Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day! Here is your morning world news report

2 people killed, 10 injured as Indonesian police fire on crowd of protesters fighting against planned Australian-owned gold mine - ABC News

China's currency hits all-time high
Telegraph : Thousands protest in Casablanca, Morocco for reforms 

#AlArabiya: Five days of shelling Bab Amro leaves 45 people dead and 250 others injured: Syrian activists

Telegraph #Worldnews: Chinese activist Chen Xi sentenced to 10 years

PressTV: Assassinations terrorize #Afghanistan

Telegraph #worldNews: Tokyo's Yasukuni shrine 'in arson attack'

#AlArabiya: Saudi Arabia posts $81.6 billion budget surplus in 2011: AFP

cnni: Nigeria church bombing death toll rises

#wsj #worldnews: #China Activist Jailed for Subversion

#AlArabiya: 27 people were killed in Syria, mostly in Homs: Syrian activists

PressTV: #Iran's electricity exports up by 24%

BBC #Worldnews: Arab Spring: 'It was the first time I felt I belonged'

PressTV: Bahraini regime attacks protesters

#AlArabiya: Up to 18 people were killed by the fire of Syrian security forces, mostly in Bab Amro: Syrian activists

#AlArabiya: Security forces fire at Yemeni protesters in central Sanaa

AJELive: Just added two videos to our #Syria Live Blog - shows tanks attacking Bab Amr in Homs, #Syria -

CNN International: Arab League observers expected

Al Arabiya English: Six people were killed by the gunfire of security forces Homs and Aleppo: Syrian activists

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