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Read the Story of the World: Chapter 2 Good Bye 2011, Covering The Headline Stories From the 28th of December to the End of the Year.

28 December 2011

Arrested ex-Philippine president faces 2nd criminal case - @AP

#wsj #worldnews: Turkey Approves Russian Gas Plan

The Associated Press: North Korea's ceremonial head of state tells crowd that Kim Jong Un is now the country's "supreme leader." -EF

The Associated Press: Hundreds of thousands gather, bow heads in silence as North Korea begins memorial for Kim Jong Il: -EF

BBC News (World): South Korea manufacturers gloomy

Al Jazeera English: The Palestinians took their statehood bid to the United Nations in another landmark event of 2011

Breaking News: Asia stocks fall amid resurgent Europe jitters - @MarketWatch

Post World News: Puerto Rico governor approves status referendum amid sharp criticism

Al Jazeera English: Video: Israeli blockade limits Gaza farm export

Al Jazeera English: Bosnian parties end political impasse

Simon Romero: #Brazil to reopen embassy in #Iraq, shut in '91. Asked why now by @folha_com, ambassador says "Trade. Iraq will need to import everything."

Reuters Top News: Arab observers fan out across Syria

Breaking News: At least 11 killed, dozens injured in Burma blast, officials and witnesses say - AAP

nytimes #WORLDnews: 2011: The Death of Osama bin Laden

NYTimes World: For women, life in Somalia just gets harder. Famine, war, now rape.

The Associated Press: AP VIDEO: Tear gas seen and shots heard in the Syrian city of Homs, even as Arab League observers visit: -EC

Breaking News: Euro nears 1-year low versus the US dollar, hits 10-year low versus Japanese yen - @Reuters

Post World News: Libya’s new government offering jobs to former rebels as first step to disarmament

Wall Street Journal: Closing bell: the S&P 500 declined 1.3%, falling into the red for the year, as the euro sank to an 11-month low

Breaking News: US stocks tumbles sharply on European jitters; ; Dow down about 137 points at closing bell - @AP

HuffPostWorld: Suspected mobster arrested in Barcelona

Al Jazeera English: Video: Homeless people "occupy" abandoned US homes

Reddy: In 2011, Dow has closed up or down 100 points on 102 occasions, the fourth most ever (after '08, '02 and '00)

PressTV: Two blasts rock #Iraqi capital

The Associated Press: Movie crowds shrink to a 16-year low amid a bad economy and growing at-home and on-the-go viewing options: -EC

NYTimes World: Italy's Borrowing Costs Drop Sharply at Auction

Breaking #worldNews: Authorities say fire in East Tennessee mine traps 3 miners inside, 2 others injured - @AP

Breaking News: Samoa will skip over Dec. 30 as part of plan to move to western side of International Date Line - @msnbc

Al Arabiya English: Palestinian armed groups fired 2 rockets from the #Gaza Strip into southern Israel, causing neither casualties nor damage: Israeli military

 Wall Street Journal: Two-thirds of companies that went public in the U.S. this year are now trading below their IPO price

Post World News: Despite threats, Iran unlikely to block oil shipments through Strait of Hormuz

BreakingNews: 20 people have been killed by security forces' fire in Syria today, Syrian activists say - #AlArabiya

BBC #Worldnews: 'New murder record' in Venezuela

Al Arabiya English: The Syrian army is shelling the Baba Amr neighborhood now: Syrian activists #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

Press TV: Putin calls for talks with opposition

Telegraph #Worldnews: China cabinet criticises railways ministry over train crash that killed 40 people

guardian #worldnews: Woman found stabbed to death in Borehamwood

cnni: Colombia's FARC to release 6 hostages

HuffPostWorld: Saudi women allowed to vote without male approval for first time

AlArabiya_Eng: 14 people have been killed by the fire of security forces today: Syrian activistst #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

BBC News (World): Qatar flexing muscle in changing world

PressTV: Sexual assaults on rise in #US military

CNN International: Alleged Mexican trafficker snagged

Breaking News: Morgan Stanley to cut 580 New York jobs as part of broader wave of layoffs, according to filing - @NYTimesDealBook

Al Arabiya English: Israel plans large tourism complex, okays 130 settler homes in east Jerusalem

Al Arabiya English: Homs residents refuse to meet monitors with army present as more deaths are reported

Daily Telegraph News: China bullet train crash caused by 'design flaws' and 'sloppy safety'

PressTV: Over 1,800 sign up for Majlis elections

AlArabiya_Eng: Snipers reportedly prevent Arab monitoring team from crossing #Homs street

AJEnglish: Israeli launches multiple air raids in #Gaza

cnni: Israel targets suspected Gaza militants

AlArabiya_Eng: Six anti-government protesters are killed in Hama, Homs, Deraa: Syrian revolution council

AJEnglish: Reports: Cuba frees thousands of prisoners

AlArabiya_Eng: Rocket hits Iran dissident camp in #Iraq: officials

AlArabiya_Eng: About 90,000 displaced in Nigerian city hard hit by violence

AP: 7 hurt in Islamic school attack in Nigeria days after church blasts, police say: -CC

Reuters: Ailing India anti-graft activist cuts short hunger strike

Post #WorldNews: More than 1 million children ages 10 to 14 still forced by poverty to work in Brazil

AlArabiya: Civilian killed after clashes between Yemeni Republican Guard and tribal chief's gunmen

PressTV: Americans shoplift $1.8 billion of stuff

cnni: Three security contractors freed in Iraq

Telegraph #worldNews: Syria: Arab League mission angers residents of rebel city Homs

AP: Syria releases 755 prisoners detained in crackdown after human rights group criticism: -CC

AJEnglish: Op-ed: As ice in the #Arctic melts, #China looks north to the opening of shorter sea routes

BBC #Worldnews: 'Thousands flee' Nigeria clashes

PressTV: Some 8,000 US troops have remained in Iraq despite Washington's plan for the complete withdrawal of US forces.

cnni: Crash landing injures 26 in Kyrgyzstan

PressTV: Armed gang kills four Syrian troops

PressTV: Bahrain arrests anti-regime protesters

BBC #Worldnews: Arab monitors resume Homs mission

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Is N Korea's grief 'choreographed'?

The Associated Press: VIDEO: Screams, wails in North Korea as hearse carrying Kim Jong Il's body winds through Pyongyang: -CC

Breaking News: Murder trial of Egyptian ex-president Hosni Mubarak resumes after 3-month hiatus - AFP

Al Arabiya English: Arab monitors in Syria have little time to prove credibility

BBC News (World): India graft bill 'mixed success'

The Associated Press: Strong winds cause long NYC airport delays for holiday travelers: -CC

Press TV: A car damaged after an Israeli #airstrike in Beit Lahia in the northern #Gaza Strip on December 27, 2011.

Al Arabiya English: Blast rocks south #Lebanon Restaurant; nearby liquor store was also targeted

CNN International: India upper house tackles anti-graft bill

The Associated Press: Hundreds of people flee as volcano's lava flood kills 4 in eastern Indonesia: -CC

Breaking News: More: N Korea TV shows Kim Jong Un walking beside the car reportedly carrying Kim Jong Il's coffin on its roof - AFP

I think that it is odd that @PressTV, an Arab Country publication, calls the three NATO troops, who were slain in Afganistan today, US-led.

BBC #Worldnews: Japan's industrial output dips 4%

nytimes #worldnews: Somalia Faces Alarming Rise in Rapes of Women and Girls

PressTV: 3 #US-led soldiers die in Afghan blast

Breaking #worldnewsNews: High winds cause power outages across Connecticut - HartfordCourant

Al Jazeera English: The Boko Haram movement believes #Nigeria is being run by non-believers and wants to create an #Islamic state

Guardian news: North Korea begins two-day funeral services for Kim Jong-il

Al Jazeera English: Israeli launches multiple airstrikes in #Gaza

29 December 2011

Al Jazeera English: North Korea declares no policy change

Al Arabiya English: #U.S. says #Arab monitors helpful in #Syria despite their inability to halt crackdown against protesters #Alarabiya

AJEnglish: Video: Anger at slow pace of cash flow in Libya

PressTV: Five killed in Ukraine bank robbery

PressTV: India's anti-graft bill fails to pass

nytimes: #Worldnews Briefing | Asia: China: 12 People Executed in 1 Day

Breaking News:  Citizen journalist who chronicled Syrian uprising is killed by security forces - NPR

Post #WorldNews: Jamaica's youngest prime minister faces tight national elections against former PM

Reuters: Sears lists 79 closings, gets Fitch downgrade 

Reuters: U.S. mulls transfer of Taliban prisoner in perilous peace bid 

AJEnglish: Two aid workers shot dead in Somalia

HuffPost #Worldnews: Second education minister steps down in Chile following protests

Breaking #worldNews: South Pole records warmest temperature on record. 9.9 Fahrenheit - Wunderground

Post #WorldNews: Fire sparked by tanker truck crash in Venezuela kills at least 13

HuffPost #Worldnews: Autopsy confirms former Chilean president committed suicide

Reuters: U.S. economy gaining momentum, housing shows a pulse 

WSJ: Closing bell: the Dow rose 136 points, or 1.1%, taking back almost all of yesterday's decline

Reuters: Wall Street ends up; S&P 500 positive for year

PressTV: Govt. troops retake south #Somalia town 

Reuters: Low volume rally on Wall Street sets tone for next year

Post World News: Russian billionaire Prokhorov running for president calls for common currency with the EU

PressTV: More protests erupt around Manama

PressTV: Somali hospital hit by funding crisis

HuffPost #Worldnews: Argentine dictator found guilty of setting up secret hospital torture center

HuffPostWorld: Neck and neck race in Congo elections

PressTV: US police arrest OWS protesters in Iowa

AlArabiya_Eng: Algeria's leaders have lost touch, risk anger

BBC #Worldnews: Fast puts pressure on Hungary TV

AlArabiya_Eng: Roadside bomb kills 11 police in southern #Afghanistan: official

guardiannews: Turkey kills smugglers in air strike aimed at PKK guerillas

AP: 2011 was worst year in decades for elephants, wildlife trade monitoring network says: -CC

Reuters: Amazon shares dip on growth concerns

PressTV: Thailand flooding damages environment

BBC #Worldnews: Jamaicans vote in close election

PressTV: Thailand flooding death toll reach 790

AlArabiya: 37 people have been killed by the fire of Syrian security forces: Syrian activists

wsj #worldnews: Taliban Attacks Kill 13, Reflect Shift

BBC #Worldnews: Pakistan journalists 'threatened'

AlArabiya_Eng: Egypt court frees five police over protester deaths

PressTV: World fails to notice tortures in #Bahrain

BBCWorld: Fire on Russian nuclear submarine at Roslyakovo shipyard in Murmansk caused no radiation leak, officials say

cnni: Ex Argentine dictator sentenced again

Telegraph #Worldnews: Australian woman survives three days trapped upside down in car

WSJ: The recent collapse in gold prices has pulled the metal's performance down to even with the Dow this year

WSJ: Children in California will soon have to use car seats until they are 8 years old. Kids aren't pleased:

Reuters: Wall Street edges up at open

cnnbrk: 2 killed, dozens hurt in 40-vehicle wreck in

AlArabiya_Eng: Two aid workers shot dead in Mogadishu: official

WSJ: RT ShiraOvide: Amazon sold well over 1mln Kindles a week in Dec Average iPad weekly sales in last year were 623000

AlArabiya_Eng: Cairo police, justice officials raid 17 Egyptian, U.S. NGOs over foreign funding

PressTV: Over 3000 register for Majlis elections

AlArabiya_Eng: South Sudan says 17 killed in Sudanese air raids

Telegraph #worldNews: Chinese daughter of jailed activists pleas for Britain's help

BBC #Worldnews: Search for missing British woman

PressTV: 'US to sell scores of warplanes to KSA' #worldnews

PressTV: #Iran's major naval drill enters 6th day #worldnews

BBC #Worldnews: 'Record year' for ivory seizures

AP: Religious leaders upset at the NYPD for spying on Muslims will skip the mayor's prayer breakfast: -EC (1/2)

BBC #Worldnews: Hungary abandons new debt auction

Post #WorldNews: Burma gunpowder warehouse blast kills 17, injures scores (video)

UK soldier who died of wounds after being flown back from Afghanistan named as RAF Squadron Leader Anthony Downing - PA

Post #WorldNews: Man in Afghan army uniform attacks NATO troops, killing 2 service members

PressTV: Bomb kills 11 police in #Afghanistan

Reuters: Italy bond yields fall, 10-year not far from record high

AP: France says two members of the French Foreign Legion have been killed in Afghanistan: -CC

BBC #Worldnews: Iberia pilots strike hits flights

BBC #Worldnews: Hacked think-tank stays offline

AJEnglish: Syrian activists criticise Arab monitors

ReutersIndia: Farm anger adds to India's economic worries

PressTV: Afghans hold anti-US demonstration

PressTV: Moroccan police injure five protesters

AlArabiya_Eng: Eleven protesters killed in #Syria: revolution council #Alarabiya

PressTV: 'UK budget cuts lead to prison riots'

PressTV: Spaniards protest education fund cuts

BBC News (World): Fifth arrest in Salford shooting

Press TV: Turkish airstrikes kill 23 Kurds

The Associated Press: "The Blondies" cartel chief, one of the most wanted U.S. drug traffickers, arrested in Mexico City: -CC

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Asia: Workers at Korean Factory Strike Over Low Wages

nytimesworld: World Briefing | The Americas: Argentina: Fears Over Terror Law

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Africa: Nigeria: Islamic School Is Bombed

BBC News (World): 'Kidnappers' killed in Xinjiang

AJELive: Video: #OccupyIowa activists hold a caucus meeting to discuss upcoming occupation plans

Breaking News: Police shoot 7 'terrorists' in China's Muslim west - @AP

Al Arabiya English: Non-Euro Denmark takes over #EU amid Euro crisis

HuffPostWorld: Charred body of Chicago teenager found on roadside in Mexico

Press TV: Saudi protesters slam regime raids

BBC News (World): Three die in Indonesia mudflow

30 December 2011

Post World News: Vietnam sentences 5 to death, 3 to life in prison for trafficking heroin

alexnewshicken@Garyroote I chose you as my most faithful follower of the year of 2011. Thank you for letting me serve you.

AJEnglish: Video: DC reports lowest murder rate in decades

BBC News (World): Chile nature park ravaged by fire

PressTV: Cyclone Thane kills 33 in southern #India

Reuters Top News: Myanmar sets April by-elections, Aung San Suu Kyi set to run

Breaking News: Earthquake with 5.3 magnitude strikes close to already rattled New Zealand city of Christchurch - Reuters

nytimes #worldnews: Kim Geun-tae, South Korean Democracy Activist, Dies

Reuters Top News: Former Mexico soldier sentenced for aiding cartels

The Associated Press: Oil prices up about 19 pct. in 2011; average gasoline price for the year was $3.52 per gallon, highest ever: -RAS

The Economist: Social Democrats were once the natural party of Sweden. But since losing power in 2006, the party has lost ground

Press TV: UN deploys peacekeepers in South Sudan

The Associated Press: GOP presidential candidates ramp up get-out-the-vote operations as Tuesday's caucuses loom: -RAS

Reuters Top News: Pro-Saleh protests in Yemen, seven militants killed

CNN International: Chinese man likely infected with bird flu

Post World News: In Somalia, wounded Doctors Without Borders worker dies; Kenya reports deaths of 5 al-Shabab

HuffPostWorld: Jamaica's first female leader given second chance to govern the island

BBC News (World): VIDEO: New York prepares for New Year countdown

Reuters Top News: Third Kodak director resigns in a week

Reuters Top News:  S&P 500 ends year unchanged

BreakingNews: Dow industrials close 2011 with 5.5% gain, while Nasdaq slips 1.8% on year - MarketWatch

Al Jazeera English: Explosion rocks Nigerian city of Maiduguri

Wall Street Journal: Among Dow stocks, McDonald's was the year's top gainer, up 31%, and Bank of America was the biggest loser, down 58%

PostWorldNews: If you guessed a volcano eruption, you were correct! It was in Red Sea, west of Yemen.

WSJ: Entering the last hour of trading in 2011, stocks are down, and the S&P 500 is clinging to a gain for the year

Breaking News: Oil futures end up 8% on year, with natural gas down 32% - @MarketWatch

PressTV: Deadline for Majlis registration expires

AJEnglish: Video: Child labour rampant in Afghanistan

HuffPostWorld: Rio's crack dens take a hit

The Associated Press: Iraqi man arrested on suspicion of helping 5 Iraqis, al-Qaida members, hide in Romania: -CJ

PressTV: Police clash with protesters in #Turkey

AP: Tens of thousands of Yemenis demonstrate around country, demanding president face trial in protester deaths

Reuters Top News: Wall Street near flat; S&P on track to end in black

PressTV: Jordanian hold mass rally in Amman #worldnews

HuffPost #Worldnews: Thousands march in Bahrain demanding government resignation
Daily Telegraph News: Blast near mosque in northeast Nigeria kills four

AJEnglish: Vietnam jails at least half a dozen bloggers, typically under the auspices of other crimes such as tax fraud

AlArabiya_Eng: 38 people have been killed by the fire of security forces on Friday: Local Coordination Committees #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

WSJ: Ten-year U.S. Treasurys returned nearly 10% this year, their strongest performance since 2008

WSJ World News: Russian Protesters Plan No Let-Up

Reuters Top News: Iran blocks former president's website ahead of vote

PressTV: Portuguese firefighters go on strike

Wall Street Journal: Average fixed mortgage rates in the U.S. are finishing the year below 4%, near all-time lows

AJEnglish: Oped: Protesters in #China allowed to critique local officials, not the #Communist Party super structure

PressTV: Bahraini protesters torch #US flag

PressTV: K Saudi Arabia forces open fire on Qatif protesters  #SaudiArabia

BBC #Worldnews: Troubled Barratts cuts 1,610 jobs

Post #WorldNews: Bomb explodes outside market in northwestern Pakistan, killing 2

cnni: Official: Sudan military aircraft crashes

PressTV: Taliban say they downed #US-led copter #NATO

BreakingNews: India's BSE Sensex posts 1st annual loss in 3 years by closing about 25 percent down from beginning of January - Reuters

BreakingNews: 6 killed as Sudanese military helicopter catches fire, crashes during mission - state-run SUNA via CNN

guardian #worldnews: Police sacked for Facebook posts

AlArabiya_Eng: Free Syrian Army stops operations and demands to see monitors as protests continue #Syria

AP: In Somalia, wounded Doctors Without Borders worker dies; Kenya reports deaths of 5 al-Shabab: -CJ

wsj #worldnews: Hungary Passes Controversial Bank Bill

Breaking #worldNews: Syrian security forces shoot dead at least 5 protesters in Hama, rights group says - Reuters

PressTV: US-led soldier killed in #Afghanistan

PressTV: Over 4,500 register for Majlis election

BreakingNews: Cyclone Thane kills 19 and damages at least 5,000 homes after slamming coast of India's Tamil Nadu state

PressTV: Roadside bomb kills 4 Afghan civilians

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Battling to be heard in Benghazi

BBCWorld: UN deploys battalion of combat troops to town of Pibor in #SouthSudan to prevent clash between 2 rival tribes

BreakingNewsUK: London's FTSE 100 closes down 5.65% for 2011; £90.5 billion wiped off share prices this year - SkyNews #worldnews

cnnbrk: #Turkey PM says he regrets deaths of 35 civilians in airstrike.

AP: Cheers and fireworks erupt as Samoa and Tokelau cross international date line and jump forward a day -MM #worldnews

Reuters: RT ReutersIndia: Cyclone Thane kills six, weakens rapidly

PressTV: Dozens of OWS protesters nabbed in #US

BreakingNews: Syria update: Pro-Assad forces clash with protesters in Douma; tens of thousands are attending demonstration- AFP via Sky News

BBC #Worldnews#Euro dips beneath 100 yen for first time in ten years.

CBS #worldNews: Russian nuke sub fire put out; No radiation leak

Daily Telegraph News: Criminals spared jail commit more than 18,000 violent and sexual attacks within year of sentence

Breaking News: Jamaica's opposition People's National Party wins election in landslide - AP

PressTV: 'Diseases kill 200 Somali kids in 24 hrs'

Reuters Top News: Verizon says fixed third December service outage

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Syria activists plan more protests

CNN International: Two aid workers killed in Mogadishu

PressTV: Gunmen kill #Pakistani 'whistleblower'

Rewind to the worst drought in 60 years | Track #AJE's project to collate voices from #Somalia

AlArabiya_Eng: Israeli air strike kills one, injures one in #Gaza#Palestinian medics

The Associated Press: Asian stocks rise on the last trading day of a year that saw sharp losses for many investors. - MM

Post World News: Jamaican opposition led by ex-Prime Minister Simpson Miller easily wins elections

31 December 2011

The Associated Press: Member of the doomsday cult behind a deadly Tokyo subway gassing turns himself in after 17 years on the run. -MM

BBC News (World): Mexico's drugs war: Lessons and challenges

The Economist: On December 1st the DR’s Supreme Court endorsed a rule denying the citizenship of people born to illegal migrants

CNN Breaking News: 35 arson fires set in Los Angeles area since Friday morning, authorities say

Reuters Top News: Gunmen attack bars in northeast Kenya, at least 2 dead…

Reuters Top News: Gingrich, rivals join suit against Virginia ballot rules

Breaking News: 4.0 magnitude earthquake shakes northeast Ohio; no significant damage, injuries reported - @WEWS

Al Jazeera English: Video: US bank stops transfers to Somalia

BBC News (World): Chile detains tourist over fire

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Man detained after entering Texas airport with explosives, Midland city spokeswoman says.

The Associated Press: MORE: Obama had threatened to veto the $662B bill, but pulled back after Congress made last-minute reservations: -MS

Al Arabiya English: US President Barack Obama signs tough new Iran sanctions into law, the White House announces

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Obama signs defense bill despite `reservations' over limits on handling suspected terrorists

Al Arabiya English: Washington 1st U.S. state to top $9 hourly minimum wage

BBC #Worldnews: South Sudan tribe 'attacks town'

PressTV: Bahraini regime forces kill protester

PressTV: Israeli troops shoot, injure Gazan man

WSJ World News: Nigeria Closes Borders

AJELive: The Oakland Police Department has released documents related to its raids on #OO #OWS

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Rains spark landslides in Bolivia

PressTV: US police arrest over a dozen in Oakland

Reuters: Gunmen kill five Iraq Sunni militia: police

PressTV: At least 565 coalition forces have been killed in the war in Afghanistan in 2011, the second highest toll...

PressTV: Turkish forces kill two PKK terrorists

Post #WorldNews: Ethiopian troops enter Somalia, take control of border town; residents reported to flee

AP: #Syria's two largest opposition groups sign draft to unite against Assad, establish democracy. - MM

BreakingNews: Los Angeles arson update: Several more cars burn in North Hollywood, arson suspected, police say - AP

AlArabiya_Eng: #UN reinforces peacekeepers in #SouthSudan town of Pibor where tribal violence has prompted thousands to flee: AFP #worldnews

guardian #worldnews: LA police hunt arsonist after 21 fires in Hollywood

PressTV: Indonesians protest deforestation

Telegraph #worldNews: Afghan girl, 15, 'locked in toilet' by husband's family for months, say officials

Post #WorldNews: Afghan president welcomes US remarks on Taliban not being America's enemy

Post #WorldNews: Iraqi prime minister celebrates US troop withdrawal as new dawn for nation

Telegraph #Worldnews: Syria: protesters rallied in record numbers across the country

cnni: Pakistan blasts leave four people dead 

AP: Nigeria president declares state of emergency in parts of country after recent sect attacks: -CJ

PressTV: Bahraini forces use tear gas on civilians

AP: Riot police and protesters clash in Bahrain in one of the most widespread days of protest in months: -CJ

BBC #Worldnews: Nigeria vow to 'crush miltants'

PressTV: Greek heritage workers go on strike

Telegraph #worldNews: Chinese man dies in first bird flu case since 2010

AP: AP Interview: Doctors Without Borders worries for 2 seized workers after 2 killed in Somalia: -CJ

AlArabiya_Eng: #Moscow police arrest dozen people to stop opposition rally: AFP

BBC #Worldnews: Three held over Boxing Day murder

AP: With protests spreading, Yemeni President Saleh now says he'll stay in the country: -CJ #Yemen

PressTV: Militants explode school in NW #Pakistan

PressTV: Activists protest Palestinians' eviction

Al Arabiya English: #Yemen oil minister says #Saudi donation of diesel covers need for two months: Reuters

 AJELive: Arab League observers say they've seen snipers in #Deraa #Syria

Reuters Top News: Iran to fire long-range missiles in drill: agency

Spain adopts new budget cut measures

PressTV: Fresh violence kills 2 in NW #Pakistan

The Associated Press: A bomb explodes at a police station in Colombia, and two people are reported killed. -MM

The Associated Press: More than 200 Filipinos injured by firecrackers, gunfire despite scare campaign against reckless holiday revelries.

Al Arabiya English: #Egypt risks losing military raid after conducting raids on international NGOs

Al Arabiya English: Muslim leaders boycott New York City mayor’s event…

The Associated Press: Two doctors accused of performing late-term abortions in Md. arrested, charged with multiple counts of murder: –RAS

Read The Story of the World: Ch. 3, The First 5 days of 2012 - Dedicated to My Brother, for Today is His Birthday

1 January 2012

BBC News (World): Funeral in Bahrain sparks protest

Reuters Top News: China dissident-lawyer Gao jailed in far west: brother

PressTV: Saleh forces kill 3 people across #Yemen

BBC News (World): How the Amazon rainforest is being saved

CNN International: Egypt moves up next round of elections

PressTV: Police clash with protesters in #Turkey 

Reuters: Boat capsizes off Lamu in Kenya, at least 7 dead 

PressTV: Taliban strike #US Bagram Air Base

Park ranger shot at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington; park closed until further notice - thenewstribune

Reuters: U.S. consumer in the slow lane

Breaking News: Egypt changes timeline for parliamentary elections; will be over by Feb. 28, meeting key demand of pro-revolutionary groups - @NBCNews

PressTV: DR Congo failed prison break kills 9

BBC News (World): Biker killed as Dakar rally opens

Telegraph #worldNews: Soldier killed in Afghanistan named as 19-year-old

AP: Pakistan accuses Iranian forces of killing 1 man, wounding another on its territory: -CJ

Breaking News: Egypt's presidential elections process to begin April, says report - @DailyNewsEgypt

AP: 68 arrested as hundreds of Occupy protesters confront police in NYC on New Year's Eve: -CJ

Al Arabiya English: Coordination committees say 10 protesters were killed today across #Syria

Al Arabiya English: #Tunisia says four guards kidnapped at the #Libyan border, but three quickly escaped

PressTV: 'Israel killed 180 Palestinians in 2011'

Press TV: Bahrain intensifies crackdown on protestors

2 teens charged with aggravated arson as firefighters battle blaze at former clock factory in Illinois - NewsTrib

AP: Crash in California casino area leaves 14 injured, two critically. -MM

cnni: Syrian opposition group: More than 5,800 died in 2011 

cnni: Hundreds hurt in Philippines festivities

AP: Official says a bomb killed am anti-Taliban militiaman in Pakistani tribal area. -MM 

AP: Yemenis rally in major cities, demand President Saleh face trial for killings during uprising: -CJ

AP: Huge fire erupts, burns for hours in a former clock factory in Peru, Ill., nearby residents evacuated: -CJ

Carlos Soria, governor of Rio Negro state, Argentina, dies from gunshot to head during New Year's celebrations - AP

guardiannews: Congo prisoners killed by grenade blunder

cnni: Four killed in Pakistan explosions

Reuters: Libyan militia chief claims 2stop plot by Gaddafi supporters2 blow up Tripoli's power grid on New Year's eve.

Reuters: Two dead, 561 injured at New Year celebrations in Italy - Interior Ministry

Reuters: Nigeria regulator announces end to fuel subsidies

Post #WorldNews: Israeli, Palestinian negotiators to meet for first time in more than a year

AlArabiya_Eng: Child sacrificed, liver offered to gods: Indian police

AP: Clashes erupt between opposition supporters and police after teen's funeral in #Bahrain: -CJ

Exxon awarded $908 million over Venezuela's 2007 nationalization of assets; less than 10% what it sought - @Reuters

AJELive: #ArabLeague observers face calls4their immediate withdrawal, while divisions re-emerge among #Syria opposition

AlArabiya_Eng: Iraqi civilian deaths in Dec lowest level in 2011

PressTV: Nigeria ethnic clashes leave 50 dead

The Associated Press: #Iran claims another feat in nuclear program, says it's produced nuclear fuel rod for first time. -MM

AJELive: Police raided New York's Zuccotti Park, clearing Occupy Wall St protesters and making several arrests:

alexnhicken: Happy New Year!

CNN Breaking News: A magnitude 7.0 #earthquake hits #Japan, 302 miles south-southwest of #Tokyo, according to US Geological Survey. No #tsunami warning issued

The Associated Press: A magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits eastern Japan, no danger of a tsunami. No reports of damage or injuries. -MM

BBC News (World): Nigerian ethnic clashes kill 50

Breaking News: Update: Another Hollywood car fire, this time at big garage near New Year's Eve revelers

NYTimes World: Euro Has 10-Year Anniversary, but Few Are Celebrating

Breaking News: Update: Occupy Wall Street protesters surge back into New York's Zuccotti Park

2 January 2012

nytimes #worldnews: Boycott by Reformers Could Undermine Elections in Iran

nytimes #worldnews: China Set to Punish Another Human Rights Activist

Al Arabiya English: #Egyptians set to vote in final round of landmark post-revolution election that has pushed Islamist movements into politics #AlArabiya

guardian #worldnews: Man dressed as 'Father Frost' stabbed to death in Tajikistan

2 Arrested in Torture of Afghan Girl

nytimes #worldnews: Global Update: New H.I.V. Cases and AIDS Deaths Plummet in British Columbia

HuffPost #Worldnews: 6 women fined since April for violating France's Islamic veil ban

PressTV: US Rose Parade gets 'Occupied'

Post World News: Cuban prisoner angry he was not part of pardon dies of heart attack during hunger strike

BBC #Worldnews: Singapore's economic growth slows

wsj #worldnews: China's New Leaders Get in Line

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Nigeria protests at fuel price rise

CNN International: 4,000-plus Iraqi civilians killed in 2011

Al Jazeera English: Video: Islamists lead as #Egypt votes in third round

 AJELive: #Kashmir power cut protest turns deadly

guardian #worldnews: Weak manufacturing output signals eurozone's slide to recession

The Associated Press: APNewsBreak: One-third of states may miss truck driver rules deadline, risk losing road money -CJ

PressTV: Bahraini troops attack anti-regime rally

BBCWorld: Mount Rainer gunman 'found dead'

Reuters: Tens of thousands protest against Hungary government

Post World News: Chile battles 3 huge wildfires; 1 killed, tourists evacuated, losses in millions

Daily Telegraph News: Nigeria: al-Qaeda-linked group gives Christians 3-day deadline

Breaking News: European stocks rally in thin trading during first session of 2012 - MarketWatch

Guardian news: Police forces confess 944 officers have a criminal record

The Associated Press: Police: Rainier gunman may have fled to park to hide following earlier shooting that left 4 wounded: -CJ

guardian #worldnews: Iran currency plunges in value as US strengthens sanctions

BBC News (World): Meet the Republican presidential candidates making their final pitches to voters ahead of Tuesday's Iowa caucuses

The Associated Press: Police: "We do have a very hot and dangerous situation." All visitors evacuated from Rainier; gunman sought: -CJ

Reuters Top News: New York firebomb attacks hit mosque, Hindu site

Reuters Top News: Libyans linked to Gaddafi can't run in election: draft

PressTV: Bomb blast kills 4 soldiers in #Pakistan

PressTV: Pakistanis hold anti-govt. rally

AJEnglish: Video: Thailand's flood waters threaten marine life

BBCMarkMardell: The icy wind in Iowa cuts like a blade but this is why the knife edge contest matters

 #worldnews: Britain braced for stormy weather

PressTV: Pakistan blocks Afghan trade containers

Reuters Top News: China says latest bird flu virus doesn't jump between humans

Telegraph #Worldnews: Colombian president welcomes death of drug lord

Reuters: Factory output subdued going into 2012

BBC #Worldnews: Kenya boat capsize 'kills many'

BBC #Worldnews: Euro manufacturing decline eases

Post #WorldNews: Pakistani government yet to decide what to do with detained Iranian border guards

Reuters: Up to 50,000 flee South Sudan tribal turmoil: U.N.

AP: #NATO hopes for quick reopening of supply routes via #Pakistan, says closure is damaging. -MM #Afghanistan

PressTV: #Egyptian men walk past electoral posters plastered on a wall in al-Arish on January 2, 2012

AlArabiya_Eng: Four workers were killed in an explosion at an army ammunition storage depot in central Turkey: Anatolia

Telegraph #worldNews: Martial law to end in Fiji after nearly three years

AP: Study says that with more wolves and fewer elk, trees rebounding in portions of Yellowstone National Park: -CJ

guardianworld: OK, first some good news: India set to defeat polio, a gay old people's home, and... more later #2012

cnni: Toxic moonshine kills 17 in India

Daily Telegraph News: Kidnapped woman found dead in abondoned car

AP: Bird flu strain that killed man was from poultry, not human, transmission, Chinese city says. -MM

BreakingNews: LA firefighters are responding to 9 fires, all apparently started simultaneously - LA Times

PressTV: Greek pharmacists, doctors stage strike

AlArabiya_Eng: Arab League head Nabil El-Araby says military has withdrawn from #Syria cities, snipers still a threat: Reuters

The Associated Press: Police: "We do have a very hot and dangerous situation." All visitors evacuated from Rainier; gunman sought: -CJ

PressTV: Iraqi minister survives bomb attack

AP: Arab League chief says shooting continues in Syria, calls for complete cease-fire: -CJ

AP: BREAKING: Arab League chief says Syrian regime withdrew heavy weapons from cities, freed 3,484 prisoners

AJEnglish: Thousands flee South Sudan tribal conflict

Post #WorldNews: Myanmar's government reduces sentences for many prisoners

CBSNews: #LAPD says person being questioned over possibly connection to #arson attacks:

AP: Yemeni officials: French journalist found dead in Sanaa hotel room, strangled by wire and tied to a bed: -CJ

The Associated Press: Crowd fights #Chinese police at #mosque demolition; 80 people reportedly detained. _MM

Sky News Newsdesk: Four people found dead in house in Peterlee, County Durham after suspected firearms incident

Breaking News: Iran successfully tests a long-range missile during a naval exercise - official IRNA news agency via Reuters

Reuters Top News: Iran plans to test-fire two long range missiles on Monday in gulf drill - military official

Daily Telegraph News: Former Argentine spy chief shot dead in Patagonia

Press TV: Over 5,800 OWS protesters arrested

Post World News: Philippines reports 1st death in dangerous New Year’s eve revelries, 739 injured

Press TV: The Taliban have attacked the largest American military base in Afghanistan on the first day of the New Year...

Press TV: Israelis protest segregation on buses

Breaking News: 4 firebombing attacks in Queens, NY, being investigated as bias crimes with Muslims as targets - @nytimes

Breaking News: 5.3-magnitude earthquake rattles northern tip of Indonesia; no immediate reports of damage - AFP

BBC News (World): Activist Anna Hazare recovering

The Associated Press: Federal prison in north Louisiana on lockdown after fights break out; five inmates hospitalized. -MM

BBC News (World): Vote nears for Iowa Republicans

Press TV: Scottish doctors to strike over cuts

3 January 2012

CNN Breaking News: Romney, Santorum tied in Iowa caucuses, with Santorum ahead by just 19 votes after 99% reporting.

PressTV: Mexico drug war deaths 12000 in 2011

Breaking News: 5 people dead, 4 injured in building collapse in Delhi - @ndtv

PressTV: Bahraini forces kill anti-regime woman

Al Arabiya English: Syria’s death toll up as Arab mission criticized; rebel leader threatens more attacks

PressTV: 100 Italian newspapers facing closure #worldnews

nytimes #worldnews: Taliban to Open Political Office in Qatar

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Africa: Libya: 2 Killed in Militia Gun Battle in Tripoli

NYTimes World: Mother of Arson Suspect Faces Own Legal Fight

nytimes #worldnews: In Hills of Liguria, a Struggle for Restoration After a Storm

NYTimes World: Transnistria Shooting Raises Tensions for Russia and Moldova

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Niger: Arson Destroys Anti-Corruption Files

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Africa: Morocco: Islamists Get Top Posts in Government

PressTV: NY police raid Occupy office, make arrests #worldnews

Post World News: Official tally: Jamaica opposition dominates Parliament with 2-to-1 margin

Breaking News: Iowa caucuses begin at 8 pm ET; Follow the 1st nominating contest of the 2012 election at

Press TV: Israel approves more illegal settler units

The Associated Press: NY indictment: 3 Swiss bankers conspired to hide $1.2 billion in US taxpayer money from IRS: -CJ

Al Jazeera English: US vows to stay in Gulf despite Iran warning

PressTV: Saudi holding 5 'wanted' protesters #worldnews

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Iowa vote begins 2012 campaign

BBC News (World): Yemeni soldiers killed in clashes

Al Jazeera English: Jordan praises Israeli-Palestinian talks

Al Jazeera English: Triple bombing targets Kandahar police

Al Jazeera English: In Depth: Seven years after sieges, Fallujah struggles

AJEnglish: Nigeria fuel price protests turn violent

Al Jazeera English: Nigeria fuel price protests turn violent

wsj #worldnews: Turkish Inflation Soars

AJEnglish: Man arrested in Los Angeles arson spree #worldnews

PressTV: Spain's jobless rate hits new high

Telegraph #Worldnews: Bus falls off cliff in Bolivia

Reuters: Iran sentences former president's daughter to jail

Zambia Report: Zambia's economy grows by 6.5 pc - Times of Zambia

Breaking #worldNews: South Korea lifts temporary ban on travel to North Korea as mourning period ends - Yonhap

CBSNews: NATO's Afghan task: Planning removal of $30B of state-of-the-art weaponry, vehicles accumulated over 10 years

wsj #worldnews: Former Libyan Rebels Clash in Tripoli

wsj #worldnews: Hong Kong on Alert Over Bird Flu

CBS #worldNews: Three dead in separate Montana avalanches

AJEnglish: Video: Mexico drug violence claims staggering toll

BBC #Worldnews: Deadly bug in new Hong Kong HQ

BBC #Worldnews: In pictures: Tens of thousands protest in #Hungary against new constitution

PressTV: Gas shortage sparks protest in #Pakistan. 

TheEconomist: Infrastructure in India: Infrastruggles

Reuters: #Greece must finalise bailout deal agreed by #EU in Oct or face #Euro exit - Govt spokesman

BBC #Worldnews: Nigerians protest at fuel hikes

Post #WorldNews: Truck, bus collide in central China, killing 13, injuring 41

BBC #Worldnews: Blizzards and gales hit Scotland

AlArabiya_Eng: Syria says "terrorists" blow up gas pipeline supplying two power plants in central Syria: state news agency

AJEnglish: Jordan hosts #Israel-Palestinian talks

AP: At end of drill, #Iran army chief warns US aircraft carrier not to return to Persian Gulf. -MM

AlArabiya_Eng: Seven people have been killed by the fire of Syrian security forces: Syrian activists

BBC #Worldnews: Five injured in Cyprus base demo

BBC #Worldnews: Germany's jobless rate at new low

AJEnglish: 'Catastrophe zones' declared in Chile forest

AJELive: Death toll in Kandahar suicide bombing rises to at least 5, w/ 16 others wounded: Afghan police. #Afghanistan

guardian #worldnews: Turkey to compensate air-strike victims

BBC #Worldnews: Special Afghan police unit to hunt husband of tortured 15-yr-old bride Sahar Gul #Afghanistan

AP: World music star Ndour challenges #Senegal's aging leader with presidency bid. -MM 

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Bush fires spread in Australia

guardian #worldnews: Youssou N'Dour to run for Senegal presidency

AP: Alleged Saudi hackers disclose credit card information of thousands of Israelis. -MM

PressTV: US-led soldier killed in southern #Afghanistan

World Briefing | The Americas: Peru: Mine Protest Resumes

Morocco’s new cabinet to be unveiled Tuesday; expected to include 28 ministers

CBS #worldNews: Human remains found on British queen's estate

BBCWorld: Asian stocks begin year with gain

Post #WorldNews: Taiwan presidential race darkened by charges of intelligence service monitoring of challenger

4 January 2012

Al Arabiya English: Egyptian Nasserist presidential hopeful comments on new parliament, discusses his presidential platform.

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: At least 6 killed, 17 wounded in two explosions in Baghdad’s Sadr city area, say Iraqi police

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Europe: Protest Leader Sergei Udaltsov Freed in Russia

Breaking News: 6 police officers shot, being treated for gunshot wounds in Ogden, Utah; suspect in custody - @ktvx

BBC News (World): US sales fall at Toyota and Honda

Breaking News: Pakistani militants claim to have killed 15 soldiers they kidnapped last month - @AP

HuffPostWorld: Overloaded bus slips off snowy bridge, killing at least 18

HuffPostWorld: Inmates' relatives storm Venezuelan prison

Al Jazeera English: Feature: Counter-insurgency used by #Brazil police in a crackdown on drug lords in the favelas #wikileaks

CNN Breaking News: At least 31 killed in Mexican prison riot. #Mexico

Post World News: Australian kidnapped in Philippines urges governments to help raise $2 million ransom in video

PressTV: In Greece, default looming large again

PressTV: Saudi youths stage anti-regime rally

PressTV: Several injured during Morocco protest

PressTV: Brazil storms kill 7, displace 1000s

AP: Officials say more than 100 remain buried in the rubble after a deadly landslide in the Philippines: -MS

Dorothy Lamar: Asian Markets Inch Lower, Nikkei Down 0.5%: Asian markets are down in early trading tonight. Australia's S&P/ASX is down 1.2% 

BBC #Worldnews: Deadly floods hit southern Brazil

AP: BREAKING: Officials say landslide kills at least 25 in southern Philippines; more missing.

Al Jazeera English: Video: Pakistan's women get first abuse hotline

BBC #Worldnews: Rwandan rebels 'kill 26 in DRC'

Breaking News: Ton of marijuana seized from boat off California coast; 10 arrested - latimes

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Bachmann suspends White House bid

HuffPostWorld: Militia reportedly kills 26 civilians in Congo

Al Arabiya English: Three bomb blasts hit northern #Nigerian cities of Maiduguri and Damaturu, but no details of casualties are immediately available

Al Jazeera English: Jose Graziano da Silva is the new head of the UN's #food agency. Can he tackle the food #security challenges ahead? |

The Associated Press: Scientists: Honey bee die-off might be due to parasite that hijacks the bees' bodies and causes them to abandon hives:

CNNMoney: Stocks claw back from earlier losses to finish mostly higher. Dow adds 22 points. Nasdaq and S&P 500 end flat

Al Jazeera English: #SomaliaSpeaks - "I have 7 children and their father is in Garoowe. Life is very difficult for me"

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Obama appointing three nominees to fill out stalled labor board, get around GOP

Daily Telegraph News: German President admits 'grave mistake' but refuses to resign

PressTV: #Unemployment surges in #Saudi Arabia

Al Arabiya English: 21 protesters killed across #Syria: revolution council #Alarabiya

TIMEWorld: After 18 years, two British men finally face justice for a racial murder |

Press TV: An #Egyptian soldier checks the #ID card of #women at the entrance of a polling station

Breaking News: WA Gov. Gregoire to introduce legislation to legalize gay marriage. 'It's the right thing to do' - Seattle Times

PressTV: US stocks fall on euro debt concerns

BBC #Worldnews: Norway killer is 'not psychotic'

Reuters Top News: Argentina's Fernandez recovering well after surgery

The Associated Press: BREAKING: US prosecutors: Mexican cartel figure Arellano Felix to plead guilty to unspecified charges. -EF

BBC News (World): Syria 'deceiving' Arab monitors

BBC #Worldnews: Kazakh town's emergency extended

Reuters: Mass grave found in Afghan army compound: officials

Telegraph World News: Argentine President Cristina Kirchner's cancer operation 'successful'

HuffPostWorld: WATCH: Inside Chile's student protests

PressTV: Cambodian women carry their babies as residents are evicted from a slum village in the centre of Phnom Penh

guardian #worldnews: Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo Bay to be released in peace talks deal

BBC #Worldnews: Poisoned cat stew 'killed tycoon'

HuffPost #Worldnews: Raid on Yemeni hotel that served alcohol leaves 2 dead

Breaking #worldNews: Chrysler's US sales in 2011 increase 26%; best annual sales since 2008 - @CNBC's @Lebeaucarnews

cnnbrk: Record lows, highs reported in day of extremes for weather across United States.

BBC #Worldnews: In pictures: Storms lash the UK

guardian #worldnews: Aum cult fugitive was turned away from Tokyo police station when he attempted to give himself up

Post #WorldNews: Indonesian court jails wife of Bali bombing suspect on immigration violations

PressTV: A Bahraini woman has been killed in a tear gas attack by the Saudi-backed regime forces on an anti-government.

PressTV: #Iranian forces seize 10 tons of drugs

PressTV: 6 children injured in #Pakistan violence

Breaking #worldNews: Inflation in the 17 countries that use the euro eases to 2.8 pct in December from 3 pct - AP

Ford to invest $142m in India to manufacture a new global compact SUV at the company's plant in Chennai - Reuters

AlArabiya: 30 people held pending investigation in the case of bombing the mosque at the presidential complex in Sanaa: #Yemeni news agency

guardian #worldnews: Romney wins Iowa by eight votes - video

AP: Bomb attacks targeting homes of Iraqi police officers kill two children, wound nine people. -MM

AP: Reinsurer says earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand make 2011 industry's costliest yet. -MM

PressTV: Cholera kills 25 more Somali children

BBC #Worldnews: In pictures: Chile battles wildfires

Reuters Top News: Singapore PM faces 36 pct pay cut, still world's best paid

Al Arabiya English: Gunmen attack police station in northern Nigeria; one dead: police

NYTimes World: Jamaica’s Opposition Easily Wins Election

AlArabiya_Eng: Eight explosions rock the houses of security officials in the Iraqi city of Baqouba

The Associated Press: As #Romney and #Santorum battle for lead, #Iowa caucus vote still too close to call a winner. -MM

5 January 2012

CNN International: U.S. jails Pakistani 4 years in terror case

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Europe: Sweden: Wave of Shootings Shakes Malmo

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Congo: 45 Civilians Killed in South Kivu

NYTimes World: In South Sudan, Massacre of 3,000 Is Reported

Guardian news: Ai Weiwei given hope of tax reprieve

Al Arabiya English: Arab monitors escape attack by Syrian forces in Damascus suburb

Post World News: Turkey’s former military chief arrested over alleged anti-government plot

The Associated Press: Rescue work resumes in Philippine landslide; number of missing unknown: -CJ

PressTV: Militants blow up school in NW #Pakistan

PressTV: 4 #US-led troops killed in #Afghanistan #NATO

 AJELive: A man arrested at #OccupyOakland is potentially facing a life sentence because of California's '3 strikes' law

AlArabiya_Eng: Syria forces kill two protesters early Friday

NYTimes World: After Brief Calm, Europe Again Worries Over Debt

Press TV: Euro falls to 16-month low vs. dollar

CNN Breaking News: #Colombia to return mistakenly deported teen to U.S.

Press TV: Iraq attacks death toll climbs to 78

Post World News: Police detain 20 suspects in northeastern Mexico prison riot that killed 31 inmates

Al Jazeera English: Eurozone debt doubts drag euro down

BBC News (World): Turkey seeks ex-army chief arrest

NYTimes World: Afghanistan Shuts Down Canadian Security Company GardaWorld

Al Jazeera English: Senior Syrian official defects over crackdown

Post World News: Portia Simpson Miller sworn in 2nd time as Jamaica’s prime minister after big election victory

cnni: Clashes in Cameroon enter sixth day 

Al Jazeera English: Video: Ravages of Brazilian floods remain

MarketWatch: Australia's S&P/ASX 200 opens down 0.2% at 4,136.00

Breaking News: Sudden shift in Chilean wildfire kills 6 firefighters, badly burns 2; 1 still missing - @AP

Al Jazeera English: Video: The tragic killing of Anuj Bidve

Post World News: Bosnia’s top cultural institutions shutting down, victims of political quarreling

MarketWatch: U.S. markets recover from early jitters Thursday as Nasdaq, S&P 500 post gains

The Associated Press: Police say 2 people shot dead in slaying-suicide at Augusta, Ga. food processing center: -CJ

BBC Breaking News: Power supplies restored to 7,000 customers cut off during this week's storms in #Scotland, says Scottish Hydro

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Pastor: 3 dead, others wounded after attack on church in northeast Nigeria amid sect violence.

Post World News: EPA: Toxic emissions drop in Puerto Rico, rise in US Virgin Islands

guardiannews: Cancer-related deaths continue to decline in US

Guardian news: Iraqi militia say sorry over death of kidnapped Briton Alan McMenemy - video

CNN Breaking News: For first time in history, digital #music sales top physical sales.

robmarcianoCNN: 5.3 magnitude #earthquake 34 miles W of Santo Domigno, DR. Strong shaking reported

Reuters: Obama plans to cut tens of thousands of ground troops

AJEnglish: Nigerian police fire tear gas on protesters

MarketWatch: Australia's S&P/ASX 200 opens down 1.2% at 4,136.00

MarketWatch: Japanese stocks open lower, with tech shares weak; Nikkei Average down 0.7%

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks tick higher, with energy shares rising; Hang Seng Index up 0.3%

MarketWatch: Dow industrials off 70 points as U.S. stocks retreat at Thursday open

 MarketWatch: More jobs data: Planned job cuts announced by U.S. employers declined in December to 41,785, 1.6%

MarketWatch: Gold ends 0.5% higher at $1,620.10 an ounce

Al Arabiya English: 29 people have been shot dead by Syrian security forces: Syrian activists

 Al Arabiya English Arab monitors to stay in Syria despite ‘mistakes’; opposition to try to resolve rift

Al Arabiya English: US says next Israel-Palestinian meeting to take place on Monday Jan. 9: Reuters

Al Arabiya English: Tunisian man sets himself afire in front of government office: local sources

AJELive: Death toll in #Iraq attacks rises to 70 #AJE #shia #sunni

BBC News (World): Six police officers shot in Utah

BBC News (World): Thousands flee Brazil dam burst

BBC News (World): Pakistan Taliban free 17 hostages

CNN International: Pakistan Taliban boss seized in Karachi

CNN International: Red Cross worker abducted in Pakistan

BBC #Worldnews: Kidnapped tribal police shot dead

Telegraph #worldNews: #eurozone Italian 10-year bond yields have hit 7.02pc.

PressTV: Several injured in #Bahrain crackdown

BBC #Worldnews: #Syria govt says it has freed 552 political prisoners who have "no blood on their hands" - state TV.

AlArabiya_Eng: Syrian Revolution General Commission: 14 people killed by security force gunfire across Syria today.

Telegraph #worldNews: Diane Abbott faces calls to resign after tweeting: 'White people love playing divide and rule'

guardian #worldnews: Committee set to reject Nick Clegg's plans for Lords reform

Guardian news: Pakistan Taliban kill 15 security officers

Post World News: Wild elephant tramples 3 villagers to death in village in southeastern Nepal

Dorothy Lamar: Global turmoil hurt fund investors in 2011: The average stock mutual fund lost 2.9% in 2011, hurt by events from abroad.

Dorothy Lamar: Mount Rainier National Park To Reopen Saturday: Mount Rainier National Park to reopen Saturday

Breaking News: Cambodia's former anti-drug head gets life sentence for corruption, drug trafficking - Xinhua

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