Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Nightly World News of the 10th of January 2012

The Associated Press: North Korea responds angrily to US offer of food aid in return for nuclear disarmament: apne.ws/yXEQCV -VW
PressTV: Bomb attack injures 5 in NW #Pakistan dlvr.it/14YD08

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Mustapha Ahmadi, a university professor, is killed in Tehran bombing
Breaking News: ISNA News Agency: Car exploded near university in northern Tehran; 2 people injured - @Reuters
Al Arabiya English: An explosion shakes a square in northern Tehran: TV #AlArabiya #Iran
Breaking News: Update: India train collision kills 5 in Jharkhand - @BBCNews bbc.in/yOfGJj
Telegraph #worldNews: Three dead, 37 rescued after fire on board South Korean fishing ship tgr.ph/zpnz5U
Breaking News: US resumes drone strikes in Pakistan; 4 suspected militants killed - @ccni bit.ly/whk2re
CNN International: U.S. resumes drone strikes in Pakistan goo.gl/fb/Ihxne
PressTV: OWS protests rage on despite hurdles dlvr.it/14XrTT

Post World News: West Japan Railway president found not guilty of negligence in 2005 crash that killed 107 wapo.st/A8DgQi
PressTV: Poverty grips over 50% of UK children dlvr.it/14XVt7

The Economist: Far from improving the quality of justice in Bolivia, Mr Morales’s reforms risk making it worse econ.st/xDzEn8
HuffPostWorld: Peruvian drug czar replaced huff.to/xdIGW5
Al Jazeera English: UN says #Syria has 'stepped up killings' aje.me/xRTTA9
PressTV: Anti-militancy leader killed in #Pakistan dlvr.it/14XQDz #worldnews
Post World News: Sandinista leader Ortega takes oath of office to begin 3rd term as Nicaragua’s president wapo.st/zVaBiR
nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | The Americas: Colombia: Rebel Overture Rejected nyti.ms/wELY4x
nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Europe: Italy: Government Official Quits nyti.ms/zpbMZ7
nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: Japan: Cult Member Arrested nyti.ms/ziTcmh
Breaking #worldNews: Blizzard in Alaska closes Seward Highway; snow-to-date mark, 81 inches, is new record -adn
nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: Thailand: Compensation Approved for Victims of Political Protests nyti.ms/yOOGkG
Al Jazeera English: At least half of the deaths in #ElSalvador's capital are gang-related | aje.me/zsAjHg
The Associated Press: BREAKING: Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire Republican primary
Daily Telegraph News: Boko Haram kill eight as Nigerian beer parlour is targeted tgr.ph/wbvzvg

guardian #worldnews: UK labour market shows drop in permanent and temporary jobs gu.com/p/34tb3/tf
PressTV: 10 killed in violence across #Iraq dlvr.it/14Wbpz

BBC #Worldnews: Kodak stock rises 46% on new plan bbc.in/A4Cc9A
Guardian news: Cameron calls for tighter focus from UK's film industry funding gu.com/p/34tf9/tf
Press TV: 'EU jobless rate hits historic high' dlvr.it/14WJD2
NYTimes World: At War Blog: In One Girl’s Story, a Test of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan nyti.ms/yJJHld
nytimes #worldnews: Malnutrition in India Is Widespread, Report Finds nyti.ms/ycDrLG
NYTimes World: Official Vows Fishing Treaty Unity nyti.ms/zNdSaV
BBC News (World): Suspected US drone strike kills at least 3 militants in north-west #Pakistan, security officials say bbc.in/xkLPa3
CNBC: Fannie Mae CEO Mike Williams to Step Down
Post World News: Police: Islamist sect kills 8 at beer parlor in north Nigeria, including 4 police officers wapo.st/yphomq
CNN Breaking News: Dow, S&P 500: highest levels since July. #Dow up 69 points. on.cnn.com/xofV7P
Reuters Top News: Son of Green Bay Packers coach found dead: police reut.rs/yZGliM
Breaking News: Lawyer: Company settles wrongful death cases with families of 29 killed in 20120 West Virginia mine explosion - @AP apne.ws/w7k291
Reuters Top News: Michigan Treasurer says Detroit to run out of money by May reut.rs/xxEX8A
Breaking News: Thousands gather in Washington state to honor slain Mount Rainer ranger Margaret Anderson - @seattletimes bit.ly/wY7eYk
MarketWatch: U.S. stocks close higher in wake of Alcoa, China trade data and dearth of bad Europe news on.mktw.net/y6HjOm
BBC News (World): Court halts Oklahoma Sharia ban bbc.in/wU8o0O
Al Jazeera English: In San #Salvador, between 10 and 15 people are murdered daily | aje.me/zsAjHg
Reuters: Mafia now "Italy's No.1 bank" as crisis bites: report reut.rs/Aa6L1P

Reuters World News: Slow road to recovery in quake-ravaged Haiti reut.rs/wz1Ua2
Al Jazeera English: Sport: Eric Cantona runs for French presidency aje.me/Al9dtT
Telegraph World News: Tsunami warning in Indonesia has now been lifted tgr.ph/w9dhdl
Breaking News: Update: No immediate reports of injuries or damage following Indonesia quake; no sign of tsunami waves - @AP apne.ws/pTPd7G
MarketWatch: Crude oil snaps losing streak and closes atop $102 a barrel on.mktw.net/yTuIRn
Al Arabiya English: France condemns attacks against Arab League observers in Syria: Juppe - AFP
Al Jazeera English: Nigeria fuel-price protest enters second day aje.me/yRDZcp
HuffPostWorld: US forces rescue another 6 Iranian mariners huff.to/zOtbXj
Press TV: Six killed in northern Nigeria attack dlvr.it/14Tgtg
MarketWatch: Gold settles 1.5% higher at $1,631.50 an ounce on.mktw.net/J00Ag
CNN International: Journalists held in Ethiopia seek pardon goo.gl/fb/36rb6
Sky News Newsdesk: Reuters: Indonesian government issues tsunami warning after earthquake off Sumatra

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