Monday, April 23, 2012

The Nightly World News of the 23rd of April 2012

BBC News (World): Wukan village leaders 'punished'

Post World News: China punishes 20 former officials after mass protests flared over village’s land dispute

BBC News (World): Australian inflation keeps easing

PressTV: US terror drones,#Yemeni army kill 23

BreakingNews: Anti-death penalty measure qualifies for California's November ballot - mercurynews

Breaking News: Peruvian judge approves first step toward extradition of Joran van der Sloot to US - @cnn

MarketWatch: Japan stocks fall broadly on U.S. losses, stronger yen; Nikkei Average down 0.8%

Press TV: Israel has taken measures to punish 1,200 Palestinian prisoners who are on an open-ended hunger strike to protest...

Post World News: Dominican health officials say 6 people in northern town died of cholera amid new outbreak

Wall Street Journal: Net migration from Mexico has plummeted to zero, says a new study.

BBCWorld: Trayvon Martin police chief saved

Reuters: Cuba plans massive shift to "non-state" sector

WSJ: Facebook's updated IPO filing shows revenue in Q1 rose 45% to $1.06B, but profit slipped 12% from a yr ago.

Reuters: Facebook quarterly revenue tops $1 billion: filing

AP: Number of Mexican immigrants living illegally in U.S. drops significantly for the first time in decades: -RAS

MarketWatch: Dow ends down 102 points; Wal-Mart shares have worst day since August

AlArabiya_Eng: #Assad's forces kill 80 nationwide despite presence of U.N. monitors

Press TV: Bahraini forces attack mourners

The Associated Press: Supreme Court to hear clash between the Obama administration and Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants: -RAS

MarketWatch: Netflix shares tumble 13% after hours following quarterly report

CNN Breaking News: #Facebook tops 900 million users.

Reuters Top News: Yemen air strikes foil Saudi hostage release: negotiator

Al Arabiya English: Another US military service member is linked to prostitution scandal, total number is now 12: #US defense official

The Associated Press: Iran's foreign minister dismisses Israeli threats of attacks as "empty words, bluffing." -CJ

Wall Street Journal: The Social Security trust fund that goes mainly to retirees will be exhausted in 2036, trustees warn

PressTV: Saudi King orders Awtan TV off air

AP: White House: Counsel finds no one in Obama advance team involved in improper Colombia conduct.

The Associated Press: US Government: Poor economy, high energy prices, shorten life of Social Security fund by 3 years: -CJ

Wall Street Journal: The average American makes 7.1 pounds of trash a day. The average Japanese makes 2.5 pounds

Post World News: Crew of Italy tanker hijacked off Oman freed after 4 months; Italy credits Somali authorities

New York Times World: New Sanctions Announced for Aiding Syria and Iran

Breaking News: Update: At least 1 dead, 3 others wounded in Norway dairy plant explosion, Norwegian broadcaster reports - @AP

AlArabiya_Eng: Abol Fotouh says chosen as consensual candidate of #Egypt's revolutionary forces

Reuters: Reuters photos: Where the L.A. riots began... today

Reuters Top News: Microsoft to sell some AOL patents to Facebook

BBC News (World): Sri Lankan Muslims decry attack

Wall Street Journal: To satisfy Chinese consumers' thirst for milk, China is buying up high-producing foreign cows VIDEO

Reuters Top News: Medvedev pardons one of 32 "political prisoners"

TIMEWorld: Lebanon's most wanted Sunni terrorist accidentally blows himself up in Syria

Breaking News: Report: Blast in Norway dairy plant, several people are feared dead - @AP

wsjworld: Santander Prepares Record Mexico IPO

AP: Gov't auditors call on Obama administration to cancel Medicare bonuses GOP sees as political: -CJ

Reuters Top News: Obama seeks to curb Iran, Syria dissident monitoring

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