Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Morning World News Report of the 28th of April 2012

Breaking News: Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Egypt, closes embassy in Cairo - @AlArabiya_Eng

nytimesworld: Tokyo Business School Helps Rebuild Areas Hit by Quake

PressTV: Indigenous Bolivians stage protest rally #worldnews

BBCWorld: US jury convicts Somali link man #worldnews

PostWorldNews: Oman road crash kills 8 family members in fiery wreck

Reuters: Syrian military unit comes under sea attack: SANA #worldnews

AP: 'Pirate' party made up of computer nerds and hackers captures political power in German politics: -BW

PostWorldNews: Gunman exchanges fire with security forces inside governor's office in southern Afghanistan

PressTV: US-led soldier dies in#Afghanistan #worldnews

AlArabiya_Eng: Veteran peacekeeper takes charge of U.N. #Syria mission; 10 people killed in #Damascus

PressTV: Seven killed in#Pakistan violence #worldnews

PostWorldNews: Muslims revive pilgrimage route via Jerusalem after decades of shying away, defying ban

PressTV: Strong earthquake jolts Tonga #worldnews

AP: Unprecedented surge in unaccompanied child immigrants crossing South Texas border taxes resources: -BW #worldnews

Reuters Top News: Suicides have Greeks on edge before election

HuffPostWorld: Girl falls into sinkhole while on phone in China

Reuters: France's Hollande warns of wave of layoffs after presidential vote

PostWorldNews: Bahrain lawmaker says gunmen fired on business after he criticized government crackdowns #worldnews

cnnbrk: Police in Northern Ireland find van with 600 pounds of explosives "fully primed and ready for use." #worldnews

PressTV: Gunmen attack Syrian forces in Latakia #worldnews

AJELive: Egyptian leader #ElBaradei launches political party | Party named Al Dostour (Constitution) #Egypt #worldnews

PostWorldNews: Militants smuggle guns into Afghan governor's office in shoes; 2 guards and 2 attackers killed

guardiannews: Malaysian police fire teargas & water cannon at protesters - video

AP: More details on bombing that killed 10 Afghan police officers in the country's east: -BW

Reuters: Seven militants killed in Yemen clashes

guardiannews: Iran nuclear talks to resume

AJ101East: Many #Indians are coming together to help end #violence against women

AlArabiya: Video: Lebanese army stops ship carrying arms to Syria: official

AJELive: Loneliness becoming 'a norm' in Japan | Studies show average number of people in Tokyo home has dropped | Video report:

Al Jazeera English: Canada student fee protests continue

Press TV: More 99-percenters arrested in New York

PressTV: Israeli drones violate Lebanese airspace

Reuters Top News: EU's Ashton in Myanmar as stalemate sours reform push

wsjworld: China Sets Yuan at New High

WSJ World News: Brazilian Forestry Legislation Advances

Press TV: 'Night raid ignites Afghan shootout'

cnni: Rape in Haiti: 'Babies are not spared'

cnni: Oil firm to pay China $191M for spill

PostWorldNews: US officials: Core al-Qaida group 'essentially gone,' but dangerous affiliates remain

wsjworld: Inside Ethiopia's Adoption Boom

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