Saturday, July 16, 2011

yet another awesome week in the life of alexnhicken

This past week was crazy. There is still great violence all over the world. Last Thursday I organized my twitter better. My first twitter is a mess of all the current events that I feel are important to retweet. The way that I organized it was by the following different areas of the world: the Middle East, South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. One may think that it is crazy to make new email addresses to organize my twitter, but it is an unacknowledged service to support the need to know the calamities of the world. I receive hundreds of texts a day, and I retweet the meaningful ones. A final twitter that I made was named alexnhumanity to reinforce the retweets that I felt meaningful relating to humanity.

I posted a couple other sites that I am apart of or are mine. I have two project websites that are mine: Exsiar and DNA turn on.

Exsiar was an attempt to make a manga or a Japanese comic book of my Cross Country and Track experience. It is a nonfiction though, and it takes an extremely amount of effort to recall all the facts needed to have an accurate story. I wrote one chapter, which I still have, and I may post the rest of the drawings.

The DNA turn on project is a sci-fi novel summary that I am writing. I have the whole series written out, and I am summarizing it for now, and I am going to expound on it as time goes on.

I have a couple other websites that I am somewhat involved in that I will post. The first is, and the second is weekly updated two year missionary service of my little brother Trevor Hicken in Bolivia at

This past week was crazy in the world. There is still great violence in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Afganistan, Yemen, Ireland, Turkey, and much more.

The Embassies of France and the United States were invaded at Syria by activists on Monday.

There was a three explosion terrorist attack in Mumbia, India. There was about a hundred injured and seventeen killed. This happen last Wednesday. The terrorist group was suspected to be from Pakistan namely Lashkar-e-Taiba, and a terrorist group named Deccan Mujahideen seems to claim the attack. I asked my father why, and I still don't understand why people would do terrorist attacks. It must be mainly for carnal desires. That is a simple way to explain it. For more reading one may go to

Today is a big day. There are many things that I can write of that are meaningful of today, but the one that I want to point out is the work of NASA. I seems that I reported on their work last time, so here is a follow up achievement of NASA. They sent a probe traveling for four years to orbit an asteroid called Vesta, and the probe finally made it there today!

Some more great news is the rebels against the Libyan Government to overthrow the evil regime have the upper hand against Gaddafi. Yesterday my country of the United States received the rebel's government as a success, recognizing it.

Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and violence abound in these day, for they are the signs of the times. 

In my days this past week was awesome. I was able to go to a baptism last Wednesday for a young girl, taking upon herself the covenants of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This covenant is important to receive the blessings of God as I said before. The promise of receiving salvation is upon faithfully observing to keep the commands of these covenants. A covenant is a mutual promise or deal. The covenants are to be taken upon ourselves with great reverence, for it is with God. We promise to trust his perfect wisdom and live by it, and God promises great blesses. The most important of which is the true hope to abide in the presence of our Heavenly Father for eternity, for this true hope is a knowledge that the grace of God will grant us salvation upon our best efforts as we serve him according to his expectation. A most important blessing that we can have in mortality is the second half of the ordinance of baptism. 

The scripture of John 3:5 says we need to be baptized by water and the spirit. The baptism of Spirit is more mysterious to the world than the baptism by water. The new testament spoke of a baptism of John the Baptist and one of Jesus similarly to the scripture water and spirit respectively. After Jesus Christ was crucified, the disciples were left to run his church. His disciples were given the authority to baptize people to the blessings of the spirit. Acts 8:14-17 speaks of them performing the ordinance that I saw performed last Wednesday by the same authority, completing the baptism of this young woman. We call this the Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

The Gift of the Holy Ghost is also known as the comforter. For those who have received the Gift of the Holy Ghost they can see its blessings abundantly in comfort, guidance, learning, and many other ways. This past week the blessings of the Gift of the Holy Ghost was impressive. I usually don't receive this type of bold guidance. Searching for a job, I was lead to go to my community college's website with job opportunities. As I browsed the opportunities, I recognized the feeling explained in the scriptures as a feeling of the spirit in the scripture of Luke 24:32, saying, which helped the disciples of Christ recognize Christ following his resurrection, for they asked "Did not our heart burn within us?" I felt this burning within my heart, and I knew this job opportunity with funfineart was lead by God. The opportunity so far seems to be good. The artist called me, and I seem to have to job at this moment. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth. God needed to call a latter-day heritage of the prophets, for the truthfulness in the Gospel with lost as the Dark Age was approaching the inhabitants of the Earth as earlier than 476 AD. Our Heavenly Father has fulfilled his promise to do so according to the prophecies, and we live today with a modern prophet, doing the same work as all the true prophets of the past. His name is Thomas Monson.

I so testify in my written word in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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