Monday, September 5, 2011

Realizing a Love for Journalism

As you may have noticed by the last entry into this blog, I am getting into journalism. In my exploration, I am more excited about doing it than learning about the career. I decided to make a Weekly Newsletter for the Ocean YSA Branch, which I attend. I interviewed Michael, the second member of the branch on a mission. He just left last Wednesday, so I had to interview him to start the Newsletter for the Branch to start it off. Michael was a journalist himself. The destiny of the occasion made sense to learn from him for he was the first of all the people that I interviewed for the record's sake.

In my love for journalism, I have interviewed a few other people. A chinese student stayed with my family for a few days this past week, and I learned a lot about their high school system there. This afternoon I already wrote that article, but I am trying to get a second witness from his friend that we hosted for a year because the system seems so radical. I will probably post the article here. 

Another friend that I am going to interview is from Japan. He loves the United States of America, and he even said that is "worships" the country. From the very first day that I met him, I say him embrace our culture, and I want to see why he may be forsaking his culture that he was raised in. 

A third article that I am working on is what I am most grateful for. In my Early Childhood Education class, a sister was introduced as someone who had a humbling experience of the summer, volunteering in Mexico at an orphanage. Working at the orphanage would be humbling enough, but the children there have a most inspiring attitude; although, their situation may be seen as terrible.

I am grateful for his opportunity because it is not given easily as the others, but it desires a higher standard of publication. This sister does not want to waste her time with a random blog that will have only a few people read the article; although many views have not claimed to view my last entry or any others, only the last article, summarizing the world events of the previous tremendous week, had only seven views. 

I am loving journalism. I hope to publish the first article of the Ocean Branch Weekly for my fellow young single adult saints. 

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