Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Core was incomplete

This past week in my life was good. I will write of the Core event that I attempted.
It was refreshing to stand on a starting line, since I ran track and cross country in high school. My record times were four minutes and forty seconds for the mile, and I almost ran a ten minute two mile. At the beginning of the core race, I was surprised how easy it was to find myself in second place. I know that many of my followers may be my friends from Facebook, and they read a view of the race already; however, I will express myself more fully. I was second place behind a good friend of mine Tommy Zaferes.
Last Sunday he won the Sandman Triathlon. He has always been an awesome athlete. He has train with our Olympians. I was not trained as him nor had the goals like him in completing the Core race. In second place I saw him swim in the ocean as if it was his personal swim pool. I swam with him when I was on a team, and he dove into the ocean like he use to into a normal pool. I could not do that though, for I only swam a couple times in training for the event.
I lived the race without a goal. I did not have a goal, so I did not finish the race. Living life's events without goals, we may not complete any great achievements. I finished the race in the middle of the second swim because I did not feel like swimming anymore. I trained swimming according to how I felt, so that is how I finished the race.
The lifeguard, escorting off the course, introduced me to the great care of our emergency servicemen. They were all realistic, and I was told that there is no shame in not finishing the race; however, I finished the race in the emergency room not because I needed it. I followed what they suggested. One of the couple times I swam in training was in the ocean, and I finished swimming with the same result as what the emergency servicemen saw. I shivered without control for a long time and that is all. I did not need their service, but it was protocol. The care was great. It was not freighting.

I had another thing that I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about the bad economy, but I am not of authority to. I just have a little knowledge of what is going on. My mother says that I think that I know everything. I attempted to write a simple thing about the economy, but I realized that I can't. I wanted to write of concerning the principle of self reliance, living within our means. I can't speak on these matters.

Here is my random NASA update. They have sent Juno to Jupiter on a five year trip to arrive there. The Earth seemed to have two moons at one time, and there is water on Mars.

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