Friday, January 13, 2012

The Entire Day's World News of the 13th of January 2012

Reuters: At least 15 people killed in suicide bombing in Iraqi city of Basra
PressTV: Seven killed in fresh #Yemen violence 
AlArabiya: Firefights between police and separatists kill 5, wound 23 in southern #Yemen
BreakingNews: Stampede at religious ceremony kills 10 at Muslim shrine in central India

PressTV: Dow down 49 on eurozone jitters

Press TV: Saudis hold demos over regime killing
Breaking News: Update: At least 8 dead off coast of Italy after cruise ship runs aground
Al Jazeera English: Feature: 42% of #Indianchildren are suffering from malnutrition, reports @bolanmol Anmol Saxena
Al Jazeera English: Feature: Child malnutrition rate in #India is almost double that of sub-Saharan Africa, reports @bolanmol Anmol Saxena
Breaking News: 2 die after luxury cruise ship carrying 4,200 passengers and crew runs aground off coast of Italy - SkyNews
Telegraph World News: More than 4,000 evacuated after Italian cruise ship runs aground
BBC #Worldnews: Polls open in Taiwanese elections
The Economist: Slovenia is in turmoil. It’s struggling with increasing debt and the threat of further cuts to its credit rating
Al Jazeera English: Feature: 836m people in #India live under less than Rs20 (38 US cents) a day, reports @bolanmol Anmol Saxena
Sky News Newsdesk: Seven countries' credit ratings unchanged by Standard & Poor's: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Estonia, Finland
cnni: Turkish police raid Kurdish targets

PressTV: Bahraini protester tortured to death 
BreakingNews: Update: S&P downgrades 9 eurozone nations; Germany maintains AAA rating - guardiannews 
CNN Breaking News: Judge rules against 4 GOP presidential candidates trying to get on Virginia's March 6 primary ballot
Telegraph #Worldnews: Afghan boy suicide bombers tell how they are brainwashed #afghanistan #taliban…
HuffPostWorld: Hundreds reportedly killed in South Sudan tribal violence
Breaking News: A doctor says former Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash has died at age 87 - @AP
BBC News (World): Royal Navy captures 13 suspected Somali pirates after Nato-led operation in Indian Ocean, MoD says. More soon
Reuters Top News: Russian protest organizers snub Putin award ceremony
Reuters Top News: Chinese Christian dissident seeks U.S. exile
BBC News (World): Guatemala congressman shot dead
Al Arabiya English: 25 people killed by the fire of Syrian security forces across the country: Syrian activists 
AJEnglish: Saudi forces clash with protesters in Qatif 
PressTV: 'US approaching debt ceiling again'

PressTV: Kuwait police attack stateless protesters

The Economist: China has become Brazil’s biggest economic partner–and its most difficult one
The Associated Press: U.S. judge sentencing 3 men convicted in ring that plotted to attack Marine base, other targets: -BW
MarketWatch: Coper futures up 5% on week
Telegraph World News: Chinese construction worker rescued after dangling from 40 metres
Reuters Top News: Syria protests erupt, Arab League fears civil war
AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Algerians protest against corrupt housing scheme… 
BreakingNews: US says it will exchange ambassadors with Myanmar in response to reforms there - AP

PressTV: France deports illegal immigrants 
PressTV: Yemeni forces kill two Aden protesters

PressTV: Terrorists kill six Syrian soldiers

Press TV: Bosnian parliament elects new PM
Breaking News: Report: S&P plans to downgrade France and Austria's rating to AA+ - @FinancialTimes
AJEnglish: #Syria blocks entry of protest convoy

Al Jazeera English: Nigeria protests on hold as oil strike looms
AJEnglish: Video: Somali food aid shipments halted

BBC #Worldnews: Deadly South Sudan revenge attack
PressTV: Occupy protesters warn against eviction

BBC News (World): Banks fail to reach an agreement on cutting #Greece's debt burden, Institute of International Finance says. More soon.
PressTV: Anti-Israeli protest held in #Turkey 
PressTV: Militant ambush kills 7 #Pakistani troops 
guardian #worldnews: British man charged with planning bomb attack in Kenya
cnni: Japan hands over whaling activists

PressTV: Gunmen kill two aid workers in #Somalia
BBCBreaking: US trade deficit increased 10.4% to $47.8bn in November, highest level since June - Commerce Department
PressTV: California educational system faces cuts

BBC Breaking News: Airline #Easyjet found guilty by French court of discriminating against three disabled passengers, fined 70,000 euros
PressTV: Strike kills 15 in #Pakistan's tribal NW 
Breaking #worldNews: 3 killed, 2 injured in shooting at North Carolina lumber company; gunman among wounded - WXII
PressTV: Jordanians rally for reform 
MarketWatch: U.S. stock benchmarks quickly shed nearly 1% amid rumors of euro-zone ratings downgrades

CNN Breaking News: At least 20 wounded in #Iraq double bombing.
BreakingNews: Thailand authorities say Lebanese suspect thought to be Hizbollah arrested in Bangkok security 'scare' - Reuters
AJEnglish: Polio almost eradicated in India

BBC #Worldnews: Nigeria unions suspend protests
BBCWorld: Drop in Italian borrowing costs

PressTV: #Iranians hold funeral for terror victim

PressTV: US to pull out 7,000 soldiers from Europe

MarketWatch: J.P. Morgan earns 90 cents a share in the fourth quarter, missing forecasts 
Telegraph #Worldnews: Saudi forces shoot dead Shiite protester
Reuters: India court warns Web giants about China-style controls

guardianworld: Here's the video of those Mexican medics dropping a human heart on its way for transplant operation
AP: AP Video: Angry customers and scalpers in Beijing egg Apple store after launch of iPhone 4S is canceled: -ldh
PressTV: Mob kills 2, burns mosque in Nigeria

 Daily Telegraph News: Burma releases 651 prisoners in major step towards democracy
Breaking News: US embassy in Bangkok warns of future terror attacks, urges Americans to 'keep a low profile in public' - Bangkok Post
AJEnglish: Nigerian strike to continue despite talks

CNN International: Syrian group, rebel army join forces
Press TV: Israeli attack injures two Palestinians
HuffPostWorld: One killed as pirates attack Spanish warship off the coast of Somalia

BreakingNews: Pakistani police say gunmen kill 3 officers in the northwestern city of Peshawar - AP

Guardian news: Chinese writer says harassment forced him to the US

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