Thursday, December 22, 2011

22 December 2011 The Nightly News

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Europe: Portugal: Court Rejects U.S. Appeal on Fugitive

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Asia: China: Stricter Air Pollution Monitoring Standards to Start Next Year

 NYTimes World: World Briefing | Europe: Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko Drops Appeal of Conviction

PressTV: 22 drug traffickers killed in #Mexico  

Post World News: Japan’s emperor praises the nation for coming together following quake and tsunami disasters

WSJ World News: Hong Kong Finds Another Case of Bird Flu

The Associated Press: Myanmar opposition leader Suu Kyi's party registers to re-enter mainstream politics: -VW

The Associated Press: Chinese court sentences veteran rights activist to 9 years' jail for inciting subversion: -VW

BBC News (World): 1079 people still missing after storm and floods in the Philippines, says government More soon

Press TV: Hundreds of anti-regime protesters have once again poured onto the streets in Saudi Arabia's oil-rich Eastern...

Breaking News: A 5.0 quake at a depth of 10km has struck 20km east of Christchurch. It was recorded at 4.50pm - @TVNZNews

NYTimes World: Oil Spill Moves Toward Nigerian Coast

Breaking News: NZ emergency services has treated 50-60 patients with minor injuries - @TVNZNews

BBC News (World): France to rule on implant removal

CNN Breaking News: 2 hurt, Christchurch airport closed after #NewZealand quakes.

CNN Breaking News: 23 killed in #Tanzania flooding.

Post #WorldNews: #Argentina limits foreign land ownership, gives labor protections to farmworkers

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: China: Confrontation Over Coal Plant Enters 3rd Day

Breaking #worldNews: USGS reports on NZ quakes: 5.8 at 1.58pm, 5.3 at 2.06pm, 5.8 at 3.18pm. #eqnz

Breaking #worldNews: NZ Police: Still no reports of serious or widespread damage or injury, no tsunami threat

BreakingNews: USGS registers official magnitude of 5.8 for Christchurch, NZ earthquake

 Press TV: Police, protesters clash in California

BBC News (World): Colombia drug suspects surrender

cnni: 6,000 nurses strike in California 

BBC News (World): Argentina takes newsprint control

Breaking #worldNews: Australia's S&P/ASX 200 opens up 1.2% at 4,139.20 - MarketWatch

PressTV: 24-hour strike brings #Belgium to halt #worldnews

wsj #worldnews: Besieged Mexican City Fires Entire Police Force

Telegraph #Worldnews: Armenians pleased by genocide ruling

Telegraph #worldNews: Britain started war of words over credit ratings, insists French foreign minister

HuffPost #Worldnews: Gunmen attack bus in #Mexico, kill 11

Post #WorldNews: #Brazil fire rips through shantytown

Reuters: Moody's cuts Slovenia's credit rating one notch to A1

The Associated Press: Deal on payroll tax cut would also renew jobless benefits for almost 2 million people: -CC

Reuters: RT bechamilton: U.S. judge tosses lawsuit over #Guantanamo treatment via reuterslegal 

WSJ World News: Lacking a Grand Plan, Europe Limps Ahead

 MarketWatch: Breaking: House Republicans have agreed to pass a two-month extension of the 2% payroll-tax cut

PressTV: Scotland to win freedom from Britain 

Reuters Top News: Shi'ites targeted as Baghdad blasts kill 72

Al Arabiya English: 40 people are killed by the fire of Syrian security forces: activists #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

PressTV: Severe air pollution hits Tehran

#AlArabiya: 38 people have been killed by the gunfire of Syrian security forces across the country: activists #syria #assad

breakingstorm: Winter storm warning lifted in Colorado after up to a foot of snow falls on Denver - denverpost

Al Arabiya English: Two more car blasts in Baghdad leaving unidentified number of deaths and injuries #alarabiya #Iraq

BBC #worldnews: At least 5 people killed in fresh car bomb attack near cafe in western #Baghdad, #Iraq, officials say

Tim Weber: What really caused the eurozone crisis? (in case you missed my earlier tweet, and because it's really good)

 Al Arabiya English: Egypt’s activists call for mass rally; Islamists want to stick to army vote timetable

Breaking #worldNews: Federal judge blocks South Carolina from enforcing 3 key areas of new immigration law - @Reuters

 BBC Breaking News: A Royal Marine has been killed in Afghanistan after the vehicle he was travelling in was caught in an explosion says MOD. Family informed

 Post World News: South Korean president urges stability in North Korea, says South’s troops remain on alert

 Al Arabiya English: France urges Turkey not to 'overreact' to genocide law #alarabiya

PressTV: 'OWS scares US ruling elite'

Wall Street Journal: Here's what Washington's stalemate over the payroll tax will mean for you:

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