Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chapter 7, Covering from the 21st-25th of March 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wsj #worldnews: Portugal Braces for General Strike 

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | The Americas: Panama: Noriega Is Found to Have a Brain Tumor, His Lawyer Says

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | The Americas: Chile: Landmark Gay Rights Ruling

MarketWatch: ‏ Japan stocks fall, with brokers hit on insider-trading news; Nikkei Average down 0.2%

Reuters Top News: Afghan shooting suspect joined Army, dodged $1.5 million judgment
wsj #worldnews: Several Killed in Turkish-Kurdish Clashes

TheEconomist: After a 17-hour siege, Mohammed Merah, who is suspected of a multiple killing spree, remains holed up

 WSJ World News: Obama to Visit South Korea for Nuclear Talks
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Post #WorldNews: Al-Qaida group says it abducted German engineer, believed to be first by group in Nigeria

TheEconomist: After a 17-hour siege in #Toulouse, Mohammed Merah, who is suspected of a multiple killing spree, remains holed up http:// ...

nytimes #worldnews: Fighting Returns to Areas Syria Had Declared Secure

PressTV: Mali forces mutiny, seize pres. palace

AJEnglish: Video: Rebellion takes toll on South Kordofan clinic

AP: White teen pleads guilty to murder, hate crime for running over black man with pickup truck in Mississippi: -CC

BBCBreaking: Three explosions heard near site where suspected gunman is holed up, witnesses in #Toulouse in France say.

wsj #worldnews: Mexico Court Says Convicted French Kidnapper's Rights Violated

BBC Breaking News: #France's interior ministry says explosions at #Toulouse building were to intimidate gunman and assault is yet to start

Post #WorldNews: Radical Islamist sect attacks north Nigeria village, sparking gun battle, military says

Post World News: US F-16 fighter jet crashes in central South Korea; pilot ejects safely
Breaking News Storm: Illinois state lawmakers say FEMA denies state's appeal for tornado aid - thesouthern

BreakingNews: San Francisco sheriff officially served with paperwork to be suspended from office on misconduct charges. nbcbayarea

BreakingNews: New Hampshire House kills bill that would have repealed gay marriage, replaced it with civil unions - AP

Wall Street Journal: Dept of Energy says weekly gasoline demand has fallen to its lowest level since 2001. Few market observers believe it.

BBCWorld: #Uganda's main opposition leader Kizza #Besigye has been arrested in connection with death of a policeman

Reuters Top News: Mali army attack presidential palace in mutiny

Post World News: Disagreement over negotiators delays talks to free Italians abducted by Maoist rebels in India

Breaking News: Mexico Supreme Court panel votes not to release Frenchwomen convicted of kidnapping - @France24_en

Reuters Top News: ‏Stubborn drought expected to tax Mexico for years

Breaking News: Texas officials say 2011 drought cost record $7.62 billion in crop, livestock losses - AP

Al Jazeera English: Mali soldiers storm state broadcaster

MarketWatch: Dow industrials, S&P 500 close lower; Nasdaq edges up
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AJEnglish: Video: Protests over fuel hikes in Indonesia

AJELive: Three #Filipino sailors kidnapped by tribesman in central #Yemen 

AJELive: #Sarkozy pays homage to dead soldiers. He says dead soldiers were victims of "terrorist execution" #Toulouse

Reuters Top News: Brazil charges Chevron with crimes over oil spill

PressTV: British retailer Game to axe 6,000 jobs
Guardian news: Tennessee bill protects teachers who challenge evolution and climate change

Post World News: Tunisians use 56th anniversary of country’s independence from France to call for secular state
MarketWatch: Gold ends 0.2% higher at $1,650.30 an ounce

Reuters Top News: BofA sells more European credit cards to Apollo

Sky News Newsdesk: MoD: British soldier from 2nd Battalion, the Mercian Regiment killed in explosion in Afghanistan, family informed

Breaking News:US says it is suspending its effort to recover remains of fallen soldiers in North Korea - @AP

Post #WorldNews: Colombian military says 39 FARC rebels killed in country's northeast, most in bombing of camp

 MarketWatch: S&P and Nasdaq turn positive; Dow industrials lag

Press TV: Kenyan jets kill 37 al-Shabab fighters

BBC Breaking News: Italy's largest trade union, the CGIL, says it will hold a general strike over plans to reform employment laws

cnnbrk: Colombia says dozens of members of leftist FARC group killed.

The Associated Press: Supreme Court gives property owners right to challenge EPA wetlands order: -CJ

MarketWatch: India's jewelers extend strike, putting further pressure on gold

The Associated Press: With no international consensus, Turkey and allies run out of options on how to stop #Syria's Assad: -CJ

Press TV: Rocket attack kills 3 in#Afghanistan

MarketWatch: Treasury yields slip from four-month high

SkyNewsBreak: Chancellor: Growth forecast for 2012 revised up 0.1% to 0.8%

The Associated Press: Civil rights leaders keep pressure on Florida officials to arrest George Zimmerman, who shot unarmed Trayvon Martin:

AJELive: #Syria's opposition fighters regroup in Lebanon. @ZeinakhodrAljaz reports:

HuffPostWorld: Israel empties Egyptian embassy

 BBC Breaking News: Contact has been re-established with #Toulouse gunman after a period of silence, sources close to operation tell AFP

Al Jazeera English: Op-ed: #Israel's recent air raids on #Gaza could be preparation for conflict with #Iran

 Al Jazeera English: The world's worst deforestation rate is in #Indonesia, home to 10% of all #tropicalrainforests |

 PressTV: Syria pushes rebels out of Deir al-Zour

 Post World News: South Africa court orders release of files for dropped corruption case against president

AJEnglish: Feature: The top five arms importers are all #Asian countries, with #India the single largest recipient

HuffPost #Worldnews: Gaddafi spy chief reportedly to be extradited to Libya

Post #WorldNews: Fires burning on Mount Kenya may have been set by poachers; flames rage through bamboo area

AJELive: #Breakingnews One injured as car bomb intended to target civilians is intercepted in Somali capital #Mogadishu

AP: 6 arrested after more than 100 rally in Phoenix to protest sheriff's immigration policies: - VW

AJELive: "Tanks entered residential neighbourhoods, especially in southeastern areas of Deir al-Zor" #Syria

HuffPost #Worldnews: Devastating collision in India

AJELive: Police: Parcel bomb exploded at the Indonesian embassy in #Paris, causing minor damage but no injuries |

nytimes #worldnews: Sensing a Siege, Kurds Hit Back in Turkey

Reuters: RT kkelland Tobaco has killed 50 million people in the past 10 years:

 cnni: Car bomb hits Somali capital #worldnews

CNN International: Clinton: West reducing Iran oil imports

 AJEnglish: 'Car bomb attack' foiled in Mogadishu

cnni: Widespread damage after Mexico quake 

wsj #worldnews: Myanmar Invites U.S., EU Election Monitors

 AJELive: Four suspects held after car bomb attack in heart of #Mogadishu injures two

#AlArabiya: French police say suspect, named as Mohammed Merah, of Algerian origin #Toulouse

PressTV: RMT: UK govt itself sparking riots

PressTV: Anti-regime protests endure in #Bahrain

Post #WorldNews: Former Swiss minister probed over scandal that led to central bank chief resigning

PressTV: Bomb blast kills 2 cops in NW #Pakistan

#AlArabiya: 12 people are killed by the fire of Syrian forces across the country: Syrian activists #Syria #Assad

Telegraph #Worldnews: RT MikePflanz BREAKING Reports that Judith Tebbutt, British tourist held in Somalia for 6 months, is being released

guardian #worldnews: British hostage Judith Tebbutt released by Somali pirates, Reuters reports.

BBCWorld: French Muslim Council head Mohammed Moussaoui says gunman's acts "totally contradict foundations of Islam".

 cnni: India becomes biggest arms importer

BBCBreaking: #Toulouse suspect had been followed for "several years" by domestic intelligence, says interior minister.

 #AlArabiya: #Qaeda claims deadly wave of #Iraqi bombings #worldnews

BBCWorld: Suspect no longer talking to police & weapons found in car close to surrounded flat, interior minister says.

 #AlArabiya: Japan closes its embassy in Syria: foreign ministry #Syria #Assad

Telegraph #worldNews: British hostage Judith Tebbutt released after ransom paid
AJEnglish: Boko Haram ends talks with Nigeria government

#AlArabiya: Video: Slain American teacher honored in Yemeni city #Yemen #JoelShrum

Post #WorldNews: Rising number of Chinese spy cases in Taiwan highlights Beijing's interest in US-made defenses

Post #WorldNews: Nigeria journalist threatened; was mentioned as possible intermediary with radical sect
AlArabiya_Eng: Islamist group claims #Syria bombs 'to avenge Sunnis'

guardian #worldnews: Demographic timebomb: China grows old before it grows rich.

#AlArabiya: The mother and brother of the suspect in France's deadly shootings were detained along with the brother's girlfriend: police

BBCBreaking: French media say Mr Merah's neighbours in #Toulouse are being evacuated as stand-off continues. Latest:

matthew_weaver: Khaldiyeh in Homs under army bombardment since dawn, according to an activist in the area #Syria

guardian #worldnews: Top story: British hostage freed by kidnappers in Somalia

Loud blast and gunshots heard in center of Somali capital Mogadishu #AlArabiya

 Sky News Newsdesk: Prosecutor: Two police officers hurt in operation, decision taken last night at 22:00 to carry out raid this morning

AJEnglish: French police raid home over school killing

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: An explosion targets the Indonesian embassy in Paris: AFP

AJEnglish: A story about #deforestation told in silence through the eyes of a dying orangutan in #Indonesia

Sky #worldNews Break: French Interior Minister Claude Gueant confirms 24-year-old suspect is French and is from Toulouse

#AlArabiya: A parcel bomb exploded outside the Indonesian embassy in Paris, without causing any injuries: police
Sky News Newsdesk: AFP: French minister says shooting suspect is linked to Jihadist groups and wanted to avenge Palestinian children

cnni #worldnews: Obama to visit demilitarized zone

 BBC News (World): NZ minister resigns over 'errors'

 Al Arabiya English: Syrian tanks shell Damascus suburbs as rebels deplore reported rights violations #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

 BBC News (World): Indian rebels deadline extended

The Associated Press: Manzullo ousted by Illinois GOP foe after 10 terms in Congress; Jackson Jr. survives primary: - VW

Al Jazeera English: Sharp increase in Palestinian deaths in 2011

Guardian news: Shellfire in Damascus suburbs, say Syrian rebels

The Economist: With the long-term unemployed now a large share of the jobless, we risk permanent damage to the economy’s potential

  WSJ World News: Morocco's Aviation Industry Takes Off

Post #WorldNews: West African ECOWAS bloc calls on Tuareg rebels to end attacks in Mali

Post World News: Top New Zealand politician resigns Cabinet post amid scandal over effort to help friend

Reuters Top News: Syria rebels quit eastern city; Russia critical

WSJ World News‏: Japan, EU Get Break on Iran Sanctions

WSJ World News: General Backs Gradual Afghan Exit

The Economist: At least 100 journalists are behind bars in Turkey, more than in any other country. Most are held on terrorism charges

BBC #Worldnews: Five jailed for Guatemala killing

Reuters Top News: Israel has asked Egypt for permission to send planes to remove the contents of its Cairo embassy

BBC News (World): Call for Florida shooter arrest

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks open higher after string of losses; Hang Seng Index up 0.5%

Al Jazeera English: Video: Sri Lanka holds first census in 30 years

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Middle East: Egypt: Suspended Sentences for Officers Accused of Killings

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Congo: Security Forces Killed 33 in Election Season, U.N. Says

 NYTimes World: World Briefing | Middle East: Hundreds in Yemen Seek Justice in Death of Joel Shrum

 The Economist: The Justice Department has blocked a Texas electoral measure requiring voters to produce photo identification

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Mitt Romney wins Republican presidential primary in Illinois

Anthony De Rosa: CNN projects Mitt Romney the winner of the Illinois GOP primary.

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Somalia: Militia Repels Shabab

 NYTimes World: Dutch Church Accused of Castrating Up to 10 Young Men

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Members of Darfur Rebel Group Get Death Penalty

MarketWatch: Japan stocks down in post-holiday return, with car shares weak; Nikkei Average down 0.4%

HuffPost #Worldnews: Wave of bombings leaves carnage in Iraq

Post World News: Train collides with taxi at unmanned crossing in northern India, killing 15 people

AJELive: Karzai's team clash over long term relations with US | #Afghanistan

 Post World News: Security Council takes up statement supporting Annan’s efforts to end violence in Syria

Breaking News: Polls close in Illinois: @NBCNews declares the GOP primary 'too early to call,' Mitt Romney leads

 Al Jazeera English: Op-ed: Sarah Mousa asks: How long can Gaza stand high unemployment, fuel crisis and other hardships?

The Economist: The Arab spring was about much more than food. But food inflation may have been the final nail in the coffin

WSJ World News: Oil Slides on Saudi Supply Comments

Post World News: Hugo Chavez says plans for attack on rival uncovered in Venezuela, government offers security

Al Jazeera English: S Kordofan fighters seek change in Khartoum

Reuters Top News: U.S. exempts 11 states from Iran sanctions; China, India exposed

NYTimes World: Attacks Hit Iraq as It Prepares to Host Arab League

Reuters Top News: U.S. sets "surprisingly low" China solar panel duties, dealing a blow to U.S. manufacturers

Breaking News: Greek Parliament approves new bailout deal - AP

wsj #worldnews: South Africa Probes Deputy President

Al Jazeera English: Feature: Arrest of Algerian dissident shows limits of democratic reform, activists tell YasmineRyan

CNN International: Harry Potter actor jailed for London riots

The Associated Press: House GOP election-year budget plan mixes deep cuts with cost curbs for Medicare: -RAS

Post World News: Ukrainian parliament accuses jailed ex-PM Tymoshenko of high treason

Press TV: 'No permanent#US bases in Philippines'

 Lauren Young: The Wall Street gold rush in foreclosed homes via jennablan and mattgoldstein26

nytimes #worldnews: North Korea Plan for Satellite Vexes Nuclear Talks

 NYTimes World: Pakistani Parliament Seeks End to Drone Strikes

CNN Breaking News: #Obama to fast track southern portion of #Keystone XL pipeline.

CBS News: Supreme Court wary of life without parole for juveniles
 Press TV: ‏ Germany to sell#Israel new submarine

Post World News: ‏ South Sudan team to head to Sudan this week ahead of meeting between presidents

 CNN Breaking News: ‏ At least 800 houses collapsed in Igualapa, #Mexico, a town near the epicenter of a 7.4-magnitude #earthquake.

Breaking News Storm: National Weather Service confirms 3 tornadoes last night in Texas: 1 in Devine, 1 in Natalia, 1 in Bexar Co. - EricFisherTWC

Al Jazeera English: France mourns for school shooting victims

 Post World News: ‏ Estonia expected to crack down on human trafficking to avoid US blacklisting

Al Jazeera English: Op-ed: In #Iraq, many young followers of #emo music have been killed, writes Mark LeVine culturejamming

Wall Street Journal: 401(k) fees cost Americans roughly $164 million a day. SmartMoney

Post World News: Myanmar to allow Southeast Asian neighbors to send observers to monitor April vote

 BBC News (World): #Mexico #earthquake damages 500 houses in Guerrero state, according to governor, local TV reports. Picture gallery

 NYTimes World: E.U. Official’s Comments on French Attack Draw Israeli Fire

Al Jazeera English: Op-ed: As #Syria slides into civil war, #Assad must give up power to save country he says he loves, says MarwanBishara

 Al Jazeera English: ‏ What has #OccupyWallStreet achieved six months later and what else needs to change? |

The Associated Press: Convicted Nazi war criminal Demjanjuk may be buried in Ohio; some fear grave could become neo-Nazi shrine: -EF

Post World News: Attacks in 8 Iraqi cities target police and pilgrims, killing 46 ahead of Arab summit

Al Jazeera English: Video: Peru jails prisoner of neglect

Post World News: ‏ Russian bloggers sense threat

Al Jazeera English: Japan warns North Korea over rocket launch

MarketWatch: Oracle profit jumps 18%; shares rise in late trading

Al Jazeera English: Op-ed: #Mali has already experienced major #Tuareg rebellions and a new one seems to be starting

 MarketWatch: Dow finishes down 69 points; S&P 500 snaps three-session advance

Al Arabiya English: Russia says Assad ‘making lots of mistakes,’ in its harshest criticism of Syria

The Associated Press: USGS downgrades earthquake in Mexico to 7.4 magnitude, aftershock was 5.1 magnitude: -EF

Al Jazeera English: Bahrain lauds progress as critics decry delay

Breaking News: Senior US official: Obama to visit Demilitarized Zone on South Korea's border with North Korea on Sunday ahead of Seoul summit - @Reuters

Randal Archibold: Now that appears #quake not serious in Mexico City people getting eats and drinks instead of heading back to work

Al Jazeera English: The history of #OWS from its early days until now |

Post World News: Health worker, 2 teachers abducted in restive southern Philippines; extortion suspected

Sky News Newsdesk: Third person arrested in connection with fatal stabbing during party at house of former boxer Herbie Hide

 NYTimes World: Obama Exempts Japan and 10 European Nations From Iran Sanctions Law

AP VIDEO: Powerful earthquake of 7.6 magnitude shakes Mexico. Here's a look at the latest: -EF

Guardian news: Mauritania 'to extradite former Gaddafi spy chief to Libya'

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

BBC #Worldnews: Police in Ecuador's capital Quito use tear gas in clashes with protesters

Reuters: Hong Kong property tycoons muscle in on leadership poll

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Asia: China: Vietnamese Fishermen Detained

BBC News (World): Seven people die of swine flu in #India's Maharashtra state, doctors say

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | The Americas: Brazil: Computer Chips Track Students

BBC Breaking News: #Japan activates missile defence system as #NorthKorea prepares rocket launch

Breaking News: At least 2 people injured in chemical explosion at Portland, Oregon, factory - @Oregonian

nytimes #worldnews: In Self-Immolations by Tibetans, Signs of New Turmoil

nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Middle East: Yemen: Militants Face Attack From Sea

Breaking #worldNews: Air Canada ground crews walk off the job in Toronto; several flights delayed - CTVToronto

PressTV: Kashmir bomb blast kills four

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks track Asian peers lower, with Hang Seng Index down 1%

Reuters Markets: Nike posts higher profit, sees strong demand

Reuters World News: France to resume election race after gunman's death

MarketWatch: Japan stocks open sharply lower as yen rises; Nikkei Average down 1.1%

Breaking News: Florida man agrees to plead guilty for celeb hacking - AP

BBC News (World): US will resume military aid to #Egypt, by waiving requirement for Cairo to show "progress towards democracy"

Press TV: Police attack Portuguese demonstrators

BBC News (World): World Bank and African Development Bank suspend aid to #Mali

BBC Breaking News: Afghan massacre suspect Staff Sgt Robert Bales to be charged with 17 counts of murder, US officials say

Al Jazeera English: US soldier to be charged in 17 Afghan deaths

Post World News: 5 London police officers injured in dog attack during raid; 4 seriously hurt

PostWorldNews: Yemeni officials say navy shelling has killed 29 Qaeda militants in southern coastal region

Post World News: Ugandan police restrict opposition leader’s movements after deadly clash kills policeman

Al Arabiya English: 83 people have been killed by the fire of Syrian forces acrioss the counrty: activists

Joanna chung: ‏Tenn. Senate OKs Bill To Allow Anti-Evolution Talk In Classrooms

Al Jazeera English: UN peace push fails to halt #Syria violence

BBC News (World):‏ Opposition groups in #Syria say at least 10 civilians on a bus trying to flee to #Turkey have been killed

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks end lower, with S&P down for third session, on dim data from China and Europe

BBC News (World): "It sounded like a thunder storm" - massive boulder crushes a house and two cars in #Ohio, #SA

CBS News: BREAKING NEWS: Sanford, FL police chief temporarily steps aside amid investigation into shooting of Trayvon Martin

Reuters: Gunmen "execute" Yemeni officer, three killed in clash

Reuters Top News: U.S. House votes to abolish Medicare cost panel

Reuters: Angry British police to seek right to strike

Reuters Top News: American Airlines parent may reject union pacts

Al Arabiya English: Clinton to certify that #Egypt meeting its obligations under peace treaty with Israel, to allow US aid to go forward: Senator Leahy’s aide

Al Jazeera English: Feature: #Senegal is 94 per cent #Muslim, and it selected a #Christian as its first president

Press TV: Harry Potter star jailed for 2 years

Press TV: Saudi forces shoot activist in Awamiyah

BBC Breaking News: ‏Two more bodies found next to the wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, bringing to 5 the number discovered today

Reuters Top News: JOBS ACT, bill to boost startups, wins Senate approval

Press TV:Yemenis demand Saleh execution

Al Arabiya English: 70 people have been killed by the fire of Syrian forces: Local Coordination Committees

CNN International: ‏ On World Water Day, billions are still without clean water. waterforpeople are one group trying to change that

 CBS News: Congress passes scaled back STOCK Act (via CBSNewsHotsheet)

BBC News (World): VIDEO: UN adopts Sri Lanka war resolution
PressTV: Portuguese protest ahead of strike 

 cnni: Russia says it will support Annan in Syria

BBCWorld: Priest stands trial over a number of alleged sexual assaults against woman in Ireland, dating back 20 years

 PressTV: Moroccans protest corruption, poverty

HuffPost #Worldnews: Israel abandons Egyptian embassy

MoD names UK soldier killed by explosive device in #Afghanistan on Wednesday as Captain Rupert William Michael Bowers

guardiannews: GlaxoSmithKline to create 1,000 jobs

BBC #Worldnews: Public sector workers in #Portugal strike in protest against the government's austerity measures

AlArabiya: Video: Major foot-and-mouth outbreak in Egypt threatens North Africa, Mideast: #FAO #FootandMouth

PressTV: Bomb attack kills two in #Afghanistan 
MarketWatch: Gold settles 0.5% lower at $1,642.50 an ounce

breakingpol: US Senate approves House-passed bill to prevent insider trading by members of Congress - nationaljournal

PressTV: Strong quake strikes Papua New Guinea 

AlArabiya_Eng: Palestinians suffer fuel crisis in Gaza; unity deal at heart of Egypt-Hamas dispute #AlArabiya #Gaza

AlArabiya_Eng: #Qaeda gunmen kidnap, kill #Yemen intelligence officer

AlArabiya_Eng: Nearly 1,000 #Pakistani women 'killed for honor'

wsjworld: Signs of Easing Inflation in India

AlArabiya: #BreakingNews: 29 people killed in a missile strike on al-Qaeda sites in Zanzibar, correspondent reports

PressTV: Avalanche kills 50 in #Afghanistan

AlArabiya: Mystery surrounds 3 Algerian children's suicide in less than a day.

HuffPost #Worldnews: Court slams Chile for denying custody to lesbian mother

cnnbrk: Scores die in #Syria attacks one day after U.N. condemns violence.

#AlArabiya: Mali president 'safe' after fleeing from overnight rebel coup

AJEnglish: Witness follows 2 sisters as they struggle to seek justice for the deaths of their parents in #Argentina |

 Guardian World: Tycoon on death row: the dark side of China's capitalist adventure

Sky News Newsdesk
AP: Italian search official says 3 more bodies have been found in Costa Concordia wreckage

AlArabiya_Eng: Syrian forces shell al-Azzaz region in Aleppo: Syrian Coordination Committees #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

BBCWorld: video: Qaeda demands jailed #Germany woman freedom of terror charges in return for hostage in North Africa

 BBC News (World): French luxury accessories maker Hermes reports record profits and sales for 2011, despite global economic gloom

AJELive: Defence officials in the #US say death toll of #Kandahar massacre now up to 17 |

Reuters Top News: Brent falls below $124 on China demand concerns

MarketWatch: U.S. first-time jobless claims fall to 348,000 last week, fewest since February 2008

 Reuters: Nokia finalizes 1,000 job cuts in Finland

Telegraph #worldNews: David Beckham's father to sue News Group Newspapers over phone hacking

#AlArabiya: African Union 'strongly condemns' #Mali coup.

Reuters: India loses $210 billion in coal sales in "mother of all scams"

Telegraph #Worldnews: Rumours in China over a split in Communist party leadership

Breaking #worldNews: France's foreign minister says it suspends cooperation with Mali following coup d'etat - Reuters

HuffPost #Worldnews: Activist: Syrian fighters and regime troops clash in Daraa, Hama

guardian #worldnews: Oxford police arrest 12 on suspicion of child exploitation

BBC #Worldnews: Seven Kurdish rebels and 6 Turkish police officers killed in clashes in far SE of #Turkey, reports say

BBC: Bertie Ahern received 210K euros in undisclosed payments while Irish PM & not guilty of corruption, tribunal finds

AP: UN rights body approves resolution pressing Sri Lanka to conduct credibe war crime probes: - VW

AP: Police official says killing spree suspect dead after 32-hour standoff - VW

Breaking #worldNews: Renegade Malian soldiers close country's land and air borders, according to soldiers' spokesman - Reuters

AJEnglish: Video: China's 'quiet campaign' in Hong Kong

AJELive: French Interior Minister Claude Gueant "The suspect was found dead and two officers were injured." #Toulouse

nytimes #worldnews: Gunfire Erupts as Police Storm Apartment of French Shooting Suspect

NBC #worldNews: French gunman jumped out of apartment window continuing to shoot; was found dead on the ground, prosecutor's office says

 nytimes #worldnews: Rendezvous Blog: Hunt for Missing U.S. Soldiers in North Korea Ends

Telegraph #Worldnews: Blog: Interpol, a Tunisian dictator, and the hounding of an innocent man

Post #WorldNews: AP Interview: Part of Hungary's new church law problematic, Council of Europe chief says

Al Arabiya English: Ban Ki-moon hopes U.N. statement on #Syria proves to be ‘turning point’

Press TV: Bahraini forces attack, hurt protesters

Post World News: Company hosting Megaupload’s frozen data says somebody else needs to pay the bill

Wall Street Journal: Total student-loan debt is over $1 trillion, roughly 16% higher than an earlier estimate made this year.

 Breaking News: Reuters: Mali soldiers on state TV say they have ended the rule of President Toure, will aim to hand over power to new elected government

Post World News: Policeman stoned to death by protesters in violent clash in Uganda

Post World News‏: Australia’s most wanted fugitive captured and charged with murder after 7-year manhunt

BBC News (World): India market gutted in huge fire

WSJ World News: Detainee Deal Stalls Taliban Talks

WSJ World News: New Zealand 4Q Growth Weak On Manufacturing

Post World News: Ecuador’s Indian activists, marching in anti-mining protest, claim government harassment

 Breaking News: China factory activity shrinks for 5th month, HSBC flash purchasing managers index shows - Reuters

MarketWatch: China manufacturing slows sharply, preliminary HSBC data show

NYTimes World: Mexican Art Project Puts Faces on Crime’s Toll

BBC #Worldnews: Japan in surprise trade surplus

BBC #Worldnews: Portugal's quiet poverty crisis

cnnbrk: Florida officials vote "no confidence" in police chief in #trayvonmartin shooting

 MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks rise ahead of China manufacturing survey release; Hang Seng Index up 0.4%
Friday, March 23, 2012

Post #WorldNews: Spain moves toward freedom of information law amid widespread disgust over corruption

Post World News: Mt. Kenya fire consumed 10 percent of forest before being put out, wildlife officials say

Reuters Top News: Indian Maoists kidnap lawmaker during Italian hostage talks

BBC News (World): ‏VIDEO: 'Tanks shell houses' in Hama, Syria

Al Jazeera English: ‏Mass protests and fresh violence in #Syria

Reuters Top News: Gangs in crime-plagued El Salvador call a truce

Post World News: Guinea-Bissau ex-military boss seeks refuge at EU compound after killing of ex-intel chief

The Economist: The 20th anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo risks obscuring that Bosnia and Hercegovina is still troubled

Al Jazeera English: On the Blog: Tibetans end hunger strike in New York

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Asia: Pakistan: Taliban Attack Rivals

NYTimes World: World Briefing | Middle East: Egypt: Soccer Clashes Erupt

 nytimes #worldnews: World Briefing | Africa: Nigeria: Villages Sue Shell Oil

BBC News (World): US aid to Palestinians released

PressTV: 1 killed, 18 injured in #Egypt clashes

Press ‏TV: Gazans urge#Egypt to resume fuel flow

Breaking News: Space station crew to shelter in Soyuz craft as Russian satellite debris passes about 23 km away at 2:38 am ET - @NASA

nytimes #worldnews: Clans and Villages Flee Syria, Investigators Say

Breaking News: Hundreds in Chicago rally for Trayvon Martin - @NBCChicago
Press TV: Gunmen kill 4 troopers in SW#Pakistan

The Associated Press: African Union to send 5,000 soldiers to hunt for Joseph Kony; recent viral video attention 'very important':

Reuters: Nokia Siemens, German unions agree on 1,600 job cuts

BBCWorld: World Bank confirms 3 candidates for presidency - Jim Yong Kim; Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; Jose Antonio Ocampo

Reuters: World Bank says it received 3 nominations for the bank's presidency

BBC Breaking News: Staff Sgt Robert Bales could face death penalty if found guilty of 17 counts of premeditated murder in #Afghanistan

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks close higher, but S&P 500 breaks streak of weekly gains; Dow lost 1.2% in week

AlArabiya_Eng: U.S. soldier charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder in Afghan shooting, could face death

PressTV: Consumer confidence drops in#Britain

Press TV: Under pressure from Asian oil importers, the European Union (EU) has agreed to provide some insurance on Iranian...

PressTV: Pakistanis hold fresh anti-US rallies

MarketWatch: Gold futures close up 1.2% on day, up 0.4% on week

The Associated Press: Italy approves controversial labor rules despite opposition from main trade union confederation: -AB

The Associated Press: ‏U.N. Syria investigation panel says 16k Syrian refugees registered in Turkey, 15k in Lebanon: -AB

Post World News: Mali: Tuareg rebels take northern town close to Kidal, taking advantage of coup vacuum

PressTV: A #Palestinian #protester throws stones towards #Israeli forces, during a protest agains

Post World News: ‏Hacker group Anonymous blocks websites for pope Mexico visit, says trip aids conservatives

Al Arabiya English: Clinton signs off on resuming US military aid to Egypt: spokeswoman

The Economist: Portugal's workers seem to be growing weary of striking against the country’s €78 billion bail-out agreement

PressTV: #Turkish #riot policemen #clash with #Libyans in front of the #consulate of #Libya in do

Press TV: Mosque attack kills five in NW#Pakistan

Reuters: New home sales slip, prices at 8-month high

Wall Street Journal: Apple shares dropped sharply just a few minutes ago, falling a whopping 9.4% and hitting a low of $542.80.

BBC News (World): At least five people are killed in a suicide bomb attack in a volatile tribal area of north-west #Pakistan

AJELive: Activists say at least 34 people were killed in #Syria today, 12 of them in bombardment on town of Sirmen.

NYTimes World: African Union Force to Step Up Hunt for Kony

AJELive: Thousands protest across #Yemen to demand ex-president Ali Abdullah #Saleh face trial

cnnbrk: GOP presidential hopefuls turn focus on #Louisiana ahead of primary.

The Associated Press: U.S. new-home sales drop for second month, sale prices rise: -AB

PressTV: Occupy LA protests against corporations

Post #WorldNews: Colombia Supreme Court elects chief prosecutor, replacing one removed by another high court

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: About 300,000 Quebec students protest tuition hike

PressTV: 8 militants slain in NW#Pakistan clashes

guardiannews: Hackers 'disable Hong Kong civil referendum website'

Reuters: Fiat halting production at 2 Italian plants next week citing unsustainable economic damage from Italian truckers' strike

PressTV: Bahrain regime tear gas kills woman

guardiannews: Apache helicopter crashes in Afghanistan - video

Reuters: EU governments agree to expand sanctions against Belarus; adding several businesses and 12 people to list, EU diplomats say

TelegraphWorld: Blog: Weather records tumble by the thousand as US swelters and global warming wins converts

PressTV: BP to drill deepwater well off Scotland

AlArabiya_Eng: Army deserters kill two Syrian soldiers, capture 18 in attack near Turkish border
cnni: Opposition vows to fight in Damascus

MarketWatch: Zynga insiders unload nearly 43 million shares

cnni: Coal field corruption costs India $200B
AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Mali coup leaders close all borders amid condemnation from Washington and Africa #Mali

PressTV: Infighting leaves 4 Somali police dead

BBCWorld: #Egypt starts supplying fuel to #Gaza Strip to help ease territory's worst fuel crisis in years

AJELive: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, #Nigeria's finance minister, launches bid to become the next #president of the #WorldBank

AJEng: Can #Mali's govt sustain its grip on power following an attempted coup by rebel soldiers? Inside Story discusses

PressTV: Gunmen injure 3 troops in east KSA

Al Arabiya English: 20 people have been killed by the fire of Syrian forces across the country: Local Coordination Committees

AP: Bomb hidden in radio kills Pakistani soldier & his son while they were listening to a cricket match -AB

WSJ World News: EU Targets Assad's Wife in Sanctions

AlArabiya_Eng: U.N. rights council extends probe into #Syria violations
PressTV: '#Iran oil embargo failed in practice'

BBCWorld: EU says military forces will be used against Somali pirates on land as well as at sea. Details soon

AlArabiya_Eng: A suicide attack kills at least five people outside a mosque in #Pakistan

BBCWorld: At least 17 terror suspects, including al-Qaeda members, escape from jail in northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

HuffPostWorld: Vietnam seizes 5 tons of iguana and pangolin carcasses

Wall Street Journal:  Breaking: The White House plans to nominate Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank.

Reuters: Insight: China's Bo exits stage left in succession drama

Post #WorldNews: Senior French official says no evidence French suspect had ties to al-Qaida or any other group

PressTV: Bahrainis mourn for crackdown victim

PressTV: Nationwide protests continue in the US as demonstrators demand justice for the killing of an unarmed...

AJEnglish: Video: Homs town endures months of shelling

MarketWatch: KB Home shares plunge 15% in premarket trading

MarketWatch: Treasurys reverse bulk of selloff

Post World News: Syrian rebels running out of ammunition as government presses offensive.

Daily Telegraph News: Australian police bust child pornography ring
Saturday, March 24, 2012

Press TV: Toxic tear gas has killed yet another demonstrator in Bahrain as the Saudi-backed regime forces continue their...

CNN International: CY Leung wins Hong Kong vote

AJELive: Rick #Santorum has won #Louisiana's #Republican primary | #US

BreakingNews: 14 arrested at Occupy Wall Street protests in New York - Reuters

BreakingNews: 4.8 magnitude earthquake strikes near Ioannina, northwest Greece - USGS

Post #WorldNews: Colombia's FARC rebels plan to free last 10 'prisoners of war' in early April, ex-senator says

AJEnglish: Obama visits Korean Demilitarized Zone

Post World News: Canada’s leading opposition party elects new leader months after Canada mourns previous head

NYTimes World: Paraguay’s Chaco Forest Being Cleared by Ranchers

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Santorum wins Republican presidential primary in Louisiana

Daily Telegraph News: Tory co-treasurer Peter Cruddas quits over cash for access claim

TheEconomist: Brazil's Senate debates a small measure to help disarm an economic time bomb

Breaking #worldNews: Venezuela's Chavez says he will return to Cuba for radiation therapy on Sunday - Reuters

CNN Breaking News: Former Vice President Dick Cheney has undergone heart transplant surgery, his office says

Press TV: 29 arrested in Athens clashes

Post World News: Mexican police kill lieutenant for Zetas drug cartel

Al Arabiya English: Dozens of Frenchmen being trained by Taliban: Pakistani officials

The Associated Press: Spanish police arrest 22 gang members suspected of forcing women into prostitution, tattooing them with bar codes: -BW

Al Arabiya English: Al-Qaeda in North Africa claims German citizen kidnap #EdgarFritzRaupach

BBC Breaking News: New clashes break out in #Egypt's Port Said after overnight violence sparked by ban on local football team. Detail soon

AJELive: Fresh violence reported in Egyptian city of Port Said, after protests against football club ban.

Post World News: Kidnap claim shows 2 terror groups now operating in Nigeria’s increasingly violent north

PressTV: A #Bahraini #protester stands near an armored #police #vehicle during clashes with riot

The Associated Press: Detective who fired first of 50 shots that killed Sean Bell as he left NYC bachelor party to lose job: -BW

AJELive: Former #Afghan Senator dies in #Uruzgan IED blast |

AlArabiya: A #Syrian official denied that a pilot has defected and fled to #Turkey

SkyNewsBreak: Fire Service says one person killed & 37 injured after coach and lorry crash on the M5 in the west midlands.

Post #WorldNews: Syrian troops fire mortar rounds at rebel-held neighborhood in central city of Homs

BreakingNews: Syrian troops backed by tanks storm Saraqeb, UK-based activists tell AP; town has been held by anti-Assad forces for months

PressTV: Kenyan jets fire kills 10 in #Somalia

AlArabiya: #Palestinian 'shot in clash with West Bank settlers'

AlArabiya: #Taliban attack 'kills three #Pakistani soldiers'

AJEnglish: Senegal set for showdown for presidency

Press TV: ‘Turkish forces kill 15 Kurdish women’

PressTV: The United States has formally released USD 1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt amid fears that the assistance...

PressTV: US-led soldier killed in east #Afghanistan

AP: Japanese fishing boat swept away by March 2011 tsunami adrift off the coast of British Columbia: -BW

Reuters: Deadly clashes in Egypt after soccer club banned

PressTV: Israeli settlers injure Palestinian boy

BBC News (World): Mali coup leader deplores looting

AJELive: At least one killed and 50 injured, in #Egypt football fan protests in Port Said.

Al Jazeera English: #Egypt chooses panel to draft constitution

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Associated Press:  Tibetan protester lights self on fire during anti-China protest in Indian capital: - VW

MarketWatch:‏ Spanish stocks down 1.3% on weekend regional-election result, economic worries

MarketWatch: Japan stocks open higher, with weaker yen adding support; Nikkei Average up 0.3%

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks ease lower, as some earnings results weigh; Hang Seng Index down 0.1%

PressTV: Bahrainis rally to support jailed activist

cnni: More violence, protests in #Syria as US, Turkish leaders discuss aiding opposition

Post #WorldNews: South Ossetia holds another presidential election after previous disputed vote was annulled

HuffPostWorld: Free Botox for Brazil's poor

BBC #Worldnews: CCB profit up 25% in 2011

Post #WorldNews: Police fire tear gas on crowds outside polling station where Senegal's president will vote

AP: Japan shuts down another nuclear reactor; all could be off line by May -VW

nytimes #worldnews: In Nigeria, Schools Become a New Target for Boko Haram

HuffPost #Worldnews: Floods forces thousands from homes in Ecuador

TheEconomist: The Syrian regime is winning battles, but losing the war for its survival

BBC #Worldnews: Japan shuts down nuclear reactor

Post #WorldNews: Philippine massacre suspect, ex-elections chief arraigned on electoral fraud charges

AJELive: Activists report renewed shelling on the Old Homs neighbourhood of Safsafah this morning. #Syria

PressTV: Syria approves new political party

AJELive: Preliminary results of Senegal vote show Macky Sall won landslide victory against long-standing president Wade

nytimes #worldnews: India Ink: Anna Hazare Tries to Renew Anticorruption Movement

Al Jazeera English: Video: Portugal a hit with pioneering drug programme

Post World News: Former Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf dead at 78

Reuters: ONEMI: Chile quake not expected to generate a tsunami

BBC #Worldnews: Niger's complicated hunger crisis

PostWorldNews: Canada's leading opposition party elects new leader months after Canada mourns previous head

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Thousands flee embattled Mali

WSJ World News: Egypt's Islamists Set to Dominate New Constitution

Reuters Top News: A 7.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Chile, the USGS reports

Press TV: US,#Turkey agree to aid Syrian rebels

Post World News: Senegal state TV: President Abdoulaye Wade concedes defeat to Macky Sall after runoff vote

AlArabiya_Eng: Senegal's president concedes election defeat: state media

Al Arabiya English: Libyan militiamen storm luxury #Tripoli hotel, detain owner over unpaid bill

Exclusive: Shell scrambles to pay huge bill for Iran oil

The Economist: An increasingly assertive Scotland may suck investment and jobs from below the border. Indeed, it is already doing so

Post #WorldNews: Hong Kong election committee chooses Leung as next leader, heeding wishes of public, Beijing

HuffPostWorld: Floods kill dozens in Ecuador

WSJ World News: Austerity Frames Spanish Regional Vote

Al Jazeera English: Merkel's party wins German state election

Reuters Top News: U.S. negotiation efforts with Taliban have failed: group
Retweeted by alexnhicken

AJEnglish: Senegal awaits presidential runoff results

AP: Obama administration is betting on plans for a $4.9B, 200-mile rail line from California to the Vegas casinos: -RJJ

The Associated Press: Supreme Court hears fight over Obama's health care law; issue could be key to presidential campaign: -ldh

Post World News: Slovenian referendum rejects law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in some cases

AJEnglish: Israeli court rejects hunger striker's appeal

AlArabiya_Eng: Death toll in #Syria today has reached 51: Coordination Committees

Post #WorldNews: News reports: At least 19 killed when Algerian bus crashes into ravine

BreakingNews: Clashes between Malian rebels and a pro-government militia kill at least 10, sources say - Reuters

cnnbrk: Brother of a gunman killed in siege charged with complicity in 7 murders and 2 attempted murders.

TelegraphNews: Police seek taxi driver who drove shot Russian banker German Gorbuntsov

PressTV: Afghan police seize 17 tons of explosives

Post World News: Israel charged with extorting African migrants in trafficking ring

guardian #worldnews: US healthcare reforms battle moves to supreme court

Breaking News: Egypt arrests 15 over clashes between angry soccer fans and military police, security source tells @Reuters

Post World News: Thousands protest in Belarus in largest anti-government rally in more than a year

Reuters World News: Bamako returning to normal, Mali's north threatened

HuffPostWorld: Thousands flock to Pope's mass in Mexico #worldnews

guardiannews: Journalist seeking truth about Khmer Rouge 'fears for his life' after harassment by state security forces

AlArabiya: Egypt's military ruler Tantawi denies reports he plans to dissolve the People's Assembly

Al Jazeera English: Annan mission 'last chance' for #Syria

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 41 people have been killed in Syria today: Coordination Committees

HuffPostWorld: Gaza baby dies from power shortage

The Associated Press: Congress pursues modest agenda amid partisan divisions and election year politics: -CJ

Telegraph World News: Aung San Suu Kyi cancels campaign stops after falling ill

Breaking News: Israel Supreme Court rejects agreement to delay settler outpost evacuation until November 2015 - @AP

PressTV: Al-Shabab vacate stronghold in #Somalia

PressTV: Yemeni troops attack Taizz protest

PressTV: Gas prices are on a rising trend following the Western sanctions against Iran & Tehran's decision to stop oil.

AlArabiya_Eng: Wanted former Iraqi VP Tariq al-Hashimi requests neutral investigations over the killing of one of his aides in a Baghdad pri

cnnbrk: Student fatally shot in dorm room at Mississippi State University

Post #WorldNews: Iraq's top Sunni official says his bodyguard was tortured, killed during terror investigation

AlArabiya_Eng: Hijabi Iraqi mother's death after severe beating sends shockwaves across the U.S. #RIPShaima

Post #WorldNews: SKorea says that NKorea has moved a long-range rocket to a northwestern launch site

Post World News: WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama press corps blocked out - temporarily - in South Korea

Post #WorldNews: Sarkozy, seeking re-election, wants border-free Europe to fight illegal immigration harder

guardianworld: Iraqi woman dies after San Diego attack. Killer left not: "Go back to your country, you terrorist"

PressTV: Another Palestinian inmate refuses to eat

HuffPost #Worldnews: Activists: Syrian troops storm northern town

BBCWorld: Opposition's candidates unite against incumbent Abdoulaye Wade in 2nd round of Senegal presidential elections

Al Jazeera English: Video: Guatemala out-gunned by drug gangs

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Syrian security forces kill at least 24 people across the country: revolution council

AJEnglish: 'No charges' over Pakistan border strike

AlArabiya_Eng: #Jordan arrests 10 alleged #Syrian defectors

Post #WorldNews: Maoist rebels release 1 of 2 Italians abducted 11 days ago in eastern India

Al Jazeera English: Video: UK co-operative prospers in recession

CBSNews: On doorstep of N.Korea Obama warns Pyongyang against its planned long-range rocket launch

AP: Taliban threaten Pakistani lawmakers who support resumption of NATO supplies to Afghanistan: -CJ

PostWorldNews: Israeli ministers preparing for Friday border marches by pro-Palestinian activists

PressTV: Violence leaves 16 dead in#Pakistan

BBC Breaking News: Afghan families affected by #Kandahar massacre receive $46,000 (£29,000) compensation payments for death of relatives

The Economist: The government of Mario Monti is pressing ahead with labour reforms over union objections and threats of strikes

Post World News: North Koreans observe end of 100-day mourning period following death of leader Kim Jong Il

TelegraphNews: Burma turns to Aung San Suu Kyi and dares to dream as the prospect of her election nears

AJEnglish: Guatemala proposes legalisation of drugs

Al Arabiya English: Nine killed in southern #Afghanistan bombing: district chief #Alarabiya

AJELive: Graft-tainted former Irish PM quits party #Ahern #Ireland #AJE

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