Tuesday, December 27, 2011

27th of December Early Morning World News

PressTV: Palestinian PM meets #Egypt MB leader http://dlvr.it/12KGk2

guardiannews: Boy dies in Kilmarnock house fire gu.com/p/34ba7/tf

cnnbrk: Philippine government lowers death toll for Tropical Storm Washi from 1,453 back to 1,249

BBCWorld: Arab League observers meet governor of Homs in #Syria where large anti-regime protests have taken place bbc.in/uwx2EV

BBCWorld: Train derailed in Australia flood bbc.in/tYBv41

AJEnglish: Video: Thailand struggles with flood clean-up aje.me/vVjZ33

BreakingNews: Terrorist group attacks gas pipeline near the Syrian city of Homs - Syria state TV via Reuters

BBCWorld: Guinea-Bissau makes coup arrests bbc.in/rKIZXS

CBSNews: Sears to close 100 to 120 Kmart, Sears stores bit.ly/t40zUZ

PressTV: Stun rounds used on #Bahraini protesters dlvr.it/12M8jg

PressTV: Israeli police clash with religious Jews dlvr.it/12M8l9

PostWorldNews: Violence spikes in Honduras as mafias expand their cocaine networks deeper into Central America wapo.st/v7eVcv

AlArabiya_Eng: #Syria UPDATE: 70,000 Syrians rally as Arab monitors visit Homs; tanks seen leaving flashpoint city bit.ly/rR85n2

guardiannews: Crime and unemployment dog Guadeloupe gu.com/p/34b5h/tf

PressTV: Saudi forces injure 4 in Awamiyah raid dlvr.it/12MWCD

cnnbrk: Activists say 24,000 demonstrators rally against regime in Homs, Syria, as Arab League monitors arrive. on.cnn.com/vaVXQZ

wsjworld: China GPS System Begins Service on.wsj.com/vWvUJf

PressTV: 'US media pretend OWS no longer exists' dlvr.it/12M2RB

TelegraphNews: Pirates hijack Italian tanker with 18 on board off Oman tgr.ph/t2YFdj

BreakingNews: Arab monitors finish observation tour in Syria's Homs for the day and will continue tomorrow, Syrian Dunia TV reports- Reuters

AlArabiya_Eng: One killed as Bissau troops clash with failed coup suspects: military sources #alarabiya

PostWorldNews: Britain's Prince Philip, recovering from heart treatment, leaves the hospital wapo.st/vDEzVW

AP: Vietnam blocks Facebook access, but welcomes founder Mark Zuckerberg on vacation: apne.ws/rDt4md -CC

AJEnglish: Video: Climate brews trouble for Bangladesh tea aje.me/t34JfV

AJELive: Activists say thousands of people are demonstrating in #Homs after Arab observers arrived in the city - aje.me/qpyH4C #Syria

PressTV: French jobless rate hits 12-year high dlvr.it/12LHZy

PressTV: 'US spy drone crashes in #Afghanistan' dlvr.it/12LHZz

PressTV: Govt. rep. expelled from #Iran's Majlis dlvr.it/12LHbM

AlArabiya: Syrian forces killed several men from an "armed terrorist group" trying to cross from the Turkish border into Syria: state news

AJELive: At least 20 injured in fighting between Islah loyalists and Houthis in northwestern #Yemen aje.me/vzAyJe #worldnews

Al Arabiya English: Ethiopia court jails 2 Swedish journalists for 11 years each for aiding rebels, entering country illegally: Reuters #alarabiya

Al Arabiya English: IMF cancels visit to Egypt to negotiate loan as PM urges G8 to help unlock promised aid goo.gl/GSBvo

The Associated Press: MT @ravinessman: Indian billionaire has tons of cash, no place to invest it, AP's @ekinetz reports: apne.ws/sjpVwE

CNN International: Tainted milk causes Chinese outrage goo.gl/fb/eoBZw

Al Jazeera English: Video: Occupy activists protect family from bank aje.me/w1xiMp

Al Arabiya English: Arab observers on way to Syria's flashpoint Homs: mission chief #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

Post World News: Indian activist starts fasting to call for tougher anti-graft bill ahead of Parliament debate wapo.st/sK7g6w

Al Arabiya English: Al-Qaeda front group in Iraq claims responsibility for attacks that killed 69 people last week: AP #alarabiya #Iraq

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