Friday, December 30, 2011

The evening World News Report of the Thirtieth of December 2011

Post World News: Vietnam sentences 5 to death, 3 to life in prison for trafficking heroin

alexnewshicken: @Garyroote I chose you as my most faithful follower of the year of 2011. Thank you for letting me serve you.

AJEnglish: Video: DC reports lowest murder rate in decades

BBC News (World): Chile nature park ravaged by fire

PressTV: Cyclone Thane kills 33 in southern #India

Reuters Top News: Myanmar sets April by-elections, Aung San Suu Kyi set to run

Breaking News: Earthquake with 5.3 magnitude strikes close to already rattled New Zealand city of Christchurch - Reuters

nytimes #worldnews: Kim Geun-tae, South Korean Democracy Activist, Dies

Reuters Top News: Former Mexico soldier sentenced for aiding cartels

The Associated Press: Oil prices up about 19 pct. in 2011; average gasoline price for the year was $3.52 per gallon, highest ever: -RAS

The Economist: Social Democrats were once the natural party of Sweden. But since losing power in 2006, the party has lost ground

Press TV: UN deploys peacekeepers in South Sudan

The Associated Press: GOP presidential candidates ramp up get-out-the-vote operations as Tuesday's caucuses loom: -RAS

Reuters Top News: Pro-Saleh protests in Yemen, seven militants killed

CNN International: Chinese man likely infected with bird flu

Post World News: In Somalia, wounded Doctors Without Borders worker dies; Kenya reports deaths of 5 al-Shabab

HuffPostWorld: Jamaica's first female leader given second chance to govern the island

BBC News (World): VIDEO: New York prepares for New Year countdown

Reuters Top News: Third Kodak director resigns in a week

Reuters Top News:  S&P 500 ends year unchanged

BreakingNews: Dow industrials close 2011 with 5.5% gain, while Nasdaq slips 1.8% on year - MarketWatch

Al Jazeera English: Explosion rocks Nigerian city of Maiduguri

Wall Street Journal: Among Dow stocks, McDonald's was the year's top gainer, up 31%, and Bank of America was the biggest loser, down 58%

PostWorldNews: If you guessed a volcano eruption, you were correct! It was in Red Sea, west of Yemen.

WSJ: Entering the last hour of trading in 2011, stocks are down, and the S&P 500 is clinging to a gain for the year

Breaking News: Oil futures end up 8% on year, with natural gas down 32% - @MarketWatch

PressTV: Deadline for Majlis registration expires

AJEnglish: Video: Child labour rampant in Afghanistan

HuffPostWorld: Rio's crack dens take a hit

The Associated Press: Iraqi man arrested on suspicion of helping 5 Iraqis, al-Qaida members, hide in Romania: -CJ

PressTV: Police clash with protesters in #Turkey

AP: Tens of thousands of Yemenis demonstrate around country, demanding president face trial in protester deaths

Reuters Top News: Wall Street near flat; S&P on track to end in black

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