Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chapter 12: Covering from the 15th-19th of April 2012

SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012

Guardian news: El Salvador marks murder-free day

Al Arabiya English: Fighting with insurgents has ended after 18 hours of fierce fighting across the capital that began Sunday: Afghan govt & police #AlArabiya

Press TV: Spaniards protest against austerity cuts

BBC News (World): Australia eases Burma sanctions

AJEnglish: East Timor votes for new president

BBC News (World): Kabul wakes up to more fighting

Telegraph World News: British Peer Lord Ahmed suspended after 'offering £10m bounty on Barack Obama and George Bush'

ReutersTaylor: Kabul police chief contradicts interior ministry, saying fighting still goes on at Afghan parliament. Says one insurgent left

Reuters: Arrested Gaddafi spy chief is sick: Mauritania

WSJ World News: Sudan, South Move Troops to Border

Breaking News: Afghan military operation to flush out remaining attackers in central Kabul has apparently ended - @ajelive

BBC News (World): Temasek to buy $2.3bn ICBC shares

CBS News: Taliban in Afghanistan strike near the city center in Kabul in 2nd day of "spring offensive" -

AJELive: Police in #Kabul, the Afghan capital, seen carrying bodies away from site of assault on Taliban attackers.

 WSJ World News: Temasek to Buy ICBC Stake From Goldman

Reuters Top News: Heavy fighting continues on Kabul streets

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks fall, with resources, banks among loss-leaders; Hang Seng Index down 0.7%

Al Jazeera English: Argentina storms out of Americas summit

Reuters Top News: Three girls among Oklahoma tornado dead; clean-up underway

WSJ World News: Downgrades Loom for Banks

Al Jazeera English: Guinea-Bissau junta wins deal on interim plan
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Breaking News: 250 feared trapped under debris of collapsed factory in Punjab, India - @timesofindia

Press TV: 100s of#Egyptian protesters to face trial

AJEnglish: Summit of Americas ends without consensus

PostWorldNews: Obama 'hopeful' about transition in Cuba, says he is willing to look at problem in fresh way

cnni: Three in Brazil held over cannibalism

MarketWatch: Japan stocks open sharply lower, weighed by weak U.S. lead; Nikkei Average down 1.2%

Reuters Top News: Latin America rebels against Obama over Cuba

AP: French Cabinet approves new anti-terrorism measures in wake of deadly March shooting spree: -CJ

Press TV: Anti-Taliban battle continues in Kabul

BBCWorld: Drought may last until Christmas

Reuters: Swiss woman taken by gunmen in Mali's Timbuktu

Press TV: About 1,600 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails will go on an open-ended hunger strike on April 17 to...

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: First UN monitors are in Damascus: UN spokesman. #Syria

Breaking News: Human Rights Watch activists allegedly arrested in Bahrain - @AJELive

The Associated Press: PHOTO BLOG: San Pedro Sula's violence mirrors Honduras' pain, has the world's highest homicide rate: GRAPHIC CONTENT:

PressTV: Bomb explosions kill 6 in south#Somalia

Breaking News: The US-Colombia free trade agreement will enter into force next month, reducing duties on American exports entering Colombia - @Reuters_Biz

AJELive: 19 people #killed, most of them in Syrian army shelling at #Homs I

Al Arabiya English: Afghan president under lockdown after Taliban blitz Kabul in ‘spring offensive’

BBCWorld: Asian glaciers 'putting on mass'

PressTV: Pakistani fugitives return to prison

PressTV: Jordan to release 19 jailed activists

The Associated Press: Islamist militants kill 2 Egyptian policemen in attack on checkpoint in Sinai: -BW

AlArabiya_Eng: #Jordan's king orders release of jailed activists
Breaking News: US official: Colombia completes labor reforms, clearing way for trade deal to be implemented - AP

Al Arabiya English: #Iraq frees last #Saddam WMD scientist: minister

Guardian news: Karakoram glaciers have grown over last decade, new research shows

AJELive: 15 police officers & 9 civilians wounded in #Afghanistan attacks

Reuters: Syrian rebels attack police station overnight in Aleppo province, clashing with government forces, rights group says

AP: Exiled former Thai PM #Thaksin celebrates with followers in Cambodia, plans early return home: -JM

BreakingNews: RT @breakingstorm: Sheriff's deputies report 2 dead as a result of Woodward, Oklahoma tornado - @News9

AP: Coast Guard: 1 sailor dead, 4 missing after yacht runs aground during race off San Francisco: -JM

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: #Yemen air strike kills three al-Qaeda chiefs, defense ministry says #worldnews

PressTV: US-led soldier killed in#Afghanistan

HuffPostWorld: Homs shelling breaks #Syria ceasefire

AJEnglish: North Korean leader calls for 'final victory'

cnni: Kim Jong Un speaks at massive parade

AP: MORE: Five confirmed dead after #tornado touches down in northwest Oklahoma: -JM

PostWorldNews: Belarusian authorities release opposition activist arrested after 2010 protest rally

PressTV: First UN observer team heads for Syria

AlArabiya_Eng: Egypt's military ruler meets political leaders amid election turmoil

cnnbrk: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback declares state of emergency to help speed relief in areas hit by tornadoes

BBCWorld: Dominant Rosberg wins Chinese GP

PressTV: Israel has deployed hundreds of policemen to its Ben Gurion Airport to confront pro-Palestinian activists.

HuffPostWorld: Norway mass killer's trial begins

Reuters: Gunfire, seven explosions rock central Kabul

The Economist: A student rebellion shows that, as Chileans become better off, they want the government to guarantee a fairer society

PostWorldNews: Magnitude 6.5 earthquake shakes Pacific island nation of Vanuatu

CBSNews: Midwest tornadoes: 5 dead in Okla.; More than 100 twisters reported through Sun. morning

PressTV: 'Terrorists intensify attacks in Syria'

AJEnglish: Pro-Palestinian activists halted from flying

NBCNews: Kabul attacks are aimed at the British embassy; British ambassador's house and 4-star hotel housing expatriates also targeted

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Several attackers enter Afghan parliament in Kabul: official
BBCWorld: Three boys held in murder inquiry

AJELive: Two #Egyptian officers have been killed in the #Sinai Peninsula

AJELive: Q&A: What's going on in Guinea-Bissau; a country known for coups, political assassinations & drug trade?

PostWorldNews: Russian politician on hunger-strike says may travel to Moscow to review vote-fraud evidence

BBCWorld: New twist in Briton's China death

cnni: Obama boosts funds for drug war

BreakingNews: Rocket-propelled grenade hits residence of British diplomat in Kabul, witness says - @Reuters

AJELive: Rockets have been fired at #Russian embassy. Details to follow. |

AP: Storm system weakening & more tornadoes unlikely, forecasters say, after dozens of tornadoes sweep
Midwest: -BW

AJEnglish: Video: Yemeni children bear brunt of food crisis

SkyNews: Attacks in Kabul in retaliation for Koran burnings, the Marine urination video and the Kandahar
massacre, the Taliban claims

AP: Turkish base on outskirts of Kabul under attack from mortar fire; Turkish, Greek forces responding with heavy-caliber machine guns

SkyNews: Attacks in Kabul in retaliation for Koran burnings, the Marine urination video and the Kandahar massacre, the Taliban has claimed

BBCBreaking: At least 14 insurgents killed after they staged attacks on several location in the Afghan capital and elsewhere, Nato says

AP: Turkish base on outskirts of Kabul under attack from mortar fire; Turkish, Greek forces responding with heavy-caliber machine gun fire

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Attackers fire a rocket-propelled grenade into a house used by British diplomats in the center of #Kabul

guardiannews: Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to go on hunger strike

AlArabiya_Eng: #Taliban claim responsibility for #Kabul attacks, say attacks taking place in Paktia and Logar provinces as well

AJELive: Update on #Afghan attacks: government spokesman confirms attacks on four seperate provinces |

ISAFmedia: ISAF confirming multiple attacks across #Kabul, potentially 7 locations, ANSF & ISAF responding as needed.

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: At least one attacker killed as fighting rages in Kabul: police chief

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: #Taliban gunmen attack police training facility in eastern #Afghanistan: spokesman

AJELive: reports suggest three buildings across the #Afghan capital taken over by assailants |

cnnbrk: Attackers take over hotel in central Kabul, Afghanistan, police say.

Reuters: US embassy in Kabul says "attacks are ongoing in the vicinity of the embassy"

AJELive: #Taliban claims responsibility for attacks in #Afghan capital, targeting British & German embassies

cnnbrk: 4 suicide bombers tried to attack Jalalabad,Afghanistan, airfield where U.S. troops based,
commander says.

PressTV: Chicago shootings leave 2 dead, 7 hurt

PostWorldNews: Strong earthquake hits western Indonesia, no tsunami threat

guardiannews: Taliban launches largest attack on Kabul in 11 years

Reuters: Afghan MPs say some lawmakers have joined security forces repelling attackers from roof near Afghan parliament #Kabul

cnni: Attackers in Afghanistan storm Kabul hotel, police say

BBCWorld: China loosens currency controls

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: 13 people have been killed by army gunfire across #Syria today: Syrian Revolution General Commission

SkyNewsBreak: Reuters: Afghan Taliban says it has attacked President Hamid Karzai's presidential palace compound.

Reuters: South African President Zuma to marry for sixth time

cnnbrk: Taliban claim responsibility for series of attacks in Afghanistan.

CBSNews: Midwest tornadoes: 5 dead in Okla.; 10 twisters reported in Kansas

cnnbrk: U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on lockdown after explosions and gunfire in the area.

PostWorldNews: Polygamous South African president, longtime fiancee to have traditional wedding ceremony

PostWorldNews: North Korea shows off what appears

Al Arabiya English: #U.S. Secret Service sex scandal eclipses #LatAm summit

Al Arabiya English: #Syria forces pound #Homs ahead of #UN observers' arrival: monitors #AlArabiya

Breaking News Storm: Tornado causes significant structural damage, possible injuries in Woodward, Okla. - @KOCO

Post World News: Flooding in 2 Chinese coal mines kills at least 15 miners; 6 injured

Reuters: Scandal mars Obama's wooing of Latin America

KSN News Wichita: Tornado is heading for El Dorado. Get into shelter.

Post World News: Taliban fighters attack Pakistan prison, free hundreds of prisoners, including some militants

CNN Breaking News: 200 people in Thurmond, Iowa, evacuated after tornado strike, state emergency management official tells CNN.

The Associated Press: Official: Possible #tornado destroys about 75 percent of small western Iowa town of Thurman: -JM

PressTV: Police arrest 99-percenters in NY

BBC News (World): Pakistan attack frees prisoners

BBC Breaking News: Breaking news - Nearly 400 prisoners including militants escape from jail in northwest Pakistan, officials say

Press TV: 4 killed by blast in#Egypt

Breaking News: Large, extremely dangerous tornado near Clearwater, Kan. - @stormchaser4850

CNN International: Storm hits Iowa hospital
MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012

BBCWorld: India trims interest rate to 8%

Breaking News: Reserve Bank of India cuts interest rates for the first time in 3 years, by 50 basis points - @reuters

BreakingNews: Alert level raised for Popocatepetl volcano, 50 miles from Mexico City - @reuters

PressTV: Police arrest four 99-percenters in NY

BreakingNews: Earthquake, magnitude 6.5, shakes Santiago, central Chile - @usgs, @reuters

PostWorldNews: Peru authorities search for 2 police officers who disappeared during search for hostages

PressTV: Over 200#Yemenis killed in one week

CNN International: Argentina to renationalize oil group

Post World News: Delta jet lands in Dublin over bomb scare; officials say no one hurt on Istanbul-to-NY flight

BBC News (World): China increases US debt holding

Reuters Top News: U.S. busts global online drug market, arrests eight

MarketWatch: Hong Kong banking stocks weigh on market; Hang Seng Index down 0.2%

MarketWatch: Unless politicians can get their act together, almost everyone's taxes will increase starting Jan 1st.

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Europe: Greece: Ex-Official Is Detained

Reuters Top News: Australia to exit Afghanistan a year early: media

AJEnglish: Argentina to seize control of oil company

Al Jazeera English: Matan Ruak leads East Timor vote count

BBC News (World): 'Pilot fatigue' caused jet dive

MarketWatch: Japan stocks inch higher, but some tech majors fall; Nikkei Average up 0.1%

Reuters Top News: Man plotted suicide bomb on NYC subway: co-defendant

Wall Street Journal: Every year, 133,000 Americans die of heart attacks—largely because they didn't get help in time.

Reuters Top News: Senate GOP blocks "Buffett Rule," a minimum 30% income tax on millionaires

BBC News (World): Human rights 'crisis' in Bahrain

JackOtter: Best Buy releases complete list of stores it's closing. Is yours on it?

Press TV: UK faces worst water shortage since 1976

Post World News: Rwanda opposition leader withdraws from trial, cites lack of independent judiciary

MarketWatch: Lowe's to sell $2 bln in notes, with net proceeds from the offering to be used for general corporate purposes

Al Arabiya English: Israel holds 47 ‘flytilla’ activists pending expulsion

BBC News (World): Senate weighs Obama Buffett Rule

Post World News: Numbers of troops, fighters in various factions in Afghanistan

Reuters: Big Tobacco pays states $6.5 billion under accord

MarketWatch: Dow ends up 77 points; Apple's 5-day losing streak is longest since October 2011

MarketWatch: All eyes are on Yahoo's CEO Scott Thompson as their earnings report nears $YHOO

guardiannews: Unemployment of Europe's young people soars by 50%

MarketWatch: Shares of Apple and Google have slipped today, leading a tech sector retreat. $AAPL down about 3%, $GOOG slid 2.6%

PressTV: #Iran seizes four tons of narcotics: Cmdr.

Al Jazeera English: Foreign aid to #Africa - does it do more harm than good? Join the @AJStream live conversation at 1930GMT |

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Police find 2 people dead in Las Vegas home after 9-year-old boy tells school about bodies. -EF

PressTV: UK banks lose £2bn over Spanish fears

nytimesworld: Iraq Arrest Calls Fair Elections Into Question

AlArabiya_Eng: #Pakistan's #Haqqani militants behind major attack in #Afghanistan: #Pentagon

MarketWatch: U.S. economy grew 2.6% in first quarter: survey

PressTV: Shia massacre continues in#Pakistan

The Associated Press: More on Jim Yong Kim: President of Dartmouth College chosen to be next president of the World Bank: -EF

Wall Street Journal: Apple is down about 9% in five trading days. Here's why:

Guardian news: Iranian-Canadian 'spy' faces imminent execution, says family

Reuters Top News: World Bank board selects U.S. nominee Jim Yong Kim as new president; World Bank board says Kim to begin five-year term on July 1.

Telegraph World News: Egypt 'needs £7.5 billion bail-out to avoid bankruptcy'

BBCWorld: #Bangladesh railways minister resigns over corruption allegations

PressTV: US drone strike kills dozens of Somalis

Reuters Top News: Afghan Taliban rehearsed attack for two months

WSJ World News: China Halts Sale of Drugs Over Capsules

BBC News (World): Delta Airlines plane makes emergency landing at Dublin Airport

MarketWatch: Shares of Endocyte soar 101% on Merck deal

Reuters: New verdict deepens mystery on Italy bombings

Reuters: Danish foreign minister: no room for weakening Iran sanctions

nytimesworld: China Prime Minister Calls for Corruption Crackdown

AJEnglish: UK businessman 'poisoned' in China scandal

Reuters Top News: Bombs kill militant, wound FSB agent in Russia's Caucasus

Al Arabiya English: Tunisians to organize book reading sessions instead of protests

CNN Breaking News: Inmates hold nearly 100 hostage in Brazilian prison riot.

AP: Mitt Romney's search for a vice president goes forward as he taps longtime adviser to lead selection: -EF

CNN International: Hostages taken in Brazilian prison riot

Reuters Top News: Iran ready to resolve nuclear issues if sanctions are lifted: foreign minister

Post World News: Afghan officials blame weekend attacks on Haqqani network

Al Jazeera English: Predatory, poisonous and pestilent - @AJEarthrise on #Australia's battle against the eco-scourge that's the cane toad |

PressTV: Every#US troop death: 25 vet suicides

Reuters Top News: Smirking Norway killer Breivik pleads not guilty

BBC News (World): Violence between #Hindu groups at beef-eating festival in India

Reuters: Spanish debt heading toward crisis levels

PressTV: Bahraini activists climb embassy wall

Wall Street Journal: Apple and Google shares are both getting torched this morning

All Things D: Google’s Marissa Mayer Headed to Walmart Board

BBCWorld: Little change in Indian inflation

PostWorldNews: China premier demands stronger anti-corruption efforts amid scandal over Politburo member

PostWorldNews: 3 bloggers in Vietnam charged with spreading anti-government propaganda, face 20 years in jail

AlArabiya_Eng: Sudanese warplanes bomb UN peacekeeper camp in South Sudan: official

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Kabul fighting ends with explosions and heavy gunfire; 36 attackers killed

BBCWorld: World Bank president to be named

BBCWorld: Belarus release brings EU praise

WSJ: See what's behind China's move to loosen daily trading limits on the Yuan VIDEO

MarketWatch: Caterpillar, Travelers, B. of A. among leaders as Dow industrials rise by triple digits

cnni: Pakistan school grenade attack kills boy

ChinaRealTime: World Reaction to China's Yuan Move

PostWorldNews: Fight to save Russian forest wins woman the Goldman prize, which is dubbed the Green Nobel Prize

MarketWatch: Stocks pick up pace after March data show rise in U.S. retail sales

AJELive: Afghan President #Karzai says intelligence failure allowed #Taliban to carry out latest attacks

BBC Breaking News: Sudanese government votes to brand South Sudan 'an enemy'

BBC News (World): Day one of #Breivik trial over. He takes stand tomorrow. Unlikely to be televised (via BBC's @matthewwprice). Latest:

BBCRBlack: Africa's dam campaigner nets 'environment Nobel' - along with five others

BBCWorld: Arrest over Balotelli 'blackmail'

BBCWorld: Spain bond yields jump above 6%

AJEnglish: Video: Fighting intensifies in southern Yemen

PostWorldNews: Nearly 7,000 US, Filipino troops start exercises near disputed South China Sea waters

AP: #Breivik admits in Norway court to massacre of 77, pleads not guilty to terror, murder charges: -JM

AJELive: Divisions over Cuba&Falkland Islands prompt Argentinian&Bolivian presidents to walk out of Americas summit

PressTV: Afghan man opens fire on#US-led troops

PressTV: Filipinos stage anti-US rally in Manila

PressTV: Israel deports 18 pro-Palestinian activists

nytimesworld: Killings Heighten Ethnic Tensions in Macedonia

Reuters: Spanish debt fears send euro lower

PostWorldNews: Prosecutor says Norwegian mass killer's claimed Knights Templar network does not exist

cnni: Council plan in post-coup Guinea-Bissau

BBCWorld: In pictures: Smuggling fuel by sea in West Africa

AlArabiya_Eng: 8 people have been killed by Syrian security forces on Monday: Local Coordination Committees

AJEnglish: Israeli soldier suspended for gun-butt attack

The Associated Press: A cathedral made from cardboard is New Zealand's temporary answer to earthquake devastation: -JM

AJELive: #Afghan security forces have killed 32 fighters, says defence ministry #Kabul #taliban

Post World News: Landslide at mine in Vietnam kills 1, leaves 5 missing and presumed dead

Press TV: Israeli plane violates#Lebanon airspace

Breaking News: Update: 60-70 rescued from collapsed factory in India; at least 20 remain trapped under debris - @bbcnews

nytimesworld: Spain and Italy Show Europe's Problems Aren't Over

New York Times World:‏ Tumult in Egypt After Panel Bars Presidential Candidates

AJELive: Police: Fighting over in #Kabul and all "insurgents" who launched attacks dead | More on our #Afghanistan Live Blog -

Post World News: Filipino protesters throw paint at main gate of US Embassy to demand end of military drills

The Associated Press: #Taliban attack on Kabul ends when insurgents are overcome by heavy gunfire and U.S.-led air assaults: -JM


PostWorldNews: Accused of assassination attempt on separatist leader, ex-minister kills himself in Abkhazia

MarketWatch: Hong Kong joins stock rally, as Hang Seng Index rises 1.1% in early minutes

The Associated Press: House passes bill to increase hunter access to public lands, ensure lead bullets will be allowed: -CC

New York Times World: Kurds Remain on Sideline in Syria’s Uprising

PressTV: Bahrain on arrest spree ahead of F1 race

Press TV: Ex-Black Panthers in solitary for 40 years

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Middle East : Saudi Arabia: Diplomat Kidnapped in Yemen

Guardian news: Woman killed and baby abducted in Houston

TelegraphWorld: Taliban commander tries to claim reward for his own capture

Reuters: German police rescue DJ from "sex mad" woman's home

PostWorldNews: Liberian authorities release mercenary on bail accused of leading massacres in Ivory Coast

WSJ: Borrowers with private student loans are defaulting or falling behind on payments at 2x pre-recession rates.

MarketWatch: Japan stocks shoot higher, with exporters, steel shares rising; Nikkei Average up 1.7%

The Economist: In the tiny town of Glen Rose, there are a lot of people who believe that the world is perhaps 6,000-7,000 years old

Reuters: IMF inches toward deal on boosting bailout funds

wsjworld: Surprise Rise in U.K. Inflation

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Another day, another demo in Bahrain

MarketWatch: Warren Buffett says he will begin treatment for early-stage prostate cancer

Wall Street Journal: The pay gap b/t electrical engineering and general-ed majors is as big as the one b/t college and high school grads

MarketWatch: Yahoo shares rise after hours in wake of quarterly profit

Telegraph World News: Syria: first team of UN ceasefire monitors visits Deraa amid continued fighting

MarketWatch: Intel posts slightly lower profit, forecasts revenue above Street estimates

MarketWatch: Nasdaq finishes up roughly 2%; Dow surges 194 points in best day in a month

CNN Breaking News: #Stocks post biggest gains in over a month. Dow adds 190 points.

CNN Breaking: Police in #Georgia defend handcuffing, arresting a 6-year-old student.

MarketWatch: Coming up: Yahoo, IBM and Intel report quarterly results after the bell

ReutersPolitics: Senate begins debating Postal Service overhaul - @ewstephe

Press TV: Bahrain arrests 60 protest leaders

Breaking News: UN Security Council discusses imposing sanctions on Sudan and South Sudan if border clashes continue - @Reuters

Al Arabiya English: #Shater endorses Brotherhood’s candidate Mohammed #Morsi #Egypt

guardiannews: Swedish minister denies claims of racism over black woman cake stunt

Reuters Top News: Crude oil rises $1 a barrel towards $104

nytimesworld: Palestinians Deliver Letter on Peace Talks to Netanyahu

AJELive: BREAKING: #KhaderAdnan released by #Israel.

The Economist: Thaksin Shinawatra's recent public appearance in Cambodia was a testament to his popularity

MarketWatch: Apple shares set to snap losing streak, soaring $25 to reclaim $600 mark

Reuters Top News: ‏Supreme Court takes another look at gray market resales

Post World News: Official: Italian tourist kidnapped in Algeria by al-Qaida’s North African branch freed

BBC Breaking News: Egyptian presidential candidates lose appeals against bans on running for office

WSJ World News: Palestinian Premier Pulls Out of Israel Meeting

Guardian news: Abu Qatada to be deported - but not just yet

PressTV: Raed Salah leaves#Britain a free man

PressTV: US-led soldier dies in south#Afghanistan

PostWorldNews: UK sentences ex-governor of Nigeria's Delta State to 13 years for fraud, money laundering

BBCWorld: Polish ex-sports minister jailed

Reuters: Toshiba to buy IBM's point-of-sale terminal business: source

MarketWatch: Citigroup picks Michael O'Neill as board chairman

BreakingNews: Google says they're 'investigating reports of an issue with Google Mail' - @NBCNews

PostWorldNews: Report: Iran arrests more than 15 foreign and locals on espionage charges

CNN International: Experts say al-Assad gaining strength

Post World News: Jamaica, US struggle to fight island gangs using lottery scams to prey on the elderly

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Dow Jones industrial average climbs 200 points. -BW

WSJ World News: Bank of Spain Warns on Economy

PressTV: Egypt's banned candidates await ruling

Post World News: Saudi official: Al-Qaida-linked militants behind kidnapping of diplomat in Yemen

PoliticalTicker: Boehner endorses Romney -

Reuters: US relaxes sanctions on Myanmar to permit certain humanitarian, religious, other not-for-profit activities: treasury statement

CNN International: Water poisoned at Afghan girls' school

CBS News: About 20 women involved in Colombia scandal, says senator briefed on probe

AlArabiya_Eng: #NorthKorea says February agreement with U.S. "no longer binding"

Al Arabiya English: #Syria sanctions group of nations denounces arms sales to regime

MarketWatch: European stocks rally as Spanish bond auction fares better than anticipated

Post World News: Military officials say 3 Yemeni soldiers killed in suicide car bombing in south

Reuters Top News: Pentagon sees progress, challenges in cyber warfare

AJELive: In rare interview, Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah speaks to Julian Assange about #Syria:

The Economist: For years, EU-Belarus relations have frozen and unfrozen like the seasons, but with no harvest reaped

PostWorldNews: Ex-guerrilla fighter appears to have won East Timor presidency; results not yet official

Al Arabiya English: Death toll in #Syria today has reached 47: coordination committees

MarketWatch: Apple shares up nearly $15 a share in rebound from five-session rout

AlArabiya_Eng: Suicide bomber kills soldier in southern Somalia town: officials

cnnbrk: Newly signed law could make Mississippi first state where no abortions can be performed

Sky News Newsdesk: Former Nigerian state governor James Ibori jailed for 13 years for fraud and embezzlement

BBCWorld: US authorities say they have busted an online drugs ring known as The Farmer's Market

AJEnglish: Egypt's presidential frontrunners appeal ban

HuffPostWorld: 150 Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in suspected anti-education attack

BBCWorld: Shares in Spanish oil firm #Repsol fall by more than 8%, since Argentina plans to nationalize its oil.

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Armed Libyans kidnap 80 Tunisians on the border between Libya and Tunisia

PostWorldNews: Reuters: Neil Heywood killed in cover-up plot

PressTV: Denmark seeks probe into#Israeli beating

PressTV: Roadside bomb kills 2 Afghan soldiers

MarketWatch: Europe stocks extend gains after surprise ZEW gain for April; Stoxx 600 up 0.9%

guardiannews: UK inflation pushed to 3.5% by food and clothing price rises

AlArabiya_Eng: 15 people have been killed by the Syrian forces, mostly in Idlib: activists

BBC News (World): UK government intends to deport Abu #Qatada to Jordan on 30 April because his rights will not be violated, hearing told

BBCWorld: 1,200+ Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails begin hunger strike to protest against prison conditions

PressTV: UK minimum wage lower than in 2004

PressTV: Yemeni soldiers chant slogans during a #protest in #Sanaa, demanding the dismissal of former president's..

PressTV: Macedonian protesters throw stones at riot police during a #protest against a recent violence, in front..

AP: Mali soldiers detain politician, re-arrest former prime minister days after his release: - VW

Sky News Newsdesk: Tens of thousands of NHS workers to take industrial action on May 10th in continuing row over pensions

MarketWatch: Dow reclaims 13,000 mark as Nasdaq shakes off recent selling to move back above 3,000

Reuters Top News: Afghan schoolgirls poisoned in anti-education attack

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: An Italian woman kidnapped by armed men in Algeria's southern desert has been released

PressTV: Palestinians rally to mark Prisoners' Day

PressTV: New dimensions have emerged of a simmering tension between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as the Saudi news ch...

AlArabiya_Eng: #American rescued by #Iran doctors after midair heart attack praises medical care

BBCWorld: Protests disrupt #Egypt football violence trial

AP: BREAKING: U.S. factory production fell 0.2 percent in March after 3 months of strong gains. -BW

AlArabiya_Eng: #IMF sees global economy pick-up, to 3.5% growth this year

BBCWorld: Is #BoXilai's downfall political, or is it a legal matter connected to murder of Briton's Neil Heywood?

BBCBreaking: Darrell Desuze, 17, sentenced to 8 years detention for killing man, 68, in England riots in August.

BBCBreaking: Desuze's mother, Lavinia, 31, jailed for 18 months for destroying son's clothes. More soon:

cnnbrk: Report recounts disoriented Air Canada pilot sending flight into dive, slamming passengers into ceiling.

HuffPostWorld: Sudan-South Sudan violence erupts

CNNMoney: Housing starts fall 5.8%in March to 654,000 annual rate, the government says. Building permits drop 4.5%.

AP: Radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada arrested in Britain and told he will be deported to Jordan: -BW

AP: NATO ministers to mull Afghan strategy ahead of alliance summit in Chicago: - VW

cnnbrk: 5 bodies recovered from wrecked Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia identified -- 2 of them Americans.

HuffPostWorld: Opposition claims #Syria troops break ceasefire

Reuters: Venezuela's election battle: Chavez vs Chavez

BBCWorld: #Mali's former prime minister Modibo Sidibe has been arrested, witnesses say

BBCBreaking: African Union suspends #Guinea-Bissau after coup last week. Details soon:

cnni: India set to test long-distance missile

MarketWatch: Goldman Sachs posts higher earnings but lower revenue; quarterly dividend's increased 31%

AJELive: Trial of Anders Behring #Breivik resumes in #Norway. Watch live I I follow @jonahhull and @AJELive

Al Arabiya English: British peer denies offering £10 million bounty for capture of #Obama, Bush

PressTV: Israeli forces injure Palestinian farmer


AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: UN leader calls for three-month Syria observer mission with 300 monitors

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: UN leader says violent incidents, reports of casualties have escalated

Breaking News: More: No immediate confirmation of test launch from India government - @AP

Wall Street Journal: Breaking: Indian media say the test launch of a missile able to reach major Chinese cities was successful.

PressTV: 'Family massacred in west-central Syria'

Breaking News: Japan stocks lag; Australia, South Korea edge higher - @MarketWatch

PressTV: Mutilated bodies found near#US border

MarketWatch: Hong Kong energy stocks rise, but property weak; Hang Seng Index up 0.2%

CBSNews: JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon to use insanity defense at trial

PressTV: Switzerland ditches#EU on #Iran sanctions

AJELive: Oil company #BP proposes #Gulf spill settlements |

Reuters Top News: Russia admits irregularities in regional vote after protests

nytimesworld: Deal Near on Full Team of Cease-Fire Monitors for Syria

New York Times World: European Rescue Fund May Face Biggest Test Yet

Guardian news: Sri Lankan woman faces beheading on witchcraft charge

Reuters Top News: GM in deal to buy stake from Chinese partner: source

PostWorldNews: Russia creates independent task force to investigate crimes committed by police officers

Breaking News: US officials: CIA is seeking new authority to expand Yemen drone campaign - @washingtonpost

AJEnglish: After a quiet winter, #Occupy #WallStreet is gearing up again for a summer of protests |

Post World News: Thousands of Honduran farmworkers briefly occupy land in dispute with large landowners, govt

MarketWatch: Japan stocks sink early, with some exporters giving back gains; Nikkei Average down 0.9%

PostWorldNews: Dominican Republic appoints special commission to investigate killing of Taiwanese diplomat

Post World News: US ambassador raises concerns over Romania’s proposal to pay limited property restitution

HuffPostWorld: Massive ammo bust at Mexican border

Press TV: US confirms assistance to Syria rebels

guardiannews: Robert Mugabe appeals for calm on Zimbabwe's independence day - video

AJEnglish: Egypt presidential hopefuls launch campaign

MarketWatch: Apple and Samsung enter 'peace talks' over their patent battle in California [video]

PostWorldNews: Funds-short Italian museum of contemporary art burns painting, with artist consent, in protest

CBSNews: Secret Service scandal: 1 "for cause," 1 allowed to retire, 1 resigns; 8 others still under investigation.

AP: BREAKING: Secret Service: 3 employees leave agency in wake of Colombia scandal; investigation ongoing

nytimesworld: Reporter in Azerbaijan Beaten After Filming Dispute

Reuters Top News: Yemen air strike kills six militants, government says

HuffPostWorld: Secret Service announces removal of agents following prostitution scandal

BreakingNews: US House approves Keystone XL pipeline project, extending funding through September - @reuters

The Associated Press: New Jersey district to pay $4.2M to settle lawsuit over bully's punch that paralyzed middle-schooler: -CJ

MarketWatch: EBay reports 20% higher profit; shares rise after hours

CBS News: TV icon, pioneer Dick Clark dead at 82

MarketWatch: Dow closes down 83 points, pulling back after two-day rally

Breaking News UK: Sources: Former News International chief Rebekah Brooks and 10 phone hacking suspects may face charges - @pressassoc

AP: Judge quits Trayvon Martin shooting case, citing conflict of interest; replacement named: -CC

Reuters Top News: House panel okays $33 billion in food stamp cuts

cnni: Freak storm blasts Turkey's largest city

CNN International: Bahrain clears hunger strike protest

Reuters Top News: Panetta apologizes for photos of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

HuffPostWorld: Ahmadinejad's car mobbed by protesters

MarketWatch: Ireland: Budget's on target despite slowing growth

wsjworld: Italy Slashes Growth Forecast

WSJ World News: India Allows Cotton Exports

MarketWatch: Gold ends 0.7% lower at $1,639.60 an ounce, its lowest settlement since April 5

Reuters Top News: Special Report: Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon took $1.1 billion in shrouded personal loans

Press TV: Qatar named world obesity capital

BBC News (World): Reclassifying breast #cancer as "not one disease, but 10 different diseases" could improve treatment, study suggests

BBCWorld: Audi buys Italian motorcycle firm

Telegraph World News: Dozens under arrest in China in connection with Bo Xilai scandal

MarketWatch: YPF's U.S.-listed shares plunge after trading halt is lifted

The Associated Press: South African police find girl, arrest suspects after video circulates of her being raped: -CJ

Breaking News: Mali's ousted leader is in the Senegalese embassy, Senegal's president says - @BBCWorld

CNN Breaking News: Police search area where missing Fort Bragg soldier last seen.

Guardian news: Google's Sergey Brin: state filtering of dissent threatens web freedom #openinternet

Reuters Top News: Keystone pipeline "rodeo" rides again in U.S. House

CNN Breaking News: Sen. Boxer says scandal-hit #GSA should "clean house."

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: 32 people have been killed by army gunfire across #Syria today: Local Coordinating Committees say, mostly in Idlib and Homs

MarketWatch: 'Spanish stocks are getting hit in all directions at the moment': BNP Paribas strategist

The Associated Press: U.S. Senate is getting its turn to delve into a General Services Administration spending scandal: -CJ

Al Arabiya English: Protests against veil ban in Tunisian universities bring lectures to a halt #AlArabiya

The Associated Press: US Supreme Court rules that organizations may not be sued for claims they aided in torture or killings abroad:

AP: American Muslim blames the FBI, saying he was tortured at their behest in United Arab Emirates: -CJ

nytimesworld: Iran Arrests 15 in Alleged Assassination Plot

Reuters: Yahoo, Amazon help Nasdaq turn positive

Reuters Top News: Berkshire shares dip on Buffett cancer news

Al Arabiya English: ‏#BreakingNews: 24 people have been killed by army gunfire across #Syria today: Local Coordinating Committees, mostly in Idlib and Homs

New York Times World: Landslide Peril Near Chinese Reservoir Grows, Official Says

BBC Breaking News: Fuel tanker drivers reject deal to avert strikes, saying proposals do not go far enough - Unite union. Details soon

Reuters Top News: Angry North Korea threatens retaliation, nuclear test expected

Reuters: Thousands housed in trailers after Katrina may get payments

Al Arabiya English: #Norway mass killer wants death or acquittal, warns of new attacks

The Associated Press: VIDEO: Despite truce violations, Syria's foreign minister says troops will be pulled from the country's urban areas:

BreakingNews: Clashes hit Bahrain Formula One exhibit; security forces fire stun grenades at protesters - AP

BBC Breaking News: India postpones launch of its first long-range missile Agni V, because of bad weather. Details soon

The Associated Press: Ohio executes man who fatally stabbed teen in 1985, marking state's 1st execution in 6 months: -CJ

CNN Breaking News: 5 killed, 5 wounded in aerial attack in South Sudan, official says.

guardiannews: Tory council happily running 'conservatory tax' for past five years

Al Arabiya English: Ship suspected of arms smuggling to #Syria docks in #Turkey

AP: US Embassy in Nigeria issues emergency warning to its citizens over fears that Boko Haram is planning attacks on hotels in Abuja

BBCBreaking: #Unemployment in UK fell by 35,000 between December & February to 2.65 million, official figures show

guardianworld: Remorseless and baffling, Breivik's testimony leaves Norway no wiser

PressTV: Separate blasts kill 21 in Syria

PressTV: 'Saudi Arabia executes 8 #Iranian sailors'

SaeedKD: Iranian singer Arya Aramnejad sentenced to a year in jail:

BBCBreaking: David #Gilroy gets life term in prison at High Court in Edinburgh for the murder of Suzanne Pilley

SkyNewsBreak: TUC general secretary Brendan Barber is to retire later this year.

cnni: U.N. wives to Mrs. al-Assad: Stop him

AP: AP VIDEO: Two years after Deepwater Horizon spill, fish are mysteriously sick in the Gulf of Mexico: -ldh

PostWorldNews: Dangers from China's Three Gorges Dam may force another 100,000 people to be displaced

MarketWatch: U.S. stocks open lower as tech-company results dampen mood

PressTV: UK forced to publish sinful archive

AJEnglish: Every 14 days a language dies. We follow the indigenous people battling2reclaim their language & culture

cnni: Israeli officer fired for striking activist

guardianworld: Britain planned to test virulent poison gas in what is now Botswana, colonial archives reveal

AP: Swiss gov't says it has extended sanctions against Iran by freezing assets of 11 more companies and people: -CJ

AP: Invasive beetle that has destroyed millions of ash trees has been found east of NY's Hudson River for 1st time:

PostWorldNews: Mali junta defends arrests of politicians from ousted regime after president raises concern

AJELive: Shooting reportedly broke out in Arbeen during a visit by UN observers

Reuters: Syria says wants only small, "neutral" truce mission

HuffPostWorld: India to test nuclear missile that can hit Beijing

BreakingNews: The Pentagon says it requested that the Los Angeles Times not publish the photographs depicting US soldiers - @NBCNews

BreakingNews: Spain's King Juan Carlos says he is sorry for having gone on African elephant-hunting trip - @AP

cnni: Myanmar's Suu Kyi to visit Norway

LA Times releases photos depicting US troops posing with bodies of Afghan suicide bombers [graphic] - @latimes

PostWorldNews: 22 soldiers die in South Sudan-Sudan border battle; violence hits new area of volatile border

PressTV: Six Syrian police killed in bomb attack

PressTV: Israeli forces injure young girl in Gaza

Sky News Newsdesk: Tesco announces full-year, pre-tax profits rise 5.3% to £3.8bn, group sales up 7.4% to £72bn

MarketWatch: Japan's Nikkei Average ends 2.1% higher on U.S. gains, weaker yen

BBC News (World): China new home prices dip further

Post World News: Several nations trying to penetrate U.S. cyber-networks, says ex-FBI official

Post World News: Russian lawmakers target gay ‘propaganda’

The Associated Press: Voters in Arizona's 8th Congressional District pick Jesse Kelly as GOP candidate for Giffords' seat: -MS

wsjworld: Australia Ready to Help IMF

WSJ World News: Bin Laden's Family to Leave Pakistan

Al Arabiya English: Death toll mounts as U.N. observers admit tough task to firm up Syria ceasefire #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

HuffPostWorld: ‏Syrian troops resume shelling

Post World News: Street fight: Mexican presidential contenders feud over unfinished highway

Press TV: European car sales lowest in 14 years

New York Times World: Debate Grows as Europe Fears Return of Fiscal Crisis

Press TV: Aussies want suspension of#US military cooperation


The Associated Press: Men at Work flautist, saxophonist Greg Ham found dead in Melbourne home: -RAS

Al Jazeera English: Colombia's FARC denies plans to surrender

PostWorldNews: Brazil police say trio accused of killing and eating 2 women may have killed 5 more

MarketWatch: Hong Kong shares lose ground in early trading; Hang Seng Index down 0.4%

PostWorldNews: Mysterious die-off of hundreds of dolphins in Peru investigated by scientists, officials

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Asia: Tajikistan: 34 Jailed on Terror Charges

MarketWatch: Japan stocks slip lower, with techs among top decliners; Nikkei Average down 0.2%

WSJ World News: Brazil's Growth-Driving Efforts Hit Milestone

PostWorldNews: Jamaica forms gov't task force to fight lottery scams, protect island's image as tourist haven

AlArabiya_Eng: Mali junta frees detained politicians, soldiers: lawmaker

PressTV: Argentina seizes Repsol's gas firm

BBCWorld: Pakistani women's lives destroyed by acid attacks

AlArabiya_Eng: 30 people have been killed by Syrian forces on Thursday: Syrian activists

PostWorldNews: Azerbaijan says arrested terror suspects linked to al-Qaida, Iran

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Acid attacks increase in Pakistan

Reuters: Obama, top Senate Democrat split on nuclear nominee

BBCWorld: South Sudan oil seizure 'illegal'

guardiannews: Bahrain protests continue after night of clashes - video

nytimesworld: 2 Guantanamo Bay Detainees Freed in El Salvador

Guardian news: US drone strikes in Yemen crucial to prevent terrorist threat, Panetta says

WSJ: Spending for the food stamp program rose to $72 bil in 2011, up from $30 bil four years earlier.

BreakingNews: Lawyers: California federal prosecutor investigating Goldman Sachs employee for insider trading - Reuters

Post World News: Yemen military says 19 militants killed in offensive on al-Qaida stronghold

Reuters Top News: Yemen army kills 13 Islamists in south

AlArabiya_Eng: Tension heightens amid claims of oil-smuggling from Iraq to Israel via Jordan

MarketWatch: Microsoft shares rise in late trading after earnings beat estimates

Reuters: Microsoft profit falls slightly

MarketWatch: Dow finishes down 69 points; Apple's 3% decline weighs on tech sector

Breaking News: Senior US official says Blackhawk helicopter crashed in southwestern Afghanistan; crew of 4 believed to be on board - @NBCNews

Post World News: Mexican volcano hurls hot rock half-mile into sky; officials warn more eruptions likely

Al Arabiya English: 21 people have been killed by the Syrian forces today: Syrian activists

MarketWatch: Dow industrials down 120-plus points as day's tone turns decidedly negative

MarketWatch: Apple down more than 3% after Qualcomm comment

Reuters: Global growth subdued, heavily reliant on Asia

Breaking News: Levon Helm, former leader of The Band, dies at age 71 - @recordonline

WSJ: 1 in 7 Americans use food stamps and the rolls will continue to increase through 2014, according to CBO report.

MarketWatch: Twenty-eight of 30 Dow components in the red

HuffPostWorld: Bollywood actress kidnapped, strangled and beheaded by costars

SmartMoney: At about $600, Apple stock might still be a good deal. Here's why. VIDEO

BBCWorld: US bases now being dismantled in #Afghanistan, and almost everything is shipped back to the States

PressTV: Moderate earthquake hits eastern#Japan

PressTV: Militants attack power tower in#Pakistan

Reuters Top News: Egyptian protesters take long walk to Tahrir

Press TV: Militants blow up school in NW#Pakistan

wsjworld: Lagarde Says IMF Funds to Be Boosted

BBCWorld: Ex-pastor becomes first genocide suspect to be sent back by UN tribunal to #Rwanda for trial

Reuters Top News: Republican business tax cut seen passing U.S. House

Post World News: Veterans Affairs department plans to add about 1,900 mental health staff as more seek care

Reuters Top News: Tunisia sees tourists return after revolt

cnni: Three arrested in UK corruption probe

cnni: Sudan threatens S. Sudan

CNN International: Killer Breivik trained on video games for massacre

Post World News: Group says 2 lay Tibetans critically injured after setting themselves on fire in eastern Tibet

Reuters Top News: Bank of America tops expectations on better credit quality

CNN Breaking News: Tennessee's Pat Summitt to be awarded Medal of Freedom.

BBCWorld: Many Timbuktu residents 'fleeing'

guardianworld: Rape of disabled 17-year-old girl prompts outrage over sexual violence in South Africa

cnnbrk: Small plane that circled over Gulf with "unresponsive" pilot has crashed.

ReutersPolitics: Ohio Governor John Kasich endorses Romney

Post World News: Mali military: Country faces ‘new threat’ with 22 arrested after weapons stockpiles found

CBSNews: Sick, deformed fish spotted in Gulf in "disturbing numbers"

WSJ News Graphics: Cost of a gallon of gas nationwide has fallen for two straight weeks-avg. retail price of regular gasoline-$3.922.

SkyNewsBreak: MoD: Soldier who died in the UK yesterday from wounds sustained in Afghanistan named as Sapper Connor Ray

guardiannews: Google shutting out rivals, claims Russian search engine Yandex #OpenInternet

guardian: Bo Xilai case shines light on corruption in China. Officials smuggled £80bn out of the country in last20years

Breaking News: Congressional source confirms to @NBCNews that more resignations of Secret Service agents in Colombia scandal are expected

SkyNewsBreak: Government defeats Labour's 'granny tax' amendment by 67 votes.

MarketWatch: Spain's benchmark IBEX gauge closes below 7,000 for first time since March 2009

Al Jazeera English: Opinion: The significance of indigenous mobilisations

Breaking News: Unconscious pilot at controls of private plane circling over Gulf of Mexico; authorities expect it will soon crash into water - @NBCNews

Reuters Top News: Existing home sales fall 2.6 percent in March

MarketWatch: Splunk shares soar 88% in IPO $SPLK

Breaking News: Nigeria opens secret prison for radical Islamist sect, security official says - @AP

Guardian news: Hunt for Joseph Kony will kill more innocent people, charities warn

Al Arabiya English: Assad still enjoys big popularity and support from the army: Panetta

cnnbrk: Dive team to return to pond in missing Fort Bragg soldier search.

AlArabiya_Eng: The Syrian opposition is divided and we cannot depend on the defections inside the Syrian army: US Defense Secretary Panetta

Reuters Top News: Nokia ditches sales chief as smartphone disappoints

Guardian World: Russian police arrest 13 outside Pussy Riot court hearing

Rupert Murdoch to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry on Wednesday and Thursday next week, and his son James will appear on Tuesday - PA

ReutersPolitics: Obama to renominate Republican Kristine Svinicki to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

AJELive: In Feature: #Syria's carnival that ended in bloodshed

AP: Security forces have fired tear gas and stun grenades at anti-government protesters in Bahrain

Home sales fell last month, sign that market remains weak:

MarketWatch: Europe stocks rebound ahead of Spanish auctions; Stoxx 600 up 0.7%

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: A new bombing in al-Huriya neighborhood in Iraq: correspondent

PressTV: 'US bankers want Occupiers in Jail'

AP: Oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil will not be allowed to bid in May energy auction over oil deals with Kurds, Iraqi official says

AJELive: #India's #Jarawa tribe, who still hunt with bows and arrows, are facing #extinction | Video report:

BBCWorld: Crimes against person incl muggings&robberies, up 8%last year, but crime overall down3%- British Crime Survey

PostWorldNews: Kazakhstan court jails 47 on terrorism charges after closed trial

HuffPostWorld: Protesters mob #Iran president's car

Reuters: Myanmar oath standoff puts Suu Kyi's MP debut in doubt

BBCWorld: #Spain's borrowing costs increase. 10-year bond yields rise to 5.74%

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: A team of observers arrive in Deraa, Syria: coordination committees

AP: Sheriff says 3 killed following shooting at cockfighting match in south Texas: - VW
BreakingNews: Nokia posts 1st quarter net loss of ?929m ($1.2 bln) company hit by strong competition as revenue plunges - AP

MarketWatch: New York Times shares jump 7.4% after earnings report

PressTV: Scene of two car bombs close to the northern oil rich city of #Kirkuk, Iraq, April 19, 2012, which left severa

MarketWatch: EBay shares surge 10% as investors react to earnings and outlook

BBCBreaking: Three men jailed for life for gang-related shooting that left five-year-old girl paralysed.

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Israel remembers Holocaust with two minute silence #YadVashem

Breaking News: EU officials say the bloc is set to suspend most sanctions against Myanmar for 1 year to assess country's progress towards democracy - @AP

Al Arabiya English: 10 people have been killed by the gunfire of Syrian government force: Syrian activists #AlArabiya #Syria

andrewbensonf1: #ForceIndia incident in #Bahrain "much more serious than initially described - Molotov cocktails and tear gas involved"

WSJ: Breaking: U.S. jobless claims fell by 2,000 to 386,000 in the latest week.

PreetaTweets: Human Genome Sciences discloses, rejects $2.6b offer from Glaxo, says will explore strategic alternatives. $HGSI $GSK

AlArabiya_Eng: Update: At least 36 killed in series of 20 explosions across #Iraq

Reuters: Bashir says Sudan to teach South "final lesson by force"

AJEnglish: Captured suspect in Taliban attacks on Kabul says he is from a 200-strong suicide squad trained in Pakistan

MarketWatch: Bank of America's Moynihan on first-quarter results: 'Our strategy is paying off'

SkyNewsBreak: Five men arrested by North-East Counter Terrorism Unit on suspicion of posting race hate material online.

Reuters: Rights groups condemn attack on journalist in Azerbaijan

AP: British police arrest 3 in investigation into bribery of police by journalists: - VW

AJEnglish: What is the 99% Spring calling for? @AJInsideStoryAm discusses |

MarketWatch: Losses deepen for Spain's IBEX equities index, down more than 1%

AJELive: BREAKING: At least six deadly bombings have rocked Iraqi capital #Baghdad, killing at least seven people. More soon

Al Arabiya English: #IMF says secures $320 billion in drive for new funds
The Associated Press: Boats, helicopters scour ocean off Southern California for gray whale tangled in fishing line: - VW

Press TV: US jailed, tortured Muslim in Abu Dhabi

Reuters Top News: FLASH: Series of explosions hit Iraq's capital, number of casualties unknown - police sources

Reuters Top News: Syria hasn't fully complied with Annan peace plan: U.N. chief

Guardian news: 350,000 children 'will lose free school meals in welfare reform' – charity

WSJ World News: Australia PM Pushes Case For Rate Cut

New York Times World: Veterans Affairs Dept. to Increase Mental Health Staffing

Press TV: US to start last operation in#Afghanistan

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