Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Morning World News of the 10 of January 2012

Sky News Newsdesk: U.S. Geological Survey: Magnitude 7.3 earthquake off west coast of northern Sumatra

BBC News (World): Alaska frozen by extreme winter bbc.in/wn1opA

Al Arabiya English: UN Security Council: 400 people killed in Syria since Arab League monitors started a monitoring mission

AJEnglish: Decade after Bush signed its opening & 2 years after Obama called for closure, 171 detainees remain in Guantanamo aje.me/AxyKO8

PressTV: Yemeni protesters demonstrate against the law of immunity pertaining outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh for twitpic.com/85p9sz

Breaking News: Taliban militants storm government building in Afghanistan, killing at least 7 in 6-hour firefight - @latimes lat.ms/yDtQU0

Press TV: Roughly 2,000 Israelis of #Ethiopian origin stage a rally against #racism in the southern #Israeli town of Kiryat twitpic.com/85p9yv

PressTV: 'No sign #Iran preparing to close Hormuz' dlvr.it/14TNKZ 

AJEnglish: Suu Kyi to run for Myanmar parliament aje.me/yXCuPv

AlArabiya_Eng: Jobless Tunisian dies days after self-immolation: hospital

AJEnglish: On the Blog: Ahmadinejad's South America tour aje.me/wQBDo6

PressTV: Bahrain regime forces attack protesters dlvr.it/14P0fJ

BBC #Worldnews: Burma halts power plant in Dawei bbc.in/wkFzqi

MarketWatch: Stocks in Europe rise in early trades, led by banking sector on.mktw.net/zSL3j4

BBC #Worldnews: South African university stampede kills one bbc.in/yajYpb

AlArabiya_Eng: As many as 35 killed and 69 wounded in Pakistan's Khyber region blast goo.gl/fdgjS

AJELive: Click here to watch Syrian President Bashar al Assad live on Al Jazeera: aje.me/ajelive 

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Nigeria braced for more strikes bbc.in/x5Er5N

cnni: Ship leaks more oil off New Zealand goo.gl/fb/jrA1e 

 Al Arabiya English: Suicide bombers storm govt building in Afghanistan, kill two police: ministry

The Associated Press: Bomb rips through market in northwest #Pakistan, killing at least 10 people: apne.ws/fWZEqW - VW

BBC News (World): Australia marks Queensland floods bbc.in/A5zrOd

Press TV: Anti-violence rally held in S Sudan dlvr.it/14Mm3Z

NYTimes World: Chinese Exports Grow, but Imports Show Signs of Weakening nyti.ms/xYUsHT

Post World News: Mexico says it has controlled spill of 1,500 barrels of oil along river leading to Gulf wapo.st/yLmJkU

Al Jazeera English: Video: Peru fire leaves hundreds homeless aje.me/yXn1ua

BBC News (World): US Republicans face first primary bbc.in/wDTXVV

CNN International: Colombian rebels open door for talks goo.gl/fb/yvA5T

BBCWorld: Export growth in China declines bbc.in/x7HkWi #worldnews (I saw the opposite earlier.) ?

guardiannews: Japan to release Australian activists who boarded whaling ship gu.com/p/34hkq/tf 

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