Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Morning World News of Report the 12th of January 2012

PressTV: US-led jets pound central #Afghanistan 
CNN International: Militants killed in Pakistan drone strike
HuffPostWorld: One killed in pirate attack of Spanish warship near Somalia

Reuters: EU firms renew Iran oil deals to win sanction reprieve

MarketWatch: Foreclosure activity has hit its lowest level since 2007
Breaking #worldNews: Myanmar signs cease-fire agreement with ethnic Karen rebels to end 63-year insurgency -AP
guardiannews: RBS to axe 3,500 jobs

BBCworld: World's biggest producer of wind turbines, Danish company Vestas, to cut 2,335 jobs, mainly in Denmark.
cnni: Afghan Taliban: Talks don't mean peace

guardianworld: Burma signs ceasefire with Karen rebels - key condition for better ties with the West. More on this soon
BBCworld: Ulster Bank to cut workforce by 950 with 600 redundancies in Republic of Ireland and 350 in Northern Ireland.
BBCWorld: Taliban fury at 'urination' video

BBC #Worldnews: Kenyan police killed near Somalia
PressTV: Euro plunges further against dollar 
MarketWatch: Strong Spanish, Italian debt auctions help add to gains in Europe

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman confirms President Zardari will return to Pakistan from Dubai on Friday amid tensions - Reuters
AP: Hong Kong stockbrokers protest shorter lunch break - down to an hour from 90 minutes; it was 2 hours last year:
Reuters: Special report: Jerry Brown's California budget nightmare

HuffPostWorld: Suspected U.S. drone kills 6 militants in Pakistan
CNNMoney: European Central Bank leaves key interest rate unchanged at 1% despite continued concern about debt crisis.
PressTV: Four #US suspects nabbed in Baghdad
AlArabiya: Video: Turkish convoy prevented from entering #Syria… 
BBCWorld: Israel Supreme Court upholds citizenship bar preventing Palestinians gaining #Israeli nationality by marriage
AP: Nigeria oil union threatens to join strike, start "systematic shutting down" of oil, gas starting Sunday: -ldh
AJEnglish: Myanmar in talks with Karen rebels

BBC: On the 2nd anniversary of the Haiti earthquake LauraTrevelyan reports on the 500,000 people still living in tents.
BreakingNews: Taliban say tape depicting US Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters won't hurt peace talks - Reuters
cnni: Nigeria fuel price protests rage on

Reuters: Analysis: India's polio victory fuels endgame vaccine talks

PressTV: Kenya police, army abuse civilians: HRW

PressTV: Pakistani protesters gather around a burning US flag during a #demonstration in #Multan on January 11, 2012.
PressTV: Tunisians shout slogan and hold placards during a protest outside the Interior Ministry headquarters demanding
BBC News (World): Burmese government signs ceasefire with ethnic Karen rebels. KNU has been fighting for more autonomy since 1940s
BBC Breaking News: Body of Kim Jong-il, North Korea's late leader, to lie permanently in state at Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Pyongyang
HuffPostWorld: WATCH: Europe's tallest active volcano erupts
BBC Breaking News: Royal Bank of Scotland says it will cut about 3,500 jobs over next 

BBC News (World): India bureaucracy 'worst in Asia'

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