Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Shocking Educational System that Chinese Youth endure

    Sam is the English name that he gave himself. He stayed with my family for a few days before moving on to attend High School in Oklahoma, for he is from China. China is a mysterious place, so my acquisitive mind had to learn of China from his prospective. He is from a small town near a Shanghai. His character was fun, innocent, loving, and cute, and his passion for life was impressive. He got so attached to our family that he did not want to leave, becoming like another brother of mine.
     Sam is from a small town, a pleasant quiet place, where he feels free to do his desires; however, the educational program in the smaller towns are more strict than the big city of Shanghai and other large cities. All students are expected to go to school seven days a week. Although Sam was an optimistic pure person, he felt that it was "not right."
    Describing his life, he explained that he usually rode his bicycle to school planning to be at class at 6:30 am. Sam was one of fifty students that attended his classes. In a boring setting for he said the teach yup yup yup, talking the entire time, characterizing it as "silent." As you can see from the picture, that is a normal classroom; there are piles of books everywhere. The students with Sam enjoyed a two hour lunch, but you will be shocked to read that his high school expects his to stay at school until 9:30 pm. They study late, and they are given time to do homework at school. The pressure is so great that he has stayed up studying all night many times already, and he is only seventeen years old.
    One reason that the pressure is so great is that they are intensely tested on five subject, and this is done every Saturday. These tests are 110 minutes each. The five subjects that they are taught are English, Chinese, Math, Physics, and Chemistry. They test intensely until 5 pm from 6:30 in the morning. The main reason that Sam said that the educational system is not right is because they try
to jam three years of schooling into one year or two years, trying to go through two textbooks a year. At least on Sunday they are let out early at about four o' clock.
    In a bigger cities as Shanghai, where it is more flexible, they get off of school each day at five in the evening. China just as we are in the states is easing off the focus of Music and Art. Sam said
that he would have only one class of Art or Music each week, alternating. Sam said  that the only place to do the SAT test to join our Universities are at Hong Kong.
    These students are flooding the universities of the States as there is seen "30 percent more Chinese students than the previous year, according to the Institute for International Education’s Open Doors 2010 report, published with support from the State Department."
    Sam is not the my only witness. The person that inspired his stay here agrees. His friend said "Yup I think this is a pretty real glance for most of the Chinese students. When I was reading this article, I feel everything you are telling is true, and also contains the opinions of Americans. "

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