Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After I write about my experience with integrity, I feel like being a movie critic.

The integrity of a person is his respect for life. It is seen shining from the presence of the person. When people face the real world, they have their integrity called into question during each moment. Integrity is extremely trick because it is on an individual and personal level to live the most correct way; however, there is one true way. It stands out from the world, and it is very private. A characteristic of integrity is that one is responsible for everything that he does, and one is responsible to do his best to fix his errors, enduring the consequences. It stands up for truth and what is right. There is more to it, but I can't think of more to write.

I don't watch much movies, but when I do I try to watch the best films. In the past few months I have only watch a few movies listed as followed: Arriety the Borrower, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Cirque De Soleil: Quidam.

I may be particularly tough on movies.

The Arriety movies was good, but I don't think that it was original enough for Studio Ghibli. The film is based on a book that is mostly unknown. I don't know. The Borrower's series was named one of the top ten most important children's novels of the last seventy years in 2007. I feel that it may be too old to make an animated film on, but the age may appeal to a wider audience. The animation standard was according to the normal Ghibli standard. The story though was weak, and the story is innocent. It lacks in just about everything as a story; action, romance, climax, purpose. There was a little suspense, but the story was too simple.
Out of 100 I give it a 77

I am surprised that Captain America beat Harry Potter. It shouldn't have; even though, I have not seen the final movie of the series of Harry Potter. I don't know, but don't ask me about what I think of the first half of the last book of the series' movie. The Captain America movie is a little random at the beginning and at the end; although, I did understand that is alluding to the assembly of the Avengers. The story is good, but it at times has a feel that one is watching someone playing a video game fast forwarded until the final boss.
Out of 100 I give it a 84

Now the show that I said that I was share how I enjoyed it. Quidam of the Cirque Du Soleil was exceptional. It puts America's Got Talent to shame. I would give America's Got Talent out of 100 a score in the sixties. The acts are fun, inspiring, and leading edge creative; always pushing the limit. I love how they make it seem the performer's act was ending, but they would continue and show even a greater depth to their skill. It also pushed the limit of morality. The performers look like the lust of the world but not at the same time. I definitely did not lust after the insanely ripped girls. The artistry is great. I recognized that Josh Groban sung one of the songs of the show on one of his CD's, and I recalled learning a song for the show as a concert band at Soquel High School. The story was simple yet profound.
Out of 100 I give it a 92

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