Saturday, February 25, 2012

I may be moving to Shanghai to write a book, and I have great news too!

22 February 2012

Dear Family,

My life has been on a rollercoaster. Last night I felt odd, for the last few days have plagued me with a cold. My circumstance is developing quite odd. Last night I was told to prepare to visit Sam's family in Rugo. I had this opportunity to write this book with Mark, which seems to be a man of great statue. I was talking to friends, and in that time as my teaching opportunity here at Mary's International Education seems to be closing on me. I had to answer to this Mark. I will add his cover letter, which he has sent me, so you can understand.
The fact is that my teaching opportunity with Mary is gone. The English program was not managed properly and fell apart from the get go. That is my opinion. 
It was an interesting situation this morning, for it began with Mary, telling me that the English school will be closing and I was not going to Rugo. I was shocked. She was going to the school, commiting me to do my passion, which is communicating and writing. She asked me "Why I was not writing?" I replied. It is because I don't know what to do with my life, and I don't know my options. I pondered how I can take control of my life. I was lead to email Mark, a proposition that I can move down to Shanghai, and we can write his book. I was lead to do this as I spoke to some friends, for I was arranging to see them in Rugo. I did not know what to do, but I felt expected to go to my office at the school. When I arrived I checked my gmail, I saw an email from BYU idaho, saying that they have made the decision, concerning my admission. This morning has been exciting. When Mary was going to came in to tell me that she was going to buy me a ticket for my flight home, my shocked and dreary state changed to rejoicing. I have been accepted in at Brigham Young University Idaho. I finally may have taken control of my life too, for I am awaiting Marks decision, concerning living with them. I hope to stay here as long as possible to learn Chinese. I wonder if I can teach part time, when I am working with Mark in Shanghai. 

Take care


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