Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chapter 4: Covering From the 6-11 of January 2012

This is commemorating the time that I am spending to prepare to teach English in China as I have spare time talking to an associate tonight. I will be leaving very shortly.

Al Jazeera English: Hungary's debt downgraded to 'junk' status

PressTV: 'Foreign death squads kill Syrians'

Al Arabiya English: #Iraqi officials say a roadside bomb has killed two Shiite pilgrims and wounded eight south of Baghdad #Alarabiya

Press TV: Moroccans demand more reforms

BBC Breaking News: Government-backed report signals that a high speed rail line between London and Birmingham will be approved

PressTV: '3,000 killed in S Sudan ethnic clashes'

nytimes #worldnews: Tibet Group Says 2 Set Themselves on Fire in China

nytimes #worldnews: 8 NATO Troops Killed in Southern Afghanistan Attacks

Fresh violence by radical Muslim sect kills at least 20 people in #Nigeria

HuffPost #Worldnews: Tens of thousands rally in Yemen to demand a trial for outgoing president

BreakingNews: Update: No fatalities reported in NW Indiana train collision - chicagotribune

AP: Supreme Court 2 consider if police dog's sniff outside the front door of a Fla. home was an unconstitutional search

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks close higher in 2012's first week, led by Nasdaq, up 2.7%; Dow drops 56 in

PressTV: UK police make 23rd arrest in hacking

Breaking News: US stocks close mixed despite upbeat jobs data; Dow down about 60 points at closing bell -@msnbc_business

Post World News: Lawyer says prominent Bahraini human rights activist beaten by police

PressTV: Twenty Christians killed in Nigeria

PressTV: Turkey police break up anti-NATO rally

Breaking News: Update: Authorities say 3 trains collide in NW Indiana; chemical spill reported -@chicagotribune

Breaking News: 11 people have died in a hot air balloon crash in New Zealand, spokeswoman says -

Al Jazeera English: Several dead in Nigeria shooting attacks

Reuters Top News: Fed officials push more stimulus for housing

BBC News (World): Jamaica to break links with Queen

Press TV: Thousands of #Jordanians have taken to streets across the country to mark the first

MarketWatch: Gold settles 0.2% lower at $1,616.80 an ounce

Breaking News: Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. turns himself in to begin jail sentence -

BBC News (World): VIDEO: South Africa's ANC marks 100 years

Al Jazeera English: Nigeria police block fuel hike protesters

The Associated Press: Thousands of officers stand at attention during funeral of ATF agent killed by friendly fire during robbery: -ldh

BBC News (World): Arrest over Mexico casino attack

Daily Telegraph News: First Tibetan self-immolations of 2012

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks mostly declined today, curbing weekly gains; the Dow is currently down 50

Al Jazeera English: Video: Palestinian population boom worries Israel

Press TV: Jordanians mark protest anniversary

Daily Telegraph News: Kazakhstan cancels voting in riot-scarred town

Al Arabiya English: 35 people were shot dead by the Syrian security forces on Friday: Syrian Coordination Committees 

BBC News (World): UN begins South Sudan aid effort

Reuters Top News: Obama administration broadens definition of rape

HuffPostWorld: Iran plans new drills in Strait of Hormuz

Press TV: Bahraini forces attack protest in Eker

Post World News: Husband of jailed ex-Ukraine PM Yulia Tymoshenko granted asylum in the Czech

Reuters Top News: Van der Sloot to plead guilty for murder in Peru

Reuters Top News: Latest Egypt vote brings Islamists closer to win

Sky News Newsdesk: U.S. Navy rescues 13 Iranian sailors being held hostage by pirates in Arabian Sea

Al Arabiya English: 24 people were killed by the Syrian security forces on Friday: Local Coordination Committees

BBC #Worldnews: Ethiopia troops 'to quit Somalia'

BBC #Worldnews: Bosnia heritage sites in crisis

BBC #Worldnews: US economy creates 200,000 jobs

AlArabiya_Eng: Fire breaks out in Tripoli's international airport, causes big damages: correspondent

Breaking #worldNews: Fitch downgrades Hungary's credit rating to BB+, amid standoff over international bailout - AP

BBC #Worldnews: US unemployment rate dropped to 8.5% in December, lowest level in nearly 3 years. Details soon:

BBCWorld: 4 Nato soldiers killed by bomb in southern #Afghanistan on Friday, Nato's Isaf says. Details

AlArabiya_Eng: Five rockets hit #Iraq's Green Zone; three roadside bombs in #Baghdad kill two 

guardian #worldnews: House prices down by 1.3% in 2011

Reuters: Damascus bomber kills 25, 46 wounded: Syria Addounia TV

BBC News (World): HTC quarterly profits plunge 25%

Daily Telegraph News: Tiger skins and bones seized in Thai customs swoop

CNN International: Pakistan releases Indian fishermen

BreakingNews: Mexican journalist shot to death in Monterrey, becoming 1st reporter to be killed in Mexico in 2012 - AFP

cnni: Iran to ramp up another nuclear plant

cnni: Curfew in Nigeria after Christians killed

CNN International: New Venezuelan official on U.S. drug list

Breaking News: Package explodes at home, seriously injuring two in Lafayette, Colo. - The Denver

Reuters: U.S. taxpayers owe $385 billion in 2006 taxes: IRS

Reuters Top News: Five severed heads found in northern Mexican city

The Associated Press: Argentine leader's thyroid, surgically removed, wasn't cancerous after all; now she faces lifetime hormone therapy:

NYTimes World: Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria Kill at Least 13

Al Arabiya English: At least 26 killed in #Syria; regime holds funerals of Damascus bombing

Reuters Top News: Syrian military official defects with soldiers: report…

PressTV: Yemeni protesters demand Saleh trial

 Press TV: #Egyptian #protesters set a #US #flag on fire during a #demonstration against US

CNN Breaking News: 17 Haitian men who say they were sexually abused by convicted U.S. aid worker sue for millions in damages.

BBC #Worldnews: Unusually heavy snow hits Austria

Al Arabiya English: At least 19 people have been killed by Syrian forces today, the revolution commission says

BBC News (World): Nigerians flee sectarian violence

AlArabiya_Eng: Turkish hackers target French websites before genocide vote

PressTV: N. Ireland targeted by two bombings

PressTV: Pakistani policemen fire tear-gas shell to disperse protesters at a rally in #Karachi on January 6, 2012.

AlArabiya_Eng: Police: 13 dead in attacks in 2 states in northeast Nigeria amid violence by radical sect

PressTV: Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al - #Assad demonstrate in central #Damascus on January 6, 2012.

BreakingNews: Kenyan fighter jets kill at least 60 Islamist Shebab insurgents in southern Somalia, officials say - AFP

cnni: South Sudan aid effort 'under way' after tribal attacks

AlArabiya_Eng: Security forces kill 10 protesters and dissidents across #Syria: revolution council

BBC #Worldnews: Seven injured in police car crash

Guardian news: Hungary's 'Viktator' faces tide of protest at home and abroad, writes #longreads

AJEnglish: Jamaica 'to cut ties with British monarchy'

BBC News (World): Unilever workers to stage strikes

Post #WorldNews: Police: Pakistani Taliban commander killed in shootout in Karachi

AJEnglish: Blackwater settles Iraq killings lawsuit

BBC News (World): Nigeria hit by string of attacks

Reuters Top News: Argentina's Fernandez sent home, never had cancer…

PressTV: Israeli Christian leader murdered

HuffPostWorld: Japan to shut down nuclear plants after 40 years

BBC #Worldnews: Kenyans 'kill al-Shabab rebels'

PressTV: Rice shortage in Malaysia to increase

Press TV: 'US abusing detainees in Afghan prison'

BBC Breaking News: UK govt believes a "serious terrorist plot" in #Kenya, probably against Western targets, has been disrupted recently

BreakingNews: Iranian government welcomes US Navy's 'humanitarian' rescue of13 fishermen kidnapped by pirates -ABC News

HuffPost #Worldnews: Venezuela's Chavez names controversial ally defense minister

PressTV: Islamic parties win #Egypt third vote

PressTV: Bahraini forces injure protesters

HuffPostWorld: Second man sets self on fire in Tunisia

The Associated Press: New Hampshire secretary of state expects 250,000 GOP votes in Tuesday's primary, 75,000 on Democratic side: -RJJ

Al Arabiya English: 24-hour curfew on northern Nigerian state after Christian killings #Nigeria

CNN International: Tortured Afghan girl 'weak' in hospital

Al Arabiya English: Kenyan air strike kills over 60 Somali Islamist insurgents: military

Telegraph World News: Israeli Christian murdered by 'Santa Claus' during #Christmas parade

Al Jazeera English: Scores more soldiers defect from Syrian army

Reuters Top News: Blasts at Malaysian courthouse where Anwar acquitted

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks open lower, with resources weak; Hang Seng Index down

BBC #Worldnews: Gang threatens Colombian police

Breaking News: Malaysian court acquits opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy - AP

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Cholera still rife in Haiti

Reuters Top News: Euro, stocks down as debt jitters trump U.S. data

BBC #Worldnews: Triple murder probe nurse bailed

guardiannews: Four arrested at Occupy protest in Lancaster

HuffPostWorld: 14 hostages freed from suspected pirate ship

Post World News: Iran’s Ahmadinejad begins 4-nation Latin American tour in Venezuela, seeking allies’

BBC News (World): In pictures: ANC celebrates 100 years

Reuters Top News: Swiss National Bank chief to face grilling over currency scandal

Breaking News: Australia trying to find Japanese whaling security ship with detained protesters - WA

Daily Telegraph News: Kenyan police close in on British woman connected to terror attacks

The Associated Press: Gunmen kill municipal employee in northern Mexico who wrote for small weekly newspaper: -CJ

Reuters: Investors in Murdoch's News Corp forgive hacking

Post #WorldNews: Gunmen kill municipal employee in northern Mexico who wrote for small weekly

Daily Telegraph News: Yemeni government drafts amnesty for President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Al Jazeera English: Video: Malaysian court to rule on Anwar sodomy trial

PressTV: Another bomb alert hits N. Ireland

HuffPostWorld: Israel indicts 5 alleged Jewish extremists in connection with army base rampage

Guardian news: Mexican footballer arrested over links to kidnapping gang

Press TV: Yemeni 'dignity' march arrives in Sana'a

Guardian news: Top story: Hackers expose defence and intelligence officials in US and UK

PressTV: US-led soldier killed in #Afghanistan #NATO

Al Jazeera English: Feature: Pakistani journalists face "red lines" everywhere, and often have nowhere to

Press TV: Tunisian artists #demonstrate on January 8, 2012 in front of the Constituent Assembly in #Tunis to demand a guaran

Press TV: A sign posted January 8, 2012 in the #Occupy DC encampment in #McPherson Square in#Washington, DC. Today marks th

 Al Arabiya English: Arab ministers meeting in Cairo demand immediate end to violence in #Syria

Al Arabiya English: Arab League gives observers in Syria green light to continue their mission

Reuters Top News: Arabs stop short of asking for UN help in Syria

Daily Telegraph News: Kim Jong-un celebrates birthday by driving a tank

BBC News (World): Tibetan dies in self-immolation

Post World News: New Syria clashes kill 11 soldiers, 10 civilians, activists say

Breaking News: Seven dead after Yemeni troops clash with Al-Qaeda linked militants in a new attempt to regain control of Abyan province - @FRANCE24

Al Arabiya English: Nigerian president says unrest is 'even worse' than 1960s civil war

PressTV: Suicides continue to plague #Indian army

BBC News (UK): Man 'stable' following shooting

 Al Arabiya English: Death toll in Syria today rises to 20: General Commission of the Revolution #Syria

Jess Bidgood: #occupynh boos Romney in Concord

CNN Breaking News: U.S. expels #Venezuela consul in Miami.

Reuters Top News: Giffords comes home to mark Tucson shooting anniversary

The Associated Press: Russian toddler swept into sewage system when sidewalk collapses, presumed -EF

Press TV: Bahraini forces clash with protesters

Breaking News: Former President Pervez Musharraf says he will return to Pakistan later this month and re-enter politics - CBS News

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Libyan students resume classes… 

PressTV: Deadline set for Iowa Occupy camps

#worldNews: US Army confines dozens of soldiers to a Seattle base after sensitive military equipment goes missing- CNN

PressTV: Nigeria workers stage strike over fuel

PressTV: #Iran alloy steel exports up 26%

PressTV: 'Bahrain commits human rights violations'

PressTV: A US Predator drone had reportedly fired the first bomb in an airstrike that killed 35 Kurdish civilians in...

AlArabiya: #BreakingNews: Five people killed across Syria by security forces, including two tortured: Syrian Revolution General Commission

#worldNews: Revolutionary Guard commander says Iran will close key oil route if crude exports blocked - AP

PressTV: Protesters wave shoes, a sign of disrespect, at a demonstration in front of the presidential palace in Berlin

PressTV: Thousands of people march in the northern Spanish Basque city of #Bilbao on January 7 in favor of the pro-in

PressTV: An #Occupy Wall Street protester holds signs during a rally outside the Republican presidential debate.

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Stricken ship breaks up off NZ coast

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Snow blocks Austrian travel routes

Reuters: Saudi Arabia tries 16 suspected al Qaeda members

cnni: China 'shocked' at immigrant killings

PressTV: At least 11 Syrian soldiers have been killed and 20 others wounded in clashes with gunmen in Dara'a province,.

AJEnglish: After US-led war and occupation, #Iraq still does not have full control of its #oil, writes

PressTV: Afghans recapture town from Taliban

Telegraph #worldNews: Four siblings killed in Freckleton house fire

SkyNewsBreak: Body found on Queen's Sandringham estate identified as that of 17-year-old Alisa Dmitrijeva.

AJELive: Police clashing with protesters at #OccupyOakland march. At least 3 arrests so far. Watch the livestream here:

PressTV: Pakistani Taliban leader killed in Karachi

PressTV: Ten killed in #Mexico drug violence

PressTV: Bahrain court drops two death verdicts 

The Associated Press: #Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi confirms she will run for -MM

N Korean state media announces 1 Feb amnesty for convicts. Not clear on numbers, details, or whether it includes political prisoners. - BBC

MarketWatch: China's December exports rise 13.4% from year earlier, well above forecast

NYTimes World: Israelis and Palestinians Discuss Peace Talks in Jordan

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: Pakistan: Militants Kill 10 Soldiers

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Blaze sweeps through Peru town

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks tick higher, with real-estate shares rising; Hang Seng Index up

nytimes #worldnews: 3 Monks' Deaths Show Rise of Self-Immolation Among Tibetans

MarketWatch: Japanese stocks open higher, with financials broadly stronger; Nikkei Average up 

Breaking News: Mudslides kill at least 8 in Rio de Janeiro; year's toll from heavy rains is now 23 -

The Associated Press: U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will close 259 domestic offices to help save $150 million per year: -RJJ

Reuters: U.S. November consumer credit surges by most since 2001

AJEnglish: Video: Kenya's TB campaign proves a success

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks close higher in light volume on hopes for solid U.S. corporate

BreakingNews: US consumers boosted borrowing by $20.4 billion in November, biggest monthly gain in a decade - AP

 Top News: White House Chief of Staff Daley stepping down

Breaking News: Police kill 2 protesters in Nigeria, wound more than 2 dozen as thousands demonstrate fuel subsidy cut - @Reuters

MarketWatch: Feb. gold down $8.70, or 0.5%, to end at $1,608.10

Al Jazeera English: #Yemen Cabinet approves immunity law for Saleh

TIMEWorld: EXCLUSIVE: World music celebrity turned Senegal presidential candidate Youssou N'dour speaks to @TIMEWorld |

Al Arabiya English: In cyber vengeance, #Israeli hackers say they obtained #Saudi credit card…

.Telegraph World News: Picasso and Mondrian paintings stolen from Greece's biggest state art

BBC News (World): Bahrain: Protest policeman jailed

BBC Breaking News: Sixty La Senza lingerie shops bought out of administration by Kuwaiti firm, saving 1,100 UK jobs. Details soon:

NYTimes World: Afghan Soldier Kills American and Wounds 3 Others

Al Arabiya English: #Iran arrests opposition figure Mehdi #Khazali

BBC News (World): Strike shuts down Malawi courts

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Three car bomb blasts rock the Iraqi capital Baghdad: Al Arabiya correspondent

Sky News Newsdesk: Reuters: UN nuclear watchdog confirms Iran has started uranium enrichment at new underground site.

PressTV: S Sudan ethnic clashes leave 24 dead

Al Jazeera English: Bahrain court overturns two death sentences

HuffPostWorld: New wave of bombs kills at least 14 in Baghdad

cnni: Japan holds Australian activists

Breaking News: Iraqi police and hospital officials say 2 parked car bombs kill at least 14 in Baghdad - @AP

AP: Gunman in #Afghan army uniform kills U.S. soldier on base in south, Afghan military says.

cnni: Mubarak trial resumes in Egypt

cnni: More Chinese monks self-immolate

AlArabiya_Eng: Fujairah pipeline could transport up to 1.5 million bpd once complete

BBCWorld: Rolls-Royce sales hit new record

MarketWatch: U.S. stock futures little changed; Alcoa set to report

PressTV: 'Anonymous' hacks #US, UK officials

AP: BREAKING: Authorities: Suspected Islamic extremist arrested in plan to bomb, shoot up Tampa-area sites. -EF 

AJEnglish: Nigerian fuel protests turn deadly

 PressTV: Iraq bombings kill one, hurt dozens

Reuters: Nigerian police shoot dead one demonstrator in Lagos fuel protest, three others wounded - witnesses, hospital staff 

BBC #Worldnews: Chechnya fighting 'kills seven'

BBCWorld: Viewpoint: Comeback kid to boost Malaysia's opposition 

AJELive: #Syria's Local Coordination Committees report 18 deaths during protests today, including three army defectors.

PressTV: Forces loyal to outgoing #Yemeni #ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh have #attacked

cnnbrk: 13 bodies found outside Mexican gas station, state media report. 

TheEconomist: Hotel room rates rose 4.3% in America in 2011, a sign that business-travel demand continues to increase

SkyNewsBreak: Almost 130 jobs to be lost in Dover as ferry operator SeaFrance goes into liquidation 

BBC #Worldnews: Guinea-Bissau leader dies at 64

PressTV: Two #Yemeni protesters killed in Taizz

 PressTV: Restaurant blast kills two in #Russia

cnni: Hildebrand quits as Swiss bank chief

CNNMoney: Stocks edge higher at the open as investors weigh developments out of Europe. Dow gains 19 points.

Telegraph #worldNews: Thirteen thousand police hunt Chinese serial killer

AP: #Iraqi officials say roadside bomb blast kills two Shiite pilgrims south of Baghdad. -MM

BBC #Worldnews: German exports ahead of forecasts

AP: Bus crashes on icy Montana interstate, killing two and injuring more than 30 others. -MM 

cnni: 10 beheaded Pakistani soldiers found

Reuters: Grim exchange of bodies after Pakistan army, Taliban clash

Reuters: Electricity only reaches one in three Afghans 

PressTV: Nigerians launch nationwide strike

PressTV: #Iran sentences CIA operative to death

cnnbrk: Carbon monoxide leak at Merchant Marine Academy sends 39 to hospital.

BBC #Worldnews: Australia in talks over activists

The Associated Press: Police say Colorado bomb that hurt two was in bag with victims' names on it; ex-husband is person of interest. -MM

BBC News (World): Activist Hazare leaves hospital

Al Arabiya English: A 6.7-magnitude earthquake is recorded off Solomon islands: USGS

The Associated Press: North Korea responds angrily to US offer of food aid in return for nuclear -VW

PressTV: Bomb attack injures 5 in NW #Pakistan

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Mustapha Ahmadi, a university professor, is killed in Tehran bombing

Breaking News: ISNA News Agency: Car exploded near university in northern Tehran; 2 people injured -@Reuters

Al Arabiya English: An explosion shakes a square in northern Tehran: TV #AlArabiya #Iran

Breaking News: Update: India train collision kills 5 in Jharkhand - @BBCNews

Telegraph #worldNews: Three dead, 37 rescued after fire on board South Korean fishing ship

Breaking News: US resumes drone strikes in Pakistan; 4 suspected militants killed - @ccni

CNN International: U.S. resumes drone strikes in Pakistan

PressTV: OWS protests rage on despite hurdles

Post World News: West Japan Railway president found not guilty of negligence in 2005 crash that killed

PressTV: Poverty grips over 50% of UK children

The Economist: Far from improving the quality of justice in Bolivia, Mr Morales’s reforms risk making it

HuffPostWorld: Peruvian drug czar replaced

Al Jazeera English: UN says #Syria has 'stepped up killings'

PressTV: Anti-militancy leader killed in #Pakistan #worldnews

Post World News: Sandinista leader Ortega takes oath of office to begin 3rd term as Nicaragua’s

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | The Americas: Colombia: Rebel Overture Rejected

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Europe: Italy: Government Official Quits

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: Japan: Cult Member Arrested

Breaking #worldNews: Blizzard in Alaska closes Seward Highway; snow-to-date mark, 81 inches, is new record -adn

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: Thailand: Compensation Approved for Victims of Political

Al Jazeera English: At least half of the deaths in #ElSalvador's capital are gang-related |

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire Republican primary

Daily Telegraph News: Boko Haram kill eight as Nigerian beer parlour is targeted

guardian #worldnews: UK labour market shows drop in permanent and temporary jobs

PressTV: 10 killed in violence across #Iraq

BBC #Worldnews: Kodak stock rises 46% on new plan

Guardian news: Cameron calls for tighter focus from UK's film industry funding

Press TV: 'EU jobless rate hits historic high'

NYTimes World: At War Blog: In One Girl’s Story, a Test of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

nytimes #worldnews: Malnutrition in India Is Widespread, Report Finds

NYTimes World: Official Vows Fishing Treaty Unity

BBC News (World): Suspected US drone strike kills at least 3 militants in north-west #Pakistan, security officials say

CNBC: Fannie Mae CEO Mike Williams to Step Down

Post World News: Police: Islamist sect kills 8 at beer parlor in north Nigeria, including 4 police

CNN Breaking News: Dow, S&P 500: highest levels since July. #Dow up 69 points.

Reuters Top News: Son of Green Bay Packers coach found dead: police

Breaking News: Lawyer: Company settles wrongful death cases with families of 29 killed in 20120 West Virginia mine explosion - @AP

Reuters Top News: Michigan Treasurer says Detroit to run out of money by May

Breaking News: Thousands gather in Washington state to honor slain Mount Rainer ranger Margaret Anderson -@seattletimes

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks close higher in wake of Alcoa, China trade data and dearth of bad Europe

BBC News (World): Court halts Oklahoma Sharia ban

Al Jazeera English: In San #Salvador, between 10 and 15 people are murdered daily |

Reuters: Mafia now "Italy's No.1 bank" as crisis bites: report

Reuters World News: Slow road to recovery in quake-ravaged Haiti

Al Jazeera English: Sport: Eric Cantona runs for French presidency

Telegraph World News: Tsunami warning in Indonesia has now been lifted

Breaking News: Update: No immediate reports of injuries or damage following Indonesia quake; no sign of tsunami waves - @AP

MarketWatch: Crude oil snaps losing streak and closes atop $102 a barrel

Al Arabiya English: France condemns attacks against Arab League observers in Syria: Juppe - AFP

Al Jazeera English: Nigeria fuel-price protest enters second day

HuffPostWorld: US forces rescue another 6 Iranian mariners

Press TV: Six killed in northern Nigeria attack

MarketWatch: Gold settles 1.5% higher at $1,631.50 an ounce

CNN International: Journalists held in Ethiopia seek pardon

Sky News Newsdesk: Reuters: Indonesian government issues tsunami warning after earthquake off Sumatra

Sky News Newsdesk: U.S. Geological Survey: Magnitude 7.3 earthquake off west coast of northern Sumatra

BBC News (World): Alaska frozen by extreme winter

Al Arabiya English: UN Security Council: 400 people killed in Syria since Arab League monitors started a monitoring mission

AJEnglish: Decade after Bush signed its opening & 2 years after Obama called for closure, 171 detainees remain in Guantanamo

PressTV: Yemeni protesters demonstrate against the law of immunity pertaining outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh for

Breaking News: Taliban militants storm government building in Afghanistan, killing at least 7 in 6-hour firefight - @latimes

Press TV: Roughly 2,000 Israelis of #Ethiopian origin stage a rally against #racism in the southern #Israeli town of Kiryat

PressTV: 'No sign #Iran preparing to close Hormuz' 

AJEnglish: Suu Kyi to run for Myanmar parliament

AlArabiya_Eng: Jobless Tunisian dies days after self-immolation: hospital

AJEnglish: On the Blog: Ahmadinejad's South America tour

PressTV: Bahrain regime forces attack protesters

BBC #Worldnews: Burma halts power plant in Dawei

MarketWatch: Stocks in Europe rise in early trades, led by banking sector

BBC #Worldnews: South African university stampede kills one

AlArabiya_Eng: As many as 35 killed and 69 wounded in Pakistan's Khyber region blast

AJELive: Click here to watch Syrian President Bashar al Assad live on Al Jazeera: 

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Nigeria braced for more strikes

cnni: Ship leaks more oil off New Zealand 

 Al Arabiya English: Suicide bombers storm govt building in Afghanistan, kill two police: ministry

The Associated Press: Bomb rips through market in northwest #Pakistan, killing at least 10 - VW

BBC News (World): Australia marks Queensland floods

Press TV: Anti-violence rally held in S Sudan

NYTimes World: Chinese Exports Grow, but Imports Show Signs of Weakening

Post World News: Mexico says it has controlled spill of 1,500 barrels of oil along river leading to

Al Jazeera English: Video: Peru fire leaves hundreds homeless

BBC News (World): US Republicans face first primary

CNN International: Colombian rebels open door for talks

BBCWorld: Export growth in China declines #worldnews (I saw the opposite earlier.) ?

guardiannews: Japan to release Australian activists who boarded whaling ship 

BBC #Worldnews: Vietnam crew killed in ship fire

Al Arabiya English: Asia solar stocks surge on strong demand hopes

Al Arabiya English: Second Jordanian dies after setting himself ablaze

BBC News (World): Royal Bank of Scotland expected to confirm plans to reduce its investment banking division, affecting up to 4,000 staff

nytimes #worldnews: Iran's Leaders Shut Down Independent Film Group

BBC Breaking News: British spies will be cleared in a number of cases of alleged complicity in the torture of detainees abroad, BBC learns

BBC News (World): MI5 'cleared' over torture claims

cnni: Japan ready to cut oil imports from Iran

Reuters Top News: China inflation eases to 15-month low

Al Arabiya English: U.S. judge drops #Saudi Binladin Group in Sept. 11 lawsuits

BBC News (World): Magnitude 5.7 #earthquake strikes off east coast of #Japan, US Geological Survey

Daily Telegraph News: US set to resume peace talks with the Taliban

BBC Breaking News: Mississippi judge blocks release of 21 inmates who were granted reprieves, sparking outrage in the US state

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Nigeria: 4 Are Killed by Gunmen

Breaking News Storm: Update: Cyclone Heidi downgraded to category 1 after hitting Western Australia -

PressTV: Spain parliament OKs austerity push

Al Jazeera English: Sex scandal hits Australian military

Breaking News Storm: Update: 30-35 homes damaged as possible tornadoes touch down in North Carolina, officials say - @wcnc

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Europe: Czech Republic: Churches to Get Restitution for Seized

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Europe: Germany: Official Killed in Court

 The Associated Press: Canadian aid to help Haiti relocate 20,000 people from quake camp outside crumbled palace: -CJ

CNN Breaking News: Mississippi judge blocks release of prisoners pardoned by outgoing Gov.

Breaking News: Japanese stocks drop in early trade, as euro falls - @MarketWatch FDA halts orange juice shipments from all over the world to test for

BBC #Worldnews: Cyclone Heidi hits west Australia

BBC #Worldnews: JP Morgan kicks off bank earnings

The Associated Press: Former U.S. soldier ordered held on charges that he tried to join terrorist group in Somalia: -CJ

Press TV: OWS replants flag at Zuccotti Park

Breaking News: US Marines to investigate video allegedly showing soldiers urinating on deceased Taliban fighters - Air Force Times

Reuters Top News:  Memo that triggered a U.S. investigation into possible cyber-attack by Indian military intelligence likely fake:

CNN Breaking News: Arrests in 17 states for making, selling fake Social Security cards, birth

Press TV: The Russian government has announced it will not join proposed US and European sanctions against Iran's oil...

Reuters Top News: Analysis: Israel uses risky "hits" in deadly shadow war

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Clashes over Manila slum demolition

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks recover most of day's losses by the close; S&P 500 stalled at five-month

MarketWatch: U.S. stock indexes mounting late rally in bid to post Wednesday gains

PressTV: 'Militants kill 14 #Pakistani troops'

MarketWatch: U.S. sells 10-year debt at lowest-ever yield

Reuters: Arab League will delay sending more monitors to Syria after this week's attack on an observer team, league official says

PressTV: #Kuwaiti #protesters take part in a #demonstration outside the #US #embassy in#Kuwait

PressTV: Strong quake jolts northern #Iran

AJEnglish: Feature: Malaria kills nearly 3k children each day, but a new vaccine could make things @MeeraDalal

MarketWatch: Gold up $8.10, or 0.5%, to close at $1,639.60

Breaking #worldNews: Gunmen ambush security patrol in SW Pakistan, killing 14 soldiers, govt says - AP

cnnbrk: 100% of NH precincts in: Romney 39%, Paul 23%, Huntsman 17%, Gingrich 10%, Santorum 10%, Perry 1% #CNNElections

MarketWatch: Sears shares jump 10% to rank as S&P's top performer

NYTimes World: New Prime Minister Surprises Moroccans With Support for Abortion

Al Jazeera English: Kandahar police chief survives suicide attack

PressTV: Turkish commander fired over air raid

HuffPostWorld: Drug violence in Mexico killed more than 47,000 people since December 2006

BBC News (World): State curfew after Nigeria riot

Al Arabiya English: Syrian Revolution General Commission: 27 killed by security force gunfire across Syria today

Breaking News: Homicide drops off US list of top causes of death for the 1st time in 45 years, government health officials say - @AP

MarketWatch: Energy stocks have cooled off; $CVX has dropped 1.3%, $COG down 7%, $SWN fell

BBC News (World):  'Rubbish fines' for India evaders

BBC #Worldnews: Mexican murder rate rise 'slows'

CNN International: Report clears Rwanda rebels of attack

Reuters: Euro nears 16-month low on debt fears, global stocks fall

Post #WorldNews: Joran van der Sloot pleads guilty to killing 21-year-old Peruvian woman

cnnbrk: 13,000 killed in #Mexico drug violence in first 9 months of 2011, attorney general

BBC #Worldnews: State prosecutor dies after being shot by defendant in courtroom in Dachau,

MarketWatch: MW Radio: Coors Light passes Bud to become U.S.'s No. 2 beer

PressTV: Jewish settlers torch Palestinian cars

Guardian World: India's children reap the bitter harvest of endosulfan pesticide

MarketWatch: Urban Outfitters shares plummet 20% as CEO exits

Breaking News: More: At least 8 people killed, 25 wounded in attack which killed western journalist in Homs, Syria's Addounia TV reports - @Reuters

BBC #Worldnews: Couple found dead in Birmingham

Breaking #worldNews: Pakistan prime minister sacks defense secretary - Reuters

BBC News (World) :BBC wins prisoner interview bid

MarketWatch: Crude-oil futures decline nearly 1%; dollar moves higher against euro

guardian #worldnews: FBI files describe Wu-Tang Clan as a criminal organisation "co-ordinating drug-deals & homicides"

MarketWatch: Dow industrials fall 50 points as U.S. stocks open lower Wednesday

Telegraph #worldNews: 'Mass suicide' protest at China Foxconn factory…

Telegraph #worldNews: GALLERY: Record snowfall in the Alps: latest pictures…

Breaking #worldNews: Twinkies maker Hostess Brands files for bankruptcy protection to deal with high labor costs - AP

PressTV: #Syrian #President Bashar al-Assad waves at #supporters during a #public appearance in

BBC: 5 police officers go on trial in Bahrain over death in custody of blogger during last year's antigovernment unrest

AlArabiya_Eng: Cyprus releases a Russian Syria-bound ammunition ship

AlArabiya_Eng: Syrian Revolution General Commission: 11 people killed by security force gunfire across Syria today

Breaking #worldNews: Ford recalling 450,426 vehicles to fix defects that can cause fire or loss of power - CNBC's @Lebeaucarnews

BBCDomC: High Court rules that Justice Secretary Ken Clarke was wrong to stop the BBC filming a terrorism suspect held for 7 years w/o trial

BBC #Worldnews: Two journalists killed when a shell exploded while they were covering a rally in Homs,

PressTV: Police arrest Greek radio occupiers

guardian #worldnews: Another Iranian nuclear scientist killed in Tehran bomb explosion

MarketWatch: German economy expands 3% in 2011

cnni: Mosque defaced in West Bank

BBC #Worldnews: VIDEO: Rains trigger deadly Brazil landslide

AJEnglish: Occupy protesters return to New York park 

AlArabiya_Eng: #Qaeda claims responsibility for Iraqi parliament blast, saying it targeted prime

guardian #worldnews: Fire aboard ship off Antarctica kills three fishermen

Reuters: Arab monitor quits Syria mission in disgust

PressTV: Casualties feared in S #Afghanistan blast

AJEnglish: President Bashar al Assad addresses a mass rally in #Syria's capital Damascus - watch live on Al Jazeera:

BBCBreaking: UK roadside restaurant chain Little Chef to close 67 of its 161 sites, resulting in loss of 500 - 600 jobs

cnni: Yemen attack kills officer, wounds 7

BBC #Worldnews: Uganda shops shut in bank protest

BBC Breaking News: EDF Energy to cut gas prices in UK by 5% from 7 February, due to fall in wholesale gas price.

Breaking News: More: State-run news agency reports Iranian professor was a department supervisor at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility - Reuters

CNN International: Cyclone barrels toward Australia

PressTV: #Israel shells southern #Lebanon in drill

AJELive: Media reports say #Cyprus has intercepted #ammunition cargo headed for #Syria

Telegraph #worldNews: Three shot dead in attack on Christian village in Nigeria

AJEnglish: Rwandan president cleared over crash deaths

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