Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28th of December 2011 World News Evening Headlines

Arrested ex-Philippine president faces 2nd criminal case - @AP

#wsj #worldnews: Turkey Approves Russian Gas Plan
The Associated Press: North Korea's ceremonial head of state tells crowd that Kim Jong Un is now the country's "supreme leader." -EF
The Associated Press: Hundreds of thousands gather, bow heads in silence as North Korea begins memorial for Kim Jong Il: -EF
BBC News (World): South Korea manufacturers gloomy
Al Jazeera English: The Palestinians took their statehood bid to the United Nations in another landmark event of 2011
Breaking News: Asia stocks fall amid resurgent Europe jitters - @MarketWatch
Post World News: Puerto Rico governor approves status referendum amid sharp criticism
Al Jazeera English: Video: Israeli blockade limits Gaza farm export
Al Jazeera English: Bosnian parties end political impasse
Simon Romero: #Brazil to reopen embassy in #Iraq, shut in '91. Asked why now by @folha_com, ambassador says "Trade. Iraq will need to import everything."

Reuters Top News: Arab observers fan out across Syria

Breaking News: At least 11 killed, dozens injured in Burma blast, officials and witnesses say - AAP

nytimes #WORLDnews: 2011: The Death of Osama bin Laden

NYTimes World: For women, life in Somalia just gets harder. Famine, war, now rape.

The Associated Press: AP VIDEO: Tear gas seen and shots heard in the Syrian city of Homs, even as Arab League observers visit: -EC

Breaking News: Euro nears 1-year low versus the US dollar, hits 10-year low versus Japanese yen - @Reuters

Post World News: Libya’s new government offering jobs to former rebels as first step to disarmament

Wall Street Journal: Closing bell: the S&P 500 declined 1.3%, falling into the red for the year, as the euro sank to an 11-month low
Breaking News: US stocks tumbles sharply on European jitters; ; Dow down about 137 points at closing bell - @AP
HuffPostWorld: Suspected mobster arrested in Barcelona

Al Jazeera English: Video: Homeless people "occupy" abandoned US homes

Reddy: In 2011, Dow has closed up or down 100 points on 102 occasions, the fourth most ever (after '08, '02 and '00)

PressTV: Two blasts rock #Iraqi capital
The Associated Press: Movie crowds shrink to a 16-year low amid a bad economy and growing at-home and on-the-go viewing options: -EC
NYTimes World: Italy's Borrowing Costs Drop Sharply at Auction

Breaking #worldNews: Authorities say fire in East Tennessee mine traps 3 miners inside, 2 others injured - @AP
Breaking News: Samoa will skip over Dec. 30 as part of plan to move to western side of International Date Line - @msnbc
Al Arabiya English: Palestinian armed groups fired 2 rockets from the #Gaza Strip into southern Israel, causing neither casualties nor damage: Israeli military
 Wall Street Journal: Two-thirds of companies that went public in the U.S. this year are now trading below their IPO price
Post World News: Despite threats, Iran unlikely to block oil shipments through Strait of Hormuz

BreakingNews: 20 people have been killed by security forces' fire in Syria today, Syrian activists say - #AlArabiya

BBC #Worldnews: 'New murder record' in Venezuela

Al Arabiya English: The Syrian army is shelling the Baba Amr neighborhood now: Syrian activists #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

Press TV: Putin calls for talks with opposition

Telegraph #Worldnews: China cabinet criticises railways ministry over train crash that killed 40 people

guardian #worldnews: Woman found stabbed to death in Borehamwood

cnni: Colombia's FARC to release 6 hostages

HuffPostWorld: Saudi women allowed to vote without male approval for first time

AlArabiya_Eng: 14 people have been killed by the fire of security forces today: Syrian activistst #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

BBC News (World): Qatar flexing muscle in changing world

PressTV: Sexual assaults on rise in #US military

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