Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Morning World News Report of the 11th of April 2012

PressTV: Egyptian protesters set fire to ministry

AJEnglish: Video: Dark side of Pakistan's bangle industry

MarketWatch: The NHL playoffs start today: For the first time, every game will be shown live on national television

AJEnglish: Video: Spanish village grows drugs to pay $1.7m debt

AP: BREAKING: Sudan says troops from rival South Sudan have captured the oil-rich border town of Heglig.

SkyNewsBreak: Washington Post: Florida special prosecutor to announce George Zimmerman will be charged over death of Trayvon Martin

BBCWorld: Congo seeks 'Terminator' arrest

Al Arabiya English: At least 72 killed as fighting against Qaeda enters its third day in southern #Yemen

Post World News: Mideast peacemakers seek new Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

AJEnglish: Sunni mobs 'attack Shia villages in Bahrain'

Al Jazeera English: Syria says it will comply with truce deadline

AJELive: #Tsunami Live Blog - #Kenya lifts tsunami warning |

AJELive: #Tanzania says it expects waves of up to 1.5 metres to hit coastline between 1600 GMT & 1800 GMT |

AJELive: Protesters block road in #Egypt's #Salloum after clashes |

MarketWatch: Treasury sells $21 billion in 10-year debt at 2.043%

Al Arabiya English: Tunisian opposition slams government for crackdown, #Ennahda chief refutes allegations #Tunisia

Reuters: Afghan elite raiders say they are U.S. equals

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: #Algeria's first president Ahmed Benbella has died, an Algerian official confirms.

MarketWatch: European stocks rally as banks rise and bond yields ease in Italy and Spain

WSJ World News: South Korea Ruling Party Appears Set for Surprise Win

WSJ: 100 years ago Sunday, the 'unsinkable' ship #Titanic went down in the Atlantic. Photos from the aftermath:
Reuters Top News: Intellectual property supports 40 million jobs: Government

BBC News (World): US judge fines drugs giant $1.1bn

The Associated Press: Japan's 9.0 quake was 4 times stronger than Indonesia's 8.6 quake today. Other reasons why no tsunami happened:

wsjworld: Spain Stands By Austerity

PressTV: Sudan halts negotiations with South

PressTV: Tsunami cancelled after Indonesia quake

Reuters Top News: Syrian Army begins shelling town of Rastan - Rastan resident activist

BBCWorld: Waves from possible #tsunami forecast to reach Banda Aceh at 09:30 GMT, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says

Wall Street Journal: The DOJ sued Apple and five big publishers, alleging they conspired to limit competition for e-book pricing. Full story

AP: Fugitive Iraq vice president says 2 more of his bodyguards have died under government torture: -CJ

PressTV: 27 Moroccan inmates on hunger strike

AP: BREAKING: Syria says it will stop military action Thursday but reserves right to respond to aggression: -AB

ReutersUS: Nine suspected illegal immigrants killed in Texas crash

BreakingNews: Update: Indonesia disaster mitigation agency says earthquake aftershock of 6.5 in Aceh - @Reuters

TelegraphWorld: Blog: The real race begins: Romney v Obama

BBCBreaking: Tsunami less likely because earthquake off Indonesia moved horizontally not vertically: USGS spokesman

PressTV: Pakistani traders protest against the increase in petrol prices during a demonstration in Islamabad

Guardian news: Peru rescues trapped miners

BBCWorld: Video: #Earthquake triggers panic in Indonesia

AJELive: The #Thai national disaster prevention centre issues #tsunami warning in six provinces |

BBCBreaking: Man, 34, jailed for 11-and-a-half years over fire that destroyed Croydon furniture store in England riots

PostWorldNews: Tens of thousands of protesters clash with riot police in Chinese city over economic issues

guardiannews: Japanese court upholds life sentence for LindsayHawker's killer

PressTV: Somali clashes leave at least 30 dead

PressTV: Funeral held for 33 Syrian soldiers

PostWorldNews: Bahamas PM calls general elections for May 7; ruling party seeks 2nd consecutive term

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Airstrikes and artillery fire on Sudan-South Sudan border

wsjworld: The Battle for Argentina's Oil

AJEnglish: North Korea warned against launching rocket

AlArabiya: #U.S. billionaire launches $4 billion #Macau casino-resort #China

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Syrian security forces heavily shell Homs

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Mubarak al-Mahdi, a leader in the Sudanese Al Umah Party, arrested: Al Arabiya sources

AP: Police say they have detained nine people accused of setting fire to the U.S. Embassy in Serbia in 2008: -CJ

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: Fresh shots from Syria hit a refugee camp in Turkey, again

Reuters: Analysis: Investors run scared of Spain's battered banks

AJELive: About 200 Syrians arrived at the Kilis refugee camp in Turkey on Tuesday

PressTV: Cases of church child abuse rise in#US

AP: Roadside bombings have killed a local Afghan government official and a NATO service member: -CJ

cnni: Spain and EU reject talk of bailout

cnni: Naval standoff in South China Sea

guardiannews: Turkish man accused of murdering Northern Ireland women due in court

wsjworld: U.K. Retail Sales Rise

BBCBreaking: Kim Jong-un named "first secretary" of the Workers Party;& Kim Jong-il "eternal general secretary" #NKorea

ReutersIndia: Flash: #Tremors from Indonesia #quake felt in Singapore, Thailand and southern India - Reuters witnesses

MarketWatch: Magnitude 8.7 earthquake hits north of Sumatra; Indonesia issues tsunami warning: reports

BreakingNews: India issues tsunami warning for Andaman Islands and eastern coast after Indonesia quake - @Reuters

PostWorldNews: Argentine mother finds baby alive after infant spent 12 hours in hospital morgue

Al Arabiya English: #BreakingNews: Kofi Annan says he received confirmation from Syria to ceasefire

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