Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final weeks before school starts (part 1)

This past week has been great for me. Since I may have a global audience, I will be careful of the things that I say.
One reason that it has been great other-than the fun things that I have been able to do. I know that it is kind of lame, but I have expanded more into twitter. I have learned some things from running the twitter for my work at Fun Fine Art. Since I applied the things that I learned I doubled my followers for my  personal twitter. I am competing against myself with both twitters today. My companies twitter has passed my personal twitter, but I was ahead. I feel part of two communities with both of the twitters. I am in the community of artists, and I am in the community with the news reports. I have received great response. A twitter representing the spouses' of military personal expressed great excitement to get to know me and see the world events that I cover. Another guy asked me to give a report of the Turkish victims casualties and targets.
I wrote a short story, which was inspired by a conversation that I had with a grandmother named Joanna on the way back home from my second temple trip last week. She has a grandson that is named Trevor or Erik or something, but he was seemingly on track to a great journalist. As he lived in San Francisco, he was a victim of circumstance. Returning to his apartment, he found that his roommate was stabbed several times, and before long he was stabbed in the head by the attacker. I published the story on a website that began following me on twitter. The website is interesting, for it is named ymidoingthis.com. I put the link on the website. The story helps you see what the grandmother was telling me about. She was trying to record a voice record of the proceedings of his life; however, now he remembers very little of his life. Neither of the victims of the attacker in San Francisco died. The story reveals more about my habits and personality as a person too.

I will put what I wrote on this entry because I see that I can someday purchase my own blog as a book someday, and I would like the short story to be part of it. I also write a entry just before blog entry explaining how to run correctly. I will publish each document separately, so this entry will not be too long.

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