Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chapter 13: Covering the 20th -24th of April 2012

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012

PressTV: Montreal police arrest 10 students http://dlvr.it/1SgBk4

New York Times World: In Venezuela, a Shortage of Staples http://nyti.ms/HP7T0I

PostWorldNews: Last Greek polls before May 6 election give pro-bailout parties slim lead http://wapo.st/JsBe3l

Breaking News: 4 earthquakes in 4 hours ranging from 5.2 to 6.1 magnitude strike west of northern Sumatra - USGS

Breaking News Storm: Tornado warning issued for western Cameron County, deep south Texas - @NWS http://1.usa.gov/dVESMs

WSJ World News: Spain Moves Against Argentina http://on.wsj.com/J6DqPf

Breaking News: Police: 4th escapee from Kansas jail caught in Omaha, Nebraska - @41ActionNews http://bit.ly/IdkY5W

Al Jazeera English: On the Blog: Hunger grips Yemen's children http://aje.me/I8lcKc

Post World News: Yemen official says overnight fighting around al-Qaida stronghold kills 25 militants http://wapo.st/I7T1er

nytimesworld: Former Treasurer Convicted of Bribery in Indonesia http://nyti.ms/HW0osM

Post World News: 3 US military personnel, 3 civilians killed in car crash in Mali’s capital http://wapo.st/I7DwmP

MarketWatch: Dow closes with weekly gain of 1%; Nasdaq suffers third straight weekly loss http://on.mktw.net/IERYlO

AlArabiya_Eng: South Sudan army says its troops still in Heglig

Press TV: No survivors in#Pakistan plane crash http://dlvr.it/1ScsZT

Al Arabiya English: 57 people have been killed by Syrian forces on Friday: Local Coordination Committees

New York Times World: Secret Service to Dismiss 2 More in Scandal, Official Says http://nyti.ms/HXWeMr

MarketWatch: Nasdaq turns lower in final hour of trading, erasing weekly gains http://on.mktw.net/JUJDcq

Reuters Top News: Libya militia hands Tripoli airport control to government http://reut.rs/J4dPqb

Breaking News; IMF announces $430 billion raised to reassure markets about threats from European debt crisis - @AP

TelegraphWorld: Pakistan plane crash: worst air crashes in last five years http://tgr.ph/JdGkkt

PressTV: Knifepoint robberies soar by 9% in UK http://dlvr.it/1Sblqp

MarketWatch: Apple shares in correction territory -- off 10% from recent all-time high http://on.mktw.net/JUztsh

cnni: Bahrain insists race will go ahead http://dlvr.it/1SbWzp

MarketWatch: Gold settles 0.1% higher at $1,642.80 an ounce http://on.mktw.net/J00Ag

Reuters: Yemen says air raids, army kill 27 militants in south http://reut.rs/J3Rglr

Reuters: Wall Street jumps on solid corporate earnings http://reut.rs/I34Mmt

Reuters Top News: Exclusive: Disney film studio chief Ross steps down http://reut.rs/HNORYH

Al Arabiya English: Syrian forces bombard the Jandaly neighborhood in Homs #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

Sky News Newsdesk: Reuters: Pro-democracy protesters hurl petrol bombs, police fire tear gas in clashes in Bahrain

Press TV: Gunmen kill 14 people in Karachi http://dlvr.it/1SZlgb

CNN Breaking News: 43 killed in Mexican bus-truck collision, governor's office says. http://on.cnn.com/I83iZY

Breaking News: Anonymous says it has attacked and taken offline the Formula One website in support of Bahraini protests - @IBTimesUK http://bit.ly/IcjWam

Breaking News: Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters flood major highway in Bahrain, demanding halt to Formula 1 race - @AP http://bit.ly/HYy9sb

Reuters Top News: Airliner carrying 131 crashes in Pakistan: air official http://reut.rs/J2M8y3

Al Arabiya English: 45 people have been killed by Syrian forces on Friday: Local Coordination Committees

Al Arabiya English: Pakistani passenger jet crashes near Islamabad killing all 127 on board http://goo.gl/lx0Ex

Al Arabiya English: 39 people have been killed by Syrian security forces on Friday: Syrian activists

MarketWatch: Dow industrials cling to triple-digit gain http://on.mktw.net/HNGjRJ

MarketWatch: Wall Street discounts Chipotle: Shares fall $7 http://on.mktw.net/HNG8WA

BreakingNews: Pakistan defense ministry says plane crash close to Islamabad kills 118 - Dawn_com

PressTV: Two new oil fields discovered in #Iran http://dlvr.it/1SYzlv

BreakingNews: George Zimmerman takes stand at his hearing: 'I am sorry for the loss of your son. ... I did not know if he was armed or not.'

HuffPostWorld: 8 killed in indigenous town in Mexico http://huff.to/I9Broh

Reuters: Emerging powers ready to give IMF billions http://reut.rs/I2pSkT

Reuters Top News: Civilian aircraft crashes in bad weather near Islamabad, Pakistan's international airport http://reut.rs/HXYYyu

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Huge fire at US oil storage depot http://bbc.in/HWKHik

PressTV: Italian workers stage strike in Rome http://dlvr.it/1SYdSj

PressTV: 4#US forces die in#Afghanistan air crash http://dlvr.it/1ST5QM

AJELive: #AdnanRashid, one of #Pakistan's most-wanted persons, has made brazen appearance on a Pakistani #Taliban video http://aje.me/J8tNRn

Civilian aircraft crashes in bad weather near Islamabad international airport: Pakistani TV channels

BreakingNews: Delaware killer Shannon Johnson executed after waiving further appeals and expressing wish to die - AP

Reuters: U.S. farms help China super-size food supply http://reut.rs/HXpgiy

AJEnglish: Today is the #KONY2012 #coverthenight campaign to "make Kony famous". AlJazeera visited bloggers in #Uganda: http://aje.me/Jr8CY0

MarketWatch: Europe stocks erase losses, push higher after surprise German Ifo rise http://on.mktw.net/HXfT4m

BBCBreaking: UK retail sales volumes rose by 1.8% in March, the biggest rise in more than a year, official figures show http://bbc.in/HWULrv

PressTV: US police detain more 99-percenters http://dlvr.it/1SV7lw

The Economist: The core of Al-Qaeda has taken a beating, but affiliates are carrying on the fight http://econ.st/Js1tXs

WSJ World News: India to Get Sufficient Monsoon http://on.wsj.com/I4MNvT

BBC Breaking News: Sudan has recaptured Heglig oilfield, defence minister says, after South Sudan announces withdrawal. Details soon http://bbc.in/HXTnc1

AlArabiya_Eng: #Sudan's Blue Nile rebels 'kill' 79 government troops http://is.gd/SxUWdd

guardianworld: South Africa searches its soul over alleged rape of disabled 17-year-old girl http://gu.com/p/3728a/tw

cnni: Guinea-Bissau junta lays out transition http://dlvr.it/1SVPnz

BBCWorld: Arrests in airport terror swoop http://bbc.in/HXwTI7

BBCWorld: Twin brothers appear in court to face terror charges connected to fundraising for Somalia terrorist activity http://bbc.in/HXHDGp

BBCWorld: Firefighters 'died for no reason' http://bbc.in/HXi2cZ

PressTV: Palestinian injured by#Israeli soldiers http://dlvr.it/1SXNqt

BBCWorld: GE profits hit by one-off charges http://bbc.in/HXLkf5

Al Arabiya English: ‏30 people have been killed by the Syrian forces on Friday: Local Coordination Committees #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

Reuters: 7 observers now deployed in Syria, full advance team expected next week, UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan's spokesman confirms

PressTV: Blast kills 4 Afghan police personnel http://dlvr.it/1SVnbk

Breaking News: ‏More: American Airlines' 3 unions announce support of possible merger between American and US Airways - @dallasnews http://bit.ly/HV1XqS

MarketWatch: Microsoft is index's big winner as Dow industrials rally 85 points early Friday http://on.mktw.net/JrZQsO

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Al-Qaeda, army clashes kill 20 in Yemen south: Ministry http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/20/209018.html

CBS News: BREAKING: US Airways announces plans to merger with American Airlines

Reuters: Egyptians demand army retreat from power http://reut.rs/J29jZt

guardiannews: Hacktivists in the frontline battle for the internet http://gu.com/p/372jj/tw #OpenInternet

PostWorldNews: Lawyer says nearly 50 new phone hacking cases filed against News International http://wapo.st/JrUs9j
Reuters: African migrants flood Israel after perilous treks http://reut.rs/J1IHHT by AFilan

AJEnglish: South Sudan to pull troops out of Heglig http://aje.me/JrXzxU

BreakingNews: EU governments to discuss possible review of EU oil embargo on Iran in May or June if needed, official says - Reuters

PostWorldNews: UN rights office says Gaza death sentences unlawful, urges Hamas to halt planned firing squad http://wapo.st/JrjxRN

cnni: Suu Kyi's parliament debut in doubt http://dlvr.it/1SVyR3

cnni: Pakistan searches for escaped inmates http://dlvr.it/1SVyQk

PressTV: Saudis call for release of prisoners http://dlvr.it/1SVyvn

BBCBreaking: Gunmen kill 5 bakers in the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri home to Islamist sect Boko Haram http://bbc.in/JmCjqx

BBCWorld: "Revenge porn" website IsAnyoneUp closed down by owner http://bbc.in/HX2kP3

AJEnglish: France election campaign enters final day http://aje.me/JrqAcW

cnni: Violence erupts in Syria http://dlvr.it/1SW81f

AlArabiya_Eng: Ceasefire in #Syria 'very fragile,' situation 'not good:' #Annan's spokesman http://is.gd/vbGf36

BBCWorld: Jewish life slowly returns to Poland http://bbc.in/HXBDxf

AJEnglish: Mississippi shrimper Song Vu on #BP oil spill - "Shrimp are all dead. Everything is dead." http://aje.me/HVsMtN DahrJamail

PressTV: Egyptians to stage mass anti-junta rally http://dlvr.it/1SWK9X

nytimesworld: India Ink: The Children's Investment Fund Wages Battle With Coal India http://nyti.ms/J0StKf

PostWorldNews: Colombia's president announces resignation of country's police chief http://wapo.st/Jpknyg

Al Jazeera English: Olympus shareholders choose new board http://aje.me/JqKSU1

BBC News (World): VIDEO: Woman leaps on Ahmadinejad's car http://bbc.in/HWe4VE

AJELive: Thai marine police take #drug fight to sea - Watch the first of three special reports focusing on the #MekongRiver: http://aje.me/Ib2zGW

Breaking News: Mystery disease kills 19, sickens 171 others in central Vietnam; country asks WHO for help in investigation - @AP http://bit.ly/I8DOHO

BBC News (World): 'Huge' water resource in Africa http://bbc.in/HXbZst
Al Arabiya English: Prisoner attacks #Kuwaiti accused of blasphemy: ministry http://goo.gl/eJBrd

AlArabiya_Eng: #Qatar lends #Tunisia $500 million http://goo.gl/cv7VB

Press TV: UK’s phone hacking scandal reaches#US http://dlvr.it/1SRwx8


ReutersUS: Nor'easter to bring heavy rain and snow to U.S. East http://reut.rs/HSkEI6

Al Jazeera English: "We have no voice. We have no visibility" - one Qatari author discusses #womenrights in the Arab world | http://aje.me/I1o5LM

BBC News (World): France set to vote for president http://bbc.in/I0Mhzy

HuffPostWorld: After crash, airline chief barred from leaving Pakistan http://huff.to/IcLdpH

nytimesworld: IHT Rendezvous: Clashes in Bahrain, and a Protest Leader Is Killed http://nyti.ms/Jfu6Zt1h

Press TV: ‏Girls’ school blown up in NW#Pakistan http://dlvr.it/1SrCZT

Reuters Top News: Europe pressed to deliver debt fix http://reut.rs/I0U5VM

The Associated Press: Soccer, volleyball balls may be first of Japanese tsunami debris to reach Alaskan shores: http://apne.ws/JhSbQG -RJJ

Breaking News: Police dispersing fist-fighting, beer-bottle throwing crowd at Kent State 'College Fest' - @WKYC http://on.wkyc.com/IIcYbv

BBC News (World): China's car market changes gear http://bbc.in/I0MI0y

BBC News (World):‏ Child marriages blight Bangladesh http://bbc.in/I0FAO8

Al Jazeera English: Video: US authorities crack down on medical cannabis http://aje.me/HZ6sRf

Breaking News: 4 banks robbed in 4 hours in Houston; FBI says heists do not appear linked - @KTRK http://bit.ly/IIb0HW

TelegraphWorld: Senior diplomat attacked and robbed in London http://tgr.ph/HRZVnO

BBC News (World) ‏ @BBCWorld  Reply  Retweeted  Favorite · OpenAid official kidnapped in Yemen http://bbc.in/I0z49Z

Post World News: 1 dead, buses torched ahead of opposition-sponsored strike in Bangladesh http://wapo.st/HY3Ymh

BBC News (World): Mass poisoning hits Peru police http://bbc.in/I0nFak

AJEnglish: "Women are still perceived as property of men" - A look at the role of women in the #ArabSpring http://aje.me/HYjr5U

wsjworld: Montreal Police Arrest 50 After Protests http://on.wsj.com/I2whLC

WSJ World News: Dutch Talks on Budget Cuts Collapse http://on.wsj.com/I2wiz4

BBC News (World): South Sudan oil facility 'bombed' http://bbc.in/I0yKvI

PostWorldNews: Moroccan minister defends planned high speed rail from critics calling it wasteful http://wapo.st/I1TDks

Reuters: Nigerian kidnappers release Spanish doctor http://reut.rs/I0v7WG

Reuters Top News: Chinese firm suspected in missile-linked sale to North Korea: U.S. official http://reut.rs/I0vKj4

Breaking News: Gunmen burst into a neighborhood bar in the Mexican border state of Chihuahua and opened fire, killing at least 15 people - @latimesworld

PressTV: More#US agents resign over sex scandal http://dlvr.it/1SnRrm

BreakingNews: The junta in Guinea Bissau now says its plan for a two-year transition had only been a suggestion - AFP http://yhoo.it/Ics7A7

BBCWorld: General shot dead in Mexico City http://bbc.in/I0qkEx

AJELive: #Bahrain's Ministry of Interior to investigate death of Salah Abbas Habib: http://aje.me/If2Nvo

Post World News: Yemeni troops battle al-Qaida militants in south of the country; 19 people killed http://wapo.st/I1ZNRz

PressTV: Hopefuls to compete for 135 Majlis seats http://dlvr.it/1Snvkw

PressTV: Britons arrested on terror suspicions http://dlvr.it/1SnnyW #worldnews

AJELive: Video reportedly shows opposition activists blocking a highway with burning tires in #Bahrain on Saturday: http://aje.me/HVMMJ1

Al Arabiya English: Syrian rebels hail #UN vote, say committed to ceasefire

AJEnglish: Libyan forces take control of Tripoli airport http://aje.me/HYRf2J

PressTV: Bahraini forces arrest Zainab Khawaja http://dlvr.it/1SnhKf

Reuters Top News: Czechs in mass march against austerity as government wobbles http://reut.rs/HZSVpJ

Al Arabiya English: 48 injured in #Amsterdam two-train crash: Dutch media reports

AJEnglish: On AJEarthrise: Positive stories about innovative solutions to today's #environmental challenges | http://aje.me/HYnIpP

WSJ World News: Russia to Embrace Energy Partners http://on.wsj.com/JcPONF

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Syrian forces beat people who met with U.N. observers in Bab Amr: Revolution Council

AP: Divisions in Congress on how best to protect nation's critical industries from cyberattacks: http://apne.ws/HYI9CX -CJ

Al Jazeera English: Video: Nigeria to build schools for 'begging' pupils http://aje.me/HYBHfe

nytimesworld: Afghan Spy Agency Says It Thwarts 2 Attacks http://nyti.ms/IcmUw7

Reuters Top News: China and North Korea hold highest-level talks since rocket http://reut.rs/IYM90E

BreakingNews: 4 killed and 13 others wounded by 2 bomb blasts in north-western Baghdad, Iraqi officials say - AP

Al Jazeera English: Ex-Guinea-Bissau speaker rejects presidency http://aje.me/HYBDfr

AlArabiya_Eng: #U.S. republicans aim to give #Israel $680 million to boost its 'Iron Dome' shield http://goo.gl/32cna

PressTV: Child obesity major crisis in#US http://dlvr.it/1SmyD

AJELive: #Syria releases 30 detainees "w/o blood on their hands" for their alleged role in uprising, state media says. http://aje.me/Ib6h3R

HuffPostWorld: New trial for Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko http://huff.to/Je2MKj

PressTV: Iraq seizes Turkish military aircraft http://dlvr.it/1SmqHy

PressTV: Road accident kills 43 in east#Mexico http://dlvr.it/1SkCdz

cnni: Indian arrested with explosives on train http://dlvr.it/1SkDZw

Press TV: http://www.presstv.ir/ At least forty three people have been #killed and 27 other injured after a #trailer brok http://twitpic.com/9cgblj

PressTV: People take part in a protest at #Tahrir Square in #Cairo against military #junta, #Egypt, April 20, 2012. http://twitpic.com/9cca4k

AJEnglish: The #BP spill debate: "Congress has not passed a bill that would increase offshore drilling safety." http://aje.me/JsGpAj

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Explosion in Al-Maza military headquarter in Damascus, smoke billowing: Syrian Revolution Council

New York Times World: Budget Talks Collapse in the Netherlands; Elections Expected http://nyti.ms/IdTFXV

PressTV: Pro-Palestine Scots return home http://dlvr.it/1SkMYp

AP: Uganda Kony-hunting soldiers battle menace of the jungle: Killer crocodiles, poachers, bees: http://apne.ws/I1nKIO -CJ

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 21 killed by #Assad's forces today: Revolution Council

AP: Yemeni troops battles al-Qaida militants in south of the country; 19 people killed: http://apne.ws/HYn8Z7 -CJ

BBCWorld: Vietnam baffled by skin disease http://bbc.in/I08di1

BreakingNews: UN Council unanimously agrees to send 300 ceasefire monitors to #Syria - AJELive

AJELive: Video from #Bahrain appears to show police firing on a man filming the body of Salah Abbas Habib: http://aje.me/HYoPWw

PressTV: Terrorists blow up pipeline in Syria http://dlvr.it/1SkdWj

PressTV: #Iran extends Asian, African oil deals http://dlvr.it/1SmBl0

PressTV: NYPD continues crackdown on protests http://dlvr.it/1SmBkF

Reuters: China military warns of confrontation over seas http://reut.rs/IeLtb8

Breaking News: Watch now: Security Council expected to vote on a resolution on Syria - @UN http://bit.ly/IZ2ClA

BBCWorld: Five 'poachers' killed in Kenya http://bbc.in/I04ZuZ

Breaking News: A meeting of six West African heads of state on the crisis in Guinea-Bissau has been cancelled, according to AFP - @FRANCE24

PostWorldNews: Japan to forgive $3.7 billion of Myanmar's debt as way to support democratic, economic reforms http://wapo.st/JaGKJm

TheEconomist: Clashes along the not fully agreed border between Sudan and South Sudan have become more frequent http://econ.st/JibFit

TelegraphWorld: Popocatepetl volcano's activity puts Mexico City on alert http://tgr.ph/JfwcaY

PressTV: Fresh bomb attacks kill 4 in#Iraq http://dlvr.it/1Sl1lj

AJEnglish: Syria's Homs 'calm' amid UN monitors visit http://aje.me/HYaNEv

BBCWorld: UN monitors visit battered Homs http://bbc.in/HZZlsL

AJEnglish: Man found dead after Bahrain clashes http://aje.me/I165kr

guardiannews: Costa Concordia salvage to begin next month and could take a year http://gu.com/p/3739k/tf

AP: At least one dead as buses are torched ahead of opposition-sponsored strike in Bangladesh: http://apne.ws/I15uPU -CJ

AJEnglish: Programmes: Why Arab women still 'have no voice' http://aje.me/HY2CYH

PressTV: Three killed in fresh clashes in#Libya http://dlvr.it/1SlHM7

PostWorldNews: UK marks Queen Elizabeth II's birthday with 21-gun salute http://wapo.st/IbDfkC

BreakingNews: 2 dead and 2 others wounded outside a Calumet City, Illinois club according to police - chicagotribune http://trib.in/HVbObh

PressTV: Salafi attack on Houthis kill 8 in#Yemen http://dlvr.it/1SlQTH

guardiannews: Uzbekistan carrying out forced sterilisations, say women http://gu.com/p/37388/tf

PressTV: Tasering scandal hits#US Border Patrol http://dlvr.it/1ShbDY

Press TV: 'Bahrain kill threat won't stop protests' http://dlvr.it/1ShbNx

Reuters India: Afghan security intercepts insurgents with 10,000 kgs of explosives http://reut.rs/HX8l0R

Press TV: Canada student rally turns violent http://dlvr.it/1ShLGk

Press TV: 16 al-Shabab fighters killed in#Somalia http://dlvr.it/1ShQXL

BBC News (World): Militants held in Kabul with 10 tonnes of explosives were "plotting to kill vice-president" - Afghan security official http://bbc.in/HZrxMq

BreakingNews: China releases 21 Vietnamese fishermen after more than 1 month in detention on disputed island - WaPo http://wapo.st/IabsPN

PressTV: Bahraini activist stops drinking water http://dlvr.it/1Sgy6P

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Asia: Kazakhstan: Reporter Attacked http://nyti.ms/HZgCSS

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2012

PressTV: Fifth of Britons below poverty line http://dlvr.it/1T1bFX

PostWorldNews: Police in Bangladesh clash with protesters enforcing strike over politician's disappearance http://wapo.st/IkTCcV

AJEnglish: Video: Battered Syrian town still defiant against Assad http://aje.me/IieOBq

BBCWorld: AUDIO: Journalist deported from Bahrain http://bbc.in/I2YF5U

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks weaker ahead of manufacturing data; Hang Seng Index down 0.3% http://on.mktw.net/IidEWL

Al Arabiya English: #Qatar sovereign fund exceeds $100 billion: top official http://ow.ly/arxtK

BBC News (World): Colombia seizes 'rebel cocaine' http://bbc.in/I2NDde

Press TV: Opiates kill#US soldiers in#Afghanistan http://dlvr.it/1T0zQQ

Al Jazeera English: Reports of Sudan's new attacks in South Sudan http://aje.me/JnsqgK

MarketWatch: Japanese stocks open higher, as most exporters advance; Nikkei Average up 0.4% http://on.mktw.net/IeZUsc

AJEnglish: On the Blog: Political disappearances plague Bangladesh http://aje.me/Jm7kPR

The Associated Press: 2 brothers accused of beating black teen while patrolling Orthodox Jewish neighborhood face trial in Md.: http://apne.ws/JjnPMs -EF

SkyNewsBreak: Francois Hollande 27.9%, Sarkozy 26.7%, Marine Le Pen 19.3% with 75% of votes counted in French election http://bit.ly/Jy5cCT

AP: Iowa newspaper devotes entire front page to anti-bullying editorial after gay teen's suicide: http://apne.ws/ImEThv -EF

CBS News: Photo gallery: Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano erupts http://cbsn.ws/I6C1nL

PostWorldNews: Pakistani militant Hafiz Mohammad Saeed seeks protection from bounty hunters http://wapo.st/Jls3TH

Post World News: Egypt company terminates Israel natural gas supply deal, Israel objects strongly http://wapo.st/IgRuVl

PressTV: Egypt terminates gas deal with#Israel http://dlvr.it/1SzF27

guardiannews: Aung San Suu Kyi party to boycott Burma parliament opening http://gu.com/p/373hn/tf

MarketWatch: Syrian forces attack in 2 cities http://on.mktw.net/JDHcvy

Reuters: Sudan says repulses rebel attack in border state http://reut.rs/I5BPJH

CBS News confirms a 12th secret service agent under investigation was staying at president's hotel http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-3460_162-57418533/lieberman-secret-service-scandal-just-gets-more-troubling/ @facethenation

Reuters: Argentina's YPF cuts computer links with Repsol. (Argentina plans to take control of the energy company) http://reut.rs/Jpg73O

CBS News: Socialist Hollande edges past conservative incumbent Sarkozy in 1st round French presidential vote, advance to runoff http://cbsn.ws/I2mHdt

AJELive: First official projections in round one of #France elections: Hollande 28.4% leads over Sarkozy's 25.5% http://aje.me/I3IdwB

PressTV: #Iranians to demand Khawaja release http://dlvr.it/1SyxNX

PressTV: 'Armed gangs make Syria truce fragile' http://dlvr.it/1SyxQt

AJELive: Reports that a #British news team has been arrested in #Bahrain http://aje.me/JjlQEv

HuffPostWorld: French election results: Sarkozy upset by Socialist challenger http://huff.to/I3fT2W

PostWorldNews: Czech coalition collapses, but government survives for now http://wapo.st/Im5jAb

Reuters: Analysis: Political divisions slow Islamic finance in Egypt http://reut.rs/IjYHlI

Reuters Top News: News from #India: Infosys staff documents under U.S. scrutiny http://reut.rs/I1FJRc

Reuters Top News: U.S. Supreme Court immigration case weighs states' powers http://reut.rs/IjWPJB

Guardian news: Walmart investigates claims of a cover-up over $24m in Mexican bribes http://gu.com/p/373gq/tf

Reuters Top News: Israel cabinet OKs breakup of big conglomerates http://reut.rs/JDb1we

Post World News: Afghan president’s office: Afghan and US officials have finalized long-awaited strategic pact http://wapo.st/Jjvfzb

The Economist: The euro crisis is back. More growth, new banking rules and a path to joint Eurobonds are the keys to overcoming it http://econ.st/Ilf9SN

Reuters Top News: Taylor verdict takes aim at Africa Big Man impunity http://reut.rs/JDc92I #sierraleone -- Warning: graphic content.

Al Arabiya English: #Muslim mob destroys #Sudan #church compound: #pastor

Press TV: Twin-explosion hits plant in#Japan http://dlvr.it/1SxScT

BBC News (World): ‏Sri Lanka orders mosque removal http://bbc.in/I1YaFD

AJELive: #France’s interior ministry announces 70.59 per cent voter turnout by 5pm in first round of presidential elections | http://aje.me/JkVAyg

AJELive: Footage of female protesters inside #Bahrain's Grand Prix circuit | http://aje.me/xuzjWm

Al Jazeera English: UN team tours Syria amid reports of violence http://aje.me/Il9zQb

Reuters Top News: Earnings, Fed to prove skeptics wrong http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/20/us-usa-stocks-weekahead-idUSBRE83J1JO20120420

Post World News: Large-scale US, Jordan military exercises in May to tackle threats, terrorism http://wapo.st/IkPmdf

Press TV: Pakistan says Jundullah blacklisted http://dlvr.it/1SxKkZ

BBC News (World): Second man dies at Spanish resort http://bbc.in/I1TfEH

Al Arabiya English: At least 29 people have been killed in #Syria today: Coordination Committees

Press TV: Bahrain police attack demo in Manama http://dlvr.it/1Sx47p

The Associated Press: Red Cross says French staffer abducted in Yemen, identity of kidnappers unclear: http://apne.ws/IkQvl3 -CJ

guardiannews: France election: voter turnout close to record levels - video http://gu.com/p/373fn/tf

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Three civilians killed in Homs despite U.N. presence: NGO

BBCWorld: Mugger blinds diplomat in one eye http://bbc.in/I0obVL

CBSNews: U.N. observers tour rebel-held Syrian town with Army defectors, as gov't troops storm, shell Damascus suburb http://cbsn.ws/I1PC5n

PostWorldNews: Chinese bus crash leaves 13 dead, many more injured http://wapo.st/HSQioV

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Debt-ridden Jamaica appeals for help http://bbc.in/I1lPFW

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 17 suspected #Qaeda militants killed in air raid on southern #Yemeni town http://goo.gl/gjLw5

cnni: Masked gunmen kill 15 in Mexican bar http://dlvr.it/1StnZY

CBSNews: A nation of incarceration: US houses 25% of world's inmates, at cost to taxpayers of $63.4B a year CBSSunday http://cbsn.ws/J1I3VC

BBCWorld: IMF wants bold reform in eurozone http://bbc.in/I1peou

PostWorldNews: Maoist rebels kidnap government official, kill 2 policemen in eastern India http://wapo.st/IgPiMW

guardiannews: 'They're killing us': the world's most endangered tribe cries for help http://gu.com/p/3736j/tw

BreakingNews: Muslim mob sets ablaze a Catholic church frequented by Southern Sudanese in Sudan's capital Khartoum - AP http://fxn.ws/I3fdZn

BBCWorld: Court reform 'to cut frustration' http://bbc.in/I1Cv3U

AlArabiya_Eng: UPDATE: Annan asks #Syria to halt use of heavy weapons; Syrian troops storm Douma - 3 killed http://goo.gl/OHAEj

PressTV: Pakistanis protest Shia massacre http://dlvr.it/1Sw173

camanpour: The world will regret not acting to stop Bashar's slaughter says Ehud Barak: http://on.cnn.com/Jplxag

CNNi: Iran says it has cracked the codes of the intelligence gathering system of a US spy drone it captured last year http://bit.ly/I5W5ek

AJEnglish: Suu Kyi's party set to boycott parliament http://aje.me/If85J5

Press TV: Greek state media workers go on strike http://dlvr.it/1SwPNJ

The Associated Press: Activists: Syrian troops shell #Damascus suburb after #UN votes to increase observers: http://apne.ws/I1joHd -JM

Post World News: China and Russia launch naval drills featuring anti-submarine and anti-aircraft exercises http://wapo.st/I44Q42

The Associated Press: Report: #Iran says it's building copy of captured US spy drone; US says data gleaned will be limited: http://apne.ws/J0UL6R -JM

Al Jazeera English: Video: Dam threatens livelihood of Cambodia's poor http://aje.me/J0OOqL

AJELive: ‏Polls open across France in first round of presidential poll. Follow all the latest on the @AJEnglish Live Blog: http://aje.me/I54mPI

BreakingNews: Australia Parliament Speaker Peter Slipper resigns over charge of sexually harassing male x-staffer - SMH http://bit.ly/IIytZH

AlArabiya_Eng: #Saudi says men to face jail for harassment in malls http://goo.gl/6MmUc #worldnews

Breaking News: Thai separatist killed in firefight with government forces in Narathiwat province - @BangkokPost http://bit.ly/JwPKqB

Breaking News: Explosions at western Japan chemical plant kill worker, injure 16, including nearby residents http://bit.ly/I0TQq1

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012

BBC News (World): Wukan village leaders 'punished' http://bbc.in/Ix9Yzb

Post World News: China punishes 20 former officials after mass protests flared over village’s land dispute http://wapo.st/IcqMdu

BBC News (World): Australian inflation keeps easing http://bbc.in/IwCQYs

PressTV: US terror drones,#Yemeni army kill 23 http://dlvr.it/1TFP29

BreakingNews: Anti-death penalty measure qualifies for California's November ballot - mercurynews http://bit.ly/ImS6ZK

Breaking News: Peruvian judge approves first step toward extradition of Joran van der Sloot to US - @cnn http://bit.ly/JxQk9o

MarketWatch: Japan stocks fall broadly on U.S. losses, stronger yen; Nikkei Average down 0.8% http://on.mktw.net/I7xqVy

Press TV: Israel has taken measures to punish 1,200 Palestinian prisoners who are on an open-ended hunger strike to protest... http://fb.me/1oC8Ju045

Post World News: Dominican health officials say 6 people in northern town died of cholera amid new outbreak http://wapo.st/JrRiVS

Wall Street Journal: Net migration from Mexico has plummeted to zero, says a new study. http://on.wsj.com/K3A37m

BBCWorld: Trayvon Martin police chief saved http://bbc.in/JrHpHA

Reuters: Cuba plans massive shift to "non-state" sector http://reut.rs/I5yrQl

WSJ: Facebook's updated IPO filing shows revenue in Q1 rose 45% to $1.06B, but profit slipped 12% from a yr ago. http://on.wsj.com/I4sm2L

Reuters: Facebook quarterly revenue tops $1 billion: filing http://reut.rs/I5A4NW

AP: Number of Mexican immigrants living illegally in U.S. drops significantly for the first time in decades: http://apne.ws/JAMUAY -RAS

MarketWatch: Dow ends down 102 points; Wal-Mart shares have worst day since August http://on.mktw.net/I5oDVu

AlArabiya_Eng: #Assad's forces kill 80 nationwide despite presence of U.N. monitors http://ow.ly/at1Ae

Press TV: Bahraini forces attack mourners http://dlvr.it/1TD8V5

The Associated Press: Supreme Court to hear clash between the Obama administration and Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants: http://apne.ws/JASe7B -RAS

MarketWatch: Netflix shares tumble 13% after hours following quarterly report http://on.mktw.net/I5oZeO

CNN Breaking News: #Facebook tops 900 million users. http://on.cnn.com/Iis7hX

Reuters Top News: Yemen air strikes foil Saudi hostage release: negotiator http://reut.rs/IjOXcj

Al Arabiya English: Another US military service member is linked to prostitution scandal, total number is now 12: #US defense official

The Associated Press: Iran's foreign minister dismisses Israeli threats of attacks as "empty words, bluffing." http://apne.ws/J5bKVG -CJ

Wall Street Journal: The Social Security trust fund that goes mainly to retirees will be exhausted in 2036, trustees warn http://on.wsj.com/I6DUnP

PressTV: Saudi King orders Awtan TV off air http://dlvr.it/1T9xxn

AP: White House: Counsel finds no one in Obama advance team involved in improper Colombia conduct.

The Associated Press: US Government: Poor economy, high energy prices, shorten life of Social Security fund by 3 years: http://apne.ws/J5c6M7 -CJ

Wall Street Journal: The average American makes 7.1 pounds of trash a day. The average Japanese makes 2.5 pounds http://on.wsj.com/I60Ymt

Post World News: Crew of Italy tanker hijacked off Oman freed after 4 months; Italy credits Somali authorities http://wapo.st/J56fGB

New York Times World: New Sanctions Announced for Aiding Syria and Iran http://nyti.ms/K2EHCl

Breaking News: Update: At least 1 dead, 3 others wounded in Norway dairy plant explosion, Norwegian broadcaster reports - @AP http://apne.ws/nEvfce

AlArabiya_Eng: Abol Fotouh says chosen as consensual candidate of #Egypt's revolutionary forces http://goo.gl/VqxxL

Reuters: Reuters photos: Where the L.A. riots began... today http://reut.rs/IbCvYA

Reuters Top News: Microsoft to sell some AOL patents to Facebook http://reut.rs/JrFq57

BBC News (World): Sri Lankan Muslims decry attack http://bbc.in/Jqbt6l

Wall Street Journal: To satisfy Chinese consumers' thirst for milk, China is buying up high-producing foreign cows http://on.wsj.com/I6iZBk VIDEO

Reuters Top News: Medvedev pardons one of 32 "political prisoners" http://reut.rs/IkR8Nv

TIMEWorld: Lebanon's most wanted Sunni terrorist accidentally blows himself up in Syria http://ti.me/ILHSQ4

Breaking News: Report: Blast in Norway dairy plant, several people are feared dead - @AP http://apne.ws/nEvfce

wsjworld: Santander Prepares Record Mexico IPO http://on.wsj.com/JtQwGt

AP: Gov't auditors call on Obama administration to cancel Medicare bonuses GOP sees as political: http://apne.ws/J4Snw7 -CJ

Reuters Top News: Obama seeks to curb Iran, Syria dissident monitoring http://reut.rs/I3IOUF

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 36 civilians killed by regime forces in #Syria's Hama: monitors

PostWorldNews: India orders deportation of 10 French nationals, accusing them of links to Maoist rebels http://wapo.st/IpyjXv

cnn: Shelling of Syrian city of Hama kills 26, opposition activists say, as more U.N. monitors are expected to arrive. http://on.cnn.com/IgUNaU

cnni: Bahraini hunger striker gets hearing http://dlvr.it/1T3m49

AlArabiya_Eng: Assad regime blocks Al Arabiya website in Syria http://goo.gl/PmbLE

cnni: Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi delaying debut in parliament over wording in oath. http://on.cnn.com/IiDVUT

AlArabiya_Eng: Heavy damage to key Sudan oil facility: AFP

BBCGavinHewitt: Spain technically in recession. Economy contracted 0.4 per cent first quarter #Eurocrisis

PressTV: Technical recession declared in Spain http://dlvr.it/1T4MhY

AP: Nestle in $11.85 billion deal to acquire Pfizer's infant-nutrition business: http://apne.ws/JzfgeS - VW

AP: World sea piracy falls 28 percent in first quarter as attacks drop off Somali coast: http://apne.ws/IpAF8P - VW

Reuters: Myanmar ruling party rejects Suu Kyi demand to change oath http://reut.rs/IfdVGw

Reuters: #Vodafone agrees to buy C&W Worldwide for $1.7 billion http://reut.rs/Jqyjdj

PressTV: '#Iran top steel producer in ME, Africa' http://dlvr.it/1T5G4k

CNNMoney: Dow falls 130 points at the open amid global economic worries in Europe and China. http://cnnmon.ie/bkgnews

cnni: U.S. troops 'fired into Pakistan 4 times' http://dlvr.it/1T5XDf

PostWorldNews: UN official says up to 2.4 million people are human trafficking victims at any given time http://wapo.st/JzmFuQ

MarketWatch: Dutch Prime Minister Rutte to resign, setting stage for election: reports http://on.mktw.net/IyFNb3

CNNweather: Latest #snow totals in PA...Sabinsville - 8", Covington - 6", Laurel Summit = 12"! Here are some more: http://bit.ly/Jpnglt

AP: Stock futures fall on European debt worries, disappointing US earnings http://apne.ws/J4z3iw -CJ

AP: Obama to propose sanctions against foreign entities that help regimes use technology to crack down on dissidents http://apne.ws/J4uJQa CJ

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Somali children back to school as violence declines in Mogadishu http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/20/209061.html

WSJ: Backdrop to the French election: Unemployment in France is at a 13-year high of nearly 10% http://on.wsj.com/I5Xgt8 #france2012

BBCBreaking: US embassy in Nairobi, #Kenya, warns of a planned attack on hotels and government buildings. http://bbc.in/I4trLP

BBCWorld: Honda in $560m China growth move http://bbc.in/I3hFNU

guardiannews: Eurozone crisis live: Dutch cabinet 'to resign' after austerity talks collapse http://gu.com/p/373km/tw

AJELive: Brawls between South Korean politicians lead to parliament debating new law aimed at curbing the violence | http://aje.me/JztTih

AJELive: Bahrain court postpones verdict for 21 democracy activists http://aje.me/kiyaXp

PostWorldNews: Officials in eastern Congo say attackers ambushed army officers; at least 1 killed http://wapo.st/JzwJny

BBCWorld: The EU has formally agreed to suspend sanctions against Burma for a year in recognition of "historic changes" http://bbc.in/I3K3zt

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: 16 Qaeda suspects killed in Yemen: Ministry http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/23/209675.html

AlArabiya_Eng: #Germany's Pirates party in hot water over #Nazi comparison http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/23/209725.html

BreakingNews: At least 19 people killed in shelling in Syrian city of Hama, activists say - Reuters

nytimesworld: Factories in China Show Pace Is Improving http://nyti.ms/HZr1Id

Reuters: Violence persists in Syria as Annan urges truce compliance http://reut.rs/JkyRgS

PostWorldNews: Palestinian hunger strikes draw attention to Israeli detention practice http://wapo.st/IrkXu4

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Bomb in south Lebanon restaurant injures five http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/23/209679.html #Tyre

AlArabiya_Eng: UPDATE: #Sudan's Bashir vows against negotiations with South as border clashes kill 3 http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/23/209631.html

BustilloM: Wal-Mart shares fall before market open after Mexico bribe reports - MarketWatch http://www.marketwatch.com/story/wal-mart-falls-firm-checking-corruption-claims-2012-04-23

PressTV: Over 1000 South Sudanese killed in Heglig http://dlvr.it/1T72mm

PostWorldNews: Official election results declare ex-guerrilla fighter Ruak as East Timor's new president http://wapo.st/Jzo70e

AlArabiya_Eng: Boy dies of alleged torture by Quran teacher in #Pakistan http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/04/23/209706.html

PressTV: Israeli tanks, bulldozers cross into Gaza http://dlvr.it/1T68BD

AlArabiya_Eng: 20 people have been killed as the Syrian forces fire at a protest in al-Arabaeen neighborhood in Hama: Al Arabiiya sources

PressTV: The Iranian Oil Ministry spokesman says a cyber attack targeting the country's petroleum ministry and the... http://fb.me/1zJCPyEn7

Reuters Top News: Netherlands political crisis casts cloud on euro zone http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/23/us-dutch-politics-poll-idUSBRE83M07I20120423

MarketWatch: Europe stocks tumble at open; French CAC 40 off 1.4% as election runoff looms http://on.mktw.net/Ipw4DJ

The Associated Press: Top Chinese diplomat meets NKorea officials, expresses confidence in Kim's leadership: http://apne.ws/IpcYgY - VW

PressTV: 3 arrested over#Pakistan Shia killings http://dlvr.it/1T35Zc

nytimesworld: Militants and Politics Bedevil Yemen's New President http://nyti.ms/HZr3A2

PostWorldNews: Military: 5 suspected members of radical Islamist sect killed in explosion in north Nigeria http://wapo.st/IK230O

BBCWorld: 'Elected Lords' reform report due http://bbc.in/I3bMQW

CNN International: Suu Kyi boycotts parliament debut http://dlvr.it/1T2xjt

AP: US Coast Guard rescues 10 from burning Taiwanese fishing boat in Pacific Ocean: http://apne.ws/JqrnNb - VW

Sudan war planes bomb South Sudan border state capital: AFP #AlArabiya #Sudan

Press TV: ‏ 2#US-led soldiers killed in#Afghanistan http://dlvr.it/1T2sMx

Press TV: Mauritanians stage anti-regime protest http://dlvr.it/1T2KfV

Al Arabiya English: More killings reported as Syrian forces shell Homs despite presence of U.N. observers http://goo.gl/wo0D4

CNN International: Gas companies halt exports to Israel http://dlvr.it/1T29lh

Reuters Top News: Asian shares, euro ease; China factory output up http://reut.rs/I3TzpH

New York Times World: Newly Elected Lawmakers in Myanmar Balk at Oath http://nyti.ms/J3CSV2


Reuters: North Korea's nuclear test ready "soon": source http://reut.rs/INoBhf

AJELive: Millions of #US war veterans suffering from mental illnesses have been hit by delays in much-needed treatment http://aje.me/I7cPmg

AJELive: Syrian troops 'kill dozens' in #Hama & Opposition group says shells from government forces killed 28 civilians http://aje.me/Jt6Poe

PressTV: Ecuadorean president reshuffles cabinet http://dlvr.it/1THBP9

guardiannews: China punishes officials accused of embezzling Wukan village property http://gu.com/p/374ea/tf

BBCWorld: VIDEO: How oil is being stolen in Nigeria http://bbc.in/Jtc4Eu

BreakingNews: Official says FBI director Robert Mueller has held talks in Yemen on fighting al-Qaida - AP

MarketWatch: Blue chips notch 60-point gain in opening half-hour, while Nasdaq languishes in red http://on.mktw.net/JlOU0w

BBCWorld: #Google expected to launch cloud storage system with 5GB free http://bbc.in/JuDTfB #GoogleDrive

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Syrian forces storm Duma after monitors visited it Monday: activists

MarketWatch: Zynga shares are currently sitting at around $9, roughly 10% below its IPO price http://on.mktw.net/JBjgf0 $ZNGA

BBC News (World): Viewpoint: Why #Africa's international image is unfair http://bbc.in/IAloSI

PressTV: Israeli settlers raid Nabi Yusuf tomb http://dlvr.it/1THpkG

PressTV: US, 9 other states hold drill in#Bahrain http://dlvr.it/1TKJst

BreakingNews: Syrian state TV reports car bomb kills 3 in central Damascus - Reuters

PostWorldNews: Syrian group says 3 intelligence officers killed in Damascus http://wapo.st/JSgKhF

BBCBreaking: UK government borrowing was £18.2bn in March - higher than expected, official figures show. Details soon: http://bbc.in/JtuHIx

PostWorldNews: Train crashes into a rail car north of Greek capital, 1 person lightly injured http://wapo.st/JCzQeB

cnni: Wukan ex-officials expelled from party http://dlvr.it/1TJWFh

MarketWatch: Netflix shares plunge 15% early Tuesday http://on.mktw.net/IAgVQ7

AJEnglish: Israel approves three West Bank settlements http://aje.me/JUlqnf

BBCWorld: VIDEO: There is "opposition" to austerity in the #Netherlands, bank analyst says http://bbc.in/JtHtXp

PressTV: Bomb goes off near #Iran office in Syria http://dlvr.it/1TJp9z

BBCWorld: One person dies in Kenya during protests by a group that wants independence for Coast region around Mombasa. http://bbc.in/Iz5MPj

AP: UN says 500,000 people to get food aid in Syria amid worry that hunger will grow: http://apne.ws/JT4WM8 - VW

Reuters Top News: Putin steps down as United Russia party chief http://reut.rs/JnrDJ2

CNN International: Top Yemeni militant killed in airstrike http://dlvr.it/1TM4kK

PreetaTweets: Too many bankers, too few deals means some Wall Street banks are pushing bankers out. http://on.wsj.com/I58gcx

PressTV: Spain in 'extremely fragile' moment http://dlvr.it/1TL1dr

PressTV: Sacked#Yemeni commander steps down http://dlvr.it/1TLPTj

CBSNews: Iran: Oil industry safe after cyberattack, virus http://cbsn.ws/JC5LND

nytimesworld: India Ink: Muslim Women in India Seek Gender Equality in Marriage http://nyti.ms/IplRJo

HuffPostWorld: S. Sudan President says #Sudan has declared war http://huff.to/I85cMl

BBCWorld: The continued violence in #Syria raises further questions over the #UN mission, the BBC's Jim Muir reports http://bbc.in/JulijN

HuffPostWorld: #Moldova president refuses to sign castration law http://huff.to/IlMBJW

Press TV: 5 killed in fresh#Libya tribal clashes http://dlvr.it/1TGVcw

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Europe: Russia: Opposition Candidate Is Ending His Hunger Strike http://nyti.ms/Jtui7N

The Associated Press: Another woman joins US intelligence chiefs, heads spy satellite agency National Reconnaissance Office: http://apne.ws/JZbUiU -CC

Press TV: Tension boils up between#Turkey,#Iraq http://dlvr.it/1TTWLV

nytimesworld: Using U.S. Dollars, Zimbabwe Finds a Problem: No Change http://nyti.ms/IomodP

MarketWatch: Hong Kong stocks advance, with property strong; Hang Seng Index up 0.3% http://on.mktw.net/JIfVwn

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Romney wins New York GOP presidential primary

AJELive: US TV projecting a likely win for Romney in all five primary contests via AlanFisher

The Associated Press: Romney wins Delaware GOP presidential primary

BBC News (World): NHS 'wastes billions on diabetes' http://bbc.in/JxhqhT

Breaking Politics: Romney wins Connecticut, Rhode Island primaries, @NBCNews projects

ReutersPolitics: Romney wins primaries in Connecticut and Rhode Island, NBCNews projects

The Associated Press: BREAKING: Romney wins Rhode Island GOP presidential primary

PostWorldNews: Jordanian authorities arrest online journalist alleging Royal Court misconduct http://wapo.st/JUgWNm

MarketWatch: Japan stocks sharply higher, helped by Apple results, weaker yen; Nikkei Average up 1.2% http://on.mktw.net/JElw52

PressTV: 24 Occupy protesters arrested in SF http://dlvr.it/1TSfFC

Press TV: Five killed in clash in southern#Turkey http://dlvr.it/1TSfK6

APNewsBreak: Immigration officials agree to temporarily suspend deporting roughly 16,500 people: http://apne.ws/JEgaa5 -CC

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: South #Sudan confirms that #Heglig is part of its territory

guardiannews: Britain has world's third highest proportion of sexually active teens http://gu.com/p/37574/tf

TheEconomist: Today the Senate took up legislation aimed @ saving the postal service. The measure will do no such thing http://econ.st/JYqya7

CNN Breaking News: Yemen govt.: 52 suspected al Qaeda militants, including a leader, killed in 2 days http://on.cnn.com/I9oEIB

Post World News: German terrorist’s wife, who was convicted of supporting terror groups, granted early release http://wapo.st/JTyV6B

cnnbrk: $1.6B in missing MF Global client funds found; getting it back may be difficult http://on.cnn.com/HZSzia

guardiannews: #CISPA cybersecurity bill opposed by Obama administration http://gu.com/p/374p9/tw

AJEnglish: Romney aims to sweep to victory in primaries http://aje.me/JEaZH2

AJEnglish: South Africa's ANC upholds Malema suspension http://aje.me/JYm2Ze

Post World News: Senegalese religious leader, 11 followers arrested after 2 beaten to death, authorities say http://wapo.st/JCPWVl

Wall Street Journal: BREAKING: Two more Secret Service agents resign over Colombia incident. http://on.wsj.com/97vJbq

Al Arabiya English: 100 UN monitors to be sent each month to #Syria: sources to Al Arabiya

HuffPostWorld: 4 Marines punished for allegedly pushing prostitute out of car http://huff.to/ImboKs

Al Arabiya English: Blast in Bahrain’s capital wounds four policemen http://ow.ly/auGxp

PostWorldNews: Yemen officials: Government troops have fought their way into center of al-Qaida-held city http://wapo.st/JCOkLq

MarketWatch: Apple retail store revenue is up 38% to $4.4 billion http://on.mktw.net/J00Ag $AAPL

HuffPostWorld: New report says Congo should urgently address country's catastrophic security situation http://huff.to/K79yOp

Post World News: ‏Rights watchdog blames NATO, Libya, people smugglers for deaths at sea http://wapo.st/JD4mVB

HuffPostWorld: BREAKING: Long quake reportedly rocks Tokyo http://huff.to/InsISN

BreakingNews: Apple earnings surge 93%, beating targets - MarketWatch http://on.mktw.net/J7KxSm

Reuters: Apple revenue jumps, beats Street view http://reut.rs/Jmo3RU

WSJ: "Too much flowrate-over 15,000" 1 txt msg allegedly deleted by a former BP engineer accused of destroying evidence http://on.wsj.com/IlPIhM

BreakingNews: Feds bust suspected Ecstasy drug network linked to N. California rap label - cctimes http://bit.ly/JFWUut

AP: APNewsBreak: Maine regulators pave the way for first commercial tidal power on US grid: http://apne.ws/JWVMyi -CJ

MarketWatch: Juniper earnings leak; shares jump 10% before trading halt http://on.mktw.net/J7Fdyn

AlArabiya_Eng: African Union gives Sudan and South #Sudan three months to resolve row

Al Arabiya English: At least 32 killed in #Syria today: Revolution Council

AP: Victims of African warlord Joseph Kony share personal stories with Congress: http://apne.ws/JWQwuq -CJ

nytimesworld: Putin Resigns From Party Post http://nyti.ms/HZx8ha

New York Times World: Ukraine’s Jailed Ex-Premier, Tymoshenko, Goes on Hunger Strike http://nyti.ms/HZlgeS

Post World News: Philippine Supreme Court orders distribution of president’s family sugar plantation to farmers http://wapo.st/JSW4pV

WSJ: Voters in five states are holding #GOP primaries today. At stake: 231 delegates. http://on.wsj.com/IBVP3L

Breaking News: More on Mad Cow: Found in a dairy cow in central CA; 4th confirmed case in US herd since '03 - @BloombergNews http://bloom.bg/Iauibz

Reuters: USDA confirms case of Mad Cow Disease found in dairy cow in Central California.

PressTV: US creates new spy unit on #Iran,#China http://dlvr.it/1TQ3tH

Reuters Top News: Canada suspends most sanctions against Myanmar http://reut.rs/Jmdxu2

AJELive: More unrest in #Bahrain today as protesters called for the release of Abdulhadi #alKhawaja http://bit.ly/uhL7T4

The Associated Press: Maryland fire officials: 5 dead from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning in Washington suburb: http://apne.ws/JDxaNI -CJ

AJELive: #Egypt election commissiom: New law in place, #Mubarak - era MP Ahmed #Shafiq is out of the presidential race http://t.co/SZTnmww3

Al Jazeera English: Video: Satellite images show Idlib 'surrounded' http://aje.me/JUlseN

Reuters Top News: Wells Fargo annual meeting drawing protesters in San Francisco http://reut.rs/JDz40E

BBC News (World): Spain breaks up trafficking ring http://bbc.in/JvFYrK

CNNLive: New venture PlanetaryResources announces their plan to mine asteroids for precious metals in space. Live: http://on.cnn.com/cnndcl4

PressTV: Rallies in West Bank to back prisoners http://dlvr.it/1TPkgV

CNN International: ‏FBI: More than 300,000 could lose Web access by July http://on.cnn.com/JvAUU4

Breaking News: Facebook IPO could be delayed until June due to recent string of deals, distractions - @CNBC's Kate Kelly

Telegraph World News: Why food security is not just a problem for the Third World http://tgr.ph/JWlCSX

cnnbrk: Alleged Pennsylvania armored truck gunman caught, FBI says. http://on.cnn.com/IcEph8

Reuters: Wal-Mart in response to NY Times article: "Walmart has been working diligently on U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance"

The Associated Press: Bahraini police use tear gas, water cannon against protesters urging hunger striker's release: http://apne.ws/JVNBCc -CJ

Reuters Top News: US charges ex-BP engineer obstructed spill probe http://reut.rs/ImMLAZ

AlArabiya_Eng: Syrian forces "perhaps killed" people who met with U.N. monitors: Annan's spokesman http://ow.ly/augkK

Reuters Top News: Former BP engineer accused of intentionally destroying evidence related to how much oil spilled - U.S. Justice Department

PressTV: Gas pipelines exploded in SW#Pakistan http://dlvr.it/1TPFgJ

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Increased landmine risk in Mogadishu http://bbc.in/IBvyT4

CNN Breaking News: Explosion at sawmill in western Canada kills one person, injures 23. http://on.cnn.com/I8EFOZ

PressTV: UK police arrest 5 men on terror charges http://dlvr.it/1TNt47

PressTV: Armed groups continue attacks in Syria http://dlvr.it/1TNt4v

MarketWatch: Wall Street is projecting Appleearnings to surge by 57% http://on.mktw.net/Imy6ps

Press TV: US-led soldier killed in#Afghanistan http://dlvr.it/1TP39p

AJELive: Prominent Palestinian writer Salameh Kaileh was arrested overnight @his home in Damascus by Syrian authorities http://aje.me/JviItV

MarketWatch: ‏Aetna offering health insurance to Costco shoppers http://on.mktw.net/HZ7o4t

Reuters: Fitch cuts Nokia to junk, outlook negative http://reut.rs/I6xpm1

Reuters Top News: Norway bomb blast diverted police, court hears http://reut.rs/I6ZKZA

nytimesworld: Manila Court Backs Breakup of Aquino Estate http://nyti.ms/HYZjNe

corinne_perkins: For so long I have wanted to profile Feisal Omar's compelling work from Somalia http://blogs.reuters.com/photographers-blog/2012/04/23/one-month-in-somalia/ Yesterday we publi ...

The Associated Press: UN slams Hungary for abuse of asylum seekers, many spend up to a year in detention centers: http://apne.ws/JD9xox -CJ

PressTV: Egyptians breaking into#Saudi Embassy http://dlvr.it/1TMwgs

Reuters: Keep up with the latest on the 2012 Mexican elections on http://Reuters.com here http://reut.rs/HfdjEi

MarketWatch: Hershey shares trade at 7-year high http://on.mktw.net/I9IYb5

MarketWatch: Dow industrials up triple digits in wake of consumer-confidence and home-sales reports http://on.mktw.net/IpJC3Z

Breaking News: 3 killed, 15 reported to be injured in blast at Lahore, Pakistan railway station - @etribune http://bit.ly/I9HehW

Press TV: Measles death rates drop worldwide http://dlvr.it/1TMkhD

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