Monday, April 9, 2012

Ch 10: covering from the 5th to the 9th of April 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

nytimesworld: IHT Rendezvous: Burmese Are Wary of Tourism's Dark Side

nytimesworld: Malaysian Government Proposes Ending Indefinite Detentions

nytimesworld: Sudans' Dispute Leaves Southerners Stranded at Airport

PressTV: Saudi hunger striker's health at risk

cnni: U.S. sees warmest March on record

Reuters: China records $5.35 billion trade surplus in March

AJEnglish: Video: Tuaregs fail to assuage terrorism fears

Magnitude 5.8 quake hits off west coast of Africa: USGS

HuffPostWorld: Seoul says North Korea is prepping for third nuclear test

CBSNews: Dozens of bomb threats rattle the University of Pittsburgh.

AP: U.S. human rights group: More than 150,000 North Koreans are incarcerated in Soviet-style prison camps: -CJ

AJELive: At least six Shia Muslims killed in an apparent sectarian attack in Quetta, #Pakistan |

BBCWorld: Biker boss in Sydney brawl jailed

HuffPostWorld: Clashes in Tunis as demonstrators defy protest ban

Al Jazeera English: Pakistanis die in apparent sectarian attack

ajenglish: A suicide attack in Herat, Afghanistan, has left 9 people killed and 12 wounded, according to local police

PressTV: Many forced to flee homes in NW#Pakistan

MarketWatch: Bank of Japan keeps key rate on hold, adds no more monetary stimulus

MarketWatch: China back to trade surplus in March; first-quarter surplus at $670 million: report

Post World News: Morocco: Authorities arrest 3 alleged militants with plans to strike government buildings

Reuters: China rights lawyer jailed for 2 years, 8 months #worldnews

The Economist: China endorses private-sector investors as part of the solution to the country's shortage of affordable health care

WSJ World News: Local Vote in South Korea Shapes Presidential Race

Breaking News: NY equities boss pleads guilty to conspiracy in a $66 million mortgage fraud scheme - @Reuters

wsjworld: Pirate Party's Marauders Shake Up German Politics

MarketWatch: Hong Kong shares decline as trading resumes after 4-day weekend; Hang Seng Index down 1%

MarketWatch: Japanese shares edge higher in early trading; Nikkei Average up 0.4%

PostWorldNews: Israel's president requests release of ill convicted spy Jonathan Pollard from US jail

PostWorldNews: Israel's president requests release of ill convicted spy Jonathan Pollard from US jail #worldnews

nytimesworld: World Briefing | The Americas: Peru: Rebels Abduct Workers at Gas Pipeline #worldnews

AJEnglish: Policemen injured in Bahrain blast

AJEnglish: Opinion: #Internet regulators in #Pakistan want to #censor up to 50 million websites

PostWorldNews: Palestinians accuse Israel of destroying prospects for two-state solution with new settlements

Reuters Top News: Exclusive: Aid taps expected to open for new Malawi president: minister

New York Times World: Spying Scandal Is Called South Korea’s Watergate

AJEnglish: Video: Libya's fuel sector returns to pre-war levels

Al Jazeera English: Video: India fishermen call for water policies

wsjworld: Peru Rebels Release Most Hostages

Post World News: Son of founder of Italy’s Northern League resigns over party finance scandal

CNN Breaking News: U.S. team reaches Pakistan #avalanche site.

Post World News: Yemen: Al-Qaida-linked militants assault army post in country’s south; 64 killed in fighting

BBC News (World): Dead British soldier named by MoD

Wall Street Journal: Starving in India: 35.6% of Indian women 34.2% of Indian men have a BMI less than 18.5, the threshold for "normal."

CNN International: Team reaches Pakistan avalanche site

Post World News: Gunmen kill member of anti-insurgent group and his bodyguard in northern Iraq

The Associated Press: Exiled son of Iran's shah calls for Israel's help, says military strike would play into the hand of the regime:

TelegraphWorld: Trayvon Martin case: prosecutor rules out grand jury

Post World News: Kyrgyzstan reopens case of murdered journalist critical of Uzbekistan’s government

PressTV: Violence kills 14 in southwest#Pakistan

Al Arabiya English: No sign yet #Syrian leader #Assad is sticking to commitments: US #AlArabiya

Reuters Top News: Wall Street stumbles on weak jobs data

Al Arabiya English: At least 101 Syrians have been killed so far today in violence across #Syria, a monitoring group says #AlArabiya

PressTV: Bahrain jails 10 more protesters

MarketWatch: Gold ends 0.9% higher at $1,643.90 an ounce; most other metals settled lower

Al Jazeera English: Was #Zardari's visit to #India largely symbolic or could it signal improving ties between the two nations? |

BBCWorld: Peru 'rebels' kidnap gas workers

PressTV: Asian stocks slump over#US jobs data

PressTV: Gazans stage sit-in outside ICRC offices

Press TV: US after permanent bases in#Afghanistan

Breaking News: UN: Bahrain should consider transferring hunger striker to Denmark for medical treatment - @AP

Reuters Top News: Facebook announces acquisition of Instagram -

New York Times World: Police Clash With Anti-Govt Protesters in Central Tunis

BBC News (World): French election campaign starts

Al Jazeera English: "Hunger is getting worse and worse in the Nuba" Watch an exclusive Al Jazeera report from Southern Kordofan in #Sudan |

Telegraph World News: Bad weather hampering attempts to rescue 135 Pakistani avalanche victims

Al Arabiya English: Death toll in #Syria today reached 90: Revolution Council

Post World News: Clashes between Yemeni military and al-Qaida-linked militants kill 44 in country’s south

BBC News (World): "Up to 100,000 in central #Pyongyang for unveiling of giant Kim Jong-il mosaic. Minders said we couldn't interview a single one" via @dngbbc

AJEnglish: Gunmen attack towns in north Nigeria, killing 4.

BBC News (World): #Bahrain's Gulf Air Facebook page "hacked" by #Khawaja supporters

HuffPostWorld: Thai royalists bid final farewell to deceased princess

Reuters US News: Navy giving relief payments in Virginia fighter jet crash

The Economist: Romania is cited as an example to other poor countries with major HIV/AIDS problems, yet many Romanians don't know it

CNN International: Costa Rican diplomat kidnapped

BBCWorld: S Korea murder sparks resignation

PressTV: Bahrain jails 10 more protesters

PressTV: 2#Pakistani troops killed in militant hit

Guardian news: Fourth person arrested in Southampton murder investigation

BBCWorld: Court finds India rioters guilty #worldnews

Post #WorldNews: 4 people die as fire destroys makeshift home in Spanish city vacant lot

BBCWorld: Airport strikers in Kenya fired #

BBCWorld: Ex-KGB chief Leonid Tibilov wins South Ossetia's presidential election

PressTV: Nearly 200 Jordanian protesters, mostly Islamist activists, shout slogans outside the prime  View photo

PressTV: China hails #Iran for freeing hijacked ship

BBC News (World): AT&T sells Yellow Pages for $1bn

AlArabiya: 24 killed in al-Qaeda attack on army barracks in S. Yemen

Post #WorldNews: South Korean intelligence officials say North Korea preparing for nuclear test

AJEnglish: Japan's Sony to 'cut 10,000 jobs'

BBCWorld: Deadly attack on Yemen army base

BBC News (World): Somalia market bombing kills 11

AJEnglish: Former Taliban leader flees for safety

Reuters: Turkey's deputy foreign minister says the April 10 deadline for Syria's military to withdraw is now void; new talks to begin.

Post #WorldNews: Suspected militants attack policeman in northeast Nigeria, kill 6-year-old girl

BBCWorld: Brazil and US aim for deeper ties

AJEnglish: Video: Church wants mafia out of Easter festivities

guardian #worldnews: Syrian forces fire on Turkish refugee camp

wsj #worldnews: China Sends Another Warning to Banks

wsj #worldnews: Russia Drops Charges Over Lawyer's Death

wsj #worldnews: U.S. Deploys 2nd Aircraft Carrier to Gulf

WSJ: Starvation is a brutal but little-discussed reality in India.

PressTV: West experiences class inequality

AJEnglish: S Korea warns North over rocket launch plan

PressTV: Terrorists still have 7 #Iranian engineers

AJEnglish: US experts to aid Pakistan rescue effort

PressTV: Homemade bomb targets Greek ministry

Post #WorldNews: Bahrain airline says Facebook page hit by 'political' hackers

PressTV: #Iran Majlis approves new budget bill

cnnbrk: 2 Philadelphia firefighters killed in wall collapse.

CNNMoney: It looks as though stocks are in for a bruising at today's open as U.S. investors react to weak jobs data.

AJELive: Indonesians vote to elect new #Aceh governor, testing a peace deal between separatist fighters & government.

Post #WorldNews: Britain's Cameron faces tough road ahead after recent missteps.

Reuters: AOL to sell 800 patents to Microsoft for $1 billion

MarketWatch: AT&T to get $750 million as Cerberus to acquire majority stake in Yellow Pages unit

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Voters in Indonesia go to the polls

BBC #worldnews: #Turkey protests after Syrian forces open fire across border

AP: Lebanese journalist killed by gunfire along the Syrian border, security officials say.

PressTV: Gazan injured in#Israeli gunfire

BBCWorld: Egyptians target Obama's Facebook

AlArabiya_Eng: Jailed Moroccan student in hunger strike for more than 110 days

BBCWorld: Malawi leader sacks police chief

AJELive: Gunfire from #Syria injures three people in a refugee camp inside #Turkey.

MarketWatch: Japanese shares end lower for fifth straight trading day; Nikkei drops 1.5% to 9,546.26

Al Arabiya English: 11 people have been killed in an attack by al-Qaeda on a military barrack in Louder in Yemen

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Clashes between al-Qaeda operatives and the Yemeni army in Louder

AJELive: #NorthKorea shows off a long-range rocket it plans to launch amid international controversy (Video)

BBC News (World): HTC shares fall as profits tumble

BBCWorld: India rebel negotiations stalled

AP: Unidentified gunmen attack commercial plane in Indonesia, killing journalist on board: -CJ

PressTV: 'Inhumane#Israeli blockade must end'

Post #WorldNews: Iran nuclear talks set for this week

PressTV: Egypt-Israel gas pipeline hit 14th time

The Economist: Peru is enjoying an economic boom, but has one of Latin America's worst education systems

WSJ World News: Japan Trade Surplus Beats Forecast

The Associated Press: Peru's government appeals for help to free nine miners trapped for four days in an informal copper mine: -CJ

BreakingNews: North Korea expected to begin fueling long-range rocket soon, South Korean official says - YonhapNews

MarketWatch: China consumer price inflation rises 3.6% in March from year-ago period

Reuters Top News: New blast hits Egypt gas pipeline serving Jordan, Israel

Reuters: Dollar hits 1-month low vs yen after weak jobs data

AJEnglish: In a special show, Al Jazeera investigates a hidden war in the remote state of Southern Kordofan in #Sudan:

Reuters: Ex-KGB man wins presidency in South Ossetia

TheEconomist: Brazil has probably never mattered more to America,but America has probably never mattered less to Brazil

BBCWorld: Soldier hurt in Afghanistan dies

Reuters: Explosion hits Nigeria's central town of Jos, hours after deadly car bomb in Kaduna, emergency agency says.

Post #WorldNews: 75 passengers rescued from Swiss cable car stuck halfway up mountain

PressTV: Bahraini forces attack mourners

Reuters: Anonymous says hacks Tunisia prime minister's emails

wsj #worldnews: Russian Opposition Activists Rally

TheEconomist: Under Miguel de la Madrid's six years in office, Mexico's political and economic foundations were rocking

Reuters: Nikkei set to fall sharply after poor U.S. jobs data

Reuters: The national average of a gallon of gasoline rose to $3.9 on April 6 according to a national survey

PostWorldNews: Iraqi military official says members of terrorist group arrested in Baghdad

AJELive: Woman in front of #Syria Parliament holds banner that reads: "Stop the Killing". Bystanders seen clapping in admiration

Sky News Newsdesk: 60-year-old man has died while trying to rescue his son from the sea in Cornwall

AJEnglish: Saudi Arabia puts al-Qaeda suspects on trial

PressTV: '26 militants killed in#Afghanistan'

PressTV: Palestinian wins appeal against UK govt.

PressTV: 'N. Korea preparing for third nuclear test'

Al Arabiya English: Egypt's electoral commission says the number of presidential candidates is 23:

Reuters: Mali junta sees civilian government "in days"

Post World News: Explosive device kills Kosovo man in volatile area of Serb-run north

AJELive: #Mali President Amadou Toumani #Toure officially #resigns |

PressTV: Bahrain refuses to release Khawaja

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: At least 34 counted dead in Syria today, mostly in Homs and Idlib: Coordination Committees

BBCWorld: Paris roof cave-in kills child, 6

Post #WorldNews: State official: 38 killed in Easter car bomb attack in central Nigeria city of Kaduna

PressTV: Minneapolis police arrest 10 protesters

PressTV: Thailand facing deforestation crisis

SkyNews: 16 yr old boy arrested by Durham Police in connection with attack on 10 yr old girl who went missing for more than 2hours yesterday

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Reports suggest diplomats kidnapped from Algerian consulate in Mali have been freed: Al Arabiya

Post #WorldNews: Hackers claiming ties to Anonymous target UK government website

AJEnglish: Peruvian miners trapped for three days

guardian #worldnews: Pakistani president in first visit to India in seven years

BreakingNews: 2 males arrested in connection with the Tulsa, Oklahoma shooting spree that left 3 dead and 2 wounded, police say - NBCNews

BreakingNews: Istanbul confirmed as the host city for nuclear talks between Iran and world powers, Iran's Press TV reports - Reuters

PressTV: A police officer fires a tear gas canister in Tunisian during a #demonstration against #Ennahda's Gover
 View photo

cnni: Rush to reach trapped Peru miners

PressTV: US terror drone kills 8 in#Yemen

CNN: U.S., Afghanistan to sign 'night raids' deal.

AlArabiya_Eng: Israel bars German writer Grass from visiting over poem

wsj #worldnews: Yemen Airport Reopens After Attack

AJEnglish: Video: Morocco activists target 'rape marriage law'

AlArabiya_Eng: #Iran's official inflation climbs to 21.5 percent

PressTV: UNESCO protects Titanic wreck

Reuters: Syria demands new guarantees to pull back troops

TheEconomist: Beijing's base taxi fare of 10 yuan ($1.60) has not changed in a decade, stirring dissent amongst drivers

AP: Pakistani troops dig through 80 feet of snow in search for 135 people, most soldiers, missing in avalanche: -EF

AlArabiya_Eng: Local Coordinating Committees report 20 people have been killed by army gunfire across #Syria today.

AP: North Korea puts long-range rocket into position for controversial launch, slated for April 12-16: -EF

PressTV: Car bomb kills 20 in northern Nigeria

cnni: Bahrain hunger striker marks 60 days

Saturday, April 7, 2012

BBC #worldnews: Twenty dead in Haiti lorry crash

WSJ World New: Chavez Announces Minimum-Wage Increase

Breaking News: ‏7 hurt in British Chinook mishap during chopper landing exercise in Arizona desert - AP

wsj #worldnews: Colombian Soldiers, Rebels Killed in Attack

BreakingNews: Gunmen shoot Trigana Airlines pilot, passengers as plane lands in Papua - AntaraNews

guardian #worldnews: East Yorkshire crash leaves three dead

Reuters: Greeks mourn suicide pensioner, vowing to fight on
Post #WorldNews: Bomb explodes on minibus in Iraqi capital, killing 2 people

PressTV: Bus veers off road, kills 14 in NE#China

The Associated Press: Online video purports to show highest ranking member of Saddam Hussein's ousted regime still at large: -RJJ

BBCBreaking: UK Home Office website unavailable; hacking group Anonymous alleges to have taken it down
Reuters: Nine trapped in collapsed wildcat mine in Peru

 Press TV: Anti-Taliban Afghan tribal leader killed

Al Jazeera English: Barred Palestinian leader wins British appeal

AJELive: Huge search for trapped Pakistani soldiers | 12 bodies reportedly recovered, rescue operation still under way #siachen

AP: Tulsa's black community on edge after police say a series of shootings that killed 3 and wounded 2 are linked: -CJ

Reuters: Libyan gunmen kidnap 5 Tunisian smugglers: source \

PressTV: Tunisians protest unemployment #worldnews

PressTV: Bahraini forces injure protesters #worldnews

Al Arabiya English: #Saudi Arabia opens trial of 50 #Qaeda suspects

CBS News: Greece: Violence erupts after protesters march in memory of elderly man who killed himself over financial woes

New York Times World: U.S. Alert as China’s Cash Buys Inroads in Caribbean

AJELive: More than 13 hours after 117 Pakistani soldiers were buried in #Siachen avalanche, no survivors found so far

BBC #worldnews: Teaching unions back more strikes

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Brazilian city's boom threatens Amazon

cnni: Gay rights activists arrested in Russia

PressTV: 6 killed, 10 wounded in Somali blast

HuffPostWorld: North Korea may be nearing rocket launch

PressTV: Militants blow up school in NW#Pakistan

AlArabiya_Eng: Troops belonging to a fired #Yemeni general force a #Sana'a airport shutdown

wsj #worldnews: Gunmen Shut Down Yemen Airport

Post #WorldNews: Iran: Navy rescues 28 Chinese crew members of ship captured by pirates

HuffPostWorld: 2 of Latin America's deadliest gangs join forces

AlArabiya_Eng: #Iran minister hails Gunter Grass #Israel poem

Reuters: Myanmar president holds landmark talks with rebels

PressTV: Lebanese pilgrim bus attacked in Syria

AP: NATO: Militant from al-Qaida-linked group captured in northern Afghanistan; 3 Afghans die in roadside bomb blast CJ

cnnbrk: Police searching for lone gunman after 3 killed, 2 wounded in 4 separate shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

cnni: France welcomes deal to end Mali coup crisis

HuffPost #worldnews: Government shelling kills dozens of civilians across Syria

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Islamic laws dominate poll in Indonesia's Aceh #AcehElections #IndonesianMuslims

AJEnglish: Opinion: El Salvador's gang truce

CNN International: Opposition: Syrian forces target civilians

BBC #worldnews: Hamas hangs three Gaza prisoners

BreakingNews: At least 11 people die, at least 50 injured as double-decker bus traveling from Bolivia to Argentina falls off a cliff. RT_com

PressTV: Blast in Gaza injures two children

BBC #worldnews: Joyce #Banda is to be sworn in as #Malawi president shortly, officials say, after the death of President Bingu wa #Mutharika

guardian #worldnews: Chinese democracy activist Fang Lizhi dies in US

AlArabiya_Eng: BRK: At least 133 killed in Syria as repression mounts ahead of ceasefire deadline

PressTV: Newly-released videos show the US private contractor in Iraq, formerly Blackwater, running over a woman...

Al Arabiya English: Fired #Yemeni military chief refuses to quit: source

The Associated Press: U.S. ambassador says #Syria is not pulling out forces as it should according to Annan peace plan: -JM

PressTV: Pakistan avalanche kills 30, buries 100

Friday, April 6, 2012

Breaking News: Update: Rescue operation under way where avalanche buried 130 Pakistani soldiers - NBC News

Press TV: 150 feared buried by#Pakistan avalanche

Post #WorldNews: Storms kill 17 people, injure dozens in Bangladesh, news reports say

AJELive: Lebanese city welcomes #Syrian #refugees

nytimes #worldnews: Reports in Malawi of Mutharika's Death Worry U.S.

cnni: California nuclear plant shut indefinitely

wsj #worldnews: After Friend's Arrest, Saudi Youth Fear Crackdown

nytimesworld: Though Spain's economy struggles, prostitution involving trafficked women is exploding. Video & photos:

wsj #worldnews: Cuban Dissenters Find a Niche in Church

Post #WorldNews: Report: Russia deploys S-400 missiles in region bordering Poland, Lithuania

PressTV: US copter crashes in#Afghanistan

HuffPostWorld: Towering volcano shows new activity

Guardian news: Yemen's new president purges army of old-regime loyalists

BreakingNews: 20 occupy University of California Berkeley building, protest lack of minority students - NBCBayArea

#BreakingNews: Armored truck teetering over side of bridge in Los Angeles - CBSLA

BBC Breaking News:‏ Coup leaders in Mali agree to stand down in exchange for amnesty, as part of deal struck with regional bloc Ecowas:

Press TV: Mali to ‘return to constitutional rule’

BBC News (World): Mali coup leaders 'to stand down'

Wall Street Journal: Credit-card debt fell for the 2nd month in a row with a drop of $2.21B to $798.64B in February.

Post World News: Few Cubans go to church as country marks Good Friday as holiday in concession to Pope

The Associated Press: Ex-California teacher who moved in with an 18-year-old student is arrested for sex abuse of another teen: -AB

BBCWorld: Arrests over kidney sold for iPad

Daily Telegraph News: China's most wanted man appears in court in 'the city he once owned'

Reuters Top News: France to free suspected Islamist militants

AlArabiya: The Yemeni President sacks the Air Force chief, who is the brother of the former Yemeni president Saleh: Al Arabiya correspondent

MarketWatch: Consumer credit at highest level since April 2009, Federal Reserve says

Reuters: Six injured in Navy jet crash: hospital

Breaking News: Virginia Beach hospital confirms 5 civilians, 2 pilots being treated for injuries following jet crash - NBC12's Rachel De Pompa

Al Arabiya English: Chinese crew rescued from freighter hijacked in Gulf of Oman: Xinhua #AlArabiya

Reuters Top News: Navy F-18 crashes into Virginia apartment building

CNN International: LRA slams Kony video for 'deception'

Lydia Polgreen: The latest from #Malawi:

Wall Street Journal: Dow futures are down 1% on dismal jobs data. Will stocks tumble on Monday, or will QE3 talk keep hope alive? #WSJjobs

ReutersWorld: Motorbike bomb kills two al Qaeda militants in Yemen
Al Arabiya English: 6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea: USGS

MarketWatch: Forget gasoline, you should be more worried about the rising diesel prices which topped $4 a month ago

Breaking News: Navy F18 jet crashes in Virginia Beach, Virginia - @wavy_news

CNN Breaking News: Federal judge approves $26 billion foreclosure settlement.

MarketWatch: 10-year Treasury yield falls to more than 3-week low

Al Arabiya English: Tunisia’s new government faces numerous challenges: senior Ennahda member

Press TV: Jordanians demand release of activists

cnni: Mexican cartel leader sentenced to life

BBC #WorldNews: China terror list names Uighurs

AlArabiya: Egypt ex-spy chief Suleiman to run for president in #Egypt after all: MENA

AJELive: Fighting is continued #Homs, #Syria.

PressTV: US drone crashes in#Afghanistan

AJELive: 2 suspected suicide bombers die trying to attack security services building in Yemen, defense ministry says

Telegraph World News: Greek dockworkers clash with police

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 23 people have been killed in #Syria today, mostly in #Homs: Revolution Council

MarketWatch: U.S. stock market futures drop after jobs data; Dollar skids, Treasurys rise

Reuters Top News: China sentences woman to death for $16 million fund scam

guardian #worldnews: Viktor Bout sentenced to 25 years by US court - video

AlArabiya: Video: Malawi's President Mutharika dies after heart attack

Reuters: U.S. payrolls rose far less than expected, unemployment rate fell to a 3-year low of 8.2 percent

WSJ: "Reddy: March unemployment rate for whites: 7.3%. Hispanic: 10.3%. Black: 14%. Teens in the labor force: 25%"

Post #WorldNews: Many South Sudanese unable to return home

guardian #worldnews: Two arrested after death of girl from Hampshire campsite

Post #WorldNews: Bahrain lawyer: Daughter of hunger strike activist jailed

PressTV: Rocket kills two Afghan civilians

PostWorldNews: Only Aboul Fotouh positions himself as the candidate capable of bridging Egypt's Islamist-secular divide

guardian #worldnews: China shuts down Maoist website Utopia

HuffPostWorld: Amazing photos: First day of school in North Korea

BBCBreaking: Man wielding sword kills four people in Hungarian village, emergency services say

BBCBreaking: The #AfricanUnion rejects the declaration of independence by #Tuareg rebels in northern #Mali.

AJELive: Suicide bombing kills #Afghan peace envoy in eastern province of #Kunar | #worldnews

AP: Turkmenistan bans alcohol during 1st government-mandated "Happiness Week." Sales under the table going strong -ldh

CBSNews: Progress in fight to save "world's rarest bird", the #Madagascar #pochard:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

HuffPostWorld: Reports: Drug-resistant malaria spreads along Thai-Myanmar border

PressTV: NATO tanker fire kills 7 in#Afghanistan

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Tuareg rebels declare the independence of Azawad, north of Mali: AFP

nytimes #world: World Briefing | Africa: Malawi: President Suffers Heart Attack

Al Jazeera English: Video: Siberian village struggles with nuclear past

Post World News: ‘Kony 2012’ releases new video: ‘ Your voice changes everything’

Guardian news: US court jails Mexican drug gangster blamed for 1,500 hits

WSJ World News: New Leak at Japan Reactor Threatens Ocean

BBC News (World): Peru rebels 'over in key region'

BBC News (World): Samsung expects profits to double

wsj #worldnews: Zimbabwe Official Claims Control of Mines

MarketWatch: Japan stocks open lower, with metals, retailers among soft spots; Nikkei Average down 0.6%

WSJ World News: Ex-Taliban Police Commander Killed

AJEnglish: Russian arms dealer gets 25 years in prison

PressTV: Saudis hold anti-regime demos in Qatif

Al Jazeera English: In Features: Profile: Viktor Bout

Post #WorldNews: Report: Iran stops selling oil to 2 Greek companies over lack of payment

Reuters: U.S. not backing off as Iran sanctions bite

wsj #worldnews: Italian Opposition Leader Resigns

Reuters: Federal judge approves $25 billion mortgage pact

Reuters Top News: Ugandan opposition activists defiant in face of ban

WSJ: Microsoft's Windows Phone has a 3.9% share of U.S. smartphones, compared w 50% for Androids and 30.2% for iPhones

nytimes #worldnews: Death of Rape Victim in Morocco Sparks Calls for Legal Reform

Post #WorldNews: Yemen's interior ministry: 100 al-Qaida militants killed in 2 days of fighting in south

Post #WorldNews: Strong storm batters Argentina's capital, killing at least 13 and injuring more than 20

HuffPostWorld: Chile's senate blocks bills lifting #abortion ban

AlArabiya_Eng: Seif al-Islam Qaddafi 'attacked' in #Libya detention: ICC lawyer

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks end mostly lower, with Dow, S&P off 1% in shortened week

Post #WorldNews: Exxon Mobil dispute deepens Arab-Kurd split in Iraq.

AlArabiya_Eng: Two Tunisian men sentenced to seven years in prison for blasphemy

The Associated Press: Newt Gingrich's think tank files for bankruptcy; had raised millions to support his health care ideas: -EF

Telegraph World News: Islamist commander cuts off vandal's hand in Timbuktu

BreakingNews: Live video: President Obama signs the Jumpstart our Business Startups Act at the White House - msnbc

MarketWatch: Facebook to go with IPO on the Nasdaq: report

PressTV: Six Maoist rebels slain in east#India

MarketWatch: Gold ends 1% higher at $1,630.10 an ounce

Al Jazeera English: Video: Russian villagers live in nuclear danger zone

PressTV: Fires shut down French Nuke reactor

Telegraph World News: Barack Obama accused of bullying' US Supreme Court over controversial healthcare reforms

Sky News Newsdesk: Reuters: Turkish official says 2,350 Syrians have fled across border into Turkey in past 24 hours

Post World News: Bailed-out Portugal’s recovery program is on track but big risks remain, IMF says

BBC News (World): Gaddafi son 'attacked in custody'

Al Arabiya English: UPDATE: At least 38 killed across #Syria as fierce clashes rage on in rebel towns

BBCWorld: Brotherhood candidate registers

Breaking News: Algeria says their consul in northern Mali, 6 others from consulate taken by unknown gunmen - @AP

PressTV: Afghan militants torch 6 NATO tankers

PressTV: Pakistani volunteers carry the dead body of a policeman to a hospital following an attack by gunmen in Karachi

Guardian news: YouTube signs deal with Paramount Pictures

Reuters Top News: Mississippi bill may force state's only abortion clinic to close

Wall Street Journal: As AT&T braces for a possible strike of 40,000+ union workers, managers learn how to climb phone poles, decode acronyms

WSJ World News: Borrowing Costs Soar for Spain

Reuters Top News:  Over 30 reported dead in Syria despite truce talk

PressTV: 2 Taliban leaders seized in#Afghanistan

Guardian World: Umberto Bossi resigns as head of Italy's Northern League. More details soon...

guardian: The international criminal court has asked Libya to surrender Saif al-Islam Gaddafi for trial in The Hague

SkyNewsBreak: 30,000 North London households without power after fire in Canning Town, in east of city

BBCWorld: Nicolas #Sarkozy promises to commit #France to balanced budgets, if he is re-elected as president

wsj #worldnews: Italy Unveils Labor-Reform Bill

BBC #WorldNews: Nigerian gets World Bank support

AlArabiya_Eng: Annan expects total Syria ceasefire 48 hours from April 10: spokesman

TelegraphWorld: Violent protests erupt in Athens over debt suicide

Reuters Top News: Malawi President rushed to hospital - sources

AJEnglish: Witness investigates the impact of PTSD, military sexual trauma&brain injuries on #America's female veterans

AlArabiya: 21 people killed by Syrian forces across the country: Local Committees

cnni: Suu Kyi profile #worldnews

BBCWorld: Student guilty of riots burglary

PressTV: Canada police arrest 80 students

PressTV: Berlin shooting kills one, injures 2

Reuters: Voter ID laws spark heated debate before U.S. election

AlArabiya_Eng: Kofi Annan says wants #Syria cessation of hostilities by April 12

BBCWorld: Pakistan suicide bomb kills four

AP: #BREAKINGNEWS: Weekly US unemployment benefit applications fall to 357,000, lowest in 4 years. -EF

guardian #worldnews: News of the World closure cost Rupert Murdoch nearly £250m

AJEnglish: Video: Argentine mothers fight human trafficking

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Islamists occupy the Algerian consulate north of Mali, AFP reports citing witnesses

Reuters: BoE leaves policy intact as UK stumbles towards growth

HuffPostWorld: Cease-fire declared by rebels in #Mali

AJELive: Syrian authorities report withdrawing of troops from three areas, a spokesman for Kofi Annan says

PressTV: Israel soldiers, tanks enter Gaza Strip

BBC exclusive: Babar Ahmad, a British terror suspect held for 7 years without trial, appeals to be tried in the UK.

Between 800 and 900 Syrian refugees have crossed into Turkey in last 24 hours fleeing violence in Syria, Turkish official says - @Reuters

BreakingNews: 7 killed by suspected members of Nigerian militant group Boko Haram at a market in Maiduguri, police say - Reuters

AlArabiya: Fierce clashes near Damascus as Syrian forces assault rebellious towns before truce

Al Jazeera English: Video: Charity to release another Kony video

Al Jazeera English: Video: Thousands of Syrians flood into Jordan

AJELive: 'Google goggles' offer vision of future: #Google #projectglass #AJE

Al Arabiya English: Blast on Iraq Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline shuts oil flows

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