Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Morning World News Report of the 15th of April 2012

Reuters: Syrian rebels attack police station overnight in Aleppo province, clashing with government forces, rights group says

AP: Exiled former Thai PM #Thaksin celebrates with followers in Cambodia, plans early return home: -JM

BreakingNews: RT @breakingstorm: Sheriff's deputies report 2 dead as a result of Woodward, Oklahoma tornado - @News9

AP: Coast Guard: 1 sailor dead, 4 missing after yacht runs aground during race off San Francisco: -JM

AlArabiya_Eng: Video: #Yemen air strike kills three al-Qaeda chiefs, defense ministry says #worldnews

PressTV: US-led soldier killed in#Afghanistan

HuffPostWorld: Homs shelling breaks #Syria ceasefire

AJEnglish: North Korean leader calls for 'final victory'

cnni: Kim Jong Un speaks at massive parade

AP: MORE: Five confirmed dead after #tornado touches down in northwest Oklahoma: -JM

PostWorldNews: Belarusian authorities release opposition activist arrested after 2010 protest rally

PressTV: First UN observer team heads for Syria

AlArabiya_Eng: Egypt's military ruler meets political leaders amid election turmoil

cnnbrk: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback declares state of emergency to help speed relief in areas hit by tornadoes

BBCWorld: Dominant Rosberg wins Chinese GP

PressTV: Israel has deployed hundreds of policemen to its Ben Gurion Airport to confront pro-Palestinian activists.

HuffPostWorld: Norway mass killer's trial begins

Reuters: Gunfire, seven explosions rock central Kabul

The Economist: A student rebellion shows that, as Chileans become better off, they want the government to guarantee a fairer society

PostWorldNews: Magnitude 6.5 earthquake shakes Pacific island nation of Vanuatu

CBSNews: Midwest tornadoes: 5 dead in Okla.; More than 100 twisters reported through Sun. morning

PressTV: 'Terrorists intensify attacks in Syria'

AJEnglish: Pro-Palestinian activists halted from flying

NBCNews: Kabul attacks are aimed at the British embassy; British ambassador's house and 4-star hotel housing expatriates also targeted

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Several attackers enter Afghan parliament in Kabul: official
BBCWorld: Three boys held in murder inquiry

AJELive: Two #Egyptian officers have been killed in the #Sinai Peninsula

AJELive: Q&A: What's going on in Guinea-Bissau; a country known for coups, political assassinations & drug trade?

PostWorldNews: Russian politician on hunger-strike says may travel to Moscow to review vote-fraud evidence

BBCWorld: New twist in Briton's China death

cnni: Obama boosts funds for drug war

BreakingNews: Rocket-propelled grenade hits residence of British diplomat in Kabul, witness says - @Reuters

AJELive: Rockets have been fired at #Russian embassy. Details to follow. |

AP: Storm system weakening & more tornadoes unlikely, forecasters say, after dozens of tornadoes sweep
Midwest: -BW

AJEnglish: Video: Yemeni children bear brunt of food crisis

SkyNews: Attacks in Kabul in retaliation for Koran burnings, the Marine urination video and the Kandahar
massacre, the Taliban claims

AP: Turkish base on outskirts of Kabul under attack from mortar fire; Turkish, Greek forces responding with heavy-caliber machine guns

SkyNews: Attacks in Kabul in retaliation for Koran burnings, the Marine urination video and the Kandahar massacre, the Taliban has claimed

BBCBreaking: At least 14 insurgents killed after they staged attacks on several location in the Afghan capital and elsewhere, Nato says

AP: Turkish base on outskirts of Kabul under attack from mortar fire; Turkish, Greek forces responding with heavy-caliber machine gun fire

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: Attackers fire a rocket-propelled grenade into a house used by British diplomats in the center of #Kabul

guardiannews: Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to go on hunger strike

AlArabiya_Eng: #Taliban claim responsibility for #Kabul attacks, say attacks taking place in Paktia and Logar provinces as well

AJELive: Update on #Afghan attacks: government spokesman confirms attacks on four seperate provinces |

ISAFmedia: ISAF confirming multiple attacks across #Kabul, potentially 7 locations, ANSF & ISAF responding as needed.

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: At least one attacker killed as fighting rages in Kabul: police chief

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: #Taliban gunmen attack police training facility in eastern #Afghanistan: spokesman

AJELive: reports suggest three buildings across the #Afghan capital taken over by assailants |

cnnbrk: Attackers take over hotel in central Kabul, Afghanistan, police say.

Reuters: US embassy in Kabul says "attacks are ongoing in the vicinity of the embassy"

AJELive: #Taliban claims responsibility for attacks in #Afghan capital, targeting British & German embassies

cnnbrk: 4 suicide bombers tried to attack Jalalabad,Afghanistan, airfield where U.S. troops based,
commander says.

PressTV: Chicago shootings leave 2 dead, 7 hurt

PostWorldNews: Strong earthquake hits western Indonesia, no tsunami threat

guardiannews: Taliban launches largest attack on Kabul in 11 years

Reuters: Afghan MPs say some lawmakers have joined security forces repelling attackers from roof near Afghan parliament #Kabul

cnni: Attackers in Afghanistan storm Kabul hotel, police say

BBCWorld: China loosens currency controls

AlArabiya_Eng: #BreakingNews: 13 people have been killed by army gunfire across #Syria today: Syrian Revolution General Commission

SkyNewsBreak: Reuters: Afghan Taliban says it has attacked President Hamid Karzai's presidential palace compound.

Reuters: South African President Zuma to marry for sixth time

cnnbrk: Taliban claim responsibility for series of attacks in Afghanistan.

CBSNews: Midwest tornadoes: 5 dead in Okla.; 10 twisters reported in Kansas

cnnbrk: U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on lockdown after explosions and gunfire in the area.

PostWorldNews: Polygamous South African president, longtime fiancee to have traditional wedding ceremony

PostWorldNews: North Korea shows off what appears

Al Arabiya English: #U.S. Secret Service sex scandal eclipses #LatAm summit

Al Arabiya English: #Syria forces pound #Homs ahead of #UN observers' arrival: monitors #AlArabiya

Breaking News Storm: Tornado causes significant structural damage, possible injuries in Woodward, Okla. - @KOCO

Post World News: Flooding in 2 Chinese coal mines kills at least 15 miners; 6 injured

Reuters: Scandal mars Obama's wooing of Latin America

KSN News Wichita: Tornado is heading for El Dorado. Get into shelter.

Post World News: Taliban fighters attack Pakistan prison, free hundreds of prisoners, including some militants

CNN Breaking News: 200 people in Thurmond, Iowa, evacuated after tornado strike, state emergency management official tells CNN.

The Associated Press: Official: Possible #tornado destroys about 75 percent of small western Iowa town of Thurman: -JM

PressTV: Police arrest 99-percenters in NY

BBC News (World): Pakistan attack frees prisoners

BBC Breaking News: Breaking news - Nearly 400 prisoners including militants escape from jail in northwest Pakistan, officials say

Press TV: 4 killed by blast in#Egypt

Breaking News: Large, extremely dangerous tornado near Clearwater, Kan. - @stormchaser4850

CNN International: Storm hits Iowa hospital

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