Thursday, December 22, 2011

22 December 2011 World News report

Al Arabiya English: Syria says more than 2,000 members of the army and security forces have been killed since the start of the unrest: Reuters #alarabiya #Syria

Al Arabiya English: The Arab mission of observers arrives in Damascus: Reuters #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

BBC #Worldnews: Toyota to boost production by 20%

PressTV: Israeli tanks invade south Gaza

#wsj #worldnews: S&P Downgrades Hungary to Junk

BBC #Worldnews: UK economic growth revised up

#AlArabiya: Syrian security forces kill 23 people: opposition group #Syria

PressTV: 'US Congress approval at all time low'

AP: Nigeria oil spill manager: Shell offshore spill affecting 100 nautical miles, moving to coast. -MM

cnni: China police use tear gas on protesters

BBC #Worldnews: Junk move hits Hungary debt costs

cnnbrk: Wave of bombings in Baghdad kills 63, authorities say.

HuffPost #Worldnews: Reports: Yemen kills brother of Al Qaeda leader

AP: US says mistakes, mistrust led to Afghan border attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers: -VW #worldnews

BBC #Worldnews: Deadly floods hit Tanzanian city

#Turkey PM Erdogan condemns French bill making denial of Armenian "genocide" a criminal offence. Details soon:

guardian #worldnews: Nigeria on alert as Shell announces worst oil spill in a decade

#AlArabiya: Turkey recalls ambassador from Paris: embassy

#AlArabiya: Turkey suspends political visits, freezes military cooperation with France: PM

BBC #Worldnews: #Italy's senate approves austerity package proposed by PM Mario Monti in confidence vote

Post #WorldNews: Arab League observers head to Syria amid new international uproar over 200 killed in 2 days

CNNMoney: Stocks to open higher, as investors await jobs data and final reading on economic growth. #premarkets

BBC #Worldnews: US Peace Corps cuts Honduras role

Post #WorldNews: Romania's government survives confidence vote in Parliament over election law changes

PressTV: French parliament has passed a controversial bill that criminalizes any denial of the Armenian genocide by the

AP: Unemployment applications drop to lowest since April '08 as job market continues to strengthen: -ldh

AP: Economy grew more slowly in summer than estimated, at 1.8 percent annual rate; expectations higher for fall: -ldh

BBC #Worldnews: Italian senate to vote on reforms

Reuters: Tepco to raise customer rates as fuel costs rise

PressTV: Egyptians vote in last day of run-off

BreakingNews: More: Medvedev proposes sweeping reform of Russian political system including direct election of regional governors - Reuters

PressTV: 'Syria #Iranian abductees in good health'

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