Tuesday, December 20, 2011

20 December 2011 Morning Report of World News

Telegraph World News: 
Cancer alert for 50,000 British women with breast implants

Post World News: 
Congo president sworn in for another term; opposition leader plans his own inauguration 

CBS News : 
5 family members, incl. 2 children, killed in small plane crash in Texas 

Reuters Reuters Top News: News Corp settles 7 further hacking cases reut.rs/teqAZV

BBC #Worldnews: A tale of two Libyan cities bbc.in/uRUcEJ

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: #Antarctic airdrop for stricken boat bbc.in/t5LNO2 #worldnews

guardianworld: RT martinchulov: Update. #US reporter missing in #Lebanon found dead in the mountains. thearabdigest.com/2011/12/john-r…

#AlArabiya: Spanish parliament votes in Mariano Rajoy as the new prime minister.

#AlArabiya: Iraq VP says 'ready to face trial' if held in Kurdistan.

#BBC #Worldnews: #Iraq vice-president denies charge bbc.in/rNFbrB

guardian #worldnews: Iraq's Sunni vice-president goes on the run after govt accuses him of conspiring to kill officials gu.com/p/3485h/tw

PressTV: #Israel continues demolishing #WestBank houses dlvr.it/11KQy6

AP: #Egyptian troops, police charge and shoot at protesters in pre-dawn raid on Cairo's Tahrir Square. apne.ws/gCX8E0 -MM

PressTV: '5 #Bahrainis die due to torture' dlvr.it/11Kpjm

PressTV: 41% of #US youths arrested by age 23 dlvr.it/11L0dR

PressTV: US demands release of CIA spy by #Iran dlvr.it/11L0fF

guardian #worldnews: RT matthew_weaver: Up to 70 Syrian army deserters killed, a survivor claims bit.ly/v7KnAl

BBC #Worldnews: #Protest simmers in #China village bbc.in/tIYaVq

PressTV: Lebanon lauds #Iran's support for Syria dlvr.it/11L7nh

nytimes #worldnews: #China Exerts Influence Nurtured Over Decades nyti.ms/w29g3W

5 people were killed by the gunfire of Syrian security forces: Syrian activists #alarabiya #syria #assad

#BBC #Worldnews: UK & Ireland to sign agreement on measures to crack down on illegal immigration & bogus asylum claims. bbc.in/sKqInW

Post #WorldNews: Japan picks Lockheed Martin F-35 fighters to replace aging jets in its air force wapo.st/vTU5t7

PressTV: #US secretly eliminating #Taliban dlvr.it/11LQ2J

#AlArabiya: France to borrow 178 billion euros next year: treasury

cnni: Syria to execute 'terrorists': State TV goo.gl/fb/1asR0

 BBC News (World): "We were so malnourished, we would eat rats & earthworms to survive" - life in labour camp number 15, in #NorthKorea bbc.in/v5p4US

Telegraph #worldNews: St Paul's Occupy protest camp is a crime magnet, City tells court tgr.ph/uzJVaG

nytimes: #worldnews Briefing | Asia: Afghanistan: Pakistani Liaison Officers Returning to Army Coordination Centers nyti.ms/t4rOZc

#BBC #Worldnews: #India cold wave death toll rises bbc.in/rIMY52

 BBC News (World): VIDEO: Britain boycotts IMF euro scheme bbc.in/tiwdnS

 CNN International: 13 survivors found adrift off Indonesia goo.gl/fb/8Q5b5

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