Monday, December 19, 2011

19 December 2011 morning report

Sky News Newsdesk: Britain refusing to contribute to IMF part of eurozone bailout fund

AP VIDEO: EPA announces a new anti-pollution law that will cause dozens of coal-fired U.S. plants to close: -CJ

nytimes #worldnews: Syria Signs Arab League Deal to Allow Observers In

PressTV: #Iran sends major aid shipment to #Somalia 

cnni: Oil from spill fouls Brazilian beach

#BBC #Worldnews: Jail death strike paralyses #Nepal

HuffPost #Worldnews: First mass burial after devastating floods hit southern Philippines

SkyNewsBreak: AFP: Philippine government says number of people killed in storms rises to 927

PressTV: Landmine explosion kills Kenyan troop 

Reuters: North Korea test-fired missile on Monday - media 

BBC #Worldnews: Kenyan policeman killed in blast

guardiannews: Black Panther killer Donald Neilson dies

PressTV: Moroccans hold fresh protest rallies #worldnews

#BBC #Worldnews: Fresh violence hits #Tahrir Square

guardiannews: Kim Jong-un hailed as Kim Jong-il's successor by North Korean media 

PressTV: #Palestinian cars torched in #WestBank 

Telegraph #Worldnews: #NorthKorea mourns the death of 'Dear Leader' Kim #Jong-il

cnni: Blizzard sweeps southwestern U.S. 

AJELive: General Adel Emara speaking against protesters #Egypt #SCAF 

#AlArabiya: #Egypt's military council: there is difference between a real protester and a person who insists on destruction of the country

#AlArabiya: Egypt's military council: they are targeting specified building which shows they are having specified agenda #Egypt #SCAF

AlArabiya: Egypt's military council: the rioters wanted to burn the buildings housing People's Assembly, Interior Ministry & Cabinet offices

PressTV: #USstocks to remain volatile on #EUdebt 

PressTV: The provincial council of Afghanistan's southeastern Paktia Province has shut down its offices to protest a...

PressTV: #Egyptian forces kill 3 in #Cairo clashes 

PressTV: #NATO: Afghan night raids will persist  BBC News (World): Saab owner files for bankruptcy

Daily Telegraph News: 10 things you may not know about #kimjongil's successor Kim Jong-un

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