an asteroid; also, they are going to do research on Jupiter with spacecraft Juno.

If you are interested in what else I started, I started learning sign language! I met my best friend at my first introduction to the language, and we are at it again. Since I am going to be a special education teacher, I may need to know the silent communication.

Another thing that I started this week is prepare for a race that I am going to do this next Tuesday. I run most morning, but this race called the Core is a run swim run. I needed to get use to swimming again. I have not swim in many years. Thursday morning I went to swim in the ocean to see how it will be like, and after swimming a few laps of the coast. I felt that I should get out, a little cold. Getting out of the water felt weird, I was almost dizzy. I was shivering like crazy for a long time. It was a refreshing first swim. I will have to tell you about the race next week.

The same next Tuesday is supposed to be the date that our government needs to pay for it's bills. On my twitter of current events I have not been covering this because of the Obama drama. The politic of this is insane that I cannot cover it, so yeah. 

Oh yeah. Last Sunday I was preparing to host the Family Home Evening, an evening for the family to get together. The FHE was to introduce everyone that I can in the singles branch to the service opportunities of the LDS church online. I mainly checked my account because my father was going to speak on the other internet opportunities, namely and These websites have great and key opportunities to accomplish the work of Genealogy work. Checking my account, I had a suggestion to make the entries shorter, so I did that last Sunday. Simpler is better, so you can check it out. It is not as scary any more.

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