Friday, January 6, 2012

The Really Late Night World News of the 6th of January 2012

Al Jazeera English: Hungary's debt downgraded to 'junk' status
PressTV: 'Foreign death squads kill Syrians'

Al Arabiya English: #Iraqi officials say a roadside bomb has killed two Shiite pilgrims and wounded eight south of Baghdad #Alarabiya
Press TV: Moroccans demand more reforms
BBC Breaking News: Government-backed report signals that a high speed rail line between London and Birmingham will be approved
PressTV: '3,000 killed in S Sudan ethnic clashes'

nytimes #worldnews: Tibet Group Says 2 Set Themselves on Fire in China
nytimes #worldnews: 8 NATO Troops Killed in Southern Afghanistan Attacks
Fresh violence by radical Muslim sect kills at least 20 people in #Nigeria
HuffPost #Worldnews: Tens of thousands rally in Yemen to demand a trial for outgoing president Saleh
BreakingNews: Update: No fatalities reported in NW Indiana train collision - chicagotribune
AP: Supreme Court 2 consider if police dog's sniff outside the front door of a Fla. home was an unconstitutional search
MarketWatch: U.S. stocks close higher in 2012's first week, led by Nasdaq, up 2.7%; Dow drops 56 in day
PressTV: UK police make 23rd arrest in hacking

Breaking News: US stocks close mixed despite upbeat jobs data; Dow down about 60 points at closing bell - @msnbc_business
Post World News: Lawyer says prominent Bahraini human rights activist beaten by police
PressTV: Twenty Christians killed in Nigeria

PressTV: Turkey police break up anti-NATO rally

Breaking News: Update: Authorities say 3 trains collide in NW Indiana; chemical spill reported - @chicagotribune
Breaking News: 11 people have died in a hot air balloon crash in New Zealand, spokeswoman says - @NZStuff
Al Jazeera English: Several dead in Nigeria shooting attacks
Reuters Top News: Fed officials push more stimulus for housing
BBC News (World): Jamaica to break links with Queen
Press TV: Thousands of #Jordanians have taken to streets across the country to mark the first anni
MarketWatch: Gold settles 0.2% lower at $1,616.80 an ounce
Breaking News: Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. turns himself in to begin jail sentence - @reviewjournal
BBC News (World): VIDEO: South Africa's ANC marks 100 years
Al Jazeera English: Nigeria police block fuel hike protesters
The Associated Press: Thousands of officers stand at attention during funeral of ATF agent killed by friendly fire during robbery: -ldh
BBC News (World): Arrest over Mexico casino attack
Daily Telegraph News: First Tibetan self-immolations of 2012
MarketWatch: U.S. stocks mostly declined today, curbing weekly gains; the Dow is currently down 50 points
Al Jazeera English: Video: Palestinian population boom worries Israel
Press TV: Jordanians mark protest anniversary
Daily Telegraph News: Kazakhstan cancels voting in riot-scarred town
Al Arabiya English: 35 people were shot dead by the Syrian security forces on Friday: Syrian Coordination Committees 
BBC News (World): UN begins South Sudan aid effort
Reuters Top News: Obama administration broadens definition of rape
HuffPostWorld: Iran plans new drills in Strait of Hormuz

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