Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21 December Afternoon World News Report

guardian #worldnews: South American states ban Falklands ships

nytimes #worldnews: Hong Kong Culls Chickens After Bird Flu Is Found

#AlArabiya: Ethiopian court finds two Swedish journalists guilty of supporting terrorism.

AP: Activists say Syrian troops kill at least 100 in NW town, one of deadliest incidents so far: -VW

PressTV: Egyptians vote in run-off elections

BBC #Worldnews: 'Rebels' kill Senegalese soldiers

#alarabiya: The Syrian National Council calls on UN Security Council to hold an emergency session to put an end to the massacres committed

AlArabiya: The European Union decided2unfreeze all funds&assets of the Central Bank of #Libya &the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank held in the bloc

AP: Afghan official says #Afghanistan army now has 180,000 troops, an important step in taking over from NATO. -MM

SkyNewsBreak: Public sector net borrowing was £18.1bn for November, figures lower than expected.

AlArabiya_Eng: The Syrian army is shelling villages in Idlib: Syrian activists

AJELive: Bahraini #blogger, Zainab al-Khawaja, released on bail pending trial

AP: Iraq's prime minister urges Kurdish authorities to hand over the Sunni vice president so he can face justice. -MM

AP: 5 #NATO troops killed by roadside bomb in eastern #Afghanistan: -VW

guardiannews: Wukan protesters end action after Chinese government offers concessions

#AlArabiya: Four dead, 100 rescued as Indonesia boat sinks: district chief 

PressTV: #NATO convoy attacked in #Afghanistan

AP: #ECB lends Europe's banks a massive $639 billion over unprecedented 3-year period: -VW

cnni: Swedish journalists 'guilty of terrorism'

AP: Europe's high court approves cap and trade on airlines using European ports, rejects US appeal: -VW 

Al Arabiya English: The Syrian army killed 111 people on Tuesday in Kafer Oweid in Idlib: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

BreakingNews: More: North Korea warns Monday's missile test was a warning but will not conduct nuclear test unless provoked - Reuters

North Korea wants US to remove purported nuclear weapons from South Korean territory - Reuters

Al Arabiya English: Death toll in Philippine floods tops 1,000: official 

Breaking News: Saif al-Islam al-Gadhafi is being held by rebels, denied access to lawyer, rights group says - @NYTimes

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