Monday, December 19, 2011

Nightly report 19 December 2011

PressTV: Stateless protesters attacked in Kuwait 

Post #WorldNews: Police find 10 bodies in clandestine graves in northern Mexico

PressTV: 30 anti-Israel youths arrested in #Turkey 

Egyptian police and soldiers fired weapons and used batons and teargas for a fifth day on Tuesday in Tahrir Square - jerusalempost

Girl driving horse and buggy in Amish Ohio area on way home from Christmas party fatally shot - @WashingtonPost
 Guardian news

Iraq's Sunni leader goes on run to evade arrest
 Reuters Top News

Olympus extends gains, jumps more than 14 percent

BBC #Worldnews: Mexico closes huge rubbish dump

#BBC #Worldnews: #Eurozone countries agree to lend 150bn euros to #IMF to help stabilise #euro currency area

Activists reporting that more than 100 people were killed Monday in Syria across the country - nytimes #worldnews

13,000 gallon spill of oil, drill fluid at Shell's Appomattox drill site in Gulf of Mexico, Shell confirms leak isolated & stopped - CNBC

WSJ: Shares of Sprint are up more than 7% following AT&T's move to drop its bid for T-Mobile

CNNMoney: Stocks slide after Bank of America's shares slip below $5. Dow closes down 100 points. Nasdaq and S&P each lose about 1.2%

nytimes #worldnews: Protests Continue in Western Kazakhstan

guardiannews: Occupy London camp impact exaggerated, court hears 

AP: Southern Calif. teen sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing gay classmate during a computer lab class: -CJ

WSJ: RIMM's 3% drop today puts its marketcap at $6.8b. Would now likely cost less for Microsoft to buy $RIM than the $8.5b it spent on Skype

cnnbrk: Senate leader Reid says no new negotiations until House passes payroll extension.

Dozens of Syrian army deserters shot dead Monday as they tried to flee and join revolt, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says - Reuters

AP: Iraqi authorities issue arrest warrant for Sunni vice president on terrorism charges: -CJ 

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