Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Morning World News Report of the 22nd of April 2012

CBSNews: U.N. observers tour rebel-held Syrian town with Army defectors, as gov't troops storm, shell Damascus suburb

PostWorldNews: Chinese bus crash leaves 13 dead, many more injured

BBCWorld: VIDEO: Debt-ridden Jamaica appeals for help

AlArabiya_Eng: At least 17 suspected #Qaeda militants killed in air raid on southern #Yemeni town

cnni: Masked gunmen kill 15 in Mexican bar

CBSNews: A nation of incarceration: US houses 25% of world's inmates, at cost to taxpayers of $63.4B a year CBSSunday

BBCWorld: IMF wants bold reform in eurozone

PostWorldNews: Maoist rebels kidnap government official, kill 2 policemen in eastern India

guardiannews: 'They're killing us': the world's most endangered tribe cries for help

BreakingNews: Muslim mob sets ablaze a Catholic church frequented by Southern Sudanese in Sudan's capital Khartoum - AP

BBCWorld: Court reform 'to cut frustration'

AlArabiya_Eng: UPDATE: Annan asks #Syria to halt use of heavy weapons; Syrian troops storm Douma - 3 killed

PressTV: Pakistanis protest Shia massacre

camanpour: The world will regret not acting to stop Bashar's slaughter says Ehud Barak:

CNNi: Iran says it has cracked the codes of the intelligence gathering system of a US spy drone it captured last year

AJEnglish: Suu Kyi's party set to boycott parliament

Press TV: Greek state media workers go on strike

The Associated Press: Activists: Syrian troops shell #Damascus suburb after #UN votes to increase observers: -JM

Post World News: China and Russia launch naval drills featuring anti-submarine and anti-aircraft exercises

The Associated Press: Report: #Iran says it's building copy of captured US spy drone; US says data gleaned will be limited: -JM

Al Jazeera English: Video: Dam threatens livelihood of Cambodia's poor

AJELive: ‏Polls open across France in first round of presidential poll. Follow all the latest on the @AJEnglish Live Blog:

BreakingNews: Australia Parliament Speaker Peter Slipper resigns over charge of sexually harassing male x-staffer - SMH

AlArabiya_Eng: #Saudi says men to face jail for harassment in malls #worldnews

Breaking News: Thai separatist killed in firefight with government forces in Narathiwat province - @BangkokPost

Breaking News: Explosions at western Japan chemical plant kill worker, injure 16, including nearby residents

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