Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Morning World News of the 7th of January 2012

AlArabiya_Eng: Turkish hackers target French websites before genocide vote

PressTV: N. Ireland targeted by two bombings

PressTV: Pakistani policemen fire tear-gas shell to disperse protesters at a rally in #Karachi on January 6, 2012.

AlArabiya_Eng: Police: 13 dead in attacks in 2 states in northeast Nigeria amid violence by radical sect

PressTV: Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al - #Assad demonstrate in central #Damascus on January 6, 2012.
BreakingNews: Kenyan fighter jets kill at least 60 Islamist Shebab insurgents in southern Somalia, officials say - AFP
cnni: South Sudan aid effort 'under way' after tribal attacks

AlArabiya_Eng: Security forces kill 10 protesters and dissidents across #Syria: revolution council

BBC #Worldnews: Seven injured in police car crash
Guardian news: Hungary's 'Viktator' faces tide of protest at home and abroad, writes @HelenPidd #longreads
AJEnglish: Jamaica 'to cut ties with British monarchy'

BBC News (World): Unilever workers to stage strikes
Post #WorldNews: Police: Pakistani Taliban commander killed in shootout in Karachi
AJEnglish: Blackwater settles Iraq killings lawsuit

BBC News (World): Nigeria hit by string of attacks
Reuters Top News: Argentina's Fernandez sent home, never had cancer…
PressTV: Israeli Christian leader murdered

HuffPostWorld: Japan to shut down nuclear plants after 40 years
BBC #Worldnews: Kenyans 'kill al-Shabab rebels'
PressTV: Rice shortage in Malaysia to increase

Press TV: 'US abusing detainees in Afghan prison'
BBC Breaking News: UK govt believes a "serious terrorist plot" in #Kenya, probably against Western targets, has been disrupted recently
BreakingNews: Iranian government welcomes US Navy's 'humanitarian' rescue of13 fishermen kidnapped by pirates -ABC News
HuffPost #Worldnews: Venezuela's Chavez names controversial ally defense minister
PressTV: Islamic parties win #Egypt third vote

PressTV: Bahraini forces injure protesters

HuffPostWorld: Second man sets self on fire in Tunisia
The Associated Press: New Hampshire secretary of state expects 250,000 GOP votes in Tuesday's primary, 75,000 on Democratic side: -RJJ
Al Arabiya English: 24-hour curfew on northern Nigerian state after Christian killings #Nigeria
CNN International: Tortured Afghan girl 'weak' in hospital
Al Arabiya English: Kenyan air strike kills over 60 Somali Islamist insurgents: military

Telegraph World News: Israeli Christian murdered by 'Santa Claus' during #Christmas parade
Al Jazeera English: Scores more soldiers defect from Syrian army

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