Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Morning World News of the Eighth of January 2012

Breaking News: Former President Pervez Musharraf says he will return to Pakistan later this month and re-enter politics - CBS News
AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Libyan students resume classes… 
PressTV: Deadline set for Iowa Occupy camps

#worldNews: US Army confines dozens of soldiers to a Seattle base after sensitive military equipment goes missing- CNN
PressTV: Nigeria workers stage strike over fuel

PressTV: #Iran alloy steel exports up 26%

PressTV: 'Bahrain commits human rights violations'
PressTV: A US Predator drone had reportedly fired the first bomb in an airstrike that killed 35 Kurdish civilians in...
AlArabiya: #BreakingNews: Five people killed across Syria by security forces, including two tortured: Syrian Revolution General Commission
#worldNews: Revolutionary Guard commander says Iran will close key oil route if crude exports blocked - AP
PressTV: Protesters wave shoes, a sign of disrespect, at a demonstration in front of the presidential palace in Berlin

PressTV: Thousands of people march in the northern Spanish Basque city of #Bilbao on January 7 in favor of the pro-in

PressTV: An #Occupy Wall Street protester holds signs during a rally outside the Republican presidential debate.
BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Stricken ship breaks up off NZ coast
BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Snow blocks Austrian travel routes
Reuters: Saudi Arabia tries 16 suspected al Qaeda members

cnni: China 'shocked' at immigrant killings

PressTV: At least 11 Syrian soldiers have been killed and 20 others wounded in clashes with gunmen in Dara'a province,.
AJEnglish: After US-led war and occupation, #Iraq still does not have full control of its #oil, writes @DahrJamail
PressTV: Afghans recapture town from Taliban

Telegraph #worldNews: Four siblings killed in Freckleton house fire
SkyNewsBreak: Body found on Queen's Sandringham estate identified as that of 17-year-old Alisa Dmitrijeva.

AJELive: Police clashing with protesters at #OccupyOakland march. At least 3 arrests so far. Watch the livestream here:
PressTV: Pakistani Taliban leader killed in Karachi

PressTV: Ten killed in #Mexico drug violence

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