Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Past Week was Huge in My World

This past week was impressive. See the story of the world before my eyes, I am grateful for my twitter. I want to summarize all the great events that are happening in the world. 

First of all the progress that is in Libya is astonishing. The past week the rebels took over Tripoli. Earlier this week I felt like I was reading the current events happen as it is. They invaded by sea. Its was overwhelming the step by step updates that I got, but Qadhafi is in hiding. The rebels overran his headquarter. Khamia Qadhafi, his son, was killed last Sunday. on.cnn.com/oKxL27 and, his other son, Saif is surrendering. Muammar Qadhafi, the father, had his family deep into his tyrant government. In the past couple days his family fled to Algeria. The Rebel's progress is great. Today they are setting an Ultimatum for the 42 year long dictator's loyalty. The weak rebels have great leadership; although, in the past weeks the original leader was killed by a rebel. In my tweets, I saw the names of the great success of the Rebels, but they could not have been successful without NATO and aid. Even though their help was controversial.

There is protests all over the world from Bolivia to Chile, from South Africa to Syria.
The Syrian Government has been under great pressure as well. Iran was warning them to listen to the protesters. I have been impressed by how the leadership of Iran has been depicted by the news organization. They have been seeking after their national security violently irrespective of Ramadan's ending for the month. nyti.ms/qUvxk8 Ramadan is the Islamic tradition to fast for the day's of a month.

Russia has also been under pressure too, but in a different sense.  Since Russia failed to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, it has been under pressure to preserve the manning thereof. NASA are considering evacuating the ISS in November.

Ai Weiwei this past week did this past week did his first article since his release from detention, calling the state of China 'a constant nightmare.' They sentenced a Tibetan Buddhist eleven years in jail. gu.com/p/3xgt4/tf The twitter of Tibet sent me a tweet saying 

@alexnhicken China has No legitimacy & Rights to charge Tibetan Monks in occupied Tibet. Thats why they need millions of troops to control.

Speaking of fasting, the anti corruption protest lead by Anna Hazare was successful. The government adhered to his demands. He fasted for twelve days ending this past Sunday.
In India as well as much of Thailand is flooded as well.

There has been a super typhoon ripping through the Philippines and Taiwan as Hurricane Irene left a 1100 mile long stretch of destruction. Now a Typhoon heads for China. Transitioning to summarize very very briefly the war in Afghanistan, I want to talk of the honor of our military personal. At the Arlington Cemetery they never stopped, standing to guard the Unknown Soldier since April 6, 1948 even during hurricane Irene.

This past month has been bad in Afghanistan for the war, suffering the most causalities since the war began. Sixty six of the great US serviceman have died. A royal marine died in the past few days in a roadside bomb as well. 

Israel has been aggressive to preserve its state. Today I received texts saying that they sent two warships to"Egypt on warning of another attack." apne.ws/ohDRQs As "Palestinian attacker wounds seven in Tel Aviv," Israel huff.to/qdQJ6W "Israeli military arms settlers in preparation for Palestinian protests." gu.com/p/3xgn5/tf

Iraq is still greatly violent 35 were "killed in series of attacks across Iraq, officials say" on.cnn.com/rpPjMg "There was a suicide bombing Baghdad killing 29 at a Sunni mosque." gu.com/p/3xg8m/tf

These are the signs of the times. I barely scratched the surface of what is happening in my world, yet there is many without a voice in the world. Some of the signs for example is the earthquake at Virginia. In the past few days, two volcanoes erupted one in Popocatepetl, Mexico wapo.st/rkm7Wb and the other at Italy's Mount Etna huff.to/o8JdW0

I have not spoken much of my personal world, but the depth thereof will take too long to write; although, this past week was a little slow. School has started!

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