Sunday, February 26, 2012

The celebration is over.

Dear Family,

Over the past few days, since I emailed you last, I have done a lot. I feel free to express myself and do what I like, since I no longer work for Mary. I am in good terms with everyone, and they express a great love for me. My love for them has been expressed too, for I have been exposed to the routine of the school more. One thing that I have done to show my love is to help in their process of serving the students lunch. All of the teachers go to the cafeteria, and they get two big buckets. One usually has rice, and the other usually has some type of soup. The great love within the school which I feel apart of brings my soul to parade around the school delivering the buckets of food empty or full to there destinations. I love serving. On my first day, doing this, I saw one of my former students, carrying both of the buckets, so I ran to her aid, trying to deliver both of them to the cafeteria. She wouldn't let me though. She saw my child-like purity. After the delivery she walked ahead, looking like she wanted me to chase her. I embraced her desire, and she guided me, holding my sleeve up to see her classmates. My students were up there in varies classrooms. I am received a like the mascot of the school in a few classes. I helped three times already in their lunch routine, and it has been bliss to serve and interact with the children. I have been hugged and lead by the hand at this kindergarten.
A sister that want me to call her mama dong ping has had me help her in her role as the school doctor. I probably have met or seen all the children, for she has me help her weigh the children on a scale. Another service, which was a lot of fun, was the wrapping of spring rolls. The chief deep fried a lot of springs rolls one day to have plenty for the entire school. All the staff helped. They asked me how many Spring rolls that I ate, and they were happy to hear that I ate more than ten of them.
The evening that I received notice that I was accepted in to BYU Idaho. I was taken out to a steakhouse by the staff. I felt almost awkward, since I cannot communicate to them, but its good. Another we went out to celebrate a teacher's birthday. I have named her Erika. The younger faculty at the school really know how to have a party. Four of these teacher call themselves my sisters. The younger are my sisters and the older are my mama.
On Friday I had a date with a daughter of Mama Tong, a teacher at our kindergarten. Mama Tong came in the afternoon with one of her daughters. I received her as a good friend as she was the one that I talking to the past few days. When we sat down, I realized that she must be the older sister, since she spoke as if he met me for the first time. She came to inform me that her younger sister, which I was hoping to meet was not coming. Mama Tong likes to give me her phone randomly to meet her daughter, and the settings of our communication never let me memorize her name.
After I received the news that 'Susan' was not coming, I went to go up to hang out with the teachers as the students had nap time. I hoped to write in my journal as they knitted; however, Mama Tong gave me her phone, and her daughter was on the phone, telling me that she was coming, so we can 'play'. When I heard a mix of voice, I knew that it must have been the older sister, and her husband spoke to me too.
They totally spoiled me. When I got into the car, they asked what my favorite food was. Since the word 'fruit' rang in their ears, they stopped at a fruit-stand meters away, buying me all the fruit that I wanted. I found out that their names were Vergil and Anna. For an odd reason a lot the English names that I hear seem old fashion, so they asked me to give them new names. Vergil's nature reminded me of Kevin Chapmen, a high school best friend, so I gave him the name Kevin.
Kevin and Anna took me to a museum, telling me that this museum was the first in all of China. There were divers building with plenty to see.
It was funny because it seemed that the tour guides were always walking over us. They were literally tripping over us. When we arrived at the great man's house, a tour guide arrived with a company of military officials. I took a picture of the statue of great man and the tour guide as proof.
Zhe is the family name of the great man, but I cannot remember his whole name. I learned that he gained his great wealth by his factories, making clothe. He has also served in government, being one of the first elected to a democratic government. I took a picture of his genealogy, his family admonition, and a few other things. This weekend was very interesting. I learned that Nantong is a city full of museums and Suzhou is city full of gardens.
In Suzhou yesterday evening the YSA group date was a little messy, but it was okay. Andres and I planned to meet at the Suzhou south bus station, but when I arrived, I was surprised to find that I was at the north station. I was trying to connect with my friend, but I didn't know how to find the 168 bus. A "taxi" took me, but it took him like 25 minutes to find it. It was too late by then to catch the bus to find Andres. I gave myself an hour to find the place. The bike driver was like a chicken without her head, looking for a bus stop, and I was discussing with Andres the way to reach the restaurant, showing him different destination that I should be going. The "taxi" driver asked for twenty yuan, but I only had hundreds. When he took my hundred, he went off with it even after a man, which coincidentally could speak English, was rebuking him to give me my change. I only got twenty back from him.
The next adventure was finding a taxi, which I don't have much luck with. Since I was late, I was running after any taxi that I found. That took like forty minutes. I finally got myself a taxi, arriving at the Indian Restaurant about a hour late.
I never at Indian food, so the environment was new. Coming in late, Andres and I were out of it. We had a good dinner though. I sought after having two couples to be at the dinner to have a good personal setting. When the third sister came, it was good, but the environment could have been better. Allyne, the third sister, was celebrating getting into BYU Hawaii as I celebrated getting into BYU Idaho. yay!

Take care, (How is my grammar now, Wes?)

Alexander Hicken

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