Friday, July 29, 2011

Time seems to be relative; for me, a week feels like a long time. I love it.

How is everyone?

I am as good as ever.

This past week was insane. The day that I wrote my last entry Norway was offended by a literal insane person. The aggressor is an individual, a lone wolf terrorist. He was an anti-islam insane guy, killing 77 people and wounding many others. His endeavor had two bombing even exploding a government building. The majority of the deaths was by the individual himself in a shooting at a youth camp. Receiving the news  of this and many other terrorist attacks around the world, I feel for them. My heart goes out to the victims, and I hope to offer some words of comfort.

This week I will put these word further in this entry instead of mine. Miracles come by the prayer of faith, and comfort comes of God; although, time may be relative. Truth is not. People may think it is, but that saying of 'Truth is relative' is an oxymoron. Truth is to unite us all.

God is a man of great mercy and justice. There are two parts of our souls given to us to take care each other with the most love that we can muster. God the Father created our spirits, and God the Son created our bodies and this earth. The spirit is eternal. They never are put to an end.

When our mortal bodies die and are taken from the spirit, God takes care of them with all our faithful beloved decease elders. The dead of this world join the spirits of our grand eternal family. The righteous children of God live the life of paradise in the spirit world. This life of paradise is not eternal nor eternal life; however, it is a state of rest, peace, and happiness with everyone.

Happiness can never be restored to a wicked person, so in the spirit world they are naturally miserable as they were in mortality. This miserable state is when they suffer the pains of Hell, for this time is for them to suffer for their sins in Hell. They suffer according to great justice and mercy of God until the resurrection.

Since Jesus Christ broke the bonds of death, every beloved child of Heavenly Father will receive a body of flesh and bone as the father has one. This is the resurrection to receive an immortal body.

The bible talks of bodies Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial. These words represent three kingdoms of glory. According to the great mercy and justice of God, these kingdoms satisfy the desires of every man.

The kingdom of God, where the Father and the Son live, is the Celestial Kingdom. The other two kingdoms of glory are live without God.

The Terrestrial kingdom is for the many righteous, but they don't want to be completely humble to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus will visit this kingdom occasionally.

The Telestial Kingdom is for the wicked.

There is a fourth kingdom called outer darkness, where Satan and his followers, are sent to, but the vast majority of mortal being cannot be considered candidates. This kingdom is reserved for those who deny the Holy Ghost, and that sin is impossible for a most high percentage of the beloved children of God.

These glories are granted according to the great mercy and justice of God at judgement according to our works and desires. There glories are eternal. The life of the Celestial Kingdom is Eternal Life, a life where an eternal marriage and posterity is thy blessing.

Christ has suffered that pains of Hell that we may receive the mercy of God. We can all be forgiven through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is all according to our works and desires. Let us work out our salvation and seek the desire to be completely humble to the Gospel, so we may all be united with God and our family in eternal life, a bless of fullness of joy, the greatest gift that God can give.

I hope these words are comforting.

I write these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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