Saturday, February 25, 2012

Looking for another job.

20 February 2012

Dear family,

I have been sentenced to sit at a computer because I have done something wrong perhaps. I told Mary that I got a job interview for tonight, and she replied no. I don't know what that means. I attempted to communicate, but she did not let me use the translator. Mary said according to the contract that she has not drawn up yet, I am supposed to only teach at her school, giving this school the competitive edge. I have an interview tonight at seven, and I don't what Mary is going to pull on me.
On Friday I realized that I do have a role at the school here. I did not tell you about this because it comes in short notice, but I teach middle school students age twelve on Saturday. I had three on the first day, but they did not come a couple days ago. I have to sell me teaching skills in China. I just completed being informed that my foolish mistake, and the assumed topic was what Itransgressed. I was further instructed not to say anything about her family or the school. On Saturday he said that I should talk to President Benson about getting a job.
This past week, starting Monday the thirteenth, upon revelation the sabbath day, the day before. I received the guidance that I should no longer study the Book of Mormon with my dictionary, for I am not learning real Chinese. I am learning reformed Egyptian translated into Simplified Chinese. During the week that I was studying the mandarin Book of Mormon, I felt weak. I learned on last Sunday that I should have my scripture study and my Chinese language study seperate. The progression in studying Chinese is too slow to count it as my scripture study.
I assume that most of you have not read the lasted article that I send for the OBWeekly, but I see that I have a lot of time in the morning to study. In priesthood a brother was lead to testify that at the MTC. He heard Thomas Monson promise his gift of Photographic memory, if you memorize one verse a day. I am assume that it is sequential in order. On my mission, Iattempted this, so this is not new to me. I have gone a week so far. A verse in Doctrine and Covenants 84:85 says: Niether take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say, but treasure up in your minds continually the words of like, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.God said that portion that is meted unto every man shall be given to us. This bless is much larger than just teaching the gospel. These words are so powerful. I don't know how to explain.
I was further asked by the branch to prepare a talk, which I said yesterday. I already gave you the talk, so I do not need to explain.It should be at, if not ask Eliza about it.
There is a social networking website here in China. It is called QQ. Ilike to meet people on the bus to Suzhou, and get their QQ number if they are cool. We practice Chinese, and talk. The girl that Imet on the bus coming home was cool, but Ihad to deal with drama this evening with it though. Girls like to have friends, and two random girls asked me to be their friends. Idid not know them, and I did not want with chatting with random mysterious girls. I had to put an end to dealing with the random people, so Iasked them where they got my number.They refused to answer. Igave both of them five seconds to tell me then, I deleted them off the list. One finally broke down, and said that she was not able to tell me in English. I did not understand that, but she told me in Chinese. Qin Dan the girl that Imet on the bus gave, my number to them. Iasked if the girl knew the other random girl, and they were actually roommates. haha. Iseem to like to make drama in China.
This weekend Ihung out with Andres, the Ecudarian guy. He thought that it was coincidental that he knows Martiza, my sister in law, and that she married Thomas. Another thing that was coincidental, which happened when we were talking with a couple other YSA about learning Chinese, was that Andres was talking about the Book of Mormon programs that he downloaded to help him learn Chinese, and the guy that made one of the programs was one of the couple YSA. 
We seem to be naturally coming together to be good friends. I was hoping to hang out on Saturday. I spoke with Nicole about hanging out. I was worried that the YSA would just be a group of friends that hangs out without dating. I thought that Nicole and I can set an example and a good foundation for us to date each other; however, she is recovering from a spine injury, so we could not do it this weekend as hoped.
Just a few minutes ago in my pursuits to find a job, I received a phone call from Mark from Oakland, California. He is in Shanghai for some reason though. I saw his opportunity as he asked for a passionate creative write. It looks like I am going to be a GHOST WRITER! This is an awesome job title. haha. He said that it will pay forty yuan an hour, which is about 6.35 dollars, but I am excited about the job. He is Dyslexic that is why he needs the Ghost writer. The topics of the book is what I love too, which as eaching. learning disabilities, and business.
Another thing that happened this past week is interesting. One of the faculty leaders has been taking me to the campus cafeteria for lunch, but since she cannot speak English, she was lead to basically sit me to myself. I was tired to dealing with a lonesome lunch I felt like everyone was talking and laughing about me, so I got up. I saw that I know that one of the sister at least knows a little English, so I went to talk to her and eat Lunch with her. After that day I was received by the faculty a friendly. They take me up to hang out with them. One day last week four of the sisters and I went out after lunch to KFC, celebrating a sister's birthday. I named three of the four sisters each as the following names: Mellisa, Andrea and Erika. I was happy that I was lead to take control of that situation. They are very friendly. They invite me to join their family on outings, but on the weekends, I want to be in Suzhou with the Saints as long as I can.

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