Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The World News of the Past Ten Days (The First Weekly Report)

17 December 2011

#wsj #worldnews: #China #PropertyPrices Decline http://t.co/mYYgnaky

TheEconomist: Kazakhstan turns 20 this month. While the country's achievements r many, so r its shortcomings http://t.co/Ag5He2hM

#worldNews: News reports say crude bomb kills 1 in #Bangladesh capital during political violence - AP PV

Reuters: Russian drilling rig sinks off Sakhalin, 51 missing http://t.co/m9HqMclK

TheEconomist: Argentina's president begins her 2nd term facing an economic slowdown. She will have 2 meet it w/controls http://t.co/Vgxrrt5v

shiapost: Police claim arresting Taliban’s Al-Mukhtar group leadershiapost.com/?p=9823

#Breaking #worldNews: #Motorcyclist in traffic stop shoots #Arizona deputy in foot, is killed by return fire http://t.co/HMIRgpJK

Breaking #worldNews: Russia oil rig update: 2 dead, 14 rescued after drilling rig overturns in Sea of Okhotsk http://t.co/8wTCVgl9

Breaking #worldNews: #Philippine #RedCross says the death toll in flash floods that ravaged south has risen to 521 - AP F

AJELive: #Philippines steps up flood relief efforts after torrential rains claim 100s of lives and displace 100s more - http://t.co/rTEyvD0g

Reuters: Last U.S. military convoy leaves Iraq, ending American withdrawal nearly nine years after invasion - U.S. military official

AJELive: Clashes erupt in #Bahrain for third straight day: http://t.co/RvigIOAu

Post #WorldNews: Speeding bus skids off mountain road in western Nepal, killing 15 people http://t.co/5HNeecZh

AP: Woman burns to death after being set on fire in elevator of her New York City apartment building: http://t.co/Ds2FKUnO -JM

AJELive: #Video: Traditions at risk in #Qatar's rapid progress http://t.co/KSV8pL2Q

Breaking #worldNews: Drilling rig with 76 people onboard overturns in Sea of Okhotsk in Russia's Far East - RussiaToday http://t.co/QeF2NRhb

PressTV: Ex-priest convicted of 23 sex offences http://t.co/aRix7nkE

PressTV: UK MoD police to face 1,500 job cuts http://t.co/141zSYbB

Breaking #worldNews: Gas explosion kills 9 in central #China #coal mine http://t.co/Oa4QuMet

PressTV: #Anti-racism #protests held in #Italy http://t.co/upOOmAoJ

Rescuers search for survivors after a wooden ship carrying about 250 asylum seekers sinks off Indonesia's coast: http://t.co/i2pnvosZ -RJJ

#Reuters: House sets Monday vote on payroll tax cut bill http://t.co/cxEXxGMh

Breaking #worldNews: Military police battle demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square in 3rd day of clashes that killed10 http://t.co/9ZcT6ZCS

Post #WorldNews: Flash floods ravage cities in southern #Philippines, kill at least 450 people while they sleep http://t.co/3p1gmzzH

Post #WorldNews: In #Iraq, the last to fall: David Hickman, the 4,474th U.S. service member killed http://t.co/wY1PWewW

PressTV: Explosion kills 3 soldiers in NW #Pakistan http://t.co/pt7xtNYb

PressTV: #Saudi Arabia has used its military in various ways to counter the revolution known as the #ArabSpring from... http://t.co/VgH7Ansr

#BBC #Worldnews: MP sacked after 'Nazi' stag photo http://t.co/tZCa9slY

Post #WorldNews: US activist #Berenson barred from leaving #Peru despite court ruling http://t.co/TDTWEc51

#BBC #Worldnews: In pictures: Rwanda's poo-powered prisons http://t.co/w7e6gDab

PressTV: #NYPD arrest 50 protesters http://t.co/bQrmo3Jh

PressTV: #British #actor treated harshly in #China http://t.co/TZzAteZf

cnni: Two dead as migrant boat sinks http://t.co/8vdCqv9T #worldnews

18 December 2011

BBC News (World): Nigeria arrests 'Islamist leader' bbc.in/tF2Pni

Guardian news: Burma's military junta accused of torturing and killing ethnic rebels gu.com/p/347bd/tw #Burma #longreads

Al Arabiya English: Rescuers spot a raft carrying around 15 possible survivors from Russia's oil rig disaster off of Sakhalin island in the Far East #alarabiya

BBC News (World): Many die in north India cold wave bbc.in/siyKYL

#BBC #Worldnews: Osborne to confirm banking split bbc.in/vo97uq

Al Arabiya English: U.N.’s Ban ‘alarmed’ and Clinton ‘concerned’ as Egypt’s unrest enters 4th day goo.gl/7Sm0R

#AlArabiya: South Korea military placed on emergency alert goo.gl/wClac

cnni: ICC: Release Rwandan 'rebel leader' goo.gl/fb/3aDF3

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks open weak, as European concerns weigh; Hang Seng Index down 1.5% on.mktw.net/v1gyny

The Associated Press: BREAKING NEWS: North Korea says supreme leader Kim Jong Il has died

BBCBreaking: President Asif Ali Zardari returns to Pakistan after visit to Dubai for medical treatment - officials

guardian #worldnews: Apple's struggle to defeat Amazon set to be exposed by European ebook inquiry gu.com/p/3472p/tw

Breaking #worldNews: More blizzard warnings issued for northeast NM; western and central KS - National Weather Service 1.usa.gov/sY4vMJ

Breaking #worldNews: RT MarketWatch: Japanese stocks open lower, with tech shares weak; Nikkei Average down 0.4% on.mktw.net/sfhycz

Telegraph #worldNews: Syrian government threatens to execute 21 rebels in the next 24 hours tgr.ph/vc42F6

BBC #Worldnews: Somali piracy takes heavy toll on Philippine sailors bbc.in/sMhVVv

The Associated Press: VIDEO: Thousands rally in Russia's biggest cities in 2nd week of protests over fraud-tainted vote: apne.ws/t2UKUf -EF

Guardian news: Burma's military junta accused of torturing and killing ethnic rebels gu.com/p/347bd/tf

Telegraph World News: Bishop arrested during Occupy Wall Street protests tgr.ph/s1mCS3

CNN Breaking News: An early winter storm in the Southwest could bring blizzard conditions and heavy snow accumulations. on.cnn.com/s5tiyr

Post World News: Man wearing uniform of Somali government soldier kills journalist in capital wapo.st/v23yjG

BBCBreaking: 1man dies&2 people are treated for minor injuries after2light aircraft collide near Leicestershire airport bbc.in/rwWWjQ

PressTV: Divide widens between #Thai rich, poor dlvr.it/114pgn

PressTV: #Pakistanis rally against #NATO strike dlvr.it/114d1p

AP: From dictators to innovators, movie stars to musicians, here's a look at the notable deaths of 2011 apne.ws/trixIX -EF

SkyNewsBreak: Two light aircraft have collided in the Great Stretton area of Leicestershire.

PressTV: #Syrians hold #pro-Assad rallies in #Paris dlvr.it/112jGY

Reuters: #Eurozone to push on with crisis steps, #Fitch doubts outcome reut.rs/vlAuka

guardiannews: Flower power gives #Bangladeshi women a way out of poverty gu.com/p/3478h/tf

cnnbrk: Man burns woman alive in New York elevator. Attack captured on surveillance video on.cnn.com/sXIy81

Reuters: Insight: Testing the limits of freedom in new #Myanmar reut.rs/tDOzfd

TheEconomist: Some Africans think they face demographic disaster, others think that they could reap a dividend econ.st/urTtw4

PressTV: German Pres. accused of financial fraud dlvr.it/113gD0

Post #WorldNews: Thousands demonstrate at funeral of Bahrain man; witnesses say he died from tear gas wapo.st/soTj9A

PressTV: #Iran destroyer ends first global mission dlvr.it/113mCr

Reuters: House Republicans oppose Senate payroll tax bill reut.rs/tlCqOS

Qatar foreign minister says he has information that Syrian President Assad will sign Arab peace initiative, #alArabiya TV reports - #Reuters

#AlArabiya: Yemeni general backs peace deal, 10 militants killed goo.gl/E1tKq #Yemen

Reuters: Analysis: U.S economy shedding debt but shackled by pessimism reut.rs/vMd6iT

Telegraph #worldNews: Climber killed in Snowdonia avalanche tgr.ph/sCgWVu

#AlArabiya: #Israel unveils tenders for 1,028 new settlement units in east #Jerusalem, #WestBank goo.gl/7Usvf

AP: Israel finishes preparations to release 550 Palestinian prisoners in second and final phase of swap: apne.ws/sFGNjz -EF

PressTV: Russia poll protests continue in Moscow dlvr.it/1120hT

HuffPostWorld: #Bahrain: Police fire tear gas at demonstrators protesting the death of 73-year-old man huff.to/uTReox

PressTV: #Iran releases two Kuwaiti nationals dlvr.it/112FHl

AJELive: #Egypt pipeline carrying gas to #Israel and Jordan was bombed on Sunday - the 10th such attack this year aje.me/t76aFT

Telegraph #Worldnews: Rioting in west #Kazakhstan spreads to a second town tgr.ph/vu9NTd

Post #WorldNews: Oil platform capsizes in Russian Far East, 4 dead, 49 missing wapo.st/tIV0WJ

Reuters: As markets plunge, Asia's wealthy flock to art reut.rs/vVXv5t #worldnews

PressTV: #Syrians hold #pro-Assad rallies in #Paris dlvr.it/112jGY

#nytimes #worldnews: Wukan Protesters Seek Return of Xue Jinbo's Body http://t.co/GANhTbtJ

AP: U.S. is poised to announce sizable #foodaid to #NorthKorea, bringing them a step closer to #nucleartalks: http://t.co/SXubKkxa -EF

PressTV: Armed gangs kill seven Syrian troops http://t.co/HTbS1aYS

#AlArabiya: Islamists protest in support of #Pakistan army http://t.co/UJ6xpTgO

#AlArabiya: Kuwait announces it will hold parliamentary elections on February 2nd.

#BBC #Worldnews: Deadly unrest continues in #Cairo http://t.co/b1rw9Bm4

guardiannews: Fears for 200 asylum seekers after boat sinks http://t.co/r9J7rcVI

AP: #Philippine storm death toll rises to 652; 808 others still missing, Red Cross says: http://t.co/AzAXN4yg -JM

#AlArabiyaEnglish: Death toll rises to 20 in #Syria: local commission committees

AJELive: Fierce fighting reported between army units and defectors in #Homs, #Syria: http://t.co/8caQsL79

Reuters: Former #Czech president Havel dies http://t.co/HYBEWW45

Post #WorldNews: Police fire on rioters in tense western #Kazakhstan; 1 killed, 11 wounded http://t.co/tG37IuGP

Post #WorldNews: #Israel set to release final batch of prisoners in swap for long-captive soldier http://t.co/hMhIQ2qD

PressTV: #Egypt gas pipeline to #Israel, #Jordan hit http://t.co/WWcmDhRS

Post #WorldNews: Key dates in the 2003-2011 #Iraq war http://t.co/vle6Agcz

19 December 2011

PressTV: Stateless protesters attacked in Kuwait dlvr.it/11HfXV

Post #WorldNews: Police find 10 bodies in clandestine graves in northern Mexico wapo.st/rRokz4

PressTV: 30 anti-Israel youths arrested in #Turkey dlvr.it/11HZQP

Egyptian police and soldiers fired weapons and used batons and teargas for a fifth day on Tuesday in Tahrir Square - jerusalempost

Girl driving horse and buggy in Amish Ohio area on way home from Christmas party fatally shot - @WashingtonPost wapo.st/tdlYjS

Guardian news: Iraq's Sunni leader goes on run to evade arrest gu.com/p/3485h/tf

Reuters Top News: Olympus extends gains, jumps more than 14 percent reut.rs/vDu9ak

BBC #Worldnews: Mexico closes huge rubbish dump bbc.in/sXxiJm

#BBC #Worldnews: #Eurozone countries agree to lend 150bn euros to #IMF to help stabilise #euro currency area bbc.in/uZes7u

Activists reporting that more than 100 people were killed Monday in Syria across the country - nytimes #worldnews nyti.ms/tuDb5i

13,000 gallon spill of oil, drill fluid at Shell's Appomattox drill site in Gulf of Mexico, Shell confirms leak isolated & stopped - CNBC

WSJ: Shares of Sprint are up more than 7% following AT&T's move to drop its bid for T-Mobile quotes.wsj.com/S

CNNMoney: Stocks slide after Bank of America's shares slip below $5. Dow closes down 100 points. Nasdaq and S&P each lose about 1.2%

nytimes #worldnews: Protests Continue in Western Kazakhstan nyti.ms/vOj4Wk

guardiannews: Occupy London camp impact exaggerated, court hears gu.com/p/3483g/tf

AP: Southern Calif. teen sentenced to 21 years in prison for killing gay classmate during a computer lab class: apne.ws/q14TPQ -CJ

WSJ: RIMM's 3% drop today puts its marketcap at $6.8b. Would now likely cost less for Microsoft to buy $RIM than the $8.5b it spent on Skype

cnnbrk: Senate leader Reid says no new negotiations until House passes payroll extension. on.cnn.com/vOvYKV

Dozens of Syrian army deserters shot dead Monday as they tried to flee and join revolt, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says - Reuters

AP: Iraqi authorities issue arrest warrant for Sunni vice president on terrorism charges: apne.ws/ggQYWf -CJ

Sky News Newsdesk: Britain refusing to contribute to IMF part of eurozone bailout fund

AP VIDEO: EPA announces a new anti-pollution law that will cause dozens of coal-fired U.S. plants to close: http://apne.ws/ujwc0e -CJ

nytimes #worldnews: Syria Signs Arab League Deal to Allow Observers In http://nyti.ms/rXs6EY

PressTV: #Iran sends major aid shipment to #Somalia dlvr.it/11B3wj

cnni: Oil from spill fouls Brazilian beach goo.gl/fb/GT4TN

#BBC #Worldnews: Jail death strike paralyses #Nepal bbc.in/uESRb5

HuffPost #Worldnews: First mass burial after devastating floods hit southern Philippines huff.to/u4RGcF

SkyNewsBreak: AFP: Philippine government says number of people killed in storms rises to 927

PressTV: Landmine explosion kills Kenyan troop dlvr.it/11DS2d

Reuters: North Korea test-fired missile on Monday - media reut.rs/t00TV9

BBC #Worldnews: Kenyan policeman killed in blast bbc.in/ud9GJ8

guardiannews: Black Panther killer Donald Neilson dies gu.com/p/347jf/tf

PressTV: Moroccans hold fresh protest rallies dlvr.it/119Bky #worldnews

#BBC #Worldnews: Fresh violence hits #Tahrir Square bbc.in/v0qH51

guardiannews: Kim Jong-un hailed as Kim Jong-il's successor by North Korean media gu.com/p/347fe/tf

PressTV: #Palestinian cars torched in #WestBank dlvr.it/119fKN

Telegraph #Worldnews: #NorthKorea mourns the death of 'Dear Leader' Kim #Jong-il tgr.ph/vqtkxQ

cnni: Blizzard sweeps southwestern U.S. goo.gl/fb/98sV5

AJELive: General Adel Emara speaking against protesters aljazeera.com/watch_now/ #Egypt #SCAF

#AlArabiya: #Egypt's military council: there is difference between a real protester and a person who insists on destruction of the country

#AlArabiya: Egypt's military council: they are targeting specified building which shows they are having specified agenda #Egypt #SCAF

AlArabiya: Egypt's military council: the rioters wanted to burn the buildings housing People's Assembly, Interior Ministry & Cabinet offices

PressTV: #USstocks to remain volatile on #EUdebt dlvr.it/119nqm

PressTV: The provincial council of Afghanistan's southeastern Paktia Province has shut down its offices to protest a... fb.me/1cM4bYNmk

PressTV: #Egyptian forces kill 3 in #Cairo clashes dlvr.it/119wl0

PressTV: #NATO: Afghan night raids will persist dlvr.it/119wlC  BBC News (World): Saab owner files for bankruptcy bbc.in/tpSAos

Daily Telegraph News: 10 things you may not know about #kimjongil's successor Kim Jong-un tgr.ph/vNffF3

20 December 2011

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Africa: Somalia: Soldiers From Djibouti Arrive nyti.ms/vS69Il

Post World News: South Korean activists, defectors send propaganda leaflets into North Korea wapo.st/vKoTux

Breaking News: Bank of Japan says economic recovery 'paused'; keeps policy rate unchanged - @MarketWatch bit.ly/uEHwYI

The Associated Press: Only 8 GOP contenders left. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary #Johnson now seeks Libertarian Party nomination. apne.ws/sii4CF -MM

NYTimes World: National Briefing | Washington: National Guard Force to Be Cut at Mexican Border nyti.ms/viwy4F

Breaking News: Syria's main opposition bloc released statement condemning violence, says more than 200 have died in past two days - @AJEnglish

The Associated Press: RAW VIDEO: Thousands gathered for the lighting of the National Menorah on the first night of Hanukkah: apne.ws/rRjYQb -EC

BBC News (World): Hong Kong raises bird flu alert bbc.in/u7o5ju

NYTimes World: Turkey Detains Dozens of Accused of Having Ties to Kurdish Group nyti.ms/ujkCm4

Press TV: UN: Afghan security incidents up by %21 dlvr.it/11SGKv

The Associated Press: Staying out of the ring: The U.S. median age for getting married for the first time is higher than ever: apne.ws/uxcBxq -EC

#BBC #Worldnews: #Argentine minister dies at summit bbc.in/vaO4SW

Post World News: Clinton Bush Haiti Fund gives $1.5 million in grants to hotel, education, tech sectors wapo.st/uEljXe

Breaking News: Japanese stocks opened solidly higher Wednesday, buoyed by an overnight rally in U.S. shares - @MarketWatch bit.ly/vyvvNm

PressTV: Turkish police break anti-NATO protest dlvr.it/11S1LK

BreakingNews: Yemeni soldiers battling al-Qaeda-linked fighters outside the southern city of Zinjibar - AJEnglish bit.ly/ts6KuV

WSJ: Some 700,000 Brazilians will visit New York City this year, more than twice the 2009 figure. Here's why on.wsj.com/u9j4rL #worldnews

BBC #Worldnews: Russia protest leader leaves jail bbc.in/vCtOBH

wsj #worldnews: Argentina Deputy Commerce Secretary Found Dead on.wsj.com/vn6x4s

PressTV: Police arrest Occupy Denver protesters dlvr.it/11RD90

HuffPost #Worldnews: Two days of violence leave at least 150 Syrians dead huff.to/sQkUjI

WSJ: Closing bell: the Dow rose 338 points, or 2.9%, rallying steadily throughout the day on.wsj.com/rRT6Ca #worldnews

The Economist: The fourth quarter has been a good one for the US economy, but many are wondering whether the US can keep up the pace econ.st/t7LaS3

CNN Breaking News: Drought may have killed 500 million Texas trees, state agency says. on.cnn.com/uEGH6l

Reuters Top News: Greenhill bankers believed killed in plane crash reut.rs/sVMQ8U

PressTV: #Pakistani women hold #anti-US rally dlvr.it/11Q7xm

cnnbrk: War crimes court leaves #Gadhafi death investigation to Libya. on.cnn.com/vvpQS5

Reuters: South Sudan forces say kill rebel leader George Athor reut.rs/uHrzs2

PressTV: 'Occupy London' occupies 4th site dlvr.it/11Q0D2

BreakingNews: US House blocks Senate's payroll, jobless aid bill - nationaljournal bit.ly/tYhGPm

5 aboard Georgia-bound plane died in small plane crash on New Jersey highway, state police say - @AP

CNN International: China power plant protest broken up goo.gl/fb/VPmNB

BBC Breaking News: Plane crashes on Interstate 287 motorway in US state of New Jersey; reports of at least 3 possible deaths - AP bbc.in/rtl1Tv

nytimes #worldnews: Top Provincial Leaders to Meet With Protesting Chinese Villagers nyti.ms/rEpLAB

PressTV: #USHouse to vote on payroll tax cut bill dlvr.it/11P8zv

CNN Breaking News: Man found guilty in murder of UNC student president. on.cnn.com/uI3Yot

Breaking News: Massachusetts man accused of conspiring to help al-Qaeda found guilty on all 7 counts in terror trial - @cbsboston

CNN Breaking News; Women march in Cairo to protest #Egypt violence. on.cnn.com/w3eCUn

BBC News (World): Fresh clashes in north-west Syria bbc.in/rPfMw4

PressTV: Fresh #Yemen clashes kill 2 dlvr.it/11Lqlj

CBS #worldnews: At least six deaths now blamed on massive #blizzard as storm system moves into Great Plains: bit.ly/rAlibf

#BBC #Worldnews: Four men jailed for hammer murder bbc.in/tCKvDj

BBC Breaking News: "I never had any concerns" of way journalists used private investigators, ex-#NOTW editor @piersmorgan tells #Leveson bbc.in/tM5oKq

PressTV: Bahrain protesters targeted by tear gas dlvr.it/11NtTN

PressTV: #Portugal struggles with economic woes dlvr.it/11Mf8Y

HuffPost #Worldnews: Turkey arrests 40 over alleged rebel ties huff.to/taPI0g

BBC Breaking News: CNN's @PiersMorgan is giving evidence at #Leveson Inquiry on media ethics. Follow BBC's @rosschawkins and watch LIVE: bbc.in/vt9m2Q

Telegraph World News:  Cancer alert for 50,000 British women with breast implants

Post World News:  Congo president sworn in for another term; opposition leader plans his own inauguration wapo.st/rSWQMa

CBS News :  5 family members, incl. 2 children, killed in small plane crash in Texas bit.ly/sCdeqT

Reuters Reuters Top News: News Corp settles 7 further hacking cases reut.rs/teqAZV

BBC #Worldnews: A tale of two Libyan cities bbc.in/uRUcEJ

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: #Antarctic airdrop for stricken boat bbc.in/t5LNO2 #worldnews

guardianworld: RT martinchulov: Update. #US reporter missing in #Lebanon found dead in the mountains. thearabdigest.com/2011/12/john-r

#AlArabiya: Spanish parliament votes in Mariano Rajoy as the new prime minister.

#AlArabiya: Iraq VP says 'ready to face trial' if held in Kurdistan.

#BBC #Worldnews: #Iraq vice-president denies charge bbc.in/rNFbrB

guardian #worldnews: Iraq's Sunni vice-president goes on the run after govt accuses him of conspiring to kill officials gu.com/p/3485h/tw

PressTV: #Israel continues demolishing #WestBank houses dlvr.it/11KQy6

AP: #Egyptian troops, police charge and shoot at protesters in pre-dawn raid on Cairo's Tahrir Square. apne.ws/gCX8E0 -MM

PressTV: '5 #Bahrainis die due to torture' dlvr.it/11Kpjm

PressTV: 41% of #US youths arrested by age 23 dlvr.it/11L0dR

PressTV: US demands release of CIA spy by #Iran dlvr.it/11L0fF

guardian #worldnews: RT matthew_weaver: Up to 70 Syrian army deserters killed, a survivor claims bit.ly/v7KnAl

BBC #Worldnews: #Protest simmers in #China village bbc.in/tIYaVq

PressTV: Lebanon lauds #Iran's support for Syria dlvr.it/11L7nh

nytimes #worldnews: #China Exerts Influence Nurtured Over Decades nyti.ms/w29g3W

5 people were killed by the gunfire of Syrian security forces: Syrian activists #alarabiya #syria #assad

#BBC #Worldnews: UK & Ireland to sign agreement on measures to crack down on illegal immigration & bogus asylum claims. bbc.in/sKqInW

#BBC #Worldnews: #Sweden rate cut on #eurozone fears bbc.in/vflnan

Post #WorldNews: Japan picks Lockheed Martin F-35 fighters to replace aging jets in its air force wapo.st/vTU5t7

PressTV: #US secretly eliminating #Taliban dlvr.it/11LQ2J

#AlArabiya: France to borrow 178 billion euros next year: treasury

cnni: Syria to execute 'terrorists': State TV goo.gl/fb/1asR0

BBC News (World): "We were so malnourished, we would eat rats & earthworms to survive" - life in labour camp number 15, in #NorthKorea bbc.in/v5p4US

Telegraph #worldNews: St Paul's Occupy protest camp is a crime magnet, City tells court tgr.ph/uzJVaG

nytimes: #worldnews Briefing | Asia: Afghanistan: Pakistani Liaison Officers Returning to Army Coordination Centers nyti.ms/t4rOZc

#BBC #Worldnews: #India cold wave death toll rises bbc.in/rIMY52

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Britain boycotts IMF euro scheme bbc.in/tiwdnS

CNN International: 13 survivors found adrift off Indonesia goo.gl/fb/8Q5b5

21 December 2011

PressTV: Multiple blasts rock #Iraqi capital http://dlvr.it/11f0p1

BBC #Worldnews: China rebel village deal welcomed bbc.in/vRHNHk

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: The cost of Thailand's floods bbc.in/rVVorq

cnni: Thai, Cambodia troops to quit temple goo.gl/fb/uXXEU

AlArabiya: Death toll rises to 57 in Baghdad's blasts and 167 are wounded #Iraq #worldnews

BBC #Worldnews: New #Spanish cabinet will be sworn in today bbc.in/vUFMG1

#AlArabiya: 70 people are killed during Syrian army operations on Wednesday: union of coordination committees. #Syria

AJELive: At least 40 killed and 150 injured in #Baghdad bombings, medical sources tell Al Jazeera. aje.me/sLkO0e

PressTV: Occupy Berkeley camp faces eviction dlvr.it/11fM3d

CNN Breaking News: U.N.: Tropical storm leaves half-million needing aid in #Philippines. on.cnn.com/rxyA5M

Post World News: US air base has contributed more than $1.4 billion into Kyrgyzstan’s struggling economy wapo.st/ry5iXL

BBC News (World): China scientist sent to US prison bbc.in/sWcoYe

PressTV: Road accident kills 25 in #Turkey dlvr.it/11dT4y

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Protesting China village nears deal bbc.in/uoX8es

Post World News: New Zealand government says commando troops to leave Afghanistan in March wapo.st/undstK

HuffPost #Worldnews: Bloody clashes in Yemen kill at least 200 huff.to/uFIGjV

BBC #Worldnews: DR Congo police 'kill civilians' bbc.in/uvVWVM

Guardian news: Mexican authorities disband Veracruz police force in bid to stem corruption gu.com/p/349m8/tf

BBC #Worldnews: #Colombia troops jailed for murder bbc.in/v2C6hj

24 people killed by DR Congo security forces since President Joseph #Kabila won disputed election - Human Rights Watch bbc.in/uGBRCa

BreakingNews: Syrian activists say that Assad forces have killed at least 160 people over the last three days in NW Syria - nytimesworld

Reuters: Almost 70 reporters killed worldwide in 2011: RSF reut.rs/tF58as

Rising obesity leads Washington state to cut the number of passengers allowed on its ferries: apne.ws/rWHgmU -MS

#BBC #Worldnews: Spanish PM Rajoy names ministers bbc.in/v6K4mB

AP: #Poland says five NATO troops killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan were Poles. apne.ws/gFRC6n -MM

PressTV: 7 #US-led troops killed in #Afghanistan dlvr.it/11WjfV

BBC #Worldnews: Deadly Kenya air raid in Somali bbc.in/vburwc

PressTV: NATO not stopping nightly afghan raids dlvr.it/11WzPN

#AlArabiya: Five Iranian technicians kidnapped in #Syria: #Iran State TV

Uruguayan police probe mysterious death of senior Argentine govt economist at summit wapo.st/sIWZd8

#AlArabiya: #Yemen army battle with militants kills 15 in south

CNNweather: #Blizzard is over but more snow on the way to NM by Thurs! NE gets rain today and again Friday. There WILL be #Travel delays!

WSJ: Mortgage Bankers Association reports that the avg 30-year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 4.08% last week, the lowest of the year.

guardian #worldnews: South American states ban Falklands ships gu.com/p/349vt/tf

nytimes #worldnews: Hong Kong Culls Chickens After Bird Flu Is Found nyti.ms/rB2Vby

#AlArabiya: Ethiopian court finds two Swedish journalists guilty of supporting terrorism.

AP: Activists say Syrian troops kill at least 100 in NW town, one of deadliest incidents so far: apne.ws/ibyTDm -VW

PressTV: Egyptians vote in run-off elections dlvr.it/11VXJd

BBC #Worldnews: 'Rebels' kill Senegalese soldiers bbc.in/u9ZDvb

#alarabiya: The Syrian National Council calls on UN Security Council to hold an emergency session to put an end to the massacres committed

AlArabiya: The European Union decided2unfreeze all funds&assets of the Central Bank of #Libya &the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank held in the bloc

AP: Afghan official says #Afghanistan army now has 180,000 troops, an important step in taking over from NATO. apne.ws/gFRC6n -MM

SkyNewsBreak: Public sector net borrowing was £18.1bn for November, figures lower than expected.

AlArabiya_Eng: The Syrian army is shelling villages in Idlib: Syrian activists

AJELive: Bahraini #blogger, Zainab al-Khawaja, released on bail pending trial aje.me/tKSkDj

AP: Iraq's prime minister urges Kurdish authorities to hand over the Sunni vice president so he can face justice. apne.ws/ggQYWf -MM

AP: 5 #NATO troops killed by roadside bomb in eastern #Afghanistan: apne.ws/gFRC6n -VW

guardiannews: Wukan protesters end action after Chinese government offers concessions gu.com/p/3492v/tf

#AlArabiya: Four dead, 100 rescued as Indonesia boat sinks: district chief

PressTV: #NATO convoy attacked in #Afghanistan dlvr.it/11W8gJ

AP: #ECB lends Europe's banks a massive $639 billion over unprecedented 3-year period: apne.ws/n8fhDB -VW

cnni: Swedish journalists 'guilty of terrorism' goo.gl/fb/GlA6b

AP: Europe's high court approves cap and trade on airlines using European ports, rejects US appeal: apne.ws/uJ6o6a -VW

Al Arabiya English: The Syrian army killed 111 people on Tuesday in Kafer Oweid in Idlib: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

BreakingNews: More: North Korea warns Monday's missile test was a warning but will not conduct nuclear test unless provoked - Reuters

North Korea wants US to remove purported nuclear weapons from South Korean territory - Reuters

Al Arabiya English: Death toll in Philippine floods tops 1,000: official

Breaking News: Saif al-Islam al-Gadhafi is being held by rebels, denied access to lawyer, rights group says - @NYTimes nyti.ms/tvzNJM

22 December 2011

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Europe: Portugal: Court Rejects U.S. Appeal on Fugitive nyti.ms/t7fKWE

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Asia: China: Stricter Air Pollution Monitoring Standards to Start Next Year nyti.ms/uXB3rT

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Europe: Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko Drops Appeal of Conviction nyti.ms/tGfrqk

PressTV: 22 drug traffickers killed in #Mexico dlvr.it/11pXtv

Post World News: Japan’s emperor praises the nation for coming together following quake and tsunami disasters wapo.st/u0oSnn

WSJ World News: Hong Kong Finds Another Case of Bird Flu on.wsj.com/rxz3Ae

The Associated Press: Myanmar opposition leader Suu Kyi's party registers to re-enter mainstream politics: apne.ws/uK6OCU -VW

The Associated Press: Chinese court sentences veteran rights activist to 9 years' jail for inciting subversion: apne.ws/ksgQhj -VW

BBC News (World): 1079 people still missing after storm and floods in the Philippines, says government More soon bbc.in/dxJUR3

Press TV: Hundreds of anti-regime protesters have once again poured onto the streets in Saudi Arabia's oil-rich Eastern... fb.me/1nbLq0GM8

Breaking News: A 5.0 quake at a depth of 10km has struck 20km east of Christchurch. It was recorded at 4.50pm - @TVNZNews

NYTimes World: Oil Spill Moves Toward Nigerian Coast nyti.ms/tyAKix

Breaking News: NZ emergency services has treated 50-60 patients with minor injuries - @TVNZNews bit.ly/rDRG7M

BBC News (World): France to rule on implant removal bbc.in/uzRYHy

CNN Breaking News: 2 hurt, Christchurch airport closed after #NewZealand quakes. on.cnn.com/vAh40F

CNN Breaking News: 23 killed in #Tanzania flooding. on.cnn.com/uP5czw

Post #WorldNews: #Argentina limits foreign land ownership, gives labor protections to farmworkers wapo.st/uulwnC

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: China: Confrontation Over Coal Plant Enters 3rd Day nyti.ms/rOrw6v

Breaking #worldNews: USGS reports on NZ quakes: 5.8 at 1.58pm, 5.3 at 2.06pm, 5.8 at 3.18pm. #eqnz on.doi.gov/h1Sa1v

Breaking #worldNews: NZ Police: Still no reports of serious or widespread damage or injury, no tsunami threat bit.ly/uzbY0Q

BreakingNews: USGS registers official magnitude of 5.8 for Christchurch, NZ earthquake on.doi.gov/svKTmK

Press TV: Police, protesters clash in California dlvr.it/11n8jS

BBC News (World): Colombia drug suspects surrender bbc.in/vK3F6l

cnni: 6,000 nurses strike in California goo.gl/fb/uaOVu

BBC News (World): Argentina takes newsprint control bbc.in/rq9tPI

Breaking #worldNews: Australia's S&P/ASX 200 opens up 1.2% at 4,139.20 - MarketWatch

PressTV: 24-hour strike brings #Belgium to halt dlvr.it/11mbtY #worldnews

wsj #worldnews: Besieged Mexican City Fires Entire Police Force on.wsj.com/tlhrKw

Telegraph #Worldnews: Armenians pleased by genocide ruling tgr.ph/s3y4hz

Telegraph #worldNews: Britain started war of words over credit ratings, insists French foreign minister tgr.ph/shq1aj

HuffPost #Worldnews: Gunmen attack bus in #Mexico, kill 11 huff.to/v7LOSu

Post #WorldNews: #Brazil fire rips through shantytown wapo.st/tcneMH

Reuters: Moody's cuts Slovenia's credit rating one notch to A1 reut.rs/tsVPvo

The Associated Press: Deal on payroll tax cut would also renew jobless benefits for almost 2 million people: apne.ws/vHL48T -CC

Reuters: RT bechamilton: U.S. judge tosses lawsuit over #Guantanamo treatment via reuterslegal bit.ly/rAkr2w

WSJ World News: Lacking a Grand Plan, Europe Limps Ahead on.wsj.com/uFxCsJ

MarketWatch: Breaking: House Republicans have agreed to pass a two-month extension of the 2% payroll-tax cut on.mktw.net/vVB43G

PressTV: Scotland to win freedom from Britain dlvr.it/11lfMZ

Reuters Top News: Shi'ites targeted as Baghdad blasts kill 72 reut.rs/uvMxrF

Al Arabiya English: 40 people are killed by the fire of Syrian security forces: activists #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

PressTV: Severe air pollution hits Tehran dlvr.it/11lXZY

#AlArabiya: 38 people have been killed by the gunfire of Syrian security forces across the country: activists #syria #assad

breakingstorm: Winter storm warning lifted in Colorado after up to a foot of snow falls on Denver - denverpost bit.ly/u2P8Dz

Al Arabiya English: Two more car blasts in Baghdad leaving unidentified number of deaths and injuries #alarabiya #Iraq

BBC #worldnews: At least 5 people killed in fresh car bomb attack near cafe in western #Baghdad, #Iraq, officials say bbc.in/uxrcbs

Tim Weber: What really caused the eurozone crisis? bbc.in/w1zPX5 (in case you missed my earlier tweet, and because it's really good)

Al Arabiya English: Egypt’s activists call for mass rally; Islamists want to stick to army vote timetable goo.gl/wGq3J

Breaking #worldNews: Federal judge blocks South Carolina from enforcing 3 key areas of new immigration law - @Reuters

BBC Breaking News: A Royal Marine has been killed in Afghanistan after the vehicle he was travelling in was caught in an explosion says MOD. Family informed

Post World News: South Korean president urges stability in North Korea, says South’s troops remain on alert wapo.st/vtEycq

Al Arabiya English: France urges Turkey not to 'overreact' to genocide law #alarabiya

PressTV: 'OWS scares US ruling elite' dlvr.it/11khtq

Wall Street Journal: Here's what Washington's stalemate over the payroll tax will mean for you: on.wsj.com/vm2rDG

Al Arabiya English: Syria says more than 2,000 members of the army and security forces have been killed since the start of the unrest: Reuters #alarabiya #Syria

Al Arabiya English: The Arab mission of observers arrives in Damascus: Reuters #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

BBC #Worldnews: Toyota to boost production by 20% bbc.in/sxbixG

PressTV: Israeli tanks invade south Gaza dlvr.it/11gGYG

#wsj #worldnews: S&P Downgrades Hungary to Junk on.wsj.com/uvzTWm

BBC #Worldnews: UK economic growth revised up bbc.in/vCX8nz

#AlArabiya: Syrian security forces kill 23 people: opposition group #Syria

PressTV: 'US Congress approval at all time low' dlvr.it/11h1gr

AP: Nigeria oil spill manager: Shell offshore spill affecting 100 nautical miles, moving to coast. apne.ws/rQZkUB -MM

cnni: China police use tear gas on protesters goo.gl/fb/dgUXp

BBC #Worldnews: Junk move hits Hungary debt costs bbc.in/sceFXT

cnnbrk: Wave of bombings in Baghdad kills 63, authorities say. on.cnn.com/s5ks9d

HuffPost #Worldnews: Reports: Yemen kills brother of Al Qaeda leader huff.to/tvx3aT

AP: US says mistakes, mistrust led to Afghan border attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers: apne.ws/vRUr6Y -VW #worldnews

BBC #Worldnews: Deadly floods hit Tanzanian city bbc.in/rJ2XP2

#Turkey PM Erdogan condemns French bill making denial of Armenian "genocide" a criminal offence. Details soon: bbc.in/tQPAi7

guardian #worldnews: Nigeria on alert as Shell announces worst oil spill in a decade gu.com/p/34a2d/tw

#AlArabiya: Turkey recalls ambassador from Paris: embassy

#AlArabiya: Turkey suspends political visits, freezes military cooperation with France: PM

BBC #Worldnews: #Italy's senate approves austerity package proposed by PM Mario Monti in confidence vote bbc.in/uU61Q9

Post #WorldNews: Arab League observers head to Syria amid new international uproar over 200 killed in 2 days wapo.st/uwoisD

CNNMoney: Stocks to open higher, as investors await jobs data and final reading on economic growth. cnnmon.ie/rRMITG #premarkets

BBC #Worldnews: US Peace Corps cuts Honduras role bbc.in/u5NUgM

Post #WorldNews: Romania's government survives confidence vote in Parliament over election law changes wapo.st/skEf4M

PressTV: French parliament has passed a controversial bill that criminalizes any denial of the Armenian genocide by the fb.me/GbR2ZhPM

AP: Unemployment applications drop to lowest since April '08 as job market continues to strengthen: apne.ws/kBaYDE -ldh

AP: Economy grew more slowly in summer than estimated, at 1.8 percent annual rate; expectations higher for fall: apne.ws/pcsSb9 -ldh

BBC #Worldnews: Italian senate to vote on reforms bbc.in/sta9wO

Reuters: Tepco to raise customer rates as fuel costs rise reut.rs/vBA94x

PressTV: Egyptians vote in last day of run-off dlvr.it/11g2jw

BreakingNews: More: Medvedev proposes sweeping reform of Russian political system including direct election of regional governors - Reuters

PressTV: 'Syria #Iranian abductees in good health' dlvr.it/11ftCk

23 December 2011

Post World News: Authorities: 3 US citizens among 7 killed in bus attacks in northern Mexico wapo.st/v0tsqa

CNN Breaking News: Suicide car bomber kills 6 soldiers, wounds 12 in Pakistan, official says on.cnn.com/u9yCCX

PressTV: Maldivians hold pro-Islam rally dlvr.it/11xXFB

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Nigeria: 24 Killed in Northeast nyti.ms/vcbzAt

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Europe: Court Upholds Fine Against Trafigura Over Toxic Waste Dumping in Africa nyti.ms/w0COYd

PressTV: Tunisia gets interim government dlvr.it/11xMBY #worldnews

wsj #worldnews: Ash From Chilean Volcano Craters Argentine Towns on.wsj.com/vWMMnX

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Middle East: Egypt: Protests Against Military Spread Beyond Cairo to New Cities nyti.ms/sQ0cb7

guardiannews: Colombian crime boss turns himself in - along with 283 members of his militia gu.com/p/34b2b/tf

BreakingNews: Cuba to grant amnesty to 2,900 prisoners - state media via AP huff.to/sfHCd8

PressTV: 'Gunman kills 3 aid workers in #Somalia' dlvr.it/11wjkG

PressTV: Senegal president to run for 3rd term dlvr.it/11wffZ

BreakingNews: Mexico seizes 229 tons of chemicals used to make synthetics drugs, attorney general says - AP abcn.ws/tcQ6WO

HuffPost #Worldnews: Yemen protesters attacked by regime loyalists huff.to/sdjzUm

Press TV: Strike at Greek Steelworks in 54th day dlvr.it/11w8Kn

Breaking News: Justice Department rejects South Carolina voter ID law, calling it discriminatory - @washingtonpost wapo.st/uJ6oVf

Breaking News: Stocks push higher, with S&P moving into positive territory for the year; For the week, Dow and S&P gain 3.6% - @CNNMoney

NYTimes World: Hungarians Protest Against PM Outside Parliament nyti.ms/vkdczM

Duke of Edinburgh taken to hospital for "precautionary tests" after suffering chest pains - Buckingham Palace bbc.in/tjNf0

nytimes #worldnews: Israel Cancels Military Contract with Turkey nyti.ms/sKnlR1

PressTV: Congo opposition 'sworn in' despite ban dlvr.it/11vHL8

CNN International: Former Hungarian PM detained at demo goo.gl/fb/RxdHF

cnnbrk: President Obama signs payroll tax cut extension measure. on.cnn.com/vhb5gS

Thousands protest against army in Cairo's Tahrir Square goo.gl/fb/Ji2rm

The Economist: Among the companies rated by S&P, there were 44 corporate defaults this year down from 81 in 2010 and 265 in 2009 econ.st/rFOtqI

Press TV: US uses force to quell OWS protests dlvr.it/11tkJg

Reuters: S&P 500 tops key level, positive for year reut.rs/udRYch

BBCAmos: Here we go again. Another Soyuz rocket launch fails bbc.in/vNa7YD

AJELive: At least 40 people were killed&100 wounded in two blasts which struck Damascus #Syria's Dunia television said. aje.me/sjf6S9

BBC News (World): Rwanda rebel freed by world court bbc.in/uk2Xoq

PressTV: Militants kidnap 15 #Pakistani soldiers dlvr.it/11rbQC

#AlArabiya: Pro and anti army demonstrators gather to stage their one-million march rallies in Cairo goo.gl/LjODI

PressTV: Jordan police fire tear gas on protesters dlvr.it/11s4Y7

PressTV: Army offensive kills 32 in NW #Pakistan dlvr.it/11sJxd

CBS #worldNews: 5 shot at Michigan roller rink bit.ly/tkSRnX

PressTV: Bahraini troops attack protesters dlvr.it/11ryrC

TheEconomist: The ECB is the lender of last resort on steroids. This week, it lent ?489 billion to 523 banks at 1% econ.st/sADc8u

BBC #Worldnews: At least seven killed, dozens wounded, in blast at oil pipeline in western #Colombia. Details shortly. bbc.in/srGkUH

National Debt Tweets: $15,123,841,039,390.36 (-) #nationaldebt

AP: Police say Pakistani #Taliban attack paramilitary fort, kill 1 soldier and kidnap 15 others: apne.ws/fWZEqW -VW

TheEconomist: Shootings over illegal logging along the Thai-Cambodian border could cause tension between governments econ.st/t13Ryy

BBC: French government says it'll pay for30k women 2 have breast implants removed due to concerns over silicone quality bbc.in/vw5kG8

AP: Police fire tear gas at Chinese seaside town protesters demanding release of detainees: apne.ws/tlGe6m -VW

AP: Congo police tear gas supporters as opposition leader plans inauguration despite official loss: apne.ws/vKfvxb -VW

BBC: More than 30 killed and 100 wounded in twin suicide car bombings in #Damascus, says #Syria deputy foreign minister bbc.in/tWgx9V

BBC #Worldnews: French GDP growth revised down bbc.in/vtx945

Press TV: Egyptians to stage anti-junta rally dlvr.it/11pktK

PressTV: Lockerbie bomber: 'I am innocent' dlvr.it/11pktD

cnni: S. China protest stretches to 4th day goo.gl/fb/sgy9Y

CNN International: Missing in Philippines storm tops 1,000 goo.gl/fb/ofWRw

Reuters Top News: Pakistan leaders near showdown with army: newspapers reut.rs/sa4auk

Al Arabiya English: Experts rule out cancer risk from French-made PIP breast implants #Alarabiya #France

PressTV: '10,000 #US troops leave #Afghanistan' dlvr.it/11pgm7

Al Arabiya English: Killing starts in #Syria; security forces kill four protesters, dissents: revolution council #Alarabiya

24 December 2011

Breaking #worldNews: Cyclone winds lash Cobourg Peninsula in Australia's Northern Territory http://bit.ly/u2UfvS

PressTV: Afghan soldier kills two #US troops http://dlvr.it/123rQZ

Breaking News: Update: Plane with wheel jam makes safe landing at Karachi airport - thenews.com.pk

Breaking News: Russian plane with 72 aboard to make emergency landing at Karachi, Pakistan, airport; landing gear malfunctioning - NBC News

The Associated Press: Virginia police say man killed two people, then stole SUV with 2-year-old in back seat: apne.ws/v33Nkm -CC

Al Arabiya English: Rebel leader from Darfur region, Khalil Ibrahim, killed by Sudan forces in North Kordofan: AFP

msnbc.com - World: At least 38 dead in Haitian shipwreck off Cuba on.msnbc.com/vxSch2

PressTV: Coal mine collapse kills 11 in #Afghanistan http://dlvr.it/123Sl9

cnni: 3 Americans 'among Mexico victims' http://goo.gl/fb/hdYvK

CNN International: Iraqi PM promises security after attacks goo.gl/fb/J1NNY

AP INTERACTIVE: From Steve Jobs to Kim Jong Il, a look at the famous and infamous who died in 2011: http://apne.ws/ugNP8Z -EC

BBC #Worldnews: Man shot in East Dunbartonshire bbc.in/t52GCS

cnni: Kim now N.Korea 'supreme commander' goo.gl/fb/cm8xu

nytimes #worldnews: Royalists Step Up Efforts to Defend Thai Monarchy nyti.ms/tUQVgY

The Associated Press: Is the Occupy movement history in the making? Time will tell. Just in case, artifacts are being kept: apne.ws/spMtej -EC

Al Arabiya English: Death toll rises to 38 protesters and dissents killed across #Syria, the coordination committees say

Al Arabiya English: #Yemeni president says he will travel to the U.S. not for treatment but "to create favorable conditions for the presidential election”

Al Arabiya English: The last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev calls on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to quit politics

CNN Breaking News: 10,000 doctors strike for better pay in #India. goo.gl/fb/dwvJc

Al Arabiya English: #Yemen's embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh intends to head to the U.S. for a medical treatment

Sky News Newsdesk: Reuters: Medical source says 9 people have been killed and 90 injured after security forces fire on protesters in Yemeni capital, Sanaa

Post #WorldNews: Libyan economy minister resigns after protesters discover he accepted same post from Gadhafi wapo.st/tnqpK7

Reuters Top News: Christmas pilgrims pray for peace in Bethlehem reut.rs/thz7Ag

Al Arabiya English: Death toll from attacks in northern Nigeria attributed to the Islamist Boko Haram sect could reach 100, police & a local rights group say

CNN International: India doctors strike for better pay goo.gl/fb/dwvJc

Post #WorldNews: Report: Turkey releases AFP photographer, arrests 31 people accused of Kurdish rebel links wapo.st/uT1Tzg

PressTV: Over dozen protesters injured in #Bahrain dlvr.it/11yKhf

PressTV: Turkey to buy #Iran oil despite sanctions dlvr.it/11yWml

AP: GOP: #Gingrich, #Perry fail to make Virginia primary ballot; fall short of 10,000 signatures: apne.ws/tJN7Sk -VW

Post #WorldNews: Iran starts registering candidates for March parliamentary elections; reformists stay out wapo.st/slFZpa

Al Arabiya English: Video: Iraqis protest against vice president Hashemi english.alarabiya.net/articles/2011/… #TareqalHashemi #IraqPolitics #Baghdad #AlArabiyaEnglish

PressTV: 'Afghan civilians killed for no reason' dlvr.it/120yCZ

BBC #Worldnews: Libya celebrates independence day bbc.in/uksMA2

PressTV: Fresh protests hit Moroccan cities dlvr.it/11z1RV

PressTV: 'Saudi protests are growing weekly' dlvr.it/11z6Dl

PressTV: 'CIA halts drone raids on #Pakistan' dlvr.it/11zNgn

PressTV: 27 PKK members killed in SE #Turkey dlvr.it/11zNhW

PressTV: A Palestinian protester throws a tear gas canister back at Israeli soldiers during a #demonstration twitpic.com/7xoi4s

PressTV: Bahraini anti-government protesters run for cover from tear gas during clashes with riot police twitpic.com/7xok0x

TelegraphNews: Muslim Brotherhood claims responsability for Damascus suicide bombs tgr.ph/sff3KC

PressTV: Russians hold 2nd nationwide protests dlvr.it/120hgH

#AlArabiya: Death toll rises to six protesters killed in #Sana'a: correspondent #Yemen

guardian #worldnews: Railway signallers start 72-hour strike gu.com/p/34b33/tf

SkyNews: Member of RAF injured in explosion in Afghanistan has died of his wounds at Queen Elizabeth Hospital,& the family has been informed

CBS #worldNews: Thousands in Syria attend funerals for44 victims of suicide bombings, shout support for President Assad bit.ly/s8Atm6

Reuters: Mourning Syrians rally for Assad reut.rs/rxpEq4 #worldnews

AP: Yemeni forces attack march by 100,000 protesters with rifles, tear gas, water cannons; 30 said to be hurt: apne.ws/hWadzr -EC

wsj #worldnews: Nigerian Violence Kills 61 on.wsj.com/vags6U

AJELive: Dozens killed during several days of fighting in northeast #Nigeria aje.me/rXSDzk #BokoHaram

PressTV: Yemeni forces kill two protesters dlvr.it/120GPv

#AlArabiya: Tens of thousands demonstrate against #Putin in #Moscow as leader fears 'revolution' goo.gl/zBY5e #Russia

Al Arabiya English: Arab League monitors to meet Syria’s foreign minister after bombings bit.ly/tdLOZr #syria

CNN International: Taliban claims Pakistani bombing goo.gl/fb/5XikI

Press TV: Police helicopter crash kills 3 in #Iran dlvr.it/11y09d

Breaking News: Noth Korea media refer to Kim Jong Un as commander for first time - NHK bit.ly/rKswx0

25 December 2011

Breaking News: Arab League's monitoring team will start mission in Syria by visiting the turbulent city of Homs on Tuesday, source says - @Reuters

PressTV: OWS marks 100th day of protests http://dlvr.it/129TDh

Reuters: 13 found dead in truck in eastern Mexico: local media reut.rs/uhoYyL

PressTV: Pakistanis stage anti-graft rally dlvr.it/129d0f

cnni: Attacker targets Iraqi interior ministry goo.gl/fb/UmpwA

Reuters: Samsung says to buy Sony stake in LCD JV for $939 million reut.rs/uhnisw

Al Arabiya English: A suicide car bomb kills at least 4 people and wounds 17 others near Iraq’s Interior Ministry: Police #alarabiya #Iraq

Press TV: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Tel Aviv would not enter any talks with the Palestinians,... fb.me/1ncuC0Pp9

The Associated Press: Philippine search teams find another 150 bodies in the sea, flash flood death toll up to 1,236: apne.ws/sBcGtW -CC

BBC News (World): Many feared dead in India sinking bbc.in/t2sYoh

cnni: S. Korean delegation enters North goo.gl/fb/eYgrJ

Press TV: 'Abducted #Iranians in good health' dlvr.it/128p9Y

The Associated Press: Mexico's army captures the security head for drug lord "El Chapo," but wanted cartel chief still loose: apne.ws/lkcIo1 -EF

The Associated Press: CORRECTION: Mexico's army captures security head for Sinaloa drug cartel chief "El Chapo" - not "El Chapo": apne.ws/lkcIo1 -EF

The Associated Press: Mexico's army captures "El Chapo," security head for Sinaloa drug cartel, one of world's most wanted men: apne.ws/lkcIo1 -EF

Reuters Top News: Stocks rise as U.S. economic hopes improve reut.rs/tLMhzI

cnni: India: Boat capsizes; 11 missing goo.gl/fb/RxjCR

CNN International: At least 40 patients die amid India strike goo.gl/fb/qSf28

guardian #worldnews: Brazil overtakes UK as sixth-largest economy gu.com/p/34amp/tf

Reuters Top News: Mortars hit Iranian dissident camp in Iraq: Iraqi army reut.rs/vKxgzS

Press TV: Powerful explosions targeting government offices and churches in Nigeria have left at least 30 people dead and... fb.me/DymEaIIp

Sky News Newsdesk: Fox: Police in Texas have found seven people dead, apparently from gunshot wounds, inside a house northwest of Dallas, Texas

Reuters Top News: Iran says woman's stoning case might change to hanging reuters.com/article/2011/1

Guardian news: Al-Qaida leadership almost wiped out in Pakistan, British officials believe gu.com/p/349fe/tf

CBS News: Anonymous hacks U.S. security think tank - bit.ly/s0FV0l

PressTV: Israel tortures Palestinian prisoners dlvr.it/1273mJ

#AlArabiya: #Egypt's military rulers study plan to speed up vote goo.gl/cEzOy

AJELive: Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in #Yemen against the deaths of protesters aje.me/lvLnbE

robcrilly: Imran Khan's tsunami has well &truly engulfed Karachi. 100,000+ maybe as many as 150K. Say what u like, but something is changing

Al Arabiya English: Iraqi VP refuses to return to Baghdad; says he can stand for trial only in #Kurdistan goo.gl/GdHdT #Iraq

PressTV: UK death toll in #Afghanistan nears 400 dlvr.it/126bzr

Press TV: Palestinian life in exile dlvr.it/126X84

CNN International: Revolutionary blogger freed in Egypt goo.gl/fb/DKbpt

Sky News Newsdesk: AFP: Nigerian police confirm four more deaths following bombings across country, total deaths now 32

Daily Telegraph News: Boko Haram: the group behind the Nigerian attacks tgr.ph/t7HjJu

#AlArabiya: Thirty JEM rebels killed with leader: #Sudan army

AJELive: Thousands rally for #Pakistan's Imran Khan in Karachi aje.me/sYBZh5

cnnbrk: 2 more deaths reported in siege in Homs, #Syria. Arab League observers scheduled to arrive Monday. on.cnn.com/tmxS9w

AP: House fire in Stamford, Conn., kills five - two adults and three children: apne.ws/u9H8OL -ldh

#AlArabiya: Death toll rises to 9 protesters, dissents killed across #Syria: revolution council

PressTV: 263 hopefuls register for Majlis election dlvr.it/12689H

Post #WorldNews: 3 people dead, 5 feared missing after Indonesia-flagged ship sinks off Russia's east coast wapo.st/tzg231

PressTV: Rail signalers go on three-day strike dlvr.it/124hG8

PressTV: 1000 Hawaii hospital staff to lose jobs dlvr.it/124hJn

PressTV: 'Saudis will continue protest rallies' dlvr.it/124nYM

wsj #worldnews: India Sets State Election Dates on.wsj.com/uz6yGn

PressTV: Russian military Intelligence chief quits dlvr.it/125Wv4

PressTV: Funeral blast kills 20 in #Afghanistan dlvr.it/125h9W

SkyNewsBreak: AFP: Three more explosions have been reported in Nigeria.

PressTV: Bahrainis continue anti-regime protests dlvr.it/125m36

Reuters: Two blasts heard in northern Nigerian city of Damaturu

Sky News Newsdesk: Reuters: Bomb blast during Christmas prayers at church in Abuja, Nigeria - casualty numbers unknown

The Associated Press: 38 Haitian migrants die when boat sinks off Cuba's eastern coast; 87 rescued: apne.ws/rYBXsL -CC

26 December 2011

PressTV: PKK injures two policemen in SE #Turkey dlvr.it/12JMqx

guardiannews: British man killed in Sri Lanka gu.com/p/34ba3/tf

PressTV: Blasts kill 22 Somali civilians, troops dlvr.it/12J9lz

BBC News (World): Mexico rehab poisoning kills five bbc.in/smjUsd

PressTV: Over 1000 register for Majlis elections dlvr.it/12HtBP

Reuters: China official says Wukan protest shows rights demands on rise reuters.com/article/2011/1

nytimes #worldnews: Nigeria Arrests 2 in Church Attack nyti.ms/vX4Evb

Post #WorldNews: Philippines widens post-storm search as more bodies push death toll to nearly 1,500 wapo.st/sYDLrV

The Associated Press: Corrected link: Here are the giant escalators in Medellin, Colombia that will cut a 35-min. hike to 6: apne.ws/tV4vsF -EF

Press TV: 4 killed in Ivory Coast clashes dlvr.it/12HGTn

Breaking News: Yemeni leader Saleh to be admitted Into US for medical care - nytimes nyti.ms/tezpKf

The Associated Press: Poor area in Colombia gets giant escalator so people don't have to climb equivalent of 28 stories daily: apne.ws/vO6Khs -EF

Press TV: Israeli airstrike injures several Gazans dlvr.it/12GwSV

Post #WorldNews: 200 Colombian crime-ring members freed after surrender, authorities say no charges were pending wapo.st/ue4wBT

nytimes #worldnews: Global Update: W.H.O. Reports 25 Percent Drop in Malaria Deaths in a Decade nyti.ms/sICUQR

Telegraph #worldNews: Hundreds evacuated as Italy winds feed wildfire tgr.ph/uA5A3s

The Associated Press: Mexican drug cartels operate sophisticated, wide-ranging communications networks, equipment seizures show: apne.ws/stUAkb -RJJ

#AlArabiya: 56 killed by #Syrian forces today: Syrian Revolution General Commission #Syria

Guardian news: Briton jailed for drug offences in Philippines pardoned from life sentence gu.com/p/34b9b/tf

Al Jazeera English: In Features: DR Congo's forgotten refugees aje.me/tfrK9e

Al Arabiya English: UPDATE #Syria: 1st group of Arab monitors arrives in Damascus; opposition says observers in Homs "can't do their work" bit.ly/sSFWdq

Reuters Top News: Cuba makes more reforms to retail sector reut.rs/rQouzo

Mohammed Jamjoom: Arab League mission arrives amid violence in #Syria cnn.com/2011/12/26/wor… #cnn

Reuters Top News: Aide to top Mexican drug boss Guzman captured reut.rs/uWS3hY

WSJ World News: Arab Monitors Head to Syria Amid Clashes on.wsj.com/s10e5p

cnnbrk: Medical helicopter carrying 3 crashes in Florida. on.cnn.com/sIk2BJ

Telegraph World News: Exc: on trail with the Shadow Wolves, best hunters of humans in world; great read on Mexico/US border by @nickallen789 tgr.ph/unkC82

BBC News (World): Fire kills US executive's family bbc.in/sBIQQM

PressTV: #Iran destroyer saves #Saudi oil tanker dlvr.it/12FFN6

Telegraph #worldNews: Thousands protest in Casablanca, Morocco for reforms tgr.ph/s44oB0

2 people killed, 10 injured as Indonesian police fire on crowd of protesters fighting against planned Australian-owned gold mine - ABC News

China's currency hits all-time high aje.me/rLSMj9

Telegraph #worldNews: Thousands protest in Casablanca, Morocco for reforms http://tgr.ph

#AlArabiya: Five days of shelling Bab Amro leaves 45 people dead and 250 others injured: Syrian activists

Telegraph #Worldnews: Chinese activist Chen Xi sentenced to 10 years tgr.ph/tMCRPn

PressTV: Assassinations terrorize #Afghanistan dlvr.it/12CDXd

Telegraph #worldNews: Tokyo's Yasukuni shrine 'in arson attack' tgr.ph/uBa1YU

#AlArabiya: Saudi Arabia posts $81.6 billion budget surplus in 2011: AFP

cnni: Nigeria church bombing death toll rises goo.gl/fb/4bvVb

#wsj #worldnews: #China Activist Jailed for Subversion on.wsj.com/saWHXR

#AlArabiya: 27 people were killed in Syria, mostly in Homs: Syrian activists

PressTV: #Iran's electricity exports up by 24% dlvr.it/12CynZ

BBC #Worldnews: Arab Spring: 'It was the first time I felt I belonged' bbc.in/uMUCiM

PressTV: Bahraini regime attacks protesters dlvr.it/12BGHp

#AlArabiya: Up to 18 people were killed by the fire of Syrian security forces, mostly in Bab Amro: Syrian activists

#AlArabiya: Security forces fire at Yemeni protesters in central Sanaa

AJELive: Just added two videos to our #Syria Live Blog - shows tanks attacking Bab Amr in Homs, #Syria - aje.me/rRu46v

CNN International: Arab League observers expected goo.gl/fb/2RvuB

Al Arabiya English: Six people were killed by the gunfire of security forces Homs and Aleppo: Syrian activists

27 December 2011

Breaking News: Former high-ranking Mexico police official gets 10-year sentence for drug ties - @AP wapo.st/udPOwM

Breaking News: Argentine President Cristina Fernandez to be operated on for thyroid cancer, spokesman says - @Reuters on.msnbc.com/urkXKf

Press TV: #Iran sends 21st aid cargo for Somalis dlvr.it/12QqMs

Al Jazeera English: #Cubans can now open small businesses and hire workers. Is this a shift from #socialism? aje.me/vi9Fq8

HuffPostWorld: 2 men and U.S. teen found dead on roadside in Mexico huff.to/uAQNZL

Al Jazeera English: Boko Haram is a militant group in #Nigeria with a name that means western education is sinful aje.me/tkYyx0

Breaking News: Russian fishing vessel stranded off Antarctica is moving across Ross Sea after hull is repaired - RadioNZ bit.ly/v4QbRX

HuffPostWorld: Colombian rebels set to release 6 hostages huff.to/sXzmKr

Reuters: S&P edges up for 5th straight gain reut.rs/t2bYwe

Al Arabiya English: Update: At least one killed and 11 wounded by two Israeli air strikes in the #Gaza strip #AlArabiya

Al Arabiya English: #Israeli military shelling in Gaza, five people have been injured: Al Arabiya correspondent

Al Arabiya English: Three people shot dead by the #Syrian army in the northern Lebanese city of Wadi Khaled: Al Arabiya correspondent

Reuters Top News: GE jumps into retail banking with MetLife deal reut.rs/rAhbs4

cnnbrk: Obama administration to seek $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase. on.cnn.com/rQIbZj

Reuters Top News: Israelis rally against violence by zealots reut.rs/uao6EY

nytimes #worldnews: Three Advocates for Chinese Village Are Released nyti.ms/tB2WW7

The Associated Press: Rapper Heavy D died of natural causes, LA coroner says. His weight and a long jet flight were factors: apne.ws/vHmrex -EF

Reuters Top News: Analysis: Green groups find success fighting shale oil boom reut.rs/u3yw3Q

WSJ World News: India Lower House Passes Anti-Graft Bill on.wsj.com/tdTBVb

PoliticalTicker: Sen. Ben Nelson won't run for re-election - wp.me/p4HKM-SEj

Telegraph World News: 'Il Postino' islands hit by first murder in 56 years tgr.ph/uFtw3B

HuffPostWorld: 4-year-old girl mutilated by U.S. drone attack set to receive reconstructive surgery huff.to/vYn0G5

cnnbrk: 9 reported arrested after series of fights at Mall of America. on.cnn.com/vPZrWW

CNN International: Kim Jong Il's funeral set for Wednesday goo.gl/fb/dFPzx

BBCWorld: Malaria: Eastern DR Congo's other battle bbc.in/rKmzAA

Reuters Top News: Debt-riddled Japan relaxes decades-old arms exports ban reut.rs/sBTQ0q

HuffPost #Worldnews: 6.9-magnitude #earthquake reportedly rocks #Russia huff.to/uea8qY

PressTV: #Iran begins trial of CIA operative dlvr.it/12MwFK

Press TV: Turkey arrests anti-NATO protesters dlvr.it/12N2Lg

Breaking News: US consumer confidence jumps to 64.5 in December; highest level since April - @MarketWatch bit.ly/vhxp3W

PressTV: Palestinian PM meets #Egypt MB leader http://dlvr.it/12KGk2

guardiannews: Boy dies in Kilmarnock house fire gu.com/p/34ba7/tf

cnnbrk: Philippine government lowers death toll for Tropical Storm Washi from 1,453 back to 1,249

BBCWorld: Arab League observers meet governor of Homs in #Syria where large anti-regime protests have taken place bbc.in/uwx2EV

BBCWorld: Train derailed in Australia flood bbc.in/tYBv41

AJEnglish: Video: Thailand struggles with flood clean-up aje.me/vVjZ33

BreakingNews: Terrorist group attacks gas pipeline near the Syrian city of Homs - Syria state TV via Reuters

BBCWorld: Guinea-Bissau makes coup arrests bbc.in/rKIZXS

CBSNews: Sears to close 100 to 120 Kmart, Sears stores bit.ly/t40zUZ

PressTV: Stun rounds used on #Bahraini protesters dlvr.it/12M8jg

PressTV: Israeli police clash with religious Jews dlvr.it/12M8l9

PostWorldNews: Violence spikes in Honduras as mafias expand their cocaine networks deeper into Central America wapo.st/v7eVcv

AlArabiya_Eng: #Syria UPDATE: 70,000 Syrians rally as Arab monitors visit Homs; tanks seen leaving flashpoint city bit.ly/rR85n2

guardiannews: Crime and unemployment dog Guadeloupe gu.com/p/34b5h/tf

PressTV: Saudi forces injure 4 in Awamiyah raid dlvr.it/12MWCD

cnnbrk: Activists say 24,000 demonstrators rally against regime in Homs, Syria, as Arab League monitors arrive. on.cnn.com/vaVXQZ

wsjworld: China GPS System Begins Service on.wsj.com/vWvUJf

PressTV: 'US media pretend OWS no longer exists' dlvr.it/12M2RB

TelegraphNews: Pirates hijack Italian tanker with 18 on board off Oman tgr.ph/t2YFdj

BreakingNews: Arab monitors finish observation tour in Syria's Homs for the day and will continue tomorrow, Syrian Dunia TV reports- Reuters

AlArabiya_Eng: One killed as Bissau troops clash with failed coup suspects: military sources #alarabiya

PostWorldNews: Britain's Prince Philip, recovering from heart treatment, leaves the hospital wapo.st/vDEzVW

AP: Vietnam blocks Facebook access, but welcomes founder Mark Zuckerberg on vacation: apne.ws/rDt4md -CC

AJEnglish: Video: Climate brews trouble for Bangladesh tea aje.me/t34JfV

AJELive: Activists say thousands of people are demonstrating in #Homs after Arab observers arrived in the city - aje.me/qpyH4C #Syria

PressTV: French jobless rate hits 12-year high dlvr.it/12LHZy

PressTV: 'US spy drone crashes in #Afghanistan' dlvr.it/12LHZz

PressTV: Govt. rep. expelled from #Iran's Majlis dlvr.it/12LHbM

AlArabiya: Syrian forces killed several men from an "armed terrorist group" trying to cross from the Turkish border into Syria: state news

AJELive: At least 20 injured in fighting between Islah loyalists and Houthis in northwestern #Yemen aje.me/vzAyJe #worldnews

Al Arabiya English: Ethiopia court jails 2 Swedish journalists for 11 years each for aiding rebels, entering country illegally: Reuters #alarabiya

Al Arabiya English: IMF cancels visit to Egypt to negotiate loan as PM urges G8 to help unlock promised aid goo.gl/GSBvo

The Associated Press: MT @ravinessman: Indian billionaire has tons of cash, no place to invest it, AP's @ekinetz reports: apne.ws/sjpVwE

CNN International: Tainted milk causes Chinese outrage goo.gl/fb/eoBZw

Al Jazeera English: Video: Occupy activists protect family from bank aje.me/w1xiMp

Al Arabiya English: Arab observers on way to Syria's flashpoint Homs: mission chief #alarabiya #Syria #Assad

Post World News: Indian activist starts fasting to call for tougher anti-graft bill ahead of Parliament debate wapo.st/sK7g6w

Al Arabiya English: Al-Qaeda front group in Iraq claims responsibility for attacks that killed 69 people last week: AP #alarabiya #Iraq

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