Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Daily World News Report of the 7th of April 2012

BBC #worldnews: Twenty dead in Haiti lorry crash

WSJ World New: Chavez Announces Minimum-Wage Increase

Breaking News: ‏7 hurt in British Chinook mishap during chopper landing exercise in Arizona desert - AP

wsj #worldnews: Colombian Soldiers, Rebels Killed in Attack

BreakingNews: Gunmen shoot Trigana Airlines pilot, passengers as plane lands in Papua - AntaraNews

guardian #worldnews: East Yorkshire crash leaves three dead

Reuters: Greeks mourn suicide pensioner, vowing to fight on
Post #WorldNews: Bomb explodes on minibus in Iraqi capital, killing 2 people

PressTV: Bus veers off road, kills 14 in NE#China

The Associated Press: Online video purports to show highest ranking member of Saddam Hussein's ousted regime still at large: -RJJ

BBCBreaking: UK Home Office website unavailable; hacking group Anonymous alleges to have taken it down
Reuters: Nine trapped in collapsed wildcat mine in Peru

 Press TV: Anti-Taliban Afghan tribal leader killed

Al Jazeera English: Barred Palestinian leader wins British appeal

AJELive: Huge search for trapped Pakistani soldiers | 12 bodies reportedly recovered, rescue operation still under way #siachen

AP: Tulsa's black community on edge after police say a series of shootings that killed 3 and wounded 2 are linked: -CJ

Reuters: Libyan gunmen kidnap 5 Tunisian smugglers: source \

PressTV: Tunisians protest unemployment #worldnews

PressTV: Bahraini forces injure protesters #worldnews

Al Arabiya English: #Saudi Arabia opens trial of 50 #Qaeda suspects

CBS News: Greece: Violence erupts after protesters march in memory of elderly man who killed himself over financial woes

New York Times World: U.S. Alert as China’s Cash Buys Inroads in Caribbean

AJELive: More than 13 hours after 117 Pakistani soldiers were buried in #Siachen avalanche, no survivors found so far

BBC #worldnews: Teaching unions back more strikes

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Brazilian city's boom threatens Amazon

cnni: Gay rights activists arrested in Russia

PressTV: 6 killed, 10 wounded in Somali blast

HuffPostWorld: North Korea may be nearing rocket launch

PressTV: Militants blow up school in NW#Pakistan

AlArabiya_Eng: Troops belonging to a fired #Yemeni general force a #Sana'a airport shutdown

wsj #worldnews: Gunmen Shut Down Yemen Airport

Post #WorldNews: Iran: Navy rescues 28 Chinese crew members of ship captured by pirates

HuffPostWorld: 2 of Latin America's deadliest gangs join forces

AlArabiya_Eng: #Iran minister hails Gunter Grass #Israel poem

Reuters: Myanmar president holds landmark talks with rebels 

PressTV: Lebanese pilgrim bus attacked in Syria

AP: NATO: Militant from al-Qaida-linked group captured in northern Afghanistan; 3 Afghans die in roadside bomb blast CJ

cnnbrk: Police searching for lone gunman after 3 killed, 2 wounded in 4 separate shootings in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

cnni: France welcomes deal to end Mali coup crisis

HuffPost #worldnews: Government shelling kills dozens of civilians across Syria

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Islamic laws dominate poll in Indonesia's Aceh #AcehElections #IndonesianMuslims

AJEnglish: Opinion: El Salvador's gang truce

CNN International: Opposition: Syrian forces target civilians

BBC #worldnews: Hamas hangs three Gaza prisoners
BreakingNews: At least 11 people die, at least 50 injured as double-decker bus traveling from Bolivia to Argentina falls off a cliff. RT_com

PressTV: Blast in Gaza injures two children

BBC #worldnews: Joyce #Banda is to be sworn in as #Malawi president shortly, officials say, after the death of President Bingu wa #Mutharika

guardian #worldnews: Chinese democracy activist Fang Lizhi dies in US

AlArabiya_Eng: BRK: At least 133 killed in Syria as repression mounts ahead of ceasefire deadline

PressTV: Newly-released videos show the US private contractor in Iraq, formerly Blackwater, running over a woman...

Al Arabiya English: Fired #Yemeni military chief refuses to quit: source

The Associated Press: U.S. ambassador says #Syria is not pulling out forces as it should according to Annan peace plan: -JM

PressTV: Pakistan avalanche kills 30, buries 100

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