Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Nightly World News of the 25th of March 2012

The Associated Press: 
Tibetan protester lights self on fire during anti-China protest in Indian capital:  - VW

MarketWatch: Spanish stocks down 1.3% on weekend regional-election result, economic worries 

MarketWatch: Japan stocks open higher, with weaker yen adding support; Nikkei Average up 0.3%

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks ease lower, as some earnings results weigh; Hang Seng Index down 0.1%

PressTV: Bahrainis rally to support jailed activist

cnni: More violence, protests in #Syria as US, Turkish leaders discuss aiding opposition

Post #WorldNews: South Ossetia holds another presidential election after previous disputed vote was annulled

HuffPostWorld: Free Botox for Brazil's poor

BBC #Worldnews: CCB profit up 25% in 2011

Post #WorldNews: Police fire tear gas on crowds outside polling station where Senegal's president will vote

AP: Japan shuts down another nuclear reactor; all could be off line by May -VW

nytimes #worldnews: In Nigeria, Schools Become a New Target for Boko Haram

HuffPost #Worldnews: Floods forces thousands from homes in Ecuador

TheEconomist: The Syrian regime is winning battles, but losing the war for its survival

BBC #Worldnews: Japan shuts down nuclear reactor

Post #WorldNews: Philippine massacre suspect, ex-elections chief arraigned on electoral fraud charges

AJELive: Activists report renewed shelling on the Old Homs neighbourhood of Safsafah this morning. #Syria

PressTV: Syria approves new political party

AJELive: Preliminary results of Senegal vote show Macky Sall won landslide victory against long-standing president Wade

nytimes #worldnews: India Ink: Anna Hazare Tries to Renew Anticorruption Movement

Al Jazeera English: Video: Portugal a hit with pioneering drug programme

Post World News: Former Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf dead at 78

Reuters: ONEMI: Chile quake not expected to generate a tsunami

BBC #Worldnews: Niger's complicated hunger crisis

PostWorldNews: Canada's leading opposition party elects new leader months after Canada mourns previous head

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Thousands flee embattled Mali

WSJ World News: Egypt's Islamists Set to Dominate New Constitution

Reuters Top News: A 7.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Chile, the USGS reports

Press TV: US,#Turkey agree to aid Syrian rebels

Post World News: Senegal state TV: President Abdoulaye Wade concedes defeat to Macky Sall after runoff vote

AlArabiya_Eng: Senegal's president concedes election defeat: state media

Al Arabiya English: Libyan militiamen storm luxury #Tripoli hotel, detain owner over unpaid bill

Exclusive: Shell scrambles to pay huge bill for Iran oil

The Economist: An increasingly assertive Scotland may suck investment and jobs from below the border. Indeed, it is already doing so

Post #WorldNews: Hong Kong election committee chooses Leung as next leader, heeding wishes of public, Beijing

HuffPostWorld: Floods kill dozens in Ecuador

WSJ World News: Austerity Frames Spanish Regional Vote

Al Jazeera English: Merkel's party wins German state election

Reuters Top News: U.S. negotiation efforts with Taliban have failed: group
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AJEnglish: Senegal awaits presidential runoff results

AP: Obama administration is betting on plans for a $4.9B, 200-mile rail line from California to the Vegas casinos: -RJJ

The Associated Press: Supreme Court hears fight over Obama's health care law; issue could be key to presidential campaign: -ldh

Post World News: Slovenian referendum rejects law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in some cases

AJEnglish: Israeli court rejects hunger striker's appeal

AlArabiya_Eng: Death toll in #Syria today has reached 51: Coordination Committees

Post #WorldNews: News reports: At least 19 killed when Algerian bus crashes into ravine

BreakingNews: Clashes between Malian rebels and a pro-government militia kill at least 10, sources say - Reuters

cnnbrk: Brother of a gunman killed in siege charged with complicity in 7 murders and 2 attempted murders.

TelegraphNews: Police seek taxi driver who drove shot Russian banker German Gorbuntsov

PressTV: Afghan police seize 17 tons of explosives

Post World News: Israel charged with extorting African migrants in trafficking ring

guardian #worldnews: US healthcare reforms battle moves to supreme court

Breaking News: Egypt arrests 15 over clashes between angry soccer fans and military police, security source tells @Reuters

Post World News: Thousands protest in Belarus in largest anti-government rally in more than a year

Reuters World News: Bamako returning to normal, Mali's north threatened

HuffPostWorld: Thousands flock to Pope's mass in Mexico #worldnews

guardiannews: Journalist seeking truth about Khmer Rouge 'fears for his life' after harassment by state security forces

AlArabiya: Egypt's military ruler Tantawi denies reports he plans to dissolve the People's Assembly

Al Jazeera English: Annan mission 'last chance' for #Syria

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 41 people have been killed in Syria today: Coordination Committees

HuffPostWorld: Gaza baby dies from power shortage

The Associated Press: Congress pursues modest agenda amid partisan divisions and election year politics: -CJ

Telegraph World News: Aung San Suu Kyi cancels campaign stops after falling ill

Breaking News: Israel Supreme Court rejects agreement to delay settler outpost evacuation until November 2015 - @AP

PressTV: Al-Shabab vacate stronghold in #Somalia

PressTV: Yemeni troops attack Taizz protest

PressTV: Gas prices are on a rising trend following the Western sanctions against Iran & Tehran's decision to stop oil.

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