Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Morning World News of the 3rd of April 2012

Press TV: Bahrain arrests two female activists http://dlvr.it/1P6Ypp

AlArabiya: Syrian forces storm Dael in Deraa, detain 100 people and burn 15 houses: Local Coordination Committees

Reuters: China detains 22 after Inner Mongolia protest: group http://reut.rs/HQm7hL

PressTV: US drone crashes in central#Somalia http://dlvr.it/1P2Xw2

PressTV: Taliban torch 6 tankers in#Afghanistan http://dlvr.it/1P30Sg

BreakingNews: Yemeni officials: Government airstrikes inthe south have killed 43 al-Qaida militants AP

AlArabiya: Syrian forces destroy 17 houses in Taftaz in Idlib: Al Arabiya correspondent

PressTV: UK embassy in Argentina attacked http://dlvr.it/1P3Nsy

PressTV: Spain unemployment hits record high http://dlvr.it/1P3ZRT

BBCWorld: Dozens of al-Qaeda militants killed in series of air raids in mountainous south #Yemen http://bbc.in/HcBa5y

PressTV: Lebanon charges 9 on arming Syria rebels http://dlvr.it/1P3nGy

cnni: Report: Syrian military firing on civilians http://dlvr.it/1P428h

PressTV: Majlis to mull impeaching labor minister http://dlvr.it/1P40zD

MarketWatch: Chrysler enjoys strongest month for sales in four years: U.S. sales up 34% in March http://on.mktw.net/HO3m1L

SkyNewsBreak: BSkyB chairman James Murdoch resigns

AJELive: Video: #Kony's army continues attacks in #DRC http://aje.me/HGCChg

PressTV: Qatar rejects#Iraqi VP extradition http://dlvr.it/1P50V8

PressTV: Australians protest use of stun guns http://dlvr.it/1P67Dx

#BreakingNews: Russia says Syrian government promises to pull its forces from cities by April 10 - AP

Reuters: Top JP Morgan banker quits after market abuse fine http://reut.rs/HSJicJ

WSJ: 3000+ foreigners arrested as part of Obama administration crackdown to deport illegal immigrants suspected of crimes http://on.wsj.com/HOkRz7

MarketWatch: General Motors posts 11.8% monthly sales growth vs. March 2011; Buick, Cadillac sales drop http://on.mktw.net/Hdf5bA

AJELive: #Syrian foreign minister pledges to ensure #ICRC mission to #Syria http://aje.me/HbYCif

CNN International: Strong winds slow Japan to halt http://dlvr.it/1P65sS

PressTV: Bahraini police tear gas demo in Diraz http://dlvr.it/1P4ZfV
HuffPostWorld: Militants poison police, attack checkpoint and kill 6 http://huff.to/Hhus09

AJELive: #Egypt's main index falls 0.9 percent http://aje.me/HaZPGc

PressTV: Israel ruins Palestinian homes in WB http://dlvr.it/1P4n3S

Press TV: Russia to build nuclear plants in UK http://dlvr.it/1P1kXg

Al Arabiya English: Detained French Islamists planned kidnappings: investigators

Press TV: US-led soldier killed in east#Afghanistan http://dlvr.it/1P1c2l

Reuters: Japan holds off on decision to restart reactors http://reut.rs/HRKtGv

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