Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Morning News of the Third of January 2012

AJEnglish: Man arrested in Los Angeles arson spree aje.me/vsGh38 #worldnews
PressTV: Spain's jobless rate hits new high dlvr.it/13JT0p
Telegraph #Worldnews: Bus falls off cliff in Bolivia tgr.ph/sI7pTX
Reuters: Iran sentences former president's daughter to jail reut.rs/t0j6QO

Zambia Report: Zambia's economy grows by 6.5 pc - Times of Zambia bit.ly/vxDY5O
Breaking #worldNews: South Korea lifts temporary ban on travel to North Korea as mourning period ends - Yonhap bit.ly/v46vqT
CBSNews: NATO's Afghan task: Planning removal of $30B of state-of-the-art weaponry, vehicles accumulated over 10 years bit.ly/swnCpH
wsj #worldnews: Former Libyan Rebels Clash in Tripoli on.wsj.com/vw8JM8
wsj #worldnews: Hong Kong on Alert Over Bird Flu on.wsj.com/vmJBhO
CBS #worldNews: Three dead in separate Montana avalanches bit.ly/t5C9eg
AJEnglish: Video: Mexico drug violence claims staggering toll aje.me/taQkRw

BBC #Worldnews: Deadly bug in new Hong Kong HQ bbc.in/voNLTo
BBC #Worldnews: In pictures: Tens of thousands protest in #Hungary against new constitution bbc.in/tTNSHe
PressTV: Gas shortage sparks protest in #Pakistan
TheEconomist: Infrastructure in India: Infrastruggles econ.st/vh7ANM

Reuters: #Greece must finalise bailout deal agreed by #EU in Oct or face #Euro exit - Govt spokesman

BBC #Worldnews: Nigerians protest at fuel hikes bbc.in/v0FHmb
Post #WorldNews: Truck, bus collide in central China, killing 13, injuring 41 wapo.st/u3e82m
BBC #Worldnews: Blizzards and gales hit Scotland bbc.in/vQamtK
AlArabiya_Eng: Syria says "terrorists" blow up gas pipeline supplying two power plants in central Syria: state news agency

AJEnglish: Jordan hosts #Israel-Palestinian talks aje.me/ujI9y6

AP: At end of drill, #Iran army chief warns US aircraft carrier not to return to Persian Gulf. apne.ws/s3TeCh -MM

AlArabiya_Eng: Seven people have been killed by the fire of Syrian security forces: Syrian activists

BBC #Worldnews: Five injured in Cyprus base demo bbc.in/viqS8Q
BBC #Worldnews: Germany's jobless rate at new low bbc.in/vGJgZY
AJEnglish: 'Catastrophe zones' declared in Chile forest aje.me/tziUAr

AJELive: Death toll in Kandahar suicide bombing rises to at least 5, w/ 16 others wounded: Afghan police. #Afghanistan aje.me/rZFwUE
guardian #worldnews: Turkey to compensate air-strike victims gu.com/p/34djh/tf
BBC #Worldnews: Special Afghan police unit to hunt husband of tortured 15-yr-old bride Sahar Gul bbc.in/uQ9qI7 #Afghanistan
AP: World music star Ndour challenges #Senegal's aging leader with presidency bid. apne.ws/rLuLUr -MM 
BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Bush fires spread in Australia bbc.in/s7ciKQ
guardian #worldnews: Youssou N'Dour to run for Senegal presidency gu.com/p/34dk2/tf
AP: Alleged Saudi hackers disclose credit card information of thousands of Israelis. apne.ws/thRVYZ -MM

PressTV: US-led soldier killed in southern #Afghanistan dlvr.it/13Gkhf

World Briefing | The Americas: Peru: Mine Protest Resumes nyti.ms/w0a75r
Morocco’s new cabinet to be unveiled Tuesday; expected to include 28 ministers goo.gl/3xO2H
CBS #worldNews: Human remains found on British queen's estate bit.ly/upSQlD
BBCWorld: Asian stocks begin year with gain bbc.in/sPHzxO
Post #WorldNews: Taiwan presidential race darkened by charges of intelligence service monitoring of challenger wapo.st/ul36BU

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