Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Concluding Entry of the Year for the Evening of the 31st of December 2011

The Associated Press: Member of the doomsday cult behind a deadly Tokyo subway gassing turns himself in after 17 years on the run. -MM

BBC News (World): Mexico's drugs war: Lessons and challenges

The Economist: On December 1st the DR’s Supreme Court endorsed a rule denying the citizenship of people born to illegal migrants

CNN Breaking News: 35 arson fires set in Los Angeles area since Friday morning, authorities say

Reuters Top News: Gunmen attack bars in northeast Kenya, at least 2 dead…

Reuters Top News: Gingrich, rivals join suit against Virginia ballot rules

Breaking News: 4.0 magnitude earthquake shakes northeast Ohio; no significant damage, injuries reported - @WEWS

Al Jazeera English: Video: US bank stops transfers to Somalia

BBC News (World): Chile detains tourist over fire

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Man detained after entering Texas airport with explosives, Midland city spokeswoman says.

The Associated Press: MORE: Obama had threatened to veto the $662B bill, but pulled back after Congress made last-minute reservations: -MS

Al Arabiya English: US President Barack Obama signs tough new Iran sanctions into law, the White House announces

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Obama signs defense bill despite `reservations' over limits on handling suspected terrorists

Al Arabiya English: Washington 1st U.S. state to top $9 hourly minimum wage

BBC #Worldnews: South Sudan tribe 'attacks town'

PressTV: Bahraini regime forces kill protester

PressTV: Israeli troops shoot, injure Gazan man

WSJ World News: Nigeria Closes Borders

AJELive: The Oakland Police Department has released documents related to its raids on #OccupyOakland:

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