Saturday, April 21, 2012

Covering the 21th of April 2012

ReutersUS: Nor'easter to bring heavy rain and snow to U.S. East

Al Jazeera English: "We have no voice. We have no visibility" - one Qatari author discusses #womenrights in the Arab world |

BBC News (World): France set to vote for president

HuffPostWorld: After crash, airline chief barred from leaving Pakistan

nytimesworld: IHT Rendezvous: Clashes in Bahrain, and a Protest Leader Is Killed

Press TV: ‏Girls’ school blown up in NW#Pakistan

Reuters Top News: Europe pressed to deliver debt fix

The Associated Press: Soccer, volleyball balls may be first of Japanese tsunami debris to reach Alaskan shores: -RJJ

Breaking News: Police dispersing fist-fighting, beer-bottle throwing crowd at Kent State 'College Fest' - @WKYC

BBC News (World): China's car market changes gear

BBC News (World):‏ Child marriages blight Bangladesh

Al Jazeera English: Video: US authorities crack down on medical cannabis

Breaking News: 4 banks robbed in 4 hours in Houston; FBI says heists do not appear linked - @KTRK

TelegraphWorld: Senior diplomat attacked and robbed in London

BBC News (World) ‏ @BBCWorld  Reply  Retweeted  Favorite · OpenAid official kidnapped in Yemen

Post World News: 1 dead, buses torched ahead of opposition-sponsored strike in Bangladesh

BBC News (World): Mass poisoning hits Peru police

AJEnglish: "Women are still perceived as property of men" - A look at the role of women in the #ArabSpring

wsjworld: Montreal Police Arrest 50 After Protests

WSJ World News: Dutch Talks on Budget Cuts Collapse

BBC News (World): South Sudan oil facility 'bombed'

PostWorldNews: Moroccan minister defends planned high speed rail from critics calling it wasteful

Reuters: Nigerian kidnappers release Spanish doctor

Reuters Top News: Chinese firm suspected in missile-linked sale to North Korea: U.S. official

Breaking News: Gunmen burst into a neighborhood bar in the Mexican border state of Chihuahua and opened fire, killing at least 15 people - @latimesworld

PressTV: More#US agents resign over sex scandal

BreakingNews: The junta in Guinea Bissau now says its plan for a two-year transition had only been a suggestion - AFP

BBCWorld: General shot dead in Mexico City

AJELive: #Bahrain's Ministry of Interior to investigate death of Salah Abbas Habib:

Post World News: Yemeni troops battle al-Qaida militants in south of the country; 19 people killed

PressTV: Hopefuls to compete for 135 Majlis seats

PressTV: Britons arrested on terror suspicions #worldnews

AJELive: Video reportedly shows opposition activists blocking a highway with burning tires in #Bahrain on Saturday:

Al Arabiya English: Syrian rebels hail #UN vote, say committed to ceasefire

AJEnglish: Libyan forces take control of Tripoli airport

PressTV: Bahraini forces arrest Zainab Khawaja

Reuters Top News: Czechs in mass march against austerity as government wobbles

Al Arabiya English: 48 injured in #Amsterdam two-train crash: Dutch media reports

AJEnglish: On AJEarthrise: Positive stories about innovative solutions to today's #environmental challenges |

WSJ World News: Russia to Embrace Energy Partners

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Syrian forces beat people who met with U.N. observers in Bab Amr: Revolution Council

AP: Divisions in Congress on how best to protect nation's critical industries from cyberattacks: -CJ

Al Jazeera English: Video: Nigeria to build schools for 'begging' pupils

nytimesworld: Afghan Spy Agency Says It Thwarts 2 Attacks

Reuters Top News: China and North Korea hold highest-level talks since rocket

BreakingNews: 4 killed and 13 others wounded by 2 bomb blasts in north-western Baghdad, Iraqi officials say - AP

Al Jazeera English: Ex-Guinea-Bissau speaker rejects presidency

AlArabiya_Eng: #U.S. republicans aim to give #Israel $680 million to boost its 'Iron Dome' shield

PressTV: Child obesity major crisis in#US

AJELive: #Syria releases 30 detainees "w/o blood on their hands" for their alleged role in uprising, state media says.

HuffPostWorld: New trial for Ukraine's Yulia Tymoshenko

PressTV: Iraq seizes Turkish military aircraft

PressTV: Road accident kills 43 in east#Mexico

cnni: Indian arrested with explosives on train

Press TV: At least forty three people have been #killed and 27 other injured after a #trailer brok

PressTV: People take part in a protest at #Tahrir Square in #Cairo against military #junta, #Egypt, April 20, 2012.

AJEnglish: The #BP spill debate: "Congress has not passed a bill that would increase offshore drilling safety."

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Explosion in Al-Maza military headquarter in Damascus, smoke billowing: Syrian Revolution Council

New York Times World: Budget Talks Collapse in the Netherlands; Elections Expected

PressTV: Pro-Palestine Scots return home

AP: Uganda Kony-hunting soldiers battle menace of the jungle: Killer crocodiles, poachers, bees: -CJ

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 21 killed by #Assad's forces today: Revolution Council

AP: Yemeni troops battles al-Qaida militants in south of the country; 19 people killed: -CJ

BBCWorld: Vietnam baffled by skin disease

BreakingNews: UN Council unanimously agrees to send 300 ceasefire monitors to #Syria - AJELive

AJELive: Video from #Bahrain appears to show police firing on a man filming the body of Salah Abbas Habib:

PressTV: Terrorists blow up pipeline in Syria

PressTV: #Iran extends Asian, African oil deals

PressTV: NYPD continues crackdown on protests

Reuters: China military warns of confrontation over seas

Breaking News: Watch now: Security Council expected to vote on a resolution on Syria - @UN

BBCWorld: Five 'poachers' killed in Kenya

Breaking News: A meeting of six West African heads of state on the crisis in Guinea-Bissau has been cancelled, according to AFP - @FRANCE24

PostWorldNews: Japan to forgive $3.7 billion of Myanmar's debt as way to support democratic, economic reforms

TheEconomist: Clashes along the not fully agreed border between Sudan and South Sudan have become more frequent

TelegraphWorld: Popocatepetl volcano's activity puts Mexico City on alert

PressTV: Fresh bomb attacks kill 4 in#Iraq

AJEnglish: Syria's Homs 'calm' amid UN monitors visit

BBCWorld: UN monitors visit battered Homs

AJEnglish: Man found dead after Bahrain clashes

guardiannews: Costa Concordia salvage to begin next month and could take a year

AP: At least one dead as buses are torched ahead of opposition-sponsored strike in Bangladesh: -CJ

AJEnglish: Programmes: Why Arab women still 'have no voice'

PressTV: Three killed in fresh clashes in#Libya

PostWorldNews: UK marks Queen Elizabeth II's birthday with 21-gun salute

BreakingNews: 2 dead and 2 others wounded outside a Calumet City, Illinois club according to police - chicagotribune

PressTV: Salafi attack on Houthis kill 8 in#Yemen

guardiannews: Uzbekistan carrying out forced sterilisations, say women

PressTV: Tasering scandal hits#US Border Patrol

Press TV: 'Bahrain kill threat won't stop protests'

Reuters India: Afghan security intercepts insurgents with 10,000 kgs of explosives

Press TV: Canada student rally turns violent

Press TV: 16 al-Shabab fighters killed in#Somalia

BBC News (World): Militants held in Kabul with 10 tonnes of explosives were "plotting to kill vice-president" - Afghan security official

BreakingNews: China releases 21 Vietnamese fishermen after more than 1 month in detention on disputed island - WaPo

PressTV: Bahraini activist stops drinking water

nytimesworld: World Briefing | Asia: Kazakhstan: Reporter Attacked

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