Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final weeks before school starts (part 2)

brAn damej
sarE I cant spel or hav gud gramr/ I just want tu rIt this daun bfor mI memorE is gon agen/ this mIt be cammin sens U left tu get mI jrnelz/ I shud rEcord wat hapend so far just in cAs if hapends agen/
aliks yor wIf is comEg in sed A nurs/ U wr wAtEg awtsId for I hav bin in A tramatik aksident/ U wonted tu c me and haw I am/ the tramatik ekspErEns entAld grat brAn damej but I az I am aliks do not rEmembr wat hapend/ I dont no anythEg but I am aliks/ wen u cAm in I was comfaundd bI thI grat lav/ U askt haw I am/ I sa I am sarE but wE r gOEg tu have tu rediscaver evrEthEg agen/ I want U tu no tho/ I can c bI thI bEUtE I am mOst blest/ plEz intrOdus yorself tu me/ U cant rEsist follEg tu hug mE/ I c and fEl tErs fol ontu mI chest/ U sA I am ana yor best frend the grAtest frend that u evr had/ u askt the nurs if shE haz mI old cel fOn u shO mE wat it is and tel mE to rEd al the pOems en et wich I wrOt az u go fetch the childrin and al mI jrnalz/ I luk at mI fOn and dont undrstand wat the simbals r/ I ask the nurs tu rEd them tu mE/ Az shE rEds a fEu  tu me I rElIz mor wat it mEnz tu b mOst blest/ the nurs haz tu gO wrk but I askt hr tu eksplAn tu mE the alfabet bEcuz I can tak and hEr the saundz/ she goz thru it koiklE and nou I am rItEg this fineticlE/ mAB I shud luk at the pOemz that I wrOt tu lrn gramr wAtEg for mI best frend tu  rEturn with mI childrin and mI jrnelz
I am inspired to write this short story by a real life story told to me a few days ago, for  a grandson of a friend, who was a journalist, was stabbed in the head, and now remembers nothing.

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