Monday, December 26, 2011

The Nightly World News of the 26th of December 2011

PressTV: PKK injures two policemen in SE #Turkey

guardiannews: British man killed in Sri Lanka

PressTV: Blasts kill 22 Somali civilians, troops

BBC News (World): Mexico rehab poisoning kills five

PressTV: Over 1000 register for Majlis elections

Reuters: China official says Wukan protest shows rights demands on rise…

nytimes #worldnews: Nigeria Arrests 2 in Church Attack

Post #WorldNews: Philippines widens post-storm search as more bodies push death toll to nearly 1,500

The Associated Press: Corrected link: Here are the giant escalators in Medellin, Colombia that will cut a 35-min. hike to 6: -EF

Press TV: 4 killed in Ivory Coast clashes

Breaking News: Yemeni leader Saleh to be admitted Into US for medical care - nytimes

The Associated Press: Poor area in Colombia gets giant escalator so people don't have to climb equivalent of 28 stories daily: -EF

Press TV: Israeli airstrike injures several Gazans

Post #WorldNews: 200 Colombian crime-ring members freed after surrender, authorities say no charges were pending

nytimes #worldnews: Global Update: W.H.O. Reports 25 Percent Drop in Malaria Deaths in a Decade

Telegraph #worldNews: Hundreds evacuated as Italy winds feed wildfire

The Associated Press: Mexican drug cartels operate sophisticated, wide-ranging communications networks, equipment seizures show: -RJJ

#AlArabiya: 56 killed by #Syrian forces today: Syrian Revolution General Commission #Syria

Guardian news: Briton jailed for drug offences in Philippines pardoned from life sentence

Al Jazeera English: In Features: DR Congo's forgotten refugees

Al Arabiya English: UPDATE #Syria: 1st group of Arab monitors arrives in Damascus; opposition says observers in Homs "can't do their work"

Reuters Top News: Cuba makes more reforms to retail sector

Mohammed Jamjoom: Arab League mission arrives amid violence in #Syria… #cnn

Reuters Top News: Aide to top Mexican drug boss Guzman captured

 WSJ World News: Arab Monitors Head to Syria Amid Clashes

cnnbrk: Medical helicopter carrying 3 crashes in Florida.

Telegraph World News: Exc: on trail with the Shadow Wolves, best hunters of humans in world; great read on Mexico/US border by @nickallen789

BBC News (World): Fire kills US executive's family

PressTV: #Iran destroyer saves #Saudi oil tanker

Telegraph #worldNews: Thousands protest in Casablanca, Morocco for reforms

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